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This is a scan of three books of old pictures from about 1865-1900. They were the property of Ahijah W Grimes, son of Robert Henry Grimes and Elizabeth Highsmith Grimes , and Charlotte (Lottie) Lyman, daughter of Benjamin Lyman and Charlotte Bryce Lyman. Pictures are of relative , friends, and children in McDade, Bastrop and Lampasas, Texas. Other families are Dunn, Mckay, and Highsmith.

Contributes by:  Ben Grimes

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Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Other Sources


First Book

(some were scanned twice at a different resolution)

1.Young girl and some notation about afraid  PHOTO1  PHOTO2

2. Another young lady  PHOTO  PHOTO2

3. A little older lady  PHOTO  PHOTO2

4. Young man probably a Dunn since the photograph was taken in Monmouth, Il  PHOTO

.5.Eva McKay Decorah, Iowa-Daughter of Cyrus Mckay and Livia Porter. Born 7 Dec 1849 and died 20Oct. 1929 in San Diego  PHOTO  PHOTO2

6. Baby picture  PHOTO   PHOTO2

7. Baby picture  PHOTO

8. Baby picture probably same as #7  PHOTO

9.H.H. Dunn Topeka, Kansas-Son of Thomas and Mary Jane Dunn. William Henry Harrison Dunn married Louisa E Johnson. They had a daughter Anna who married Nelson A Pollard  PHOTO   PHOTO2

10. Lady on page opposite HH Dunn (could be Louisa Johnson). Photograph is from Topeka  PHOTO   PHOTO2

11..Little Nellie McKay- was born 25 Nov 1862 and died 11 December 1942 probably in Spencer, Iowa  PHOTO

12. Bearded man  PHOTO   PHOTO2

13 Little girl-looks a lot like Nellie McKay-on page opposite bearded man  PHOTO

14. lady looks a lot like #10. However picture is made in Waterford, PA  PHOTO  PHOTO2

15.Bestor & Kohol . Same man in coonskin hat in #29  PHOTO

16.Agnew McKay Grandson  PHOTO

17.Arthur S. McKay-son of Cyrus Mckay born 1847 and died 12 jun 1930  PHOTO

18.Balding older man on page opposite Arthur McKay  PHOTO   PHOTO2

19. Old Uncle Jim  PHOTO   PHOTO2

20.Lady with two children  PHOTO

21. On opposite page Hury B.B, Fontaino January 1871  PHOTO

22.Annie M. Dunn (Carrie) Monmouth, Il  PHOTO  PHOTO2

23.Josie T. Dunn Monmouth, IL  PHOTO   PHOTO2

24 Man  PHOTO   PHOTO2

25 Lady  PHOTO   PHOTO2

26 Man in a funny hat and mustache  PHOTO  PHOTO2

27.Albert McKay or is it Allen  PHOTO  PHOTO2

28. Appears to be twin girls dressed alike in their 20's  PHOTO  PHOTO2

29. Man in a coonskin hat  PHOTO  PHOTO2

Second Book

1. 3 pictures of young Moulton Cobb (son of Mable Grimes & William Cobb)  PHOTO

2. Man sitting and lady  PHOTO

3. Man with mustasch  PHOTO

4. Ahijah W Grimes (taken in Lampasas) (Killed by Sam Bass)  PHOTO  (Grave Photo)

5. F. Folman  PHOTO

6. For Aunt Bessie San Francisco-woman  PHOTO

7. For aunt Bessie San Francisco- young lady  PHOTO

8. Little Girl  PHOTO

9. child and mother  PHOTO

10. Lady  PHOTO

11. Katie Forman  PHOTO

12. Man and woman  PHOTO

13. Young lady  PHOTO

14. Three young people in skirts  PHOTO

15. Lady  PHOTO

16. Lady  PHOTO

17. Lady  PHOTO

18 George Milton- Banker in McDade  PHOTO

19 Lady  PHOTO

20 Young man  PHOTO

21 Young man with goatee  PHOTO

22 Lady  PHOTO

23 Man with mustache  PHOTO

24 Man with mustache looks like a young William Henry Grimes  PHOTO

25 From your dear sister Milly to my dear brother David Sacremento Calif. Feb 22  PHOTO

26 Baby picture  PHOTO

27 Baby picture  PHOTO

28 Lady in a checked dress  PHOTO

29 Man named Forman  PHOTO

30 Mary and the Christ child picture  PHOTO

31 H.H. Dunn Galveston  PHOTO

32 William B Lyman  PHOTO

33 Dark headed little girl  PHOTO

34 Appears to be Baby picture of Harry Lyman  PHOTO

35 Young Harry Lyman  PHOTO

36 Clean shaven young man  PHOTO

37 Middle aged man with mustasch  PHOTO

38 Bearded man  PHOTO

39 Lady  PHOTO

40 Young girl  PHOTO

41 Young girl picture appears to be same as #40  PHOTO

42 Young girl on a stool  PHOTO

43 Balding old man with a beard  PHOTO

44 Two tall young men  PHOTO

45 Bearded man-A. Holman  PHOTO

46 Young lady  PHOTO

47 Young man Picture taken in Montgomery AL  PHOTO

48 Young man with a tie on  PHOTO

Third Book

This book appears to be Lottie's and AW Grimes Life together

Notation-Mrs; Lottie Grimes From AWG 1874

1 small baby  PHOTO

2 Young man  PHOTO

3 Willie 5mo.-Lizzie 19 mo  PHOTO

4 Ben L Grimes Sr  PHOTO

5 A W Grimes and 3 ladies  PHOTO

6 Misses Chambers (2) and AW Grimes  PHOTO

7 My dear father Robert Henry Grimes  PHOTO

8 Man with mustasch  PHOTO

9 Lady with fancy dress-Highsmith notation  PHOTO

10 Young man  PHOTO

11 Youmg man or girl on the same page with Harry Lyman  PHOTO

12 Harry Lyman  PHOTO

13 Benjamin lyman and a young boy on his lap  PHOTO

14 Benjamin Lyman  PHOTO

15 Lady well dressed  PHOTO

16 Man with cigar and bowler hat  PHOTO

17 Man with a funny hat  PHOTO

18 Picture of a sleeping boy  PHOTO

19 Lady  PHOTO

20 Mrs Kye Highsmith  PHOTO

21 Fanny Highsmith  PHOTO

22 Man with sideburns  PHOTO

23 William Henry Sims  PHOTO

24 Matty Lee Case Round Rock, TX  PHOTO

25 Lady in awhite dress  PHOTO

26 Man with a beard  PHOTO

27 Well dressed lady on a chair  PHOTO

28 Young boy-looks like a Lyman  PHOTO

29 Young girl on a chair  PHOTO

30 Handsome man with mustiest and goatee  PHOTO

31 Man with bowtie  PHOTO

32 Miss Betty Duval Bastrop, TX 1872  PHOTO

33 Pretty lady with the notation 1865  PHOTO

34 Lizzie Taylor  PHOTO

35 Alice Taylor Bastrop TX  PHOTO

36 Lady with dark hair  PHOTO

37 Man with hat, beard, goatee looks like Benjamin Lyman  PHOTO

38 Man with beard, looks like Benjamin Lyman  PHOTO

39 Man with string tie  PHOTO

40 Young girl  PHOTO

41 Lady  PHOTO

42 Baby  PHOTO

43 Baby  PHOTO

44 Daughters of William Lyman  PHOTO

45 Young lady with lots of hair  PHOTO

46 Girl  PHOTO

47 Young boy with a bowler hat  PHOTO

48 Young man  PHOTO

49 John A. Kohler Bastrop, Tx 10-30-1874  PHOTO

50 Two young boys  PHOTO

51 Faded picture of a lady and a hat  PHOTO

Other Sources of information:

Biography of Ahijah W Grimes

Deborah Turner & Ahijah Morris Highsmith Sr family tree

August 24, 2003 Round Rock Council Minutes renaming Road to A W Grimes

Induction of Fallen Officers Into the Texas Peace Officer's Memorial

Bastrop County, Texas Tin Types (Grimes)

I have been going through family Tintypes and found names of other Bastrop Families. They Are Dunn, McKay, Fontaino, Folman, Forman, Milton, Lyman, Chambers, Highsmith( Kye & Fanny), Sims, Case, Duval, Taylor. Kohler. If these these are part of your family, I will be happy to scan these tintypes. Ben Grimes


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