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212 W. Frederick, Boerne
Library File #5
OWNERS: Rudolph Vogt, H.O. Adler, Perfecto Vasquez LOCATION: North Heights Block: 8 Lot: #44 DATE: c1912 Style/Period: Cabin HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDER: unknown CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood frame;Metal roof; 4 x 4 windows CONDITION: Poor DESCRIPTION: Small frame house; may have had front porch which is now closed for additional living space. The house sits on a triangular shaped piece of land between three streets, Frederick, School and N. Live Oak

HISTORY: The property, according to deed records, was owned by Bertha Schreiber in 1908. She deeded it to H.O. Adler and R.B. Vogt in 1913. It was deeded to Eddie Vogt by Rudolph (R.B.) Vogt in 1921. He in turn deed it to Perfecto Vasquez in 1921 and again in 1928. He must have purchased the property in two parcels. [1921 seems to be the date of Mr. Vasquez arrival in Boerne.] The "file" shows that this was the Saner family home, but there is no indication on deed records that they owned it nor that they were living here. If they did it was before 1921. The property is still owned by the Vasquez family.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.[Notes added by Cathy Schwarz]

NEW INFORMATION: This house was not the Saner homestead. In the early 1900s the town of Boerne acquired a portion of the Saner property to build a continuation of North Main Street. The Saner home was in the needed roadway and was torn down. The rocks from the home were moved to beneath the beautiful oak trees upon the Schweppe property off present South Main. They remained there for years until that part of town was developed- Source: John Eddy Vogt-Sept., 2012


At about the same time the new North Main roadway was built, the remaining Saner property was purchased jointly by H. O. Adler and Eddie J. Vogt. They built a road from North Main to Sisterdale Road. This new road was named Advogt Street for the two who donated the land. The present day Advogt St. was built later.-Source John E. Vogt-Sept., 2012

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