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Ammann Road, E of Boerne

HISTORY: This unique home unifies two structures that were originally separate buildings--a log cabin dating back to 1869 and an old rock "dog-run house." a standing seam roof was constructed over the original roof of the two-story house. The log cabin was reinforced and refurbished right where it stands before being converted into a dining room. The cabin's porch was enclosed and the "lean-to" addition on the other side of the cabin was transformed into a modern kitchen. The utility and bathroom areas off the back of the kitchen are the only additions the Reed's made. The original 640 acre parcel was known as Survey No. 215 in the name of David Garner. The Ranzau family owned the land for forty years, then in 1910 Charles Ranzau sold it to Adam Schwarz and his wife Marie Ammann Schwarz. [Note: There seems to be some confusion as to original owners]. Maggie and Robert Reed purchased the property in 1953. They were the owners who combined the buildings into one structure.

Source: Boerne Public Library files, February, 2000.

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