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This file contains articles gleaned from area newspapers for the 1930's.



You are hereby commanded to summon the heirs and legal representatives of Alice Petty (Petit) Deceased, whose names are unknown, to appear at the next regular term of the District Court of Bastrop County, to be held at the Courthouse there of, in the City of Bastrop, on the Second Monday in January, 1935, being the 14th day of January, 1935, in a cause numbered 2262 wherein the State of TExas is plaintiff and Harrison Petit (Petty); Mittie Petit (Petty); Alice Petit (Petty) and the unknown heirs and legal representatives of Alice Petit (Petty) deceased and Bob Patterson are defendants, the cause of action being alleged as follows: Being a suit for the collection of State and County Taxes, penalty interest and costs in the sum of $142.80, together with Court Costs, owing on the property described below, and for foreclosure of the State Tax Lein thereon for such amount; said property being located in Bastrop County, Texas, and described as follows:

210 acres of land in the W. M. Eastland survey, abstract 157, composed of one tract of 100 acres, described in a deed to Harrison Petty, recorded in Volume 50 at page 295 of the Deed Records of Bastrop County, Texas; and a second tract of 110 acres described as follows, to wit: Beginning at the north corner of H. W. Rosanky's 81 acre tract in the north east line of the Eastland survey: then north 60 west 650 yards to a corner of Harrison Petty's 100 acre tract: then south 30 west 650 yards to the......

Bastrop Advertiser, August 18, 1938

(partial report)


....... Marion Luck, Paige highway worker, earlier identified one of the suspects at Dallas as one of the men he saw in Paige a short time before young Laake was shot to death.

State department ballistics experts worked nearly all Tuesday night with the test bullets, after they were brought to Austin from Dallas Tuesday by Dep. Sheriff "Sonny" Perkins of Bastrop county. The test bullets matched the one taken from Laake's neck, Sheriff Cartwright quoted Gonzaullus as saying.

Young Laake was slain at his filling station Monday about 6:15am after he had pumped 14 gallons of gasoline into an automobile. The slain man's wife, a bride of only four months, awakened by the report of the death weapon, told officers she saw an automobile drive away from the station. The filling station where the slaying took place is about two miles west of Paige.

Luck, the highway worker, told investigating officers that shortly before the shooting an automobile bearing two men stopped near where he was waiting to be taken to work and the men asked where they might purchase some gasoline.

The two young suspects were arrested by Dallas police several hours after the slaying. The automobile in which they were riding fitted a description of the one seen at Paige. In the car officers found two pistols, one a .32 caliber and the other of .38 caliber, and a quantity of nitroglycerine, several dynamite caps and some burglar tools.

Smith, who served a year in the arrested, were driving a car stolen in Dothan, Ala, from Kermit Harrison of that city.

Smith, who served a year in the Georgia state penitentiary for burglary is wanted in Savannah, GA, on a felony warrant, according to advices here. Keeling admitted that he had escaped about two weeks ago from the same prison, where he was under a 20 year term for burglary.


Bastrop Advertiser, August 18, 1938


(Article not included)

Lions attending the meeting were Perry Wyatt, Will Rogers, P. J. Dodson, G. B. Mack, J. E. Haines, S. L. P. Pigott, W. J. Schewe, John Turner, Cecil Long, Oren Eskew, M. C. Booth, George Stavinoha, J. L. Goode, R. H. Brieger, J. G. Bryson, E. H. Perkins, Albert Goeke, Max Sorge, J. V. Ash, Vernon Eskew, B. B. May; and the following guests; J. H. McManemin, Mr. Patrick, Jr, Mr. Patrick, Sr, L. O. Hennington, J. C. Hall.


Bastrop Advertiser, April 27, 1938


Eight colored people were drowned between sun-down and dark Tuesday evening when the bridge over Piney Creek, between Hills Prairie and Upton, collapsed and the car in which they were riding plunged headlong into the swollen water of the creek.

The dead include: Lee Lemuels and wife, Celia, and six of their children and grand children: Ernest Lemuels, age 22, and wife, Kennie, age 22, and their son, Ernest Jean, age 4; Vivian Evans, age 25; Velma Lemuels, age 28, and son, Jesse James, age 4.

Latest information received before going to press reported the finding of all bodies. They were removed to Smithville and placed in care of the colored undertaker there, by County Commissioner Rosanky.

It is supposed that the bridge was weakened by the considerable amount of rain fall during the week, and the middle span gave way beneath the weight of the car.

The Lemuels family have been tenants on the farm owned by W. R. Price near Hills Prairie, for a number of years.


Bastrop Advertiser, 2/17/1938

(partial article)

of Houston.

Marshall, age 25, was moved to the local hospital by CCC authorities immediately following the accident where, though hope is held for his recovery, his condition remains very serious. He suffered a fractured skull. Several members of his family have arrived at his bedside. Marshall has been working the past few weeks in Elgin.

The two cars crashed together on the slippery pavement of the highway east of Bastrop on the hill just past the narrow bridge about a mile from main street, a stretch of road that yesterday claimed its third traffic victim.

Marshall, driving a 1938 Buick coupe, was coming into town, and Gilliland, in a 1937 V-8 sedan, was going in the opposite direction. The slick pavement was the only explanation to which to attribute the accident.


Dr. A. C. Smith, dentist, will be out of his office on Monday and Tuesday, February 28 and March 17 attending a post graduate course in Houston.


Aunt Lonnie Matthews, 75 year old Negro woman of Bastrop, was instantly killed about 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, when she was struck by a north bound freight train near the curve just south of the depot. She apparently failed to hear the...


Messrs. F. J. Steves and J. C. McMillian of Taylor, engineers with the State Highway Department, were in the Courier office Saturday with a notice for publication asking for proposals for constructing 8,029 miles of Grading and Drainage Structures from Elgin south to 1 mile east of Sayersville on Highway No. 95. These sealed proposals will be opened by the State Highway Department, Austin, February 21.

Mr. Steves stated that just as soon as the contracts were let, which will be shortly after February 21, that work would begin.

Commissioner H. A. Paris, in discussing the contractors' notice, states that the county is ready and waiting and just as soon as the contracts for grading and drainage structures are let, the work of moving houses and clearing the right of way will be started. - Elgin Courier


Bastrop Advertiser, March 3, 1938


Following is list of Special Venue that is summoned for Monday, February 7, in the following cases: Case No. 3554, State of Texas vs. John Arthur Pendergrass. Case No. 3568, State of Texas vs. Will Hanna.

J. W. Machen, Smithville; Henry Young, Smithville; J. S. Bowen, Cedar Creek; Eli Aranson, Elgin; A. M. Oldfield, Bastrop; A. P. Schindler, Bastrop; Buck Christian, Elgin; Emil Ebner, Rosanky; R. W. Smith, Bastrop; Leo F. Austin, Smithville; D. B. Maney, Smithville; B. H. Smith, Cedar Creek; Henry Wilhelm, Rosanky; Joe Bartsch, Red Rock; O. E. Arbuckle, Elgin; Wilbur Meir, Elgin; J. W. Mayes, Smithville; W. H. Petty, Red Rock; Oscar Fischer, Red Rock; M. E. Rabensburg, Bastrop; H. A. Taylor, Elgin; Emil Hoffmann, Red Rock; Ernest Corbell, Bastrop; M. L. Singleton, Elgin; Wm. Buckner, Red Rock; B. V. Hoskins, Red Rock; E. B. Hartsfield, Elgin; G. A. Lockwood, Smithville; E. G. Fuchs, Paige; Monroe Rothman, Red Rock; R. J. Upchurch, Elgin; W. T. Higgins, Bastrop; Van Harris, Elgin; J. F. Lane, Elgin; Robert Holder, Cedar Creek; J. A. Dube, McDade; Phillip Hoffmann, Bastrop; T. H. Kimbrough, Bastrop; Paul Bennight, Bastrop; Otto G. Guest, Bastrop; Jeff Harris, Elgin; J. T. Schultz, Smithville; D. F. Kauffmann, Bastrop; Andy Wilhelm, Red Rock; Herman Watson, Bastrop; Richard Green, Elgin; A. M. Speir, Elgin; Frank Reed, Cedar Creek; J. W. Thames, Smithville; R. C. Gaylean, Elgin; Ed Rabel, Rosanky; Bill Corbell, Red Rock; Geo. H. Voigt, Red Rock; Andy Frerich, Rosanky; Adolph Adamcik, Smithville; Rudolph Goertz, Red Rock; F. A. Dunbar, Bastrop; Cliff Lanfear, Elgin; J. S. Dearmon, Bastrop; L. C. Craft, Bastrop; O. B. Wolf, Bastrop; Geo. Stavinoha, Bastrop; J. R. Gillum, Elgin; Joe Payton, Elgin; J. B. Kirksey, Elgin; Alton Dolgener, Bastrop; C. A. Ziegenhals, Bastrop; W. A. Lee, Bastrop; Ernest Probst, Red Rock; Fred Herms, Bastrop; Pius Goertz, Red Rock; E. M. King, Smithville; L. C. Ramsey, Smithville; D. S. Boles, Cedar Creek; A. D. Fisher, Elgin; Louis Goertz, Rosanky; Robt. Willenberg, Bastrop; Alex Waugh, Bastrop; Geo. Grohmann, Rosanky; C. R. Ellis, Cedar Creek; Matthew Bartsch, Red Rock; H. L. Perkins, Bastrop; Bud Johnson, Rosanky; A. A. Schilling, Bastrop; J. R. Taylor, Smithville; E. B. Wilson, Elgin; Griffin Smith, Elgin; E. N. Powell, Cedar Creek; J. J. Hoffmann, Bastrop; J. E. Harris, Red Rock; J. L. Gunn, Elgin; Noel Branton, Elgin; J. W. Cannon, Bastrop; G. B. Stagner, Bastrop; Gus Hill, Elgin; S. J. C. Higgins, Bastrop; Joe Seidel, Rosanky; Louis Pfeiffer, Elgin; G. W. Loftus, Elgin; A. J. Caldwll, Elgin.

Jurors summoned to appear on Wednesday, Feb. 2 for the fourth week of District Court:

Richard Green, Elgin; Japp Jarrell, Bastrop; C. R. Ellis, Cedar Creek; J. G. Lock, Bastrop; Robert Willenberg, Bastrop; J. H. Fleming, McDade; Emil J. Ott, Rosanky; Phillip Hoffman, Bastrop; Monroe Rothman, Red Rock; Chas. Hoffman, Bastrop, Paul Goertz, Red Rock; R. O. Miller, Bastrop; M. L. Singleton, Elgin; Geo. Grohman, Rosanky; H. G. Hefner, Red Rock; B. L. Duran, Red Rock; E. G. Fuchs, Paige; Elbert Thorne, Smithville; Raymond Fitzpatrick, Elgin; A. A. Schilling, Bastrop; Joe B. Goertz, Red Rock; A. J. Caldwell, Elgin; Franklin Laake, Bastrop; J. W. Mays, Smithville; Dale Turner, Bastrop; S. J. C. Higgins, Bastrop; Aug. Seidel, Rosanky; B. V. Hoskins, Smithville; Monte Osborne, Red Rock; Jack R. Breeding, Smithville; Otto A. Guest, Bastrop; Andrew Blackstock, Elgin; Fred Hilbig, Red Rock; Paul Bennight, Bastrop; Bill Corbell, Red Rock; Joe T. King, Red Rock.

The following were summoned to appear on Monday, January 31, to serve as special jurors in case No. 3513, The State of Texas vs Arthur Westbrooks, accused of murder:

Robert E. Franke, Jr, Elgin; Bill Corbell, Red Rock; Buck Christian, Elgin; O. B. Wolf, Bastrop; J. J. Stalmack, Smithville; B. A. Lawrence, Elgin; J. H. Fleming, McDade; E. A. Ginzel, Smithville; Raymond Fitzpatrick, Elgin; J. T. Schultz, Smithville; W. L. DeLoach, Bastrop; Elbert Thorne, Smithville; A. W. Black, Red Rock; Andy Wilhem, Red Rock; B. L. Duran, Red Rock; Hardy Fleming, Elgin; Dale Turner, Bastrop; R. G. Crosby, Bastrop; Arthur P. Smith, Cedar Creek; Herman Watson, Bastrop; E. M. King, Smithville; J. S. Bowen, Cedar Creek; Alex Waugh, Bastrop; J. W. Mays, Smithville, J. S. Dearmon, Bastrop; Vince Vesulka, Bastrop; Jim Floyd, Elgin; J. R. Gillum, Elgin; Wilber Meir, Elgin; George Grohman, Rosanky; J. R. Taylor, Smithville; A. P. Schindler, Bastrop; R. C. Gaylean, Elgin; Oscar Frenzel, Paige; Fred Hilbig, Red Rock; S. J. C. Higgins, Bastrop; J. J. Hoffman, Bastrop; E. H Hartsfield, Elgin; Eugene Ward, Elgin; Richard Green, Elgin; A. D. Fisher, Elgin; W. T. Higgins, Bastrop; W. J. Rogers, Bastrop; L. B. Carter, Elgin; Edgar Brakk, Elgin; Joe Simon, Elgin; J. L. Gunn, Elgin; Reney Turner, Cedar Creek; W. A. Lee, Bastrop; J. W. Simmons, Bastrop; D. S. Boles, Cedar Creek; Monroe Rothman, Red Rock; C. A. Ziegenhals, Bastrop; B. V. Hoskins, Smithville; Leo. F. Austin, Smithville; A. C. Brown, Elgin; G. A. Lockwood, Smithville; Emil Ebner, Rosanky; Paul Farris, Elgin; Joe Kadura, Red Rock; Alton Dolgener, Bastrop; Rudolph Goertz, Red Rock; John Goertz, Jr, Rosanky; M. E. Rabensburg, Bastrop; W. N. Summers, Cedar Creek; E. C. Hart, Paige; Geo. H. Voigt, Red Rock; Jeff Harris Elgin; Andy Frerich, Rosanky; Henry Wilhelm, Rosanky.

Local News

Miss Luise Erhard of Galveston, Mr. Fred Erhard and Mrs. Eugene Smith of Austin spent last Thursday here, visiting with relatives.

Rev. Paul C. Bell and daughter, Miss Dorothy, spent a few days last week in Brownwood, visiting with their daughter and sister, Miss Pauline, who returned home with them for the week end.

Neal Clarkson of the University of Texas, Austin, spent the week end with relatives and friends.

Mr. And Mrs. Burris Schaefer, Mrs. John Schaefer and little granddaughters, Janie and Betty Turner, spent the week end in Conroe, guests of Mr. And Mrs. Louie Schaefer, Mr. And Mrs. Harold Schaefer and Mr. And Mrs. Kleber Schaefer.

Mr. And Mrs. Cecil Long spent the week end in San Antonio.

Mr. And Mrs. G. A. Schaefer spent Sunday in Elgin with Mrs. Schaefer's parents, Mr. And Mrs. W. D. House.

Mrs. H. G. Griesenbeck and daughter, Mary Ann, and two girl friends of Houston spent the week end here with Mr. Griesenbeck.

Mr. And Mrs. Fuller Smith of Austin visited In the home of Mr. And Mrs. R. F. Standifer, Saturday.

Melvin Layton and son, Carrol, of Austin were in Bastrop on business, Tuesday.

M. J. Leath and Giles J. Leath of Beaumont spent the weekend with their mother, Mrs. G. J. Leath.

Miss Yvonne Geisecke arrived the first of the week to take over her duties as the new County Home Demonstration Agent.

Mr. And Mrs. R. J. Moore of LaGrange were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. A. G. Fromme.

Miss Anna Pearl Alexander of Austin spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Annie Lee Alexander.

Miss Doris Turner of Austin and Miss Leray Callahan of Cedar Creek were weekend guests of Miss Sebe Gray.

Miss Sam Edith Higgins of University of Texas and Warren Higgins of A & M College spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. And Mrs. Sam J. C. Higgins.

Oren Eskew attended Federal Court to serve as petit juror in Austin this week.

Mrs. Fannie Cunningham and daughter and son, Mrs. Henry Koser and Mr. Clyde Cunningham of Houston recently visited with Mrs. Cunningham's sister, Mrs. G. J. Leath.

Mr. And Mrs. Georeg Stavinoha in company with A. A. Stavinoha of Temple, attended the funeral of their nephew, George Horak, which was held I Needville this morning, Thursday, at nine o'clock.

Miss Leah Powell, student at Rice Institute, Houston, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Corrine Powell during registration for the spring semester.

Mr. And Mrs. Joe Eskew have as their guest, Mrs. Eskew's mother Mrs. Effie Spence of Smithville.

Mr. And Mrs. R. E. Denison and son, Raleigh, spent Sunday as guests in the home of Mr. And Mrs. Frank W. Denison. Mrs. Denison and Raleigh left for Houston, while Mr. Denison remained for a week's visit here.


Bastrop Advertiser, March 3, 1938

New Sinclair Station Open

The new Sinclair Station recently completed on the block adjoining Wilbarger Lumber Company by J. L. Wilbarger and leased to the Sinclair Company, opened this week under the management of D. G. Glenn.

The station is a very attractive one fronting on the highway, complete with attractive shrub plantings.

The Rest Rooms in the Eskew Service Station are being refinished to aqua blue and black time with tiled in mirrors, making them more attractive and comfortable for the friends and patrons.

The rest rooms here are always clean and orderly with every provision made for sanitation.


With deepest gratitude we express appreciation to all of those whose deeds of kindness and beautiful flowers comforted us at the death of our love done.

Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Taylor and family. A. G. Fromme


Bastrop Advertiser, 1/27/1938

District Court Proceedings

Following is a list of Cases disposed of thus far during this term of court:

Case No. 3509, State of Texas vs W. R. Izard, Swindling by bogus check, tried before jury, 5 year suspended sentence.

State of Texas vs James Hart and Dee Hart, burglary of Louis Hanzelka Store, Smithville, tried before jury, 2 years in State Penitentiary.

Case No. 3505, State of Texas vs Sherman Tinnard, alias Walter Powell, passing forged instrument, plea of guilty, punishment fixed at 2 years in Penitentiary.

Case No. 3521, State of Texas vs J. M. Rafuse, alias Harry A. Ross, passing forged instrument, 5 years in State Penitentiary to run concurrently with sentence in case No. 3520.

Case No. 3560 State of Texas vs Woodrow Woodruff, passing forged instrument, 2 years in State Penitentiary.

Case No. 3561 State of Texas vs John Morrison, Burglary, 5 years in State Penitentiary.

Case No. 3562 State of Texas vs George Pope, aiding prisoner to escape jail, 2 years in State Penitentiary.

Case No. 3566, State of Texas vs Melvin Kanada, theft of Turkeys, 1 year in State Penitentiary.

Case No. 3571, State of Texas vs Fred Cruz, burglary, 3 years in state penitentiary.

Case No. 3573 State of Texas vs Max Henderson, theft of Property of over $50.00 valuation, 3 years in State Penitentiary.

Special venire summoned.

Following is list of Special Venirs that was summond to appear on January 26, in case No. State of Texas vs Melborn Wilson, for Murder:

Ed Rabel, Rosanky, Bud Johnson, Rosanky, Joe Spivey, Bastrop; Robert E. Jenkins, Bastrop; S. H. Culp, Elgin; Phillip Hoffman, Bastrop; J. W. Thames, Smithville; Franklin Gustafson, Elgin; H. A. Taylor, Elgin; A. A. Schilling, Bastrop; Robert Goertz, Red Rock; W. B. Keel, Elgin; Joe Bartsch, Jr, Red Rock; Eli Aranson, Elgin; Paul Carlson, Elgin; Leslie Jarmon, Elgin; Gus Rill, Elgin; E. G. Fuchs, Paige; Albert Beck, Red Rock; Franklin Laake, Bastrop; Joe M. Boer, Red Rock; J. F. Holligan, Bastrop; Ernest Cox, Smithville; Monte Turner, Red Rock; Will Hess, Smithville; L. Grube, Smithville; Mathew Bartsch, Red Rock; L. C. Craft, Bastrop; Joe Waneck, Red Rock; D. F. Kauffman, Bastrop; Louis Goertz, Rosanky; Pius Goertz, Red Rock; J. K. Young, Bastrop; J. B. Kirksey, Elgin; J. E. Harris, Red Rock; B. H. Smith, Cedar Creek; M. L. Singleton, Elgin; W. R. Petty, Red Rock; J. A. Dube, McDade; B. C. Daughtery, Elgin; Andrew Blackstock, Elgin; H. L. Perkins, Bastrop; Joe T. King, Elgin; Emil Hoffman, Red Rock; E. N. Powell, Cedar Creek; M. C. Osborne, Bastrop; V. A. Buescher, Smithville; Aug. Siedel, Rosanky; E F. Pearcy, Bastrop; R. N. Dunks, Elgin; R. L. Carter, Elgin; Cliff Lanfear, Elgin; A. J. Caldwell, Elgin; J. W. Cannon, Bastrop; Ernest Corbell, Bastrop; J. E. Stadifer, Elgin; A. E. Rosanky, Smithville; Otto Guest, Bastrop; G. S. Stagner, Bastrop; A. E. Speir, Elgin; Emil J. Ott, Rosanky; George Stavinoha, Bastrop; Dave Karling, Bastrop; F. A. Dunbar, Bastrop; W. H. LeSueur, Bastrop; Griffin Smith, Elgin; J. J. Ott, Rosanky; Robert Willenberger, Bastrop; S. B. Smith, Bastrop; Fred Herms, Bastrop; B. B. Friske, Red Rock; Ernest Probst, Red Rock; E. B. Wilson, Elgin.

Petit Jury List for This Week.

Petit Jury list for third week of District Court beginning Monday, January 24, 1938:

Bud Johnson, Rosanky; H. L. Perkins, Bastrop; D. S. Boles, Cedar Creek; E. N. Powell, Rosanky; Noel Branton, Elgin; L. C. Craft, Bastrop; Paul Farris, Elgin; Emil Hoffman, Red Rock; J. S. Bowen, Cedar Creek; Joe Simon, Elgin; D. F. Kauffman, Bastrop; Charles E. James, Red Rock; Wallace Hefner, Bastrop; C. H. Creel, McDade; J. W. Cannon, Bastrop; C. M. Reynolds, Bastrop; A. C. Brown, Elgin; M. C. Osborne, Bastrop; Leo F. Austin, Smithville; Leslie Jarmon, Elgin; J. L. Brewster, Smithville; W. H. Petty, Red Rock; E. A. Ginzel, Smithville; George Stavinoha, Bastrop; E. H. Hartsfield, Elgin; G. W. Loftus, Elgin; Ed Rabel, Rosanky; Van Harris, Elgin; J. F. Lane, Elgin; Frank Brinkman, Bastrop; T. H. Kimbrough, Bastrop; J. J. Browning, Bastrop; Will Hess, Smithville; V. W. Hackworth, Bastrop; Ernest Probst, Red Rock; Robert Goertz, Red Rock.


Every time we hear that song "Little old lady passing by," we think of Mrs. Lela Holland. We could go on and on and say a whole bushel of nice things about Mrs. Holland, but we won't. We'll just say what describes her best in a few words: that is, Mrs. Holland is a Christian.

We would not take issue with any person on earth about his religion. If the Hottentot wants to stick hot needles through his face to please his God, that is his business, and I say, "Go to it." If the apparent fanatic wants to throw himself into a tantrum of contortios and gesticulations crying aloud in unintelligible phrases to please is creator and redeemer we say "More power to you." If the upright dignitary wants to stand up and make a fine speech and pray a fervent prayer to his devine guide, we say "Amen". Yessir, if these folks are doing this for the glory of their gods and the benefit of their fellowmen, we are for them. But if they are doing it to attract attention to their own piety and purity we believe the God we know kinda looks at is like we do; that is, just so much showmanship.

We believe the poorest religion on earth is the sort a fellow gets that makes him think all the others are off key with God and him. We recall an old tale of a poor devil of a sinner who got his face right down in the dirt and said, "Oh Lord, I am a bad actor. Please have mercy upon me." Then there was that guy with the tall collar and long tailed coat who stood up and looked up to heaven and said, "Lord, I'm a good man. I'm proud that I'm not an unworthy cuss like that dirty reprobate down there on the ground. I don't need my sins forgiven. All I want is a blessing, and make it a great big one." If our information is correct, the wise God who not only knew men, but also their hearts and lives, blessed the poor devil on the floor and was so courteous that he didn't even hear the self satisfied bigot.

Now, Lookie here, Mrs. Holland, what we got into just because we spoke right out and told them what we thought of you. We got all wound up and said a lot of things clear beyond the point, and we're a little afraid some dear brother will be tapping Ed Standifer on the elbow and telling him to keep us on Main Street and let heaven alone. Well, now that we have reread this, we're going to let it go, for we still believe the man close to God is the one who does His will and doesn't do so much listening for his own echo. PETE SHADY


6/2/1937 Bastrop Advertiser


The State of Texas, as part of the Texas Centennial program, has placed two very imposing monuments on the court house lawn, and one of equal beauty in Fairview Cemetery.

One, about ten feet tall, made of granite and bearing the raised figure of Baron de Bastrop against a pioneer background done in bronze, is especially beautiful. It bears the following inscription:

"Erected in recognition of the distinctive service to Texas of Felepe Henrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop 1770-1829. Pioneer Red River Empressario ** Land Commissioner of Austin's Colony, member of the Congress of Coahuila and Texas ***. Through his aid, Moses Austin secured from the Spanish Government in 1821 the first contract for the Anglo-American Colonization of Texas. In his honor, the name of this town and that of this county a part of Austin's 1821 grant, known as the Municipality of Mina in 1834 and the County of Mina after March 17, 1836, was changed on December 18, 1837, to Bastrop ****. Let this name bring to mind the friend and advocate of the pioneer in a foreign land."

The other newly erected granite monument on the court house lawn bears this inscription:

"Captain James Burleson. Chosen Commissary by General Andrew Jackson. War of 1812. Edward Burleson, his son, accompanied him as a book keeper. Participated in the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815. Served under his son, Edward, Army of Texas, in the Grass Fight, 1835. Born May 4, 1758, Died January 3, 1836"

The third monument also of granite and bearing the bronze seal, placed in Fairview, is to the memory of R. L. Reding. Mr. Reding was in the Army of Texas in 1835 and was a signer of the Goliad Declaration of Independence, Dec. 20, 1835. He was in the fight at Gonzales. R. L. Reding was a citizen of Bastrop from 1837 until his death in 1849. In Bastrop, he engaged in business as a merchant, served the county as Chief Justice, and was a member of the committee of twelve men appointed by General Edward Burleson to draft the resolutions on the question of annexation to the United States at a meeting held in Bastrop on May 14, 1845. He was also a pioneer in the lumber industry in Bastrop County.


2/28/1937 Bastrop Advertiser


Hello there! Since the mid-term exams have been in progress the past week, it seems that our traveling has decreased.

As usual William Compton and Jelly Steymann tell the same tale of going somewhere over the weekend. This week it was supposed to be Dallas.

Lewis Tipton and Bud Lee are making travel stories also. This weekend they were visitors in Corpus Christi.

Nash Wolf was a Dale visitor Sunday.

San Antonio visitors for a portion of the weekend were Warren Higgins and Gene Schaefer.

San Marcos visitors Sunday night were: Ethel Cartwright, Lee Schaefer, Warren Higgins and Elbert Whiterker.

Jack Ash spent Saturday in Lovelady.

"Part Time" visitors in Austin for the weekend were "G" Griesenbeck, Helen Alexander, Edgar Miller and Joe Beck Compton.

Earl Compton seems to have made his usual route over the weekend of Smithville, LaGrange, Fayetteville, and Etlinger.

Edgar Miller was a Smithville visitor Saturday.

Last but not least, Loyce Eskew was a Smithville visitor Sunday.

Well it seems that that's the crop so until next week, goodby!


Well, exams are over and are we glad! Some were disappointed while others were happy.

Two weeks what a long time that is for two eager boys to wait, but of course they get a glimpse of her once in a while. All of us certainly will be glad to see Leah back in school.

Guess what I saw Sunday night at the picture show. "G" with Frenchy, but such is life.

I wish that Margaret and Bobbie would make up their minds. One day everything is rosy and the next they look like they could shoot each other.

The race still goes on with Ira. May the best man win and here's power to you.

Jelly, what is it that I have been hearing about you?

Frenchy, who were you with Friday night? Don't you know someone will get hurt if you are not careful, and at the present we are too happy to have to have a funeral.

These people going over to Austin every week are getting rough. Jack and Mary Ann Birmingham are just stepping out too much for some people, but I will be kind and not mention any names.

Warren and his little Soph are being seen together a good deal. I am afraid that there will be a double funeral.

Yours truly-the one who sees all and hears all.


LOST- One engagement ring. Unlimited value (most of which is sentiment). Return at once to Martha Ann Moncure.

Special Notice: To those whose names are on the "Pay your fine" list on the library door: I have instructions not to issue you any more books until you have paid your fine. Librarian.

Found: Three mousetraps in the library. In good condition. Decorative otherwise useless.

Found- A prince charming (minus charm) on whom I can exercise my own charms. Mary (Pride of Winchester) Pearson.

THE HISTORY OF RED ROCK by Lois Nellene Turner

The present Red Rock was once standing about a mile from here which is now known as "Hannah and". The man who named Red Rock was Sam Petty, and because of a peculiar round red rock.

Dick Stone built the first store at old Red Rock. Ben Dodd owned the first post office, and Joe Probst, and Mr. Pester owned a store. A saloon was owned by John Bowin. Dr. Pannel and son, who was a doctor, also gave the people so much calamol that they asked Dr. Harris to move to Red Rock from High Grove to do their practice. This was in 1890. He did their practice for the next forty years.

Jim Duran Sr. owned the first blacksmith shop over there. There was one gin owned by Mr. John Boswin. There were two different school buildings, though both were destroyed by storms. A Masonic Hall being over one of these school buildings.

In the year of 1890 the railroad was built, through here, also a depot being the first building in the new town. The second, Mr. Wilbarger of Bastrop built a lumber yard, run by Bob Gill, later by Mr. Gus Jung. The third building was Mr. John Osborn's saloon which was later sold to Mr. Will Smith.

The first hotel was built by Mr. John Bowen from old Red Rock. Mr. Joe Probst, Mr. Hermon Pester and Mr. Earnest Runk all moved their stores over here about the same time. Then they built their residences here. Mr. Thomas Williams built the first blacksmith shop. Mr. Walter Hendrix the first cotton gin, later Mr. Jake Talley built a gin. There were from 1600 to 2500 bales of cotton ginned earh year in Red Rock in those days.

The first drug store was built by Mr. Major Anderson, and run by Butler Kink, which was later burned to the ground. About this time the school house was built where our present one stands today. Mr. A. D. Halliburton and wife being the first teachers. Dr. Pannel and Dr. Harris were the doctors of the new Red Rock. Dr. Pannel leaving after about ten years.

Mr. L. A. Turner's family lived here before the new Red Rock was built. Later Mr. Gabe Lentz built a store where Mr. Allie Black's home stands today, which was later destroyed by fire. Mr. Gabe Lentz's home being where Mr. Hays Harris now lives. A Mr. Flint and Joe Williams built a store which they later tore away, where the Red and White and Masonic Hall burned down lately. A Mr. Pogue from Pettytown built the second hotel. Mr. Pogue stayed one month, sold out to Wade Harper, who stayed a few years and then sold out to Mr. P. Ridge, who run the hotel until they died. This building was finally torn away by Mr. T. R. Mobley. The Cotton ware house was built along this time. There was also a store building put on the last corner of the street by Mr. Wade Harper.

They had preaching in the school house until the three churches were built. First the Baptist, second the Christian, and third the Nazerine.

Everything went along nicely and prospered in 1906 the first brick store was built by Mr. E. Runk. A second brick building which was used for a bank, owned by stockholders.

In the year of 1918 in August, the town was destroyed by fire, beginning at Mr. Pester's store on down the street. Soon they were building them back again. Mr. O. B. Lentz built a building, also Mobley Pharmacy and the Liberty Garage, owned by the Black Brothers. Other lumber stores were built back owned by Charlie Hilbig, post office; Charlie Ingram, grocer; Dee Alexander, meat Market and store combined.

W. A. Petty and Wallace Turner, built a store. Also a barber shop, a saloon by Mr. Will Smith. A few years passed when the town was destroyed by fire again, from the Liberty Garage to the depot. It was built again. A store by Baxter Turner which burned in 1935. A barber shop by Bill Buckner and the J. W. Smith store which is vacant as this time. Mr. Gus Jung's lumberyard burned about the year 1930. It was rebuilt on main street but caught a fire and burned the main buildings.

Dr. Harris died in 1927 and in 1928 Dr. Wright moved here and took his place. In 1929 our present school house was built, and the Black Brothers built a theatre here. First having silent pictures then talking pictures, the first talking pictures in Bastrop county. They run the theatre four or five years then tore the show buildings away, which was missed very much. Mr. Bill Petty runs the brick store. The bank is closed. Two meat markets owned by Mr. Charlie James next to the bank have burned lately. O. B. Lentz's store, Mobley's Pharmacy, Liberty Garage, Barber shop and meat market are all that is left in Red Rock, except a few citizens, some are moving away. However since the Highline is here the highway is in progress we believe that Red Rock will build up again. But to my opinion if a few more buildings burn and people keep moving away, Red Rock will soon be off the map.


Phelan- Jan. 26- The rain and bad weather has kept almost everyone from going anywhere or doing anything, but maybe we can find a few things to write about. This is our first time to send in a report from our community but as one flys we will progress.

Misses Violet and Sibyl Smith spent Saturday afternoon with Misses Freda and Inez Linder.

Mrs. Woodie Cooper spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Jap Jerrell.

Mr. And Mrs. Cling Linder and family and Mr. Frankie Jerrell and Pearlie Mae Jerrell spent Sunday at the J. J. Linder home.

We are sorry to report that Mr. And Mrs. Mason Hanks and family are moving but it's not so far away, since the Ransome place is their next home.

Mrs. Jake Lewiss' baby is on the sick list this week.

The farmers are hoping to see sunshine in the next few days so they can soon start their crops.

Perhaps we will see you again next week so until them- be good.

A Texas mill has produced a bread and pastry flour from cotton seed, reports the All-South Development Council. The flour contains 50 percent protean and has shortening properties and nutritive elements that allow restricted use of milk and eggs in cake recipes, when it is used.


Mrs. Wallace Hefner, Miss Marie Hefner, were Sunday guests of John Hefner.

Mrs. D. C. Lentz returned home to Red Rock after spending a couple of days at the home of her parents, S. W. Whitworth.

Mrs. Gilbert McClan? And D. C. Lentz were business Bastrop Saturday.

We are sorry to report that E. W. Nite on the sick list.

Otto Hefner, Lonnie ?, Arthur P. Smith attended Bastrop Wednesday.

Joe Watterson and ? Hefner made a business trip to Bastrop and Hills Prairie this week.

Mr. And Mrs. Arthur ? turned Saturday front ? they spent several days with Smith's sister, Mrs. ? who is critically ill.

E. W. Nite and Er? Business visitors in Bastrop this week.


Bastrop Advertiser 1/31/1937

35 YEARS AGO Taken from the Files of The Bastrop Advertiser in January 1902

Work has begun in the construction of the American and Swift packing houses, to cost two and a half million dollars, at Fort Worth, Texas.

The Harmony Club will meat with Mrs. Louis Eilers, at 4 o'clock Thursday, January 23.

Instrumental solo- Miss Erhard

Reading from Eatude - Miss Turner

Vical Solo - Mrs. Eilers

Recitation - Miss Green

Reading from love letters of a musician - Miss Hotchkiss.

Vocal solo - Mrs. Highsmith

Miss Green, Sec'ty


October 4, 1934


Friends here of Eugene Erhard are expressing much concern over the result of an eye operation he has just undergone at a hospital in New York City.

Mr. Erhard has been suffering from failing sight for several years and after consulting many specialists, was advised to go to New York, for which place he left some three weeks ago in company with is sister, Miss Cora.

Information received here by relatives is that Mr. Erhard is doing as well as can be expected and that time alone will reveal the real result of the operation, which was of a most delicate nature.


W. A. Martin, who is employed by the State Highway department, was recently injured while trying to crank his truck.

The crank made several reverse revolutions entangling Mr. Martin and throwing him some distance from the truck. He received arm and body bruises and an injury below his right knee.

After being confined to his bed for the past ten days, he is able to be up but is not able to return to his work yet.


8/30/1934 Bastrop Advertiser


SMITHVILLE, - Aug. 28 - Woody Alvis Tiner of Smithville, Texas, was shot and killed Sunday at 10 pm at Waelder. Ben Taylor of Waelder is reported held.

The funeral was held Tuesday at 4 pm from the Marrs funeral home at Smithville.

Tiner is survived by his widow, Mrs. Odell Tiner of Smithville and an aunt, Mrs. S. L. Kelly of Rosanky.


1934 Bastrop Advertiser


Miss Leah Clay Dawson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Dawson and Glenn R. Spooner were united in marriage Saturday evening at 8:30 in the Methodist parsonage at Georgetown.

The Rev. Mr. Pope, pastor of the Methodist church there, read the service in the presence of a few close friends.

Mr. Spooner is a son of Mr. and Mrs.Henry Spooner of near Georgetown and a grandson of Mrs. Mary Spooner of Bastrop.

Mr. and Mrs. Spooner will make their home in Georgetown.