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520 E. Adler Rd., Boerne

ID# 14232 Original Use: Home/Boarding House Present Use: Home CURRENT OWNER: Paul Morrison
OWNERS: August Staffel, Frederick Adler, Robbie Rackley LOCATION: Addition- none LOTS: #46-47 DATE: 1879 Style/Period: Rockwood Farm HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: Eligible
BUILDERS: Fritz & Max Bergmann CONSTRUCTED OF: Stone Blocks, Shingle roof, 6x6 windows CONDITION: Fair DESCRIPTION: Two story block, two story gallery in front (south) side with porches & bracketing; second story gable;

HISTORY: On May 9, 1876 Frederick Adler bought Lot #47 which was forty acres, from Clemens H. Clause. On January 22, 1859, August and Bertha Staffel bought Lot #46 (forty acres) from Clemens H. Clause. During the fall and spring of 1879-1880, the Staffel's built the original part of this home. Staffel died and on May 19, 1881, Bertha Staffel sold Lot #46 to Frederick Adler. The Adlers added a four room wing on the southeast corner of the house, and ran a boarding house known as The Adler House. This rooming house was active all during the 1890's and up to about 1921. It was during this time that the Adler House became a nursing home at times and a resort at times. The Nursing home named "Winona Home" was during the "tubercular era". Dr. Nooe sent some of his patients there. On March 15, 1920 Miss Emma Adler bought one third acre of Lot #50 from Susan and L. Walker. This was necessary because the building was so close to the property that paper and letter thrown out of the windows by the boarders landed on the Walker property and they objected. Late in 1921 and 1922, the four room wing was removed, and the lumber used to build Miss Emma Adler's house at 804 N. Main Street. Fritz and Max Bergmann, helped build the original house. Fritz was ten years old, but remembered well and was eager to tell us about it. Fritz married in 1895, and his wife walked from the now Henry Schrader Place, to the Adler boarding house and did the washing. On September 11, 1941, Robbie and Edna Rackley bought the place from the Adler Estate. In August 1956, they added a living room and den. In March 1972, they restored the old front porch. During the fall of 1972 and spring of 1973, they restored the two downstairs bedrooms and hall.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- December 2007

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