Attorney, R. G. Green, presented the following petition to wit:

Republic of Texas

County of Bastrop

To the Hon. G. Fisk, Judge of Probate, now setting, etc.

The petition of Samuel Wolfenbarger of said County, administrator of the Estate of R. M. Coleman, Decd., respectfully represents that there are several large claims against the estate of his intestate, to wit: two notes due to Col. J. E. Wallace of Matagorda, amounting to about two thousand dollars with interest, and others not yet recognized by your petitioners, but which he has no doubt are just. That the personal estate of said decedent has been exhausted, and there remains no means of paying these debts, but by the sale of the real estate of the said decedent. Your petitioner therefore prays that he may be permitted to sell the following lands at such places and on such terms as your Hon. Court may think best, towit: The Headright League of the said Coleman, located on the Yegua in Milam County, and 555 acres of land in Bastrop County, being the late residence of the family of said Coleman, and where his wife was killed by Indians. Also a lot of corn now on the latter place, being the rent of the same, and the proceeds applied to the payment of the said debt. Your petitioner will ever pray, etc.

Bastrop, Monday, Feby 22nd, 1841. R. G. Green, Fr. Ptr.

Ordered and Decreed by the Court that the prayer of the petitioner be granted, that the said Administrator be allowed to sell said lands at the Court House in the Town of Bastrop, after advertising the time prescribed by Law, by posting up advertisements in three public places in the County, agreeable to the provisions of the law, in such cases made and provided.

Christian, Decd, appeared in open Court and filed the following petition.

Republic of Texas, County of Bastrop

Probate Court, June Regular Term

To the Hon. Judge of Probate for said County:

The petition of Mary Burleson, formerly the widow and relic of Thomas Christian, Decd, late of said County, respectfully represents that the said Thomas, her former husband, died seized ad possessed of one League of land on the Waters of Wilbarger's Creek, in said County in the year A. D. 1833, when the Mexican laws were in force in the Republic. That the said Thomas also left the following children, who are minors, to wit: John A, Nancy R, Martha B, Amanda J, and Sarah B. Christian, all of the said County, and who are without Guardian. That petitioner, the widow, as aforesaid, is entitled as ???

To one-half of the said League of land, being ???? (Remainder of page missing) pray, etc.

R. G. Green, Att. For Petitioner

June 28th, 1841

Whereupon it was Ordered and Decreed by the Court that the prayer of the Petitioner be granted, and that Jonathan Burleson be appointed Guardian and litem, to appear at the Court House in the Town of Bastrop on the 10th day of July, ult., at which time a Special Term of said Court will be held, then and there to represent the interest of said Minor Heirs, as prayed for in the foregoing petition.

Estate of John L. Lynch, Decd.

James Manor, Administrator

June Term 1841

It appearing to the Court that said Administrator has appeared in open Court and asked for his dismission from the further administration of same, and for satisfaction cause to the court here shown.

August Term Probate Court

Tuesday Morning 10 o'clock AM

Court met pursuant to adjournment, present and presiding Greenlief Fisk, Judge of Probate, James Smith, Esqr., Associate Do, a quorum present preceeded to business.

Daniel A. Wells, a minor heir of Martin Wells, Decd., appeared in open court, and over the age of fourteen years, chose Norman Woods, Guardian and litem.

Whereupon, it was Ordered and Decreed by the Court that said Woods be appointed Guardian ad litem for said D. A. Wells, to represent his interest in the division of land belonging to the Estate of Martin Wells, Decd.

And also appeared Henry B. Wells, and it appearing to the Court that he was under the age of fourteen years.

Whereupon it was Ordered by the Court that Norman Woods be appointed Guardian ad litem for said Henry B. Wells, Minor Heir of said Martin Wells, Decd, to represent his interest in the division…


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