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Bastrop County WWII Pictures and Articles

As posted in the Bastrop Advertiser and Elgin Courier in 1943's and 1944's

John R. Alexander

Samuel A. Anderson & D. H. Orts

Adolph H. Bartsch & Amos O. Hefner

Ernest J. Bartsch killed

Michael Bartsch & Martin Layton

R. H. Brieger and Walter E. Dickens

Walter Brinkman

Joe F. Bunte & Martin G. Mosebach picture/article of Bunte and article on Mosebach

Morris Callahan & Robert Wilhelm  (picture and article about wounded)

Donald Brooks Carter  (found dead)

Owen Clifford Chalmers, Verline Willie Hendrix and Frank Long

Jesus J. Coy & Victor J. Coy

Bower Crider  (picture and article about wounded)

W. P. Culp, III  (picture and article about wounded)

Weldon H. Darnell

Walter E. Dickens and R. H. Brieger

Robert A. Dodson & Jack C. Combs

Mary Allie Dunbar and Andrew Dunbar

Vernon C. Dyer and Ernest J Kadura

Dennis A. Leddy

Vernon D. Eskew and Hartford Jenkins, Jr

Arthur L. Fisher & Charles R. Hanna

Ernest Frerich decorated

Ernest Frerich wounded

Leonard L. Frerich

Tony R. Galvan wounded

Alvin Paul Goertz killed

Anton Goertz and Sammie Pett y

Anton J. Goertz and Ardell R. Kunschick

Francis P. Goertz & Ernest J Hoffman

Hugo S. Goertz & William A. Price

Hugo Goert z

Sylvester Goertz

Thomas L. Goertz & August J. Wanek

William A. Griesenbeck & W. T. Higgins

James E Griffith & H. H. Lock

Guillermo Gutierrez & Paul Gutierrez killed and wounded

Emmitt Hancock & Emmit Kenneth

Charles R. Hanna & Arthur L. Fisher

Leland L Hanna & Boyd Floyd Queen

Struba Hanna

Oliver O. Hardt & Charles Hubert Shelton

Amos O. Hefner & Adolph H. Bartsch

Clyde E. Hefner

Leo C. Herms & Arthur Mobley

W. T. Higgins, Jr & William A. Griesenbeck

William T. Higgins, Jr  (promoted)

Ernest J. Hoffman & Francis P. Goertz

George Hoffman & Ernest Wilhelm

Willie W. Ingram & Charles Scheige

Hartford Jenkins, Jr and Vernon D. Eskew

Charles Heise Jones & Lewis C. Wright

Adolph Kadura

Fred J. Kadura

Ernest J. Kadura and Vernon C. Dyer

Emmit Kenneth &Emmitt Hancock

Robert S. Klaus

Ardell R. Kunschick and Anton J. Goertz

Martin Layton & Michael Bartsch

Charles Edward Lee & Elgie Mobley

H. H. Lock & James E Griffith

Odell McMullen & Noah McMullen

Lawrence E. Miller

Arthur Mobley and Leo C. Herms

Homer M. Mobley and Billy Moncure

Elgie Mobley and Charles Edward Lee

Marshall E. Mobley and Robert Kenneth Smith

Billy Moncure and Homer M. Mobley

Charlie Bob Morris & Clyde C. Owens

Martin G. Mosebach and Joe Bunte picture/article of Bunte and article on Mosebach

Billy Murchison & Ernest Stowers

D. H. Orts killed

D. H. Orts & Samuel A. Anderson

Clyde C. Owens & Charlie Bob Morris

James H Perkins killed

Sammie Petty and Anton Goertz

James Gray Price

William A. Price & Hugo S. Goertz

Boyd Floyd Queen & Leland L. Hanna

Nolan Robinson & Gordon Waugh

William Terry Sanders  (Picture and article)

Charles Scheige and Willie W. Ingram

Amos C. Schubert & Pershing Turner

Manuel Selvera & Reynaldo Selvera

Claude H. Sharp

Claude H. Sharp

Charles Hubert Shelton & Oliver O. Hardt

Ezra W. Shelton & Walter Oscar Willenberg (pictures and deaths)

W. R. Simmons

Arthur C. Smith promoted

Robert Kenneth Smith and Marshall E. Mobley

Ernest Stowers & Billy Murchison

Pershing Turner & Amos C. Schubert

August J. Wanek & Thomas L. Goertz

Gordon Waugh & Nolan Robinson

Ernest Wilhelm & George Hoffman

Robert Wilhelm & Morris Callahan  (picture and article about wounded)

Walter Oscar Willenberg and Ezra W. Shelton (pictures and deaths)

Lewis C. Wright & Charles Heise Jones

County Judge Resigns to Enter Service:

C. B. Maynard took oath making him first lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General Department of the United States Army at Post Headquarters in Camp Swift Wednesday morning, according to Capt. B. A. Heidt, Post Public Relations Officer.  Lt. H. M. Page, Post Adjutant, administered the oath.  Lt. Maynard, who has served Bastrop County in the capacity of County Judge for the past three years, tendered his resignation from that office to the commissioner's court in Bastrop Monday.  He reports for training at Ann Arbor, Michigan, on February 2.  A successor to fill the unexpired term of County Judge will be named by the commissioners' court next Monday.


Friends of Captain Billy Townsend will be interested to learn that he has recently been promoted to the rank of captain, from that of first lieutenant.  Captain Townsend, son of Mr. and Mrs. Woody Townsend, is located at present at Fort Bliss, Texas.

WHERE BASTROPS SERVICE MEN ARE LOCATED 10/1942 or 1943 (some address are local but the men are overseas)

G. Miley McCarty - RMEC USN, Patrol Wing 2, Flag Unit, Pearl Harbor, T. H.

J. E. Griffith - Trigger School, Bat A 351 CASL BN, Orlando, FL

Cpl Claude Sharp, Co F 142 Inf, 36 Div, APO, Camp Edwards, MS

Cpl Struba Hanna, 9th Chemical Co Depot, Camp Rucker, AL

Frank B. Green Jr, Co C 35 Eng Reg, APO Seattle WA

Leon E. Smith, Co A 143 Inf, 36th Div, APO Camp Blanding, FL

J. G. Bryson, Lt. JG MC, USN USS Dewey, San Francisco, CA

Lt. William T. Higgins, Jr, Co A 48 Armored Inf, Camp Polk, LA

PFC Henry Gray, 3rd Med Supply Depot, APO San Francisco, CA

Jno. V. Ash, Jr, Co C 121st Coast Artillery Sep Bn, Gun AA, Semi Mobile, Anti Air Craft, Venice, CA

PFC Richard H Brieger, 346 Eng. Med Det, APO, New York

Cpl Morris M. Callahan, Co I Ordnance Officers Candidate School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Pvt George Hoffman, 4th Air Depot 4th Air Supply Squadron, APO San Francisco, CA

Lt. J. G. Brannon, Medical Unit, Army Air Field, Stamford, TX

Sgt. Charles Heise Jones, Med Det 334th Eng Reg, Camp Claiborne, LA

O. C. Chalmers, Group 3 Schools, USMTS, San Diego, CA

Pvt. Hugo S. Goertz, Det Corps Military Police, 8th Station Command, Camp Bowie, Texas

SPIVEY-CLARDY quietly married 12/9/1942.   Cpl J. D. Spivey and Miss Lois Claudy, son of Joe Spivey. Spivey stationed in Camp Young, CA

Lt. James Gordon Bryson, Jr first man in Bastrop County and Central Texas to receive citation for bravery and commendation.

John Bennett Bryson, son of Dr. and Mrs. J Gordon Bryson, recently entered the Army as a trainee in the Army Specialized Training Prog.

Sgt. Claude H. (Red) Sharp wrote home from Italy 1/4/1944

War Department notified Mr. & Mrs. Peter Goertz that Sylvester had been wounded in action in Italy 11/20/1944.

Cpl. William Murchison was station in Camp Pickett, VA, no in Fort Fisher, NC.

Clinton Claiborne is in training in US Navy in San Diego, 1/4/1944

Frank B. Green address change to APO New York

Willism C. Sanders, 27, promoted from corporal to sergeant, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Sanders, 1/1944

John Kennedy, in Army Air Corps at San Marcos, visited his mother, Mrs. Willie Belle Kennedy. 1/1944

S. L. Brannon, Jr change of address to Pensacola, FL 1/1944

Louis Clark Wright commissioned Lt. (jg) in the Naval Air Corps, stationed at Norfolk, VA, son of Jack Wright. Wife Virginia Ray Hubbard.

H. B. Phillips, transfer from Army Air Base in Reno, NV to Camp Pinedale, Frezno, CA where he is in the Signal Co.

Cpl Mike Schuelke change of address to overseas, son of Mr/Mrs M. A. Schuelke.  Formerly stationed in Ft. Sam Houston.

Howard H. Lock, son of J. G. Lock, promoted to Lieutenant Col.

A-Sgt. Bobbie L. Turner, radio operator i 13th AAF bomb squadron has been awarded the Air Medal and 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, son of Ada B. Turner, born in Red Rock, grandmother Turner and Aunt Kibbie Petty.

Cpl. Ernest J. Hoffman thanking Mr. and Mrs Standifer for christmas card 1/1944

Tech. Sgt Lee R. Isaacs, brother of Leon Isaacs, Rt. 2 awarded the Air Medal.  Radio operator in Liberator bomber.

Hugh E. Stroud, son of Herman Stroud, has been promoted from Tech 5 to Tech 4th Grade at Engineer Unit Camp Claiborne, LA

R. G. Waugh, son of Mrs. Julia Waugh, is on duty in the Atlantic and a crew member of the S. S. Herbert C. Jones

Lt. McDonald will be stationed at Camp Gruber.

Vernon Eskew of Buckley Field, Co is home on furlough.

Arthur C. Smith in San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center TX 2/1944

William Barron, was stationed in Loredo

Pfc Mark E. Oldfield changed address from Camp Forrest, TN to APO

Sgt. Towhnsend F. Smith, son of M/M T. F. Smith, Sr of San Antonio killed in Action on Sardinia, 2/29/1944.  His mother was Jean Hodges of Bastrop and Sgt. Smith is a nephew of Mrs. Frank Green and B. C. Hodges

Liberty Ship to carry name of Texas pioneer.  Felip DeBastrop is now under construction at Houston.

Lt. Otillie Kunschick, dau of Robert Kunschick recently arrived with group of Army Nurses in England.

Brothers meet in South Pacific. Rusty Reynolds and Capt Dan Reynolds saw each other on the islands after 2 years. 7/13/1944

Dennis A. Leddy, 22, son of J. B. Leddy, reported to the AAF Training Command. 8/1944

PFC Manuel M. Sebbera cited and awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge in Fifth Army front in Italy.

Staff Sergeant Guadalupe G. Guiterrez awarded the oak leaf cluster, in lieu of second Bronze Star for 85th Custer Div Italy, son of Desederio Gutierrez.

Kleber M. Trigg, Jr commissioned a second Lieutenant in the Army. Enlisted 3/23/1944.