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Last Updated: Thursday, January 1, 2009

Smithville Area


Cunningham, John P headstone W 3/31/1834 3/21/1859 Son of John C & Susan Cunningham. D. in 25th year

Cunningham, Susan Prentice headstone W 1793 1870 Dau of John Prentice & Tabitha Sargent Prentice, Wife of William Redfield & then John C. Cunningham. Came to TX in 1831. Mother of William, John Albert, Henry, all Soldiers of the Republic.

Droigck, Heinrich headstone W 1/2/1867 04/08/1902

Haines, Laura McPherson headstone W 10/24/1880 8/27/1881 unmarked. Dau of N.M. & Laura V Haines. age 10 mos 3 days

Haines, Laura V. headstone W 10/25/1860 10/31/1880 unmarked. Wife of N.M. Haines

Hall, A. Annie headstone W 12/11/1855 9/2/1873 unmarked. 17 yrs 8 mos 21 dys. child of J.S. & Arena Hall

Hall, Alannie headstone W 1855 1873 unmarked

Hall, Arrena Stone headstone W 8/5/1821 8/15/1880 unmarked. Wife of J.S. Hall. age 49 yrs 10 days

Hall, J.S. headstone W 5/13/1819 4/25/1898 Mason. Husb of Arrena Stone. Their children J. Sidney 1850-67, A. Annie 1855-73, Laura V 1860-1867.

Hall, John Sidney headstone W 3/1850 10/13/1867 Son of J.S. & Arena Hall. age 16 yrs 10 mos 10 days

Handrik, Adolf headstone W 5/1/1873 7/11/1889

Muehle, Anna headstone W 1859 1889 mother

Redfield, Louisa headstone W 12/3/1855 1872 age 17 YRS 9 mos. Dau of Henry P & Sarah E. Redfield

Redfield, Sarah Card headstone W 1830 1872 Wife of Henry Prentice Redfield. B. Shelby Co, TN. D. Bastrop Co, TX 1872

Redfield, William headstone W 1/21/1817 1840 Killed at the Battle of Precidio Rio Grande in the Fall of 1840 in his 23 year. A soldier in the TX War for Indep. 1835-1836.

Redfield, William's headstone headstone W none none Additional writing on other sides: Frances P, Died Mattagorda CO 9/15/1835, aged 8 yrs, George P born 5/20/1831 died San Phillipe 8/20/1831, Mary Ann died Mattagorda 6/12/1831: Children of John C & Susan. John P died at West Troy NY 9/10/1828, 18 mos.

Renick, Ada headstone W 9/28/1872 7/9/1888 unmarked

Renick, Arthur N headstone W 12/9/1866 10/16/1867 unmarked. Son of J.M. & S.E. Renick

Renick, John headstone W 1850 1867 unmarked

Whipple, Mary A headstone W 11/15/1826 3/12/1853 Wife of S.B. Whipple