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1854-1879 Extract of Businesses

27 May 1854 - 14 August 1858 Extracts

25 March 1871 - 20 December 1873 Extracts

03 January 1874 - 19 December 1874 Extracts

02 January 1875 - 18 December 1875 Extracts

01 January 1876 - 26 Feb 1881 Extracts

11 August 1906

6 August 1910

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FileSubjectsSome Last Names Mentioned in Article
8/20/1883a 8/20/1883b online 11/24/00Frank James Trial, Count De BastropJames, Carothers, Bee, Palmer
4/10/1895a 4/10/1895b 4/10/1895c 4/10/1895d online 11/23/00Fall of the Alamo
5/4/1895 online 11/23/00ExConfederate Meeting, PersonalChambers, Walther, Elzner, Hasler, Davis, Wynn, McDowall, Hubbard, Green, Goose, Buchanan, Price, Hill, Garwood, Young, Outlaw, Kelly, Sayers, Cain, Claiborne, Jenkins, Renfroe, Williams, Schaefer, Miller, Moore, Orgain, Olive, Fowler, Wilson, Batts, McIntosh, Cheek, Griesenbeck, McKion
10/5/1895 online 11/23/00Slave, Silk, KangarooStories
10/19/1895 online 11/23/00Virgie Maynard Death, PersonalWallace, Burkhart, Brown, Preuss, Russel, Glover, Hannay, Moore, Erhard, Maynard, Craft, Perkins, Sears, Orgain, Luckett, Gill, Millard, Jones, Reynolds, Wykeham, Luter, Meyer, McDowall
11/2/1895 online 11/23/00Col J. C. Higgins, Louis Eilers, Sr, Deaths, Personal, Bell KillingHiggins, Garwood, Gamble, Keener, Duval, Yellowly, Toole, Holland, Jones, Sayers, Erhard, Jung, Orts, Batts, Claiborne, Gill, Burger, Jenkins, Luckett, Eilers, Johnson, Crow, McKean, Massey, Watson, Duncan, Hamilton, Billingsley, Keele, Renfro, Graves, Carr, Oliver, Preston, Roberson, Kellum, Nelwing, Reynolds, Trig, Starcke, Green, Bell, Powell, Loch, Sears, Hilliard
11/7/1895 online 11/23/00Inez Erhard dead, J. C. Higgins deathGardner, Orgain, Kerr, Erhard, Parker, Sayers, Luckett, Eubank, Wilson, Sanders, Buchanan, Hathaway, Givens, Bauhof, Higgins, Fairbanks, Sears, Moers.
11/26/1895 online 11/23/00Personal, Williams shot Thompson, Virgie Maynard tributes, Meek deathFowler, Claiborne, Moore, Craft, Grimes, Reynolds, Trigg, Orgain, Martin, Schaefer, Yoast, Armstrong, Whitley, Powell, Anderson, Wilson, Elzner, Nash, Ploeger, Hogg, Erhard, Yerhy, Gardner, Nevile, Meek, McGinnis, Lea, McCord, Fowler, Goodman, Fink, Kleinert, Maynard, Thompson, McDonald, Clark, Bell, Luckett, Fowler, McNaughton, Miller, Drels.
6/12/1897 6/12/1897b online 11/23/00Af-Amer Reunion, Delinquent Tax ListAllen, Brown, Hopkins, Anderson, Alexander, Green, Brown, Brady, Claiborne, Carmikeal, Colter, Cain, Edwards, Christian, Cathey, Earl, Farmer, Fleming, Fowler, Fields, Friedrich, Kellner, Green, Fleming, Goodman, Gage, Glover, Gibson, Pierce, Hubbard, Herms, Humphries, Holmes, Hemphill, Gray, Blackshear, Hubert, Hill, Holiday, Hanley, Jenkins, Jones, Kell, Kerr, Lawrence, Miller, Linke, Leesby, Mitchell, Miller, Moore, Mathews, Nash, Ockerberry
8/26/1897 online 11/24/00Louis Sanders Erhard Dead, PersonalCarson, Morris, Orgain, Hoppe, Hamilton, Elzners, Anderson, Buchanen, Erhard, Rankin, Eilers Hopping, Perkins, Wynn, Bishop, Osborn, Higgins, Lester, Reynolds, Cullen, Sayers, Kesselus, Bryan, Maynard, Burleson, Wilkins, Hannay, McClaskill, Crockwell, Milton, Martin.
8/28/1897a 8/28/1897b online 11/24/00William Watson Death, Old papersMeredith, Ransom, Watson, Peters, Mitchell, Betts, Duncan, Eshinburger, Holt, Thomason, McDonald, Williams, Smith, Sims, Cronkite, Riordan, Costa, Anderson, Caldwell, Rusk
8/30/1897 online 11/24/00James Winters, Mac Stewart CaseWinters, Houston, Lloyd, Gifford, Sanders, Gordon, Stewart, Lignoski, Hogg, Cabell, Hardeman
9/18/1897 online 11/24/001/5/1861 Advertiser, 11/1860 election.Sayers, Finney, Schaefer, Hancock, Townes, Orgain, Buchanan, Rees, Presidential candidates.
9/20/1897 online 11/24/00Prof. T. C. Johns Killed by Hendrix, PersonalHendrix, Johns, Davis, Morris, Garwood, Page, Keil, Eiler, Hasler, Price, Turner, Bishop, Walther, Burns, Forbes, Sears, Hopping, Moore, Brieger, Kesselus, Crow, Smith, Highsmith, Hardeman, Gillaspy, Glass, Middleton, Cain, Maynard
9/23/1897 online 11/23/00Velma Sowell DiedSowell, Higgins, Rogers, Van Orden.
10/7/1897a 10/7/1897b online 11/24/00Mrs. P. J. Gill nee MooreHoppe, Chambers, Lister, Meyer, Gill, Moore, Hamilton, Sayers, Kessulus, Muse, Forbes, Head, Coopwood, Mackrell, Reynolds, Jenkins, Reader, Williams, Black, Fitger, Hood, Hasler, Wood Nyegaard, Maynard, Fowler, Yoast, Whitehead, Raine, Kyger, Gray, Buchanan, Wallace, Erhard, Griesenbeck, Grimes, Ellis, Chambers, Rabensburg, Schill.
10/20/1897 online 11/24/00Joseph Sayers Career, Mac StewartSayers, Green, Hardeman, Grigstien, Sibbey, Stewart, Beavens, Smith, Hogg, Diaz
2/20/1898a 2/20/1898b online 11/24/00Mrs. H. M. Haynie DiedHaynie, Luckett, Evans, Caldwell, Carpenter, Dechle, Musgroe, Pease, Wright, Baker, Lee, Raymond, Hancock, Cook, Walker, Blocker, Rogers, Zieten, Abney, LeSueur
6/15/1898a 6/15/1898b online 11/24/00S. L. S. Hill DeathHill, Oliver, McCord, Bell, Maynard, Orgain, Reynolds, Hodges, Wilbarger, Carson, Bowers, Culberson, Jones
8/13/1898 8/13/1898b 8/13/1898c online 11/23/00James W KennedyKennedy, Gaine, Faines, Foster, Moore, Texas Rangers, Sims, Hasler, Henderson, Kuhn, Muller, Moncure, Lammers, Flint, Early, Hall.
10/20/1898 online 11/24/00Eunice Kiebiel dead at age 5 in PaigeOtten, Kiebiel, Miley, Erhard
11/6/1898a 11/6/1898b online 11/24/00N. A. Morris dead, Personal, AnnouncementsPage, Kohler, Abney, Moncure, Shaffee, Haynie, Fitger, Morris, Highsmith, Sims, Grimes, Eilers, Fowler, Hill, Powell, Andrews, Sinks, McCord, Sayers, Turner, Assman, Griesenbeck, Jung Hilbig, Gearn, Kesselus, Wilenberg, Fielder, Eastland, Craft, Bell, Scruggs, Hasser, King, Jenkins, Garwood, Higgins, Heiligbrodt, Jones, Erhard, Ray, Cunningham, Hierholzer, Watson, Anderson, Bishop, Bryce, Clowney, Keil
12/10/1898a 12/10/1898b online 11/23/00Sarah Culp Death, Congress, SupperCulp, Congress names, Field, Jenkins, Connolly, Nixon, Ellis, Storey, Keyser, Outlaw
1/20/1902 online 11/24/00Mrs Hugh Barton Sr deadCarpenter, Luckett, Price, Hatch, O'Connnor, Wilson, Sinks, Duran, Kendall, Shepard, Barton, Morris, Powell, Lanfer, Brown, Lane, Garwood, Orgain, Maynard, Jones, Fowler, Duncan, Andrews, Guse, Hasler, Luckett, Elzner, Erhard, Rivers, Hill, Long, Bates, Rogers, Allen
1/24/1902 online 11/24/00Anderson-Martin marriageKleinert, Byrne, Bradley, Williams, Hotchkiss, Anderson, Martin, Wright, Holcombe, Murchison, Guy, Glass, Yoast, Rowlett, Dunbar, Lawhon, Eschburger, Isaacks, Barbee.
2/1/1902a 2/1/1902b online 11/24/00L. H. Hill letterPrice, Kesselus, Fowler, Morgan, Houston, Sayers
2/18/1902 online 11/24/00Old Stone Fort, Buffalo HeadGillaspy, Kellum, Milton, Porter, Sheashy, Alexander, Probst, Jung, Harris, Watterson, Gentry, Cain, Andrews, Perkins, Parks, Erhard, Lester, Fife, Briscoe, Loosean, Gearing, Sydnor, Watson, Jung, Connor
2/20/1902 online 11/23/00Oldest Freemason, Patents, KentonTaylor, Delameter, Hoover, Johnson, Foster, Jacob, Hodges, Armour, Snow, Berry, Click, Culpepper, Keller, Lloyd, Phenix, Laporte, Stark, Templeton,
3/11/1902 3/11/1902b online 11/23/00August Eilers wedding, William Alexander Young ObituaryEilers, Cato, McKean, Young, Trigg, Young, Anderson, Orgain, Erhard, Burger, Bell, Jung, Turner, Wilson, Walters, Elzner, Olive, Taylor, Morris, Brinkman, Kohler, Kesselus, Higgins, Walters, Wilson, Erhard, Thompson, Garwood, Taylor, Claiborne, Green, Duval, Voight, Richards, Eilers, Price, Eagleston, Moncure, McCord.
5/20/1902 online 11/23/00Mary Hotchkiss DeadWoodly, Sayers, Sampson, Hotchkiss, Weller, Whitten, Champion, Brown
12/20/1902 online 11/23/00Lynching Feared, Purely PersonalGriesenbeck, Doerr, Mallalow, Hierholzer, Scheah, Erhard, Head, Davis, Miller, Wood, Hill, Burleson, Perkins, Moncure, Jenkins, Jones, Zieten, Haynie, Bryan, Cain, Staples, Coulson, Christian, Orgain, Fowler, Highsmith, Craft, Miley, Milton, Duncan, Eilers, Malone, Olive, Chambliss, Kelly, Sinks, Nyegaard, Black, Galletts, Smith, Reynolds, Kellum, Erwin, Wilson, Holman, Yoast, Holt.
8/26/1904a 8/26/1904b online 11/24/00UCV ReunionSayers, Miley, Danield, Moore, Standifer, Payne
9/1/1911 online 11/24/00Bleuford Sanders dead, Fair committeeSanders, Cain, Kerns, Walsh, Andrews, Townsend, Elzner, Schewe, Grienenbeck, Pearcy, Turner, Kesselus, Brannon, Ransome, Davis, Chalmers, Young, Trigg, Barton, Rogers, Eskew, Price, Jones, Schaefer, Gill, Erhard, HIggins, Craft, Booth, Bell, Alexander, Page, Crysup, Faubion
9/27/1911 online 11/24/00Garwood, Petty, Parks Dead. Petty Warning. Luckett deadGarwood, Petty, Parks, Fowler, Trigg, Oliver, Tiner, Pearcy, Pooth, Luckett, Ransome, Haynie
5/16/1913 online 11/24/00Burglary in Hill's Prairie, U. D. Conf.Orgain, Linder, LeSueur, Grimes, Cain, Jones, Maynard, Jenkins
5/23/1913 online 11/24/00PersonalDashko, Perry, Nichols, Hoppe, Moore, Myrick, Jones, Hill, Craft, Johnson, Swan
9/1/1914 online 11/24/00Riley Arrested, Green/Ockleberry shooting, Red Rock subdivisionWilliams, Hendrix, Alexander, Morgan, Riley, Grimes, Green, Ockleberry, Haynie, McLavy, Garrett, Burleson, Griffin, Moncure, Moore, Gibson, Patterson, Erhard, Weyrich, Starcke, Byrd, Jones, Smith, Werblun, Wood, Jung, Price, Bray, Flint, Adair, Wilkerson, Gray, Lentz, Welchmeyer, Mays, Bymer, Wolfenberger, Walters, Catchings, Whitworth.
3/29/1918a 3/29/1918b online 11/23/00Called to Colors, WWISummers, Hays, Campbell, Yancey, Knowles, Voegel, Boatwright, Linder, Moore, Burns, Stephens, Guse, Elkins, Hood, Jenkins, Anderson, Bailey, Burleson, Brown, Barleson, Chambers, Carter, Colter, Collins, Drisdale, Fortice, Hargrove, Horton, Hamlin, Haywood, Hardeman, Harvey, Joiner, Jackson, Jones, King, Knox, Lee, Lofton, Morris, Powell, Robinson, Scott, Sanders, Talley, Thomas, Thompson, Trigg, Williams, White, Wilson, Milton, Dawson
4/19/1918a 4/19/1918b 4/19/1918c 4/19/1918d online 11/23/00Registrants Called, Hettie Page Garwood, Flem Miller Shot, Deputy Sheriff R. W. Gray killed, Visitors, Hoffman child deadCrowder, Luckett, Moncure, Ware, Kelly, Ridings, Ott, Meuth, Lewis, Kahanck, Duree, Dramer, Rengel, Bartch, Franz, Schubert, Bavlos, Eviaio, Gomez, Otho, Neumann, Pfeiffer, Roqolodo, McCright, Behrend, Meuth, Ross, Lawhon, Robinson, Pochmann, Janecka, French, Kairsch, Roberts, Garwood, Page, Crowe, Farmer, O'Leary, Baker, Wharton, Bryan, Garrison, McNeill, Newning, Andrews, Storey, Torrey, Rice, Radford, Parker, Walde, Scott, Eldridge, Davidson, Waid, Wolters, Duff, Dowling, MillerGray, Milton, Perkins, Milgon, Caro, Wood, Scott, Watson, Jenkins, Crysup, McCullough, Maynard, Bennett, Tummins, Snyder, McCord, Roemer, Griesenbeck, Dietz, Darwitz, Green, Smith, Moncure, Bauer, Starcke, Casey, Taylor, Schaefer, Norment, Wood, Knittel, Hoffman, Rabensburg
4/27/1918 online 11/23/00Registrant's Called, Mrs Garwood deathWesson, Jones, Ervin, Madison, Carthey, Wayne, White, Byrd, Thomor, Barnett, Davis, Johnson, Jones, Sanders, Davis, Shelton, Walker, Cobb, Ollie, Marshall, Trigg, Bell, Owens, Davidson, Powell, Wormley, Brown, Dixon, Henderson, McDonald, Trisdale, Barton, Humphries, Luckett, Garwood
5/1/1918 online 11/23/00Registrant's Called, Red CrossChapman, Davis, Hicks, Pfeifer, Reid, Whitworth, Davidson, Hendrix, Kountze, Lanfear, Ruiz, Smith, Luckett, Laws, Fry, Kerr, Powell
5/20/1918 online 11/23/00Registrant's Called, PersonalCrysup, Whaling, Hanchy, Ware, Schaefer, Dyer, McCord, Taylor, Olive, Rangel, Gutierez, Kafes, Whitworth, Hancock, Saegert, Dunkin, Krampota, Dungan, Stasney, McPaul, Dees, Hilbig, Potts, Ringer, Rucker, Perkids, HOffman, Speckmier, Kreschnick, Taylor, Parker, Cattis, Bishop, Hembree, Rodriquez, Truett, Lemming, Grohmann, Davis, Hendrix, Rice, Pauls, Behrend, Talley, Louis, McClure, Randle, Wiest, Janecka, Tanner, Segal, Alexander, Mittag, Breeding, Schnidler, Bjork, Kyser, Sisak, Barnett, Mobley, Muchr, Studivant, Lytle, Hanson, Bailey, Hallmark, Stefan, Miles, Mikulenka, Fritsche, Zander.
6/15/1918 online 11/23/00Registrants Called.Cain, Schneider, Rangel, Cerdway, Pfeiffer, Robledo, Gutierrez, Ferk, McCaghren, Kelly, Waller, Hembfee, Lee, Bola, Harris, Hancock, Jackson, Bahn, Templeton, Hardee, Tijorina, Grohmann, Ebarby, Chandler, Neil, Eschberger, Lawhorn, Hanson, Fuchs, Schultz, Neimeyer, Turner, Rosanky, Rabel, Hilbig, Frinz, Smith, Nink, Ketton, Beck, Bailey, Jones, Reimers, Osborn, Hilcher, Hillman, Goertz, DeLoach, Spooner, Hamby, Bolling, Hibbs, Austin, Kuehn Smith, Higgins, Colter, Abram, Wilburn, Lee, Barley, Alexander, Pleasant, Brown, Fortiee, Gage Curry, Wase, Huff, Whittheld, Whittley, Luckett, Rucker.
6/28/1918a 6/28/1918b online 11/23/00Lottie Moncure Rodgers Dead, AnnouncementsMoncure, Rodgers, Norment, Wyman, Anderson, Kappner, Smith, Price, Jenkins, Pledger, Alexander, Moncure, Powell, Brannon, Davis, Hendrix, Jones, Moore, Hoffman, Chalmers, Craft, Hasler, Harris, Morris, Murchison, Hodges, Sims, Stuffy.
7/15/1918 online 11/23/00Colored Registrants Called.Gaudet, Carr, Washington, Stewart, Taylor, Williams, Hatch, Staples, Leonard, Collins, Bean, Jones, DeShay, Earls, Kelly, Ward, Lincoln, Jackson, Powell, Crawford, Canada, Wilson, Wyatt, Craney, Alexander, Benford, Cobb, Nevels, Wilson, Graham, Carter, Woolridge, White, Culberson, Gilmore, McDonald, Clayton, Barton, Jones, Owens, Higgins, Scott, Smith, Henderson, Hardeman, Bell, Hobert, Johnson, Mitchell, Jefferson, Cathey, Talbert, Clark, Chambers, Gray, Oatman, James, Richardson, Sanders, Clark, Houston, Burleson, Roberts, Bennett, Brockington, Jennins, Marshall, Mackie, Mackey, Price, Walker, DeVaughn, Wade, Neely, King, Craft, Martin, Marvel, Ownee, Boyd, Simms, Hanson, Haynie, McLeod
9/15/1918 online 11/23/00Colored RegistrantsAlexander, Kerr, Jackson, Pleasant, Walker, Anderson, Rowland, Craft, Blaylock, Thomas, Brandeburg, Powell, Chambers, Vencent, Washington, Bryant, Carter, Robinson, Haywood, Strong, Smith, Mackey, Hennington, Robinson, Hargrove, Brice, Lee, Griffin, DeVaughn, Davis, Jones, Harrison, White, Andrew, Jackson, King, Aldridge, Johnson, Hyder, McKinney, Hodge, Hobert, Washington, Mays, Cuplius, McShan, Sims, Reed, Hutcherson, Arnold, Cavanaugh, Rivers, Peterson, Welch, Hunter, Meschach, Scott, Trigg, Wright, Young, Sanders
11/29/1918 online 11/23/00Clande Johnson Wounded, Worth Burleson Gables Home after thought deadJohnson, Page, Buchanan, Mann, Gables, Burleson, Buchanan
12/15/1918 online 11/23/00Letter from Harry JohnsonFowler, Miller, Munn, Teltschik, Wood, Johnson, Goodman, Kennedy, Andrews, Schaefer.
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