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Smithville Times


A Sacrificial Offering Upon the Altar of Patriotism

A deep and sincere sadness settled upon our stae when the startling news was flashed over
the cable and wires that Col. W. H. Mabry of the First Texas Volunteer Infantry had died at
Havana of pneumonia and meningitis on Wednesday, January 4th.
His name will ever be cherished in the minds and hearts of his countrymen, and will go down
in history as a hero whose example should be followed.  He has left a heritage of noble 
selfsacrifice and disinterested patriotism.
The world has lost a brother, the state has been bereft of a friend, the army has had taken 
from it a leader, and upon the dead soldier's family has been inflicted a sorrow the depth 
of which can never be gauged, in which the entire state of Texas deeply and sincerely 

Our New Laundry
Our city will, in about ten days, have a new steam laundry.  The apparatus is being placed 
in position as rapidly as possible and we will soon be able to wear a "biled" shirt every day.
The new enterprise is being backed financially by Mr. M. E. Maney, who is always quick to 
seize opportunities for doing good business that other men overlook, and his backing is a 
guarantee that the venture will be a success and that every effort will be made to meet the 
approval of the public.
It is to be an entirely new process and will be under the active management of Mr. R. P. 
Reinhart, a gentleman who has had extensive experience in the business.  The laundry will be 
located adjoining the power house.
Let our citizens extend their cooperation and support and it will prove the success that it 
will deserve.