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717 S. Main St, Boerne
OWNERS: Charles Weyrick, Fred Beissner, George Coryell, Henry Graham, Joe Kidwell III LOCATION: Kernaghan Addition Lot #22 DATE:c1879 Style/Period: Commercial Rock HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDER: Charles Weyrick CONSTRUCTED OF: Limestone; flat roof; 6 x 6 windows CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION:One story, rectangular, limestone building with a flat roof. The original roof was cypress overlaid with pine. On the street side of the building are massive double doors put together with pegs. They remain in place

HISTORY: The oldest commercial building in Kendall County, it was constructed of rough cut limestone in 1879 by Charles Weyrick. He sold the property to Fred L. Beissner on May 18, 1886. Mr. Beissner and his family owned and operated a grocery store at this address until 1910.
Several owners are known to have occupied this building, among them, George Coryell until 1915. Margaret Kaiser and William Schwarz operated a family type grocery store here from 1920 to 1925. Crescentia Schwarz Pechacek, their daughter, remembers Saturday was a big shopping day and everyone came from miles around with their wagons to buy oats and grain which were sold by the bushel, among other items.
Elizabeth O. Graham, Phillip Manor House owner, bought this store for her son, Henry, in the 1930s
Harry Anthony DeYoung, an artist whose paintings hang in the Alamo, Witte Museum and the St. Anthony Hotel, once lived here in the 1940s with his wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dudley Kidwell (Ceylon Reinhardt) purchased this property while operating the Phillip Manor next door. The property passed to their descendant, Joseph Dudly Kidwell, III. He completely renovated the building as a family residence. They lived here for fifteen years.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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