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APPL #     NAME                   COUNTY                       GENERAL INFORMATION                                        


08622    A. J.                          Bexar                     Born approximately 1837.  In Texas since approximately 1868, SanAntonio, Texas (Bexar County).  Served in Co. "D" 2nd Infantry, Hardee's Regiment, Army of Virginia.  Occupation-Painter.


21189    A. J.                         Callahan              


31268    Abner R.                Burnet                    Born Iowa.  To Texas in 1851.  Lived since 3-1853 in Blufton, TX, Burnet Co. Served in Co. D Madisons Texas Reg. Cavalry. Occupation-Farmer.  Died 10-18-1917 in Burnet, TX.


06343    Allen Turner          Hays                       See Widow's Application #25737.


None      Belvidere               El Paso                  See Widow's Application #17610.


None      Calvin Herlock      Bastrop                  See Widow's Application #33465.  Brother of Robert L., Richard Preston & Thomas Jefferson Brooks.  (See Texas & Texans)   Methodist minister.  Chaplain in 20th Texas Infantry.  Brother R.L. in same regiment.  Married Latitia 10-14-1857 at Cedar Bayou, TX.  Died 8-3-1916.  Buried with wife at Elgin, TX (NW Bastrop Co.)  See 1860 & 1870 Census/Montgomery Co., TX.


25617    Carroll                    Ellis                        See Widow's Application #39079.  Born Haywood Co., TN.  Came Texas in 1852.  Served in CSA Byrd's Battalion, Trans-Miss. Cavalry.  Lived in Ennis, TX in 1912.  Occupation-Carpenter.  Died 3-24-1923 in Athens, TX at home of daughter, Mrs. C. A. Sartain.  Buried in Ennis, TX.


15122    Charley W.            Falls                       See Widow's Application #33858.                  


None      D. J.                        Bexar                      See Widow's Application #00348.  Married Sarah P. in Macon, GA 1839.  Served in CSA/Alabama March, 1864 until March 2, 1865 (killed).  Sarah P. in San Antonio, TX since 1869.  D. J. died 3-2-1865.


50244    Dewitt Clint           Collingsworth       See Widow's Application #47773.  Served in Co. F, 17th Texas Cavalry.  Married Martha F. 3-24-1870, Hunt Co., Texas.  He died 11-3-1897, Hill County, TX.  Wife was born 5-1-1849 and died 3-11-1943 in Hillsboro, TX at home of daughter, Mrs. Emma Beavers.


31231    Evant                      Hamilton


31834    George                  Eastland                                See Widow's Application #36564.  Born Gwinette County, GA in 1842.

          Washington                                 Served in CSA-Co. D 9th Georgia Artillery. Married T.A. on 2-11-1889,                                                                                   Hamilton Co., TX.  To Texas 1883; Rising Star, Texas.  Occupation-                                                                                       Farmer.  Died 6-23-1919, Bexar Co., TX.


21214    H. I.                         Tarrant                   Born in Tennessee.  Served in CSA/Tenn.  To Texas Feb., 1879.  To Tarrant County, TX 1905; Fort Worth.


30906    Henderson           Brown                    See Widow's Application #36092.  Born Franklin Co., Ark. on 12-14-1842.  Served in Co. A 22nd Ark. Infantry. Married wife, Mary, 5-9-1867 in Ellis Co., TX.  To Texas in 1876.  See 1900 Census - Williamson Co., TX (Corn Hill) & 1910 Census - Brown County, TX.  He died 1-16-1919 at home of Son, J.C., in Bangs, TX.  Buried in Clear Creek Cemetery, Brown Co., TX.  Mary died 5-20-1928 at home of daughter, Mrs. D. T. Jackson, Brownwood, TX. 


40148    J. J.                         Houston                                Born Perote (Pike Co.) Alabama approx. 1847.  Served in CSA-Co. E, 45th Regiment, Hardees Corps., Alabama Infantry.  Company was organized in Union Springs, Alabama.To Texas in 1880.  Lived in Grapeland, TX since 1879.  Brother, R. M. Brooks, living in Crockett, TX in 1923.  J. J. Brooks died 11-23-1932/car wreck.  Son, Ben R. Brooks, living in Grapeland, TX in 1932.



28926    J.R.K.                     Rusk                      Born in Green Co., GA.  Lived in Rusk Co., TX (Henderson) since 1856.  Served in CSA Co. H 19th, Texas Infantry. Occupation-Farmer.



31528    Jacob Warren       Eastland                                Born approximately 1844 in Blount County, Alabama.  Served in Company "K" 5th Mississippi Infantry for four years.  Enlisted in Carolina Church, Neshoba County, Miss.  Moved to Pioneer, Texas (Eastland County, Texas) approximately 1898 from Mississippi. Living there in 1915.


None      James Franklin    Wheeler                 See Widow's Application #23986.


None      James Hampton Limestone            See Widow's Application #46383. Served in Co. E, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry.  Married Mary E. 8-1-1866, Robertson, TX.  She was born in 1851, Falls Co., TX.  Brother of Thomas Wade Brooks (See Appl. #34332).  Died approximately 1915.  Mary died 2-5-1936 at home of niece, Mrs. C. E. Riggs, in Corsicana, TX.


11859    James M., Sr.       Colorado               Born approximately 1844.  Lived in Colorado County, Texas (Columbus) since 1872.  Occupation - Farmed and sold brooms.  Enlisted in 1861 in Company "A" 13th Texas Infantry, afterwards, Company "H" 35th Texas Cavalry, Bates Regiment.  Served 4 years.



02113    James S.               Hunt


12880    Jesse Sylvester   Harris                     See Widow's Application #33565.  Married Augusta C. 4-25-1857 in Harris County, TX.(Cedar Bayou)  Served in CSA/Texas. Jesse S. died 12-8-1916.  Augusta died 3-19-1927 in home of grandson, Hugh Brooks, in Cedar Bayou, TX.


28707    Jesse W.               Rusk                      See Widow's Application #45691.  Born approx. 1845 in Giles Co., GA.  To Texas approx. 1854. Served in Co. B, 20th Texas Cavalry.  Lived near Henderson, TX (Rusk Co.) since approx. 1884. His youngest brother was S. H. Brooks, living in Wood Co., TX in 1912. Occupation-Farmer.  Wife, Mollie.  Jesse W. Brooks died 3-21-1923 at his home near Henderson, TX.


None      John                       Cherokee              See Widow's Application #9168.  Served in CSA/Bonner's Co. C, 18th Texas Infantry.  To Cherokee County, TX 1846.  Married Phoebe in Cherokee Co., 1869. He died 2-8-1902. (Son, A.N., lived nearby in Alto, TX.)  Phoebe died 11-23-1922 near Alto, TX (Cherokee Co.) at home of son, A. N.


07216    John                       Guadalupe            Lived in Guadalupe Co., TX (Seguin) since approx. 1855.  Served in CSA Texas Woods Regiment.  Unable to write.


10480    John A.                   Tarrant                   Born 5-12-1843.  Served in Co. E, 26th N. Carolina Infantry, CSA, enlisting at Cartersville, NC in 1861.  To Texas 1870.


25642    John Dunn            Mitchell                 My Great Grandfather.  Born in Alabama, March 9, 1846.  Farmer.  Served in CSA Co. D, 12th Texas Highsmith Company, Sleets Brigade, Parsons Regiment.  His brother Robert L. served in same Regiment.  See Widow's Application #37451.  Married Nancy Jane Mantooth 2-28-1865 in Angelina, Texas.  John Dunn Brooks died 4-15-1921.   Buried in Miles, Texas, with wife.  She died 10-15-1928 at home of son, Julius Butcher Brooks in Miles, TX (Runnels Co.).


18109    John F.                   McLennan             Born Lawrence Co., Alabama, 4-11-1842.  Served in Co. C, 9th Alabama Infantry, CSA.  To Texas in 1879.  Lived in Waco.


28417    John F.                   Panola                   Born Spring Place, GA 1844. To Texas in 1860.  In Panola County, TX (Beckville) since 1866. Served CSA 20th Texas Cavalry-Tyler, TX.  Farmer.  J. W. Brooks is his brother and served in same regiment.  John F. died 4-16-1930 at home of Jess in Beckville, TX. 


05685    John R.                  Denton


16225    John Richard        Panola                   Born in Oglethorpe Co., GA approx. 1842.  Served in CSA Co. K, 8th Regiment/Georgia. Surrendered at Appomattox in 1865. To Texas in 1867.  In Panola County (Beckville) since 1868.  Occupation-Farmer. 


47591    John T.                   Ellis                        Born Polk Co., GA 12-12-1848.  To Texas in 1853.  Served in Home Guards CSA of Capt. John Brooks, his father, in western part of Upshur Co., TX (Calloway). Served as courier.  J. H. Brooks (lived in Joshua, TX Johnson Co., in 1930) was his brother and served in father's company.   J. T. lived at 417 W. Main, Waxahachie, TX 4-16-1930.  Died 1-9-1939 in home of daughter, Jodie (Italy, TX) 1-9-1939.


None      Josephus D.         Fort Bend              See Widow's Application #10373.  Married E. 4-18-1865 in San Augustine, TX.  Widow living in Rosenberg, Texas in 1903.  Served in Company C, 27th Regiment, Texas Cavalry.  Mrs. E. Brooks died 5-16-1918 at home of daughter, Mrs. W. A. Garrett (Lula B.) at 1809 Decatur Street, Houston, TX.


47447    Louis Pinkney      Young                    See Widow's Application #50445.  L. P. served in CSA/Georgia.  Widow lived in Graham, TX since 1872.  Widow died 5-19-49, Graham, TX at home of son, L.W., who had lived in Graham in 1945 and was responsible for his mother.


09728    M. S.                       Madison                                Born approx. 1838.  Enlisted in Walker Co, TX and served in CSA Co. G, Texas 7th Cavalry 1861-1865.  Had lived in Madisonville, TX (Madison Co.) for 6 months in 1903.  No wife living in 1903. Occupation-Farmer.   Had lived in Walker County, TX.  (Pension Application witnessed in 1903 by a S. Y. Brooks, relationship unknown.)


16828    Malcom Buie        Upshur                  See Widow's Application #20314


None      Pleasant                                Runnels                                See Widow's Application #31274.  P. H. lived in Weekly Co., TN as

                Hampton                                               boy.  Married N. I. in Weekly Co., Tenn. 1-22-1857.   Served in CSA 12th Kentucky Cavalry.  Widow had been in Miles, Texas since 1895.  P. H. died 10-26-1905.


11013    R. L.                        Kinney                   My Great Grandfather's Brother.  Robert L. Brooks was born in Alabama 10-16-1841.  Occupation-Farmer.  Served four years in CSA Co. D, 12th Texas Highsmith Company, Sleets Brigade, Parsons Regiment.  Living in Bastrop County, Texas when enlisted.  His brother John Dunn Brooks (my great grandfather) served in same Regiment.  Married Catherine A. Houston in Bastrop County, Texas 2-3-1864.     


None      Richard Preston  Grimes                  See Widow's Application #38149.  Brother of R. L., Calvin Herlock  & Thomas Jefferson Brooks.  Lived in Bedias (Grimes County, TX) since 1865.  Served in CSA Wilkes Calvary 24th Regiment. First wife, Sallie Hubbard, died in 1873.  Married 10-13-1875 in Walker Co., TX to Sallie O. who was his second wife.  Richard Preston died 1-1-1921.  Sallie O. died 7-3-1928 in Huntsville, TX (Walker Co.) at home of first cousin, Oscar M. Henderson. 


16913    Robert Logan       Walker                   Born 10-6-1834 in Madison County, Tenn. To Texas approx. 1854.  Brother of Calvin Herlock, Richard Preston and Thomas Jefferson Brooks.  Baptist Minister.  See Widow's Application #45571; also, sister-in-law's application #38149 (widow of Richard Preston Brooks.  Served in Company H. 20th Texas Regiment Infantry.  He died 1-20-1925 in Huntsville, TX.  Mary V. married R. L. Brooks on 6-21-1906 in Walker County, TX.  She was born 11-15-1865 in Harrison County, GA and lived in Walker County, TX since 1888.  She died 3-19-1941 near Huntsville, TX.  Her daughter, Mary Frankie Gaines of Huntsville, TX signed Application for Mortuary Warrant.


30682    Robert Manuel     Grayson                 See Widow's Application #39822.  Born Troop County, GA in approx. 1842.  Lived near old Pleasant Hill Church, Union County, Miss.  Served in Company K, 21st Mississippi Regiment.  To Texas in 1874, (Denison) Grayson County. Married Sue 2-27-1884,Grayson County, TX.  She was born approx. 1845 in Shelbyville, KY. She died 3-2-1937 at home of son, Nester A. Casey, in Dallas.  R. M. died 2-5-1924 at the home of his step-daughter, Mrs. L. L. Wilkinson in Denison, TX. 


None      Robert Write         Hale                       See Widow's Application # 25567.  Served in CSA/Texas, Capt. F. G. Dupree Texas Cavalry.  Married Amelia, 12-19-1867, Grimes County, TX.   She was born approx. 1842 in Georgia and had lived in Texas since approx. 1845.  Robert W. died 12-21-1907 in Lee Co. TX.  Widow had lived in Plainview, TX in 1913.  Amelia died 4-13-1924 at home of C. B. Hosea, her son-in-law, in League City, Galveston Co., TX.


13640    Stephen H.            Wood                     Born 1841.  J. F. Brooks (Born 1844), living in Beckville, TX said he had known him since 5 years of age in Georgia.  Served in CSA Co. E. Bass Regiment 20th Texas Cavalry (Kaufman Co., TX) 1862-1865.  Lived in Winsboro, TX since 1899.  Minister of Gospel.  His brother, J. W. Brooks (Rusk Co., TX), was in army with him.  Died 9-25-1929, Winsboro, TX.


02609    Sterling H.             Leon                       Born approx. 1824.  First Lieutenant, CSA/Co. F, 37th Alabama Infantry.  Had resided in Britt (Leon County, TX) since 1874.  Occupation-Farmer.   


None      T. J.                         Burleson               See Widow's Application #8237.  Served in CSA/Virginia.  Married H. P. 3-9-1860, Logan Co., Kentucky.  T. J. died in 1888.  Widow living in Brownsville, TX  since 1899. 


None      Thomas Jefferson Grimes                                See Widow's Application #49660.  Brother of Richard Preston, R. L. and Calvin Herlock Brooks.  Living in Prarie Plains (Grimes Co., TX) when enlisted in 21st Texas Cavalry.  Married Julia V. in Grimes County, 5-24-1888.  No children, only foster daughter they never adopted.  Niece, Mrs. W. T. (Eunice) Fisher, Cedar Bayou, TX.  T. J. died 12-11-1923 in Grimes County, TX.  Julia died 7-5-1949 at her home in Bedias, TX.


34332    Thomas Wade     Limestone            See Widow's Application #45788.  Born Catahoula Parish, LA in 1846.  To Texas in 1848.  Served in CSA/Co. E, 19th Texas Infantry.  Occupation-Farmer.  Lived in Thornton, TX (Limestone Co.) since 1890.  Married Sarah Ann 1-13-1890 in Limestone Co., TX.  She was born 11-20-1865 in Franklin Co., GA and had lived in Texas since 1867.  T. W. died 8-11-1922 in Limestone County, TX.  Sarah Ann died 10-13-1944 at home of her son, W. A. Brooks, in Thornton, TX. 


None      Thomas Wheeler                Wood                     See Widow's Application #29070.  Served in CSA 5th Regiment (Claiborn Parish, LA).  Married Feb. 1886 in Claiborn Parish, LA.  Came to Mineola, TX in 1893.  His wife, Victoria, grew-up with him in Stewart Co., GA.  She came to Texas approx. 1893.  T. W. died 6-25-1906 in Wood County, TX.  Victoria died 2-16-1918 at her home in Mineola, TX. Son, Virgil V. Brooks, lived in Mineola at time of her death.


None      Tom                        Hill                          See Widow's Application #50764. 


20559    W. G. Brook           Shelby                    Born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, approx. 1837.  In Texas since 1851.  In Shelby County, Texas since 1870.  Served in Company K, 2nd Texas Infantry. Occupation-Farmer. Last name appears to be Brook not Brooks.


14774    W. W.                      Burnet                    Born approximately 1838.  Moved to Burnet County, Texas approximately 1853.  Served in Company "D", 3rd Texas Cavalry, Brazoria Brigade.  Enlisted March, 1863 in Burnet County, Texas.  Occupation-Lumberyard manager.  In 1908, at time of pension application, blind in both eyes. 


08518    W. W.                      Williamson           Per Texas State Archives, application lost.



26552    Walter Green        Cherokee              Born Pike Co., Alabama, approx. 1845.  Apparently lived in Perote, AL (Bullock Co.) as boy.  Served in Co. G, 1st Alabama Infantry, CSA 1862-1865.  To Texas in 1889.  To Jacksonville, TX (Cherokee Co.) approx. 1902. Occupation-Farmer.  Died 4-22-1925 at his home in Jacksonville, TX.  Son, J. D. Brooks, also lived in Jacksonville, TX at time of father's death.


None      William                  Falls                       See Widow's Application #5863.  Lived in Texas most of his life.  Married Annie E. 11-1-1860 in Freestone Co., TX.   When he enlisted in service (CSA Co. D, 10th Texas Regiment, 1862-1865), wife (Annie E.) went to Alabama with brother-in-law.  She and William returned to Texas in 1878. His health was bad and they traveled in East Texas and Louisiana until February, 1882 when they moved back to Texas.  Moved to Marlin, TX in 1882.  He died 12-3-1890.


None      William Calvin      Wichita                   See Widow's Application #42463. 


44067    William Corsey    Howard                  Born Elmo Co., Alabama (formerly Tallapoosa County) in 1848.  Served in Co. A, 63rd Alabama Regiment, CSA.  To Texas in 1888 and Big Springs, TX in 1904.  Died 2-7-1945 and was buried in the New City Cemetery, Big Springs, TX.


13812    William Haley       Freestone             See Widow's Application #32852.  Born approx. 1833. Married Julia Helen 11-5-1854 in Walker County, TX.  She was born approx. 1832 in Troy, Mississippi and had resided in Texas since approx. 1840.  William H. Brooks enlisted in Texas Co. G 20th Texas Infantry, CSA in 1862/Waverly, TX as sergeant.  In 1862 lived in Walker County, between Huntsville and Waverly.  Died 4-23-1916. 


None      William Henry       Tom Green           See Widow's Application #43189. Served in 6th Texas Cavalry (Dallas), CSA.  Married 11-14-1861 in Collin County, TX. Wife was born approx. 1844. William Henry Brooks died 6-22-1914.  Son, George, living 12 miles north of San Angelo, TX (Tom Green Co.) at time of his mother's death, where she died on 8-2-1937.




05863    Mrs. Annie E.        Falls                       Husband-Wiliam


25567    Mrs. Amelia           Hale                       Husband-Robert Write


33565    Mrs. Augusta C.  Harris                      Husband-Jesse Sylvester (P-12880)


47381    Mrs. C. C.              Hidalgo                  Husband-Jacob Warren (P-31528)


39079    Mrs. Carroll           Henderson           Husband-Carroll Nathaniel (P-25617)


50764    Mrs. Dora              Hill                          Husband-Tom


10373    Mrs. E.                    Fort Bend              Husband-Josephus D.


51997    Mrs. Emma           Howard                  Husband-William Corsey (P-44067)


33858    Mrs. Fannie           Navarro                  Husband-Charley W. (P-15122)


08237    Mrs. H. P.               Burleson               Husband-T.J.


25737    Mrs. Helena          Hays                       Husband-Allen Turner (P-06343)


23986    Mrs. Jennie B.      Wheeler                 Husband-James Franklin


32852    Mrs. Julia Helen Freestone               Husband-William Haley (P-13812)


49660    Mrs. Julia               Grimes                  Husband-Thomas Jefferson


50445    Mrs. Louis             Young                    Husband-Louis Pinkney (P-47447)


33465    Mrs. Latitia            Bastrop                  Husband-Calvin Herlock


46066    Mrs. Louise F.      Wood                     Husband-Stephen H.


47773    Mrs. Martha F.       McLennan             Husband-DeWitt Clint (P-50244)


36092    Mrs. Mary               Brown                    Husband-Henderson (P-30906)


46383    Mrs. Mary E.          Limestone            Husband-James Hampton


45691    Mrs. Mollie             Rusk                      Husband-Jessie Watson


20314    Mrs. N. A.               Upshur                  Husband-Malcom Buie (P-16828)


31274    Mrs. N. I.                Runnels                                Husband-Pleasant Hampton


37451    Mrs. N. J.               Parker                   Husband-John Dunn (P-25642)-My Great Grandfather


36712    Mrs. N. J.               Parker                   Husband-John Dunn (P-25642)-My Great Grandfather


45571    Mrs. R. L.               Walker                   Husband-Robert Logan (P-16913)


42463    Mrs. Rachel          Wichita                   Husband-William Calvin


38149    Mrs. Sallie O.        Grimes                  Husband-Richard Preston


45788    Mrs. Sarah Ann    Limestone            Husband-Thomas Wade (P-34332)


00348    Mrs. Sarah P.        Bexar                      Husband - D. J.


39822    Mrs. Sue                Grayson                 Husband-Robert Manuel (P-30682)


36564    Mrs. T. A.                Eastland                                Husband-George Washington (P-31834)


29070    Mrs. Victoria          Wood                     Husband-Thomas Wheeler


43189    Mrs. William          Tom Green           Husband-William Henry



17610    Nancy White         El Paso                  Husband-Belvidere


09168    Phoebe                  Cherokee              Husband-John





The foregoing information was compiled based on a review of copies of the Texas Confederate Pension Applications March 1, 1992 by Jerry L. Brooks.



Jerry L. Brooks

Murphy, NC