olkutzerKutzer Building holintHolekamp Interiors/Antiques
265 S. Main
Library File #62.1
OWNERS: Rudolph Theis, Frank Krause, Lloyd Holekamp ADDITION: Beversdorff LOT:#3,4 DATE: c1919 Style/Period: Commercial
BUILDERS: Rudolph Theis CONSTRUCTED OF: Brick DESCRIPTION: Two story brick with porch on second floor overlooking Main Street.

HISTORY: The Albert Kutzer Garage came into being at the advent of automobiles. It was built on the site of the Vanderstratton Saloon which burned down. The H. Dell Foster Company remodelled it extensively in the 1960s. They refurbished the upstairs and added heavier stucco columns to the porch. The building was then purchased by the Lloyd Holekamp's who used it for Holekamp Interiors. They later turned it into a commercial antique mall in conjunction with the Olde Towne Shopping District. Lately the entire front porch and columns have been leaving a straight front on the building.

Source: Boerne Public Library file with additions by Cathy Schwarz.

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