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200 Block S. MAIN, Boerne
OWNERS: Rudolph Ort, Frank Krause, Lloyd Holekamp ADDITION: Schertz LOT#: 133,134 DATE: c1890 Style/Period: Commercial
BUILDERS: Rudolph Ort CONSTRUCTED OF: Rock DESCRIPTION: Small one story building in the back of the Ort/Krause Saloon.

HISTORY:Ludwig Ort, born 4 Nov 1856 in Darmstadt, Germany came to the U.S. He arrived in Boerne where he met his wife, Olga Vogt, born in Boerne in 1866. He built the building on Main Street known and the Ort/Krause Building and also the other surrounding buildings. The small rock building in the back of the saloon was used by his wife as her bakery. In the courtyard just outside the bakery there is a gazebo. The buildings were all purchased by Frank Krause and his wife, Mathilda, about 1921. They continued with similar arrangements as the Ort's. They lived upstairs over the saloon, and Mrs. Krause had the bakery.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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