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113 E. Theissen St., Boerne
ID # ORIGINAL USE: Music Studio PRESENT USE: "Kiss the Cook" Retail Store CURRENT OWNER: JC & BB Ltd. Partnership
OWNERS: Joe and Ottilie Vogt; Ida Seeger; Lucille Martin; William Wallace; Bruce Fly; Dr. Sylvia Adams; JC & BB Ltd Partnership LOCATION: Heffner Addition LOT# 7 DATE: Style/Period: HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDERS: CONSTRUCTED OF: Martini stucco; hollow tiles; chimney & fireplace; Hardwood floors CONDITION: Excellent DESCRIPTION: Original was a one story structure built to be used as a music studio by Lucille Martin, daughter of Ida Vogt Seeger; Added onto as needed for living space. In 1943 the studio initally consisted of a 30 ft. x 20 ft. recital room with outstanding acoustics, a 8 ft x 12 ft. practice room and a bathroom. It held one grand piano, 2 uprights and an organ in one room. There was space to spare.

HISTORY: Ida Seeger was given this property by her mother, Ottilie Vogt, after her Joseph Vogt died at age 42. The family lived in the two story residence next door. Ida didn't build a house for herself but stayed on with her mother in the family home and built a music studio for her very gifted daughter, Lucille Seeger Martin. Lucille had divorced her husband, Hynes Martin and returned home. While living in Boerne Lucille taught music to many of the community's small children. Several years later she remarried Hynes Martin and moved with him to San Francisco where she was organist at a very large Italian church.

In the 1950s, the old two-story house was condemned and torn down. Ida Seeger and her elderly mother Ottilie, moved to the studio. Ida had anticipated the move and had enlarged the one story house, but she hadn't realized how much she would need the larger house. In 1953, Ida's other daughter, Willie Mae Wilson (Mrs Allen Wilson) died at age 40 during childbirth to twins. The twins did not survive, but her husband Allen died two years later leaving two young sons, Phillip and Randy Wilson. These two boys moved into the Seeger home. At the time of these additions Mrs. Seeger added a kitchen, a bath and three bedrooms to the one story building.

When Mrs. Seeger died in 1971 at age 83, the house was inherited by her daughter, Lucille Martin. Lucille's husband, died the same year as Ida, and she moved back to the house in Boerne aftern an absence of 26 years. She continued to share her music, both popular and classical, and many hours of laughter and fun with her family and friends, until she became ill. Lucille died in 1994 at age 83.

As executor of her mother's estate, Lorraine sold the house to peggy and William Wallace, after 47 years of Vogt family ownership. Since that time the house has been owned by Bruce H. Fly, then Terry D. and Dr. Sylvia Adams and finally purchased by J.C.&B.B. LTD. Partnership. They are owners of the kitchen items store named "Kiss the Cook" which occupies the building at this time.

Source: Boerne Public Library files- researched by Col. Bettie Edmonds for BAHPS AWARD, November, 2008.

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