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Latest Uploads
Date, Subject, Contributor, Location
8/2009 New server, new look Tammy Owen All
1/13/2009 1870 Voter List Ken Kesselus Census
1/12/2009 Letters Judy Sabo Letters
1/12/2009 Turner Bible Gordon Turner Bibles
1/12/2009 Coates Slave Cemetery Kenneth Felps Cemetery
1/3/2009 Added pictures Tammy Pictures
1/3/2009 Updated Sawyer-Brazil Cem Margaret Peveto Cemetery
12/27/2008 New look, updating links Tammy Various pages
4/5/2006 Brooks CSA Pensions Jerry Brooks Military
4/5/2006 Brooks Brothers/12th TX CAV Jerry Brooks Military
6/11/2005 Updated Consolidated Listing Tammy Consolidated
6/11/2005 1870 Census Names Tammy Census
6/11/2005 Added more pictures Tammy Pictures
5/5/2005 Births Index(Images) uploaded Tammy Vitals
10/20/2004 Brides Index E to K Tammy Vitals
10/20/2004 Brides Index A to D Tammy Vitals
10/2/2004 Thompson Brides Marriages Marsha Thompson Vitals
10/2/2004 Created a corrections/additions link Tammy Additions
10/2/2004 New categories - Bibles & letters Tammy Bible, Letters
8/18/2004 Probate Minutes Vol C 1847-1853 Tammy Vitals
8/15/2004 Probate Minutes Vol B 1839-1847 Tammy Vitals
8/15/2004 Probate Minutes Vol A Early to 1839 Tammy Vitals
8/13/2004 Election Results Vol A 1886-1929 Tammy Court
7/12/2004 Criminal Minutes Vol D Tammy Court
7/10/2004 Criminal Minutes Vol C Tammy Court
7/8/2004 Criminal Minutes Index Tammy Court
6/12/2004 Civil/District Minutes Vol A pt 2 Tammy Court
6/11/2004 Civil/District Minutes Vol B Tammy Court
6/9/2004 Criminal Minutes Vol B Tammy Court
6/2/2004 Civil/District Index to Minutes H-I Tammy Court
6/1/2004 Civil/District Index to Minutes F Tammy Court
5/30/2004 Civil/District Index to Minutes A-E Tammy Court
4/21/2004 Probate Index S to Z Tammy Vitals
4/20/2004 Scholastic Census to 1901/Deeds Tammy Schools
3/4/2004 Milton Chapel Cemetery Marcella Chapple Cemetery
2/20/2004 Tin Types of Grimes Family/Friends Ben Grimes Community
2/9/2004 1899 TOPO Map Tammy Maps
2/1/2004 1926 Smithville HS Memory Book Tammy School
1/30/2004 1919 Smithville HS Yearbook Tammy Schools
1/7/2004 Probate Index E to K Tammy Vitals
1/5/2004 Probate Index A to D Tammy Vitals
1/3/2004 S to Z Deeds Uploaded Tammy Court
12/31/2003 E to R Deeds - Bad Images fixed Tammy Court
12/9/2003 St. John's and Paint Creek Cemeteries Mikki Meyer and Marcella Chapplel Cemetery
12/8/2003 Commissioner's Court Volume C Added Tammy Court
12/5/2003 Comm Court Vol B Page No's Added Tammy Court
12/5/2003 Commissioners' Court Volume A Updated Tammy Court
11/26/2003 Newcomers to Elgin/McDade WWII Ann Helgeson Military
11/26/2003 Death Certificates Volume 6 Tammy Vitals
11/26/2003 Death Certificates Volume 5 Tammy Vitals
11/21/2003 Death Certificates Volume 4 Tammy Vitals
11/21/2003 Deed Index L to R 1837 to 1920 Tammy Court
11/21/2003 Deed Index E to K 1837 to 1920 Tammy Court
11/14/2003 Deed Index A to D 1837-1920 Tammy Court
11/14/2003 Births Early to 1927 A to B Index Tammy Vitals
11/3/2003 Deeds Volume B Tammy Court
11/2/2003 Deeds Volume A Completed Tammy Court
10/30/2003 Grooms Index A to Z Tammy Vitals
10/25/2003 More Various Newspaper pages Tammy Newspapers
10/10/2003 Warrant Ledger @1884 Tammy Court
10/10/2003 Pauper Index Tammy Court
10/10/2003 Smithville Bridge Workers 1913/14 Tammy Directories
10/3/2003 Aurora Yearbook links fixed Tammy Schools
9/12/2003 District Court Vol A Tammy Court
9/12/2003 Commissioner's Court Vol B Tammy Court
9/1/2003 Criminal Court Volume A Tammy Court
8/22/2003 Naturalization and Pardons Tammy Naturalization
5/26/2003 Over 120 pages newspaper pages Tammy Newspaper
5/23/2003 Book of WWII Soldiers Tammy Military
5/8/2003 Consolidated Listing of Names Updated Tammy Near top
4/10/2003 1850 Death Census Tammy Census
4/2/2003 Volumes 1 and 3 of death certificates Tammy Vitals
4/2/2003 Selected Surname Birth Index Tammy Vitals
4/2/2003 Death Index early to 1920s Tammy Vitals
3/26/2003 Website crashed. Files being reloaded Tammy
3/4/2003 Elgin Courier 1910 Ann Helgeson Newspapers
3/2/2003 Death Certificates (some) scanned Tammy Owen Vitals
3/2/2003 A to B Cattle Indexs Lisa Lach Court
3/2/2003 Old Pictures Added Lisa Lach Pictures
3/2/2003 Enlistment/Discharge Scanned Tammy Owen Military
3/1/2003 Cattle Brands Book A scanned Tammy Owen Court
3/1/2003 Delayed Births scanned index Tammy Owen Vitals
2/20/2003 Early Births Kay Boyd Vitals
2/17/2003 Young Settlement History Ruth Crowson Family History
2/12/2003 Supreme Court Documents Lisa Lach Court

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