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1890-1891 Vol. III
R.L. Polk & Co.
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By Susan Hawkins
Bandera - A Flourishing Village on the Medina River , in Bandera County , of which it is the judicial seat, 130 miles southwest of Austin, 45 miles northwest of San Antonio, the nearest banking point , and 18 from Ganahl, on the S.A.& A.P.Ry, the nearest railroad station. Settled in 1840 , it contains 2 flour mills and cotton gins, Catholic and Methodist Churches, a district school and two weekly newspapers, the Bugle and the Enterprise. Stages tri-weekly to San Antonio and Medina City, fares $3.50 & $1 respectively. Population 500. Mail tri-weekly. T.A. Peacock postmaster.

Bandera Bugle - John Guthrie Publr.
Bandera Enterprise, Hudspeth & Slomis Publrs.
Bandy, J.J. justice of peace.
Carmichael H.H. & Co., four and saw mills and general store
Chaney & Stephens, General Store.
City Hotel, D. Rugh propr.
Duffy, H.C. lawyer and hotel
Gersdorf, C. blacksmith
Guthrie, John publr. Bandera Bugle.
Hay, George saloon
Hudspeth W. lawyer
Hudspeth & Slomis, publrs Bandera Enterprise.
Huffmeyer E. & Bro. general store
Langford J.B. builder
Maidsley Mrs. & Son Ladies' academy.
Miller & Co. Meats
Noll Henry , gin and grist mill
Ramsey H.M. blacksmith
Rice G.H. physician
Rugh D. propr City Hotel
Stephens & Co. real estate

Hondo  Canon - A rural Post office on Williams Creek , in Bandera County, 
15 miles southwest of Bandera, the county seat, and 20 north of Hondo City, the nearest railroad station. San Antonio is the nearest banking 
point. Population 65. Mail , semi - Weekly .    W.S. Ross postmaster
Click M.C. Live Stock
Dean J.W. Live Stock
Hicks & Son , Live Stock
Jeffers Henry Live Stock 
Polk Brothers Live Stock
Prather F.H. Live Stock
Ross, E.M. & Son Live Stock

Medina - A Postoffice in Bandera County, 12 Miles northwest of Bandera , the county Seat, and 22 from Ganahl, the nearest Railroad station. Contains a gin and corn mill, a private bank and 2 churches. Population 150. Mail daily, Mrs. S. Williams , Post master.
Baker, B.E. Live Stock
Baker, B.F Live Stock
Harrell J.M. Blacksmith
Layton F. broker
McNeil A. General Store
McNuelt & Smith general Store
Richards C.M. Hotel
Smith G.F. general Store 
Walsh & Heartley , Corn Mill & gin

Pipe Creek -  A village in Bandera County,10 miles east of Bandera ,
the judicial seat. 12 southwest of Boerne, the usual shipping point,
and 37 northwest of San Antonio, the nearest banking point.
population 100, Mail tri-weekly, J.M. Vawter postmaster
Barter, A.H. Druggist
Hamilton, J.W. general Store
Hodges, F.M. general store
Vawter, J.W. general Store

Polly - A postoffice in Bandera County, 10 miles north of Bandera, the judicial seat, 10 from Boerne, the nearest rail approach, and 45 from San Antonio, the nearest bank location. Mail Tri Weekly. F. Gerodetti  postmaster
Gerodetti & sons  general store
Ledesma Eginio

Sharon - a discontinued post office in Bandera County, 16 miles from Bandera ,the county seat, to which point mail should now be sent

Vanderpool - a discontinued post office in Bandera County. Send mail
to Hondo Canon

The county page: Farmers and Ranchers
Name & Acres & Post Office Serving Them
(some did not have the acres)
Adansity, J. 1370 Bandera
Adautty , A 270 Bandera
Allen Mary 160 Bandera 
Anderson C  1280 Pipe Creek
Andewald Joe 97 Bandera 
Auglin, A. 2073 Utopia
Avant J.L. 200 Leaky
Auld & Co 2240 Bandera
Baker T.W. 210 Bandera
Baker W.B. 1215  Medina
Ballentyne Wm 37 Medina
Bandy John 1600 Bandera
Barnes J.B. 900 Bandera
Barnes Mrs. H.C. S 413 Bandera
Bartlett JS 610 Bandera
Bartto Ben 120 Medina
Basecome George W. 149384 Bandera
Baurlin C.F. 797 Bandera
Bauwlein L.O. 640 Medina
Bennett Mres J.A. 1280 Hondo Canon
Bennett Mres T.A. Hondo Conon
Benton F.L. 960 Medina
Benton G.W. 480 Medina
Benton, J.T. 1297 Medina
Benton R.D. 160 Medina
Benton W.D. 160 Medina
Blackett Geroge 800 Camp Verde
Bochine A.H. 192 Pipe Creek
Bonnell JA. 8782 Camp Verde
Bowles A H 160 Leaky
Brown JA 1425 Bandera
Brown J. Y 160 Bandera
Brown W. 1220 Bandera
Burdett, M.J. 575 Leakey
Burdett W. B 640 Leaky
Callahan B 160 Pipe Creek
Callahan W.E. 2756 Pipe Creek
Callius J 640 Polly
Campbell J.C. 160 Medina
Cebula Ignatz 207 Bandera
Chipman D.A 2544 Bandera
Chipman E.A. 80 Bandera
Chipman R.A. 223 Bandera
Clark A 868 Bandera
Clark PC 587 Bandera
Clark R.E. 434 Pipe Creek
Clark W.L. 160 Pipe Creek
Click W.J 2524 Hondo Canon
Click M.C. 2524 Hondo Canon
Cocke H D 320 Utopia
Cooke J F 717 Centre Point
Cosgrove Wm 160 Bandera
Crane J B 160 Utopia
Crawley John 440 Leaky
Crisaw J 96 Utopia
Cristall J B Bandera
Criswell J F 60 Medina
Crockett AJ. 740 Medina
Cockett W.W. Medina
Crockett W & A 320 Medina
Crow A.J. Medina
Cullen TJ 1233  Bandera
Cummings Pat 160 Leaky
Cummings R.F. 160 Leaky
Curtis M. 230 Medina
Davenport J.B 3626 Bandera
Davenport J.F. 1280 Bandera
Davenport W.H. 5098 Bandera
Davenport Wm 8840 Bandera
Davenport W.H. & Son 2989 Bandera
Deckard Sabastian 480 Pipe Creek
Dial Joe 1764 Bandera
Dorow F.W. 160 Pipe Creek
Drydan J.H. & Co 4320 Medina
Duffy H.C 1516 Bandera
Eckhart C 640 Bandera
Eckhart H. 258 Bandera
Elam G.W. 1130 Medina
Ellis F.W 690 Bandera
English W.J. 320 Pipe Creek
Edwards J W 320 Pipe Creek
Ezell Y A 240 PipeCreek
Fillows C.W. 560 Bandera
Fisher Mrs. M.S. 220 Utopia
Grigsby R 320 Leaky
Guagarda S 243 Polly
Haby Andrew 2500 Castroville
Haby & Bro 2400 Utopia
Haby Jacob 2000 Castroville
Haby Bros 6380 Utopia
Haby Leopold 640 Bandera
Haby Louis P 1500 Castroville
Haby Nick 2500 Castroville
Hamilton H.D. 1367 Bandera
Hamilton JM 640 Bandera
Harper A B 900 Utopia
Harper JD 965 Utopia
Harper J D 1083 Utopia
Harper RM 944 Utopia
Harper S D 2290 Utopia
Harris C.W. 734 Bandera
Harris JF 2380 Utopia
Hart James 640 Bandera
Hart J B 320 Hondo Canon
Hartly & Bros 160 Medina
Hastings 98 Bandera
Hay Jesse 320 Bandera
Hay Mrs Virginia 3579 Bandera
Heinen JP 3174 Bandera
Heyduck a & C 590 Bandera
Hicks F.L. 195428 Bandera
Hinds M S 309 Medina
Hodges Mrs. F.M. 476 Pipe Creek
Hodges H M 480 Pipe Creek
Hodges J W ... Pipe Creek
Holmes WP W 128 Leaky
Holt J W 720 Bandera
Horton J G 320 Leaky
Hough LB 96 Leaky
Huffmyer B & P 4454 Bandera
Huffmyer E C Bandera
Jackson Henry 1118 Bandera
Jeffers Henry 160 Hondo Canon
Jermegan J W 160 Utopia
Johnson Fannie 340 Leaky
Johnson  Frank 86 Medina
Johnson O D 260 Bandera
Johnson Robert A Medina
Jones A G 160 Bandera 
Jones Irwin 445 Utopia
Jones J A 3835 Bandera
 Jones Q H Bandera
Jones Wm M H 140 Bandera
Jones & Hodges  4640 Utopia
Jwitsk Mauk 262 Bandera
Kalka Joe 160 Bandera
Kelly Jackson 1764 Bandera
Kendall J M 1280 Pipe Creek
Kibbe R.P 160 Castroville
Kinclave R H 1051 Utopia
Kindla Margaret 80 Bandera
Knight A 240 Medina
Koeing  & Spettle 3926 Bandera
Lauyford B F 1381 Bandera
Layton F 1200 Medina
Layton H 3798 Medina
Leakey N A  320 Leaky
Lewis George W 1268 Bandera
Lewis J P 160 Hondo Canon
Lewis J W 1153 Hondo Canon
Lewis S W 1268 Hondo Canon
Lincoln G T 160 Hondo Canon
Long James C Bandera
Loyd W.E 160 Medina
McBryde A W 566 Medina
 McGill A 2066 Bandera
McKenzie G.W. 50 Medina
McLawen W.J. 160 Leaky
Mansfield Audy 3108 Bandera
Mayfield BM 160 Medina
Mayfield W.S. 140 Medina
Means F B & WC Medina
Means NB 240 Medina
Menchaqua Manuel 186 Polly
Meinier J W 353 Medina
Merchant J W 121 Medina
Mickll B F 160 Medina
Miller JA 3600 Bandera 
Miller J B 388 Medina
Moffat E 160 Medina
Montague Charles 3200 Bandera
Montgomery RJ 159 Kerrville
Moraviky Joe 50 Bandera
Morganstein C 320 Pipe Creek
Morris JF 950 Bnadera
Morris WC. 950 Leaky
Moucus M 79 Bandera
Newcomer A J 160 Pipe Creek
Newcomer J H 800 Pipe Creek
Newcomer F G 561 Pipe Creek
Norton W H 76 Pipe Creek
Oatman B H 120 Camp Verde
O'Borski Mrs Dora 1075 Medina
O'Bryant Jesse 243 Utopia
O'Bryant Wilson 2026 Utopia
Orvill R P 320 Leaky
Pattison J 154 Rio Frio
Paymore J 160 Bandera
Phillips Martha 293 Medina
Pluck James 663 Utopia
Price Mrs M.E 1385 Medina
Pruett Mrs M V 1813 Leaky
Podg T H & Co 4454 Medina
Polk Edwin 4428 San Antonio
Polk L 3857 San Antonio
Postert  Jacob 2490 Bandera
Prather mary E 246 Pipe Creek
Preston Joh R Medina
Pue J A V 1652 Bandera
Pue Mary 100 Bandera
Puignot A 1779 Bandera
Pyka John 332 Bandera
Pyka John 420 Bandera
Rambie H.E. Medina
Randolph T.F 1452 Pipe Creek
Rawlings HP 160 Leaky
Redman M E 800 Leaky
Reese J E 324 Medina
Reinertz F W 480 Pipe Creek
Rhymes G 1120 Medina
Rhymes G W sr 1280 Medina
Rice & Co Medina
Richards C.M. 640 Medina
Robinson W G 1569 Medina 
Roccow & Elers Bandera
Rodriguens J E 160 Polly
Rodriguens J P 2065 Polly
Rodriguens L 160 Polly
Rogers B F Utoia
Rogers George F Utopia
Rogers H E 420 Utopia
Ross E M 2720 Bandera
Ross M S 2264 Hondo Canon
Rud J B 345 Utopia
Rugh D Bandera
Samson WJ. 320 Leaky
Sapp W M 160 Medina
Saunders V P Bandera
Schmidthe M A 1180 Bandera
Scott J M 640 Pipe Creek
Scott J. W 980 Pipe Creek
Shane J L 480 Castroville
Sheppard WA Jr 184 Medina 
Sherwood H T 160 Camp Verde
Show CT 2320 Bandera
Smith B H 4651 Leaky
Smith George 4951 Medina 
SMith W D 1920 Medina 
Southwood W C 160 Bandera
Stanard H A 934 Medina 
Stanard H S Medina
Stedman J B 316 Leaky
Stevens G W 200 Bandera
Stevens H 40 Bandera
Stevens I W 250 Bandera
Stevens J T 183 Bandera
stevens J M Bandera
Stevens J W 225 Bandera
Stinslie Aug . 1660 Bandera
Strickland J 10425 Pipe Creek
Strickland L Bandera
Sutherland J D Medina
Sutherland J L 200 Medina
Sutton S H 160 Medina
Tanquary JM 88 Bandera
Tawner J 2664 Bandera
Taylor CH 1920 Bandera
Taylor Henry 4726 Utopia 
Taylor R.M 1920 Bandera
Taylor W W Bandera
Thalman CH 1153 Utopia
Thompson & Taylor 6160 Utopia
Thorn SJ 160 Medina
Townsend Joel 792 Pipe Creek
Vogel F 5991 Leaky
Von Ormin E H 4715 Medina
Walker Daniel 2999 Bandera
Walker James 200 Bandera
Walker John 160 Medina
Wallace WJ 5497 Bandera
Washwabstch H 80 Bandera
Watkins Mrs H E 424 Rio Frio
Weatherby CP 170 Pipe Crek
Weatherby W A 1276 Pipe Creek
Weatherby WJ. 240 Pipe Creek
Weaver D 320 Hondo Canon
Weight EL Medina
Weldon J F 1083 Bandera
Wheeler J P 1280 Utopia
York M 160 Utopia

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