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Windwood Estates, Boerne Area
OWNERS: Monken; McCord LOCATION: Windwood Estates DATE: Western Pioneer

HISTORY: It was after Martin Monken married Carolina Stendebach of Boerne that he built the original two story house on the share of the property he had received from his father Bernard Monken. Bernard and his father, Frederick Franz, who had come from Germany in 1845, bought 1,542 acres of land in the Van Raab area in 1875. The ranch was later divided between three sons of Bernard and Elizabeth Kraemer Monken.

The house was expanded and renovated several times throughout the years. In the 1930's a part of the ranch was converted into a dairy farm known as "Guess Dairy". Years later a part of the ranch was subdivided into what is known as Windwood Estates. In the 1970's the house was owned by Harriet McCord who lived there with her two teenage daughters.

Source: Boerne Public Library files,- article by Garland Perry, February, 2000.

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