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Last Updated: Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This file contains articles gleaned from area newspapers and for 1950's.

1/1958 Bastrop Advertiser


Family Of Mrs. C. F. Kelley Here For Reunion.

Mrs. Charles F. Kelley, 504 Cedar Street, celebrated her 80th birthday January 20 with all

of her five children attending, as well as a niece whom she raised.

Mrs. Kelley was born in Colquitt, Georgia, on January 20, 1876, and came to Texas with her

parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. William R. Tiner, when she was eleven years old. They came

most of the way by boat to Galveston, and from there by wagon to the Upton Community,

where they settled. She was married in 1896 to Charles F. Kelley, now deceased. They spent

most of their lives on the farm, moving to Bastrop some ten years ago in order to be near

their children and their families, Mrs. Ferrell Smith and Mrs. Louis Smith. Another daughter, Mrs. Ancel E. Young, formerly of Bastrop, now resides in Fort Worth. Mrs. Kelley has two sons, Charles F. Kelley Jr. of Opelousas, LA, and Jack W. Kelley of Lake Charles, LA. The niece whom she raised, Mrs. Corbin U. Terry, lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Besides her children, she had five granddaughters present to help her celebrate, Mrs. Ray

Durham of Fort Worth, Mrs. Larry Turner of Bastrop, Mrs. John Beck of Flatonia, Mrs. Alvin

Dunn of Giddings and Judy Kelley of Lake Charles, LA. Mrs. Terry's two children, Dennis

and Geralyn; one great granddaughter, Cherie Durham of Fort Worth, Ronnie and Danny Beck of

Flatonia; Ray Durham, Jr, of Fort Worth and David Kelley Turner of Bastrop, were present.

The beautiful pink and white birthday cake was baked by her granddaughter, Mrs. Turner.

Others attending were Ferrell J. Smith, Ancil E. Young, Corbin U. Terry, John Beck, Alvin

Dunn and Larry Turner.

Mrs. Kelley has seven other grandchildren not present; Mrs. Joe M. Hill of Dallas, W. A.

Darling of Opelousas, LA, Raymond Darling of Houston, Mrs. Dan Durkee of Roanoke, VA, Bobby

Young of Athens, GA, Eugene Kelley and Mrs. Jesse Romero of Lake Charles, LA; 13 great

grandchildren, Gay, Melissa and Joe Hill of Dallas, Don and Bill Darling of Houston, Susan

and Bruce Darling of Opelousas, LA, Claire and Danny Durkee of Roanoke, VA, Ray and Kelley

Young of Athens, GA, J. J. Beck of Flatonia, and Jackie Kelley of Lake Charles, LA.


Bastrop Advertiser 1951


The following couples either one or both of whom are or were residents of Bastrop have been

united in marriage since the last Homecoming Edition of the Advertiser, according to the files

of the paper since June 8, 1950.

Miss Virginia Lehman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lehman, and Frances Goertz, both of

Rockne, June 4.

Miss Ruth Marie Crosby, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. U. D. Crosby of Lubbock, and Alton A.

Rodgers, son of Mrs. and Mrs. D. D. Rodgers of Bastrop, in Lubbock.

Miss Marlene Moore, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. J. H. Moore of Smithville and Maurice Bennight,

son of Mrs. and Mrs. Joe Bennight of Bastrop, Smithville, July 4.

Miss Jessie Robertson, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Luther Robertson of Markhan, and R. L.

Scallorn, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cook of Smithville, Markham, July 1

Miss Lillie Mae Hemphill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hemphill, of Bastrop, and Con Keirsey

of Austin, in Bastrop, July 15.

Miss Ellamae Goertz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pius Goertz of Rockne, in Rockne, July 23.

Miss Laura Ann Jenkins, daughter of Mrs. H. S. Jenkins of Bastrop and John Benjamin Hathaway,

Jr of Port Arthur, in Bastrop, August 13.

Miss Shirley Jane Dodson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dodson of Bastrop, and John Davis

Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Ray of Fort Worth, in Bastrop, August 12.

Miss Linelle Dale Turner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Turner of Bastrop, and William Bays

Atkins of San Antonio, in Bastrop, August 19.

Miss Beverly Elizabeth Stapp, daugher of Mrs. J. B. Stapp of Refugio and W. J. Stapp of Ft.

Smith, Arkansas, and J. G. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Lewis, Red Rock, in Smithville,

September 5.

Miss Jeanne Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Green of Bastrop and John E. Bays of

Austin, in Bastrop, September 16.

Ruth Jean Scharlack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Scharlack of San Antonio, and Arthur

Gurwitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gurwitz of Bastrop, in San Antonio, October 1.

Evohn Rosanky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rosanky of Bastrop and William G. Moore, Jr.

of San Francisco, California.

Ruth Eleanor Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Smith of Bastrop, to Milton F. Kokoska,

son of Mrs. John Kokoska, Cicero, Illinois, October 21.

Doris Hibbs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Hibbs, and Elvin Patterson, son of Mr. and Mrs

Claude Patterson, October 28.

Miss Dorothy Friske, daughter of Mrs. Hilda Friske and Otto Goertz, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Albert Goertz, November 26, Rockne.

Miss Vivian Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Mrs. O. B. Wilson of Bastrop, and Alvin Edwin Schorlemer,

Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Schorlemer of Cuero, in Bastrop, December 22.

Miss Renetta Jean Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hall, Sr., and Joe Edward Eskew, Jr.,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Eskew, Sr of Corpus Christi, in Corpus Christi, February 11.

Miss Mary Louise Jacobsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jacobsen of Austin, and Thomas

Edwin Claiborne, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Claiborne of Bastrop, in Austin, February 17.

Miss Mary Ruth Barton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barton of Utley, and Horace Henley, Jr

son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Henley, Sr of Lorenzo, in Utley, February 17.

Miss Norma Lampros, daughter of Mrs. Ida Lampros of Newport News, Virginia, and Arthur Joe

Woehl, Jr, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Woehl, Sr. of Bastrop, in Newport News, Virginia,

March 24th.

Miss Jean Haynie, daughter of Mrs. T. P. Haynie, Jr, and Hosea Bryan Peel, son of Mr. and

Mrs. J. B. Peel of Hearne, in Hearne, March 31.

Miss Peggy Smith, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. G. G. Smith of Plainview, and Robert Alexander

Dodson, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dodson, of Bastrop in Plainview, April 27.

Miss Billie Jean Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Wayne Smith of Bastrop, and Sgt.

Jack Lee Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Wilson of Elkhart, Indiana, in Bastrop, May 6.

Miss June Ernestine Corbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Corbell and Jack Edward Gabriel,

in Lockhart, May 12.

Miss Ruby Mae Casey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Casey of Rockport, adn Ernest Gordon

Simmons, son of Mrs. Gem Simmons of Bastrop, in Rockport, May 26.

Miss Ivy Ruth Schuelke, daughter of Mr and Mrs. M. A. Schuelke, Sr of Bastrop, and Edwin F

Schindler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Schindler of San Antonio, in San Antonio, June 2

Miss Mary Jean Nichols, daughter of Mr. R. W. Michols of Smithville, and Forrest Tracy

Chalmers, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Chalmers, in Smithville, May 12.

Miss Bonnie Alice English, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl English of Bastrop, and Alfred Susen

son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Susen of Smithville, in Bastrop, June 23.

Miss Mary Louise Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Adamsville, Ohio, and Pvt. Paul

Clifford Brady, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Brady of New Concord, Ohio, in Bastrop, July 1.

Miss Dolores Callahan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Callahan of Rockne, and Frank J. Viktorin,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Viktorin of Jarrell, in Rockne, July 4.