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F.M. 1376, Sisterdale Road, N of Boerne

HISTORY: In the early 1860's Mr. Karl Meckel came to this area from Germany and acquired land 4 1/2 miles North of Boerne. He built a home out of the large square rock which consisted of two large rooms with a dog run downstairs and one large room the length of the house upstairs. The kiln where the mortar was made still exists behind the house. The kiln is built into the side of a hill; it resembles an igloo. Soft adobe racks were put on a sled drawn by mules or horses and dumped into the top of the kiln. A huge fire was then built and as the fire burned down, the ashes and rock were raked out and mixed with water to be used as mortar. Cement had not come into use when this house was built.

Leona and Jack Adams bought the property from Mrs. Ottilie Bergmann Moore in 1966 when they began restoration of the old house. In 1978 their son, Douglas Adams and his wife, Patsy, purchased the improved house and seven acres. They continued to improve their home and the surrounding property.

Source: Boerne Public Library files; article written for the Home Tour Book, May, 1984, unknown author. February, 2000.

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