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401 S. Main @ Theissen, Boerne
vogtbakeryjoevogt Vogt Building
and Joe Vogt House behind the building facing Theissen Street.
OWNERS:Joseph Vogt Family ADDITION: Heffner LOT#:2 DATE: 1912 Style/Period: Commercial
BUILDERS: unknown CONSTRUCTED OF: Limestone Rock. DESCRIPTION: One story, flat roof, large store windows. Door on northwest corner cut diagonally, a raised parapet with enlarged stone cap on top; smooth stone course runs above storefront and window openings; front awnings added.

HISTORY: Joe Vogt, son of August Vogt was born and raised at a place near Kreuzberg known later as "Moonshine Valley" because of the book of the same name by Sam Woolford. August married Ottilie Phillip, his neighborhood sweetheart, and as a young man he worked for several years hauling freight from San Antonio to Boerne with oxen drawn and horse drawn wagons.

The Vogts bought a tract of farm land along the south side of the Cibolo which joined the Dr. Ferdinand Herff ranch on its west side. This proved to be a wise investment as the land quickly appreciated in value. Later his son, Albert (A.B.), used a part of the place to develop the S. Evergreen Street Subdivision.
Before the turn of the Century, Mrs. Vogt operated a small clothing store in a rock building on the corner of Theissen and S. Main Streets where the Hill Country Bakery is now located. Shortly after 1900 Mr. Vogt bought this corner property and a two-story frame residence on what is now the bakery parking lot. He soon started construction on the Joe Vogt building and this unique structure was completed in 1912.

For many years Mrs. Vogt operated the drygoods store and her son, Albert, had the adjoining store in the building. The Vogts had four children: Ida Vogt Seeger, Hugo, Albert and Josephine (Mrs. Max Richter). After Mrs. Vogt could no longer work her daughter, Ida Seeger, continued to operate the drygoods store. Max Theis Grocery was in the building where A.B. had the grocery business.

After a few years the Alex Wertheim family opened the Hill Country Bakery where the drygoods store had been. It was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Heath who expanded the area to include the entire building. The bakery now has a new owner and is named "Bear Moon Bakery".

Source: Boerne Public Library files-May 1999

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