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This file contains images from articles gleaned from area newspapers for various years..  All from the Bastrop Advertiser unless otherwise noted.  These are scanned images of copies from the microfilmed pages of various newspapers.

Within these pages are the building of Bastrop County and other Texas related news items.   While other records have been lost we are fortunate that the Bastrop Advertiser and other papers survived, for the most part, and that the lives, loves and losses of Texas Pioneers are forever captured on their pages.  These pages are true "time capsuals" waiting for you to open the page and be transported back in time.

Special thanks to Howard New who provided the many copies of the newspapers for use on this site.

IM005927 1885 - Theodore Stadtler died in Houston Texas. Stadtler, Hancock, Bissonet, Rawley

IM005928 Stadtler death continued. J. Hornberger, Bissonet

IM005929 Main legislature electing W. P. Pennel. Russell Hancock died. Land Board. Judge Hurt, Gov. Hubbard, Disasters in business.

IM005930 1885 A. W. Hill Death, Death of Mrs. R. W. Morgan

IM005931 A. W. Hill death continued, Morgan death continued, San Jacinto

IM005932 A. W. Hill death continued, Hubbard, Capt J. A. Hooper invites people to witness laying of corner stone of new capitol. Will Lambert

IM005933 A. W. Hill death continued. Will Lambert. Brenham Banner. Uncle Daniel of the Age.

IM005934 1885 Texas Riflemen, Burleson

IM005935 Texas Riflemen continued. Capt. Caldwell, Burleson, Colonel Bowie, San Jacinto

IM005936 Texas Riflemen continued. The capture of the Alamo. Bowie.

IM005937 Texas Riflemen continued.

IM005938 Texas Riflemen continued. Bowie. London prophecies.

IM005939 Texas Riflemen continued. Bowie. Texas Siftings paper

IM005940 Texas Riflemen continued.  Deaf and Dumb Asylum in Austin, John Ford

IM005941 Texas Riflemen continued, Bowie. Ad for Buckingham's Dye

IM005942 2/21/1885 The Alamo, Travis

IM005943 The Alamo continued

IM005944 The Alamo continued, Rose, Travis

IM005945 The Alamo continued, Travis, Evans, Bowie, Crockett

IM005946 The Alamo continued, Crockett

IM005947 1885 Bloody Allray Near Rockdale, W. S. Davis, Zed Stephens, Sibley, Scales

IM005948 Rockdale continued. Davis, Hodge, Sibley, Stephens, Buck Scales, McDade.

IM005949 5/1885 James Nicholson, Sr dead

IM005950 James Nicholson, Sr dead continued. McDowell, House, Sayers, Fairview Cemetery, Gamble Lodge

IM005951 5/11/1885 Grady, Oulaw, Moore, Miller, Hubbard, Foley, Wolfenbarger, Moore, Bunting, White, Jenkins. Marriage, W. P. Darby and Mellie M. Cain

IM005952 Darby - Cain marriage, Carroll, Wilkes, Fallon, Wynne, Balhard

IM005953 1885 April 21st San Jacinto Day, Fairview Cemetery

IM005954 Fairview Cemetery continued, Miller, Orgain

IM005955 Fairview Cemetery continued, Orgain, Garwood, Teichmueller

IM005956 Fairview Cemetery continued, Garwood, Teichmueller, Green

IM005957 1/25/1968 Trails Pass Through Bastrop County. Connally, Brazos, Alamo, Refugio, San Jacinto

IM005958 Trails Pass Through BC continued, Cynthia Ann Parker, San Jacinto, Santa Anna

IM005959 Trails continued, Varner, Hogg, Fannin, Zaragoza, Goliad

IM005960 Trails continued, Connally, Houston, Lee, Custer, James brothers, Chisholm Train

IM005961 Trails continued

IM005962 Trails continued, El Camino Real.  Miss Annie Hoffman Buried January 20, Bell, Wheeless, Downing

IM005963 10/1895 John Wallace, J. H. Burkhart, Brown, John Preuss, Russel, Glover, Jenkins, Moore, Hannay, Virgie Deal Maynard funeral

IM005964 Thomas B. Deaderick died

IM005965 Deaderick dead continued, Hatzfield, Johnson, Camp

IM005966 1885 Wilbarger, Kidd, Bowie, Berry, Buchanan, Armstrong, Wallace, Doyle, Hanna, Coryell, McCushion

IM005967 article continued

IM005968 article continued

IM005969 article continued

IM005970 article continued, Bowie, Buchanan, Armstrong

IM005971 article continued, Hanna, Bowie, Armstrong

IM005972 article continued, Doyle, Armstrong, McCusions

IM005973 article continued, Bowie

IM005974 1/12/1884 Zeno Hemphill Killed, Collins

IM005975 Hemphill continued, Collins

IM005976 8/1835 Sheriff's Sale Louis Tiner

IM005977 Sheriff's Sale continued, Tiner, Redfield, Cartwright

IM005978 1/3/1929 Price, Watson, Reynolds, Edwards, Kleinert, Schaefer, Townsend, Ingram, Jenkins, Schanhals, Kleinert, Fire destroys store and post office in Upton, J. W. Young

IM005979 1/18/1902 Zieten, Webb, Chase, Outlaw, Teague, Garwood, Combs, Miley, Reynolds, Smith, Grimes, Hill, Rambo

IM005980 continued, Reynolds, Grimes, Hill, Rambo, Highsmith, Ritcher, Duncan, Eilers, Sanders, Olive, Duncan, Clark, Grimes, Ward

IM005981 continued, Ward, Sample, Erhard, Hill, Green, Maynard, Cain, Duran, Felty, Carpenter, Luckett, Haynie, Price, Worth, Wright, Price

IM005982 continued. Maynard, Cain, Duran, Felty, Carpenter, Luckett, Haynie, Price, Worth, Wright, Price, Hatch, Wilson

IM005983 continued. Sinks, Duran, Kendall

IM005984 1/25/1902 From McDade, Marlow died, Potts, Rowlett died, Williams died. Sessums, Shaw, Holcomb, Hill, Orgain, Coulson, Lester, Due, Meyer, Gentry, Alexander, Kirk, Sanders, Olive, Windrow, Erhard, Allen, Whitehead, Haynie, Rust

IM005985 continued. Williams, Dunbar, Lawhon, Moore, Eschburger, Isaacks, Harris, Rowlett, Brannon, Barbee, Peters, Billingsley, Holman, Ware, Taylor, Whitehead, Haynie, Rust, Townsend, Jenkins, Kennedy, Luckett, Byrne, Wolfenburger, Hooker, Redfield, Priest, Reynolds, Kennedy, Sinks

IM005986 continued. Ware, Taylor, Elzner, Moore, Kennedy, Sinks, Comer, Barbee, Peters, Jones, Moore

IM005987 2/1/1902 St. Prairie letter, Cain, Payton, Lester, Perkins, Moore, Mosby, McFarland, Clark, Meyer, Highsmith, Wynn, Dunbar, Wooten, Turner, Miller, Pelt, Lunn, JOnes, Rogers, Baynes, Bishop, Lowery

IM005988 continued. Cain, Payton, Oldfield, Reed, Reynolds, Moore, Gill, Burleson, Royston, Rector, Callaway, Lowery, Smith, Orgain, Yoast, Carter, Templeton, Young, Claiborne, Houston, Gray, Judkins

IM005989 continued. Oldfield, Moore, Orgain, Jenkins, Landrum, McDowall, Cemetery Association

IM005990 2/8/1902 Miller, Pierce, Wilsen, Jones, Meyer, Perterson, Erhard, Davis, Nash, Anderson, Young, Lester, Amthor, Meyer, Knowles, Moore, Highsmith, Wynn, Fowler, Doerr, Frey, Hanke, Hoppe, Schaefer, Davis, Nash

IM005991 continued. Highsmith, Wear, Wynn, Dunbar, Clark, Burleson, Orgain, Meyer, Hemphill, Lister, Coulson, Moncure, Bishop, Jung, Davis, Nash, Sharp, Higgins, Sailer, Stowe

IM005992 continued. Jung, Mosby, Jones, Fowler, Davis, Keil, Murchison, Hotchkiss, Vancheave, Stowe, Whitehead, Haynie

IM005993 continued. Fowler, Davis, Keil, Murchison, Hotchkiss, Vancheave, Moncure, Lockett, Whitehead, Byrnes, Litton

IM005994 2/15/1902 Yoast, Wilson, Miley, Forbes, Knowles, Wood, Orgain, Parks, Jenkins, Gray, Patty, Isaacks, Dupree, Maynard, Burleson, Page, JOnes, Moore, Reynolds, Carson, Julia Hoppe dead, Schaefer

IM005995 continued. Moore, Reynolds, Trigg, Staples, Joiner, Martin, McCullough, Orgain, Hill, Weatherford, Rogers, McCullough, Orgain, Jung, Byrne, Tally, Julia Hoppe dead continued, Schaefer, Jones

IM005996 continued. Tally, Cleveland, Logan, Carson, Summers, Elzner, Carson, Bell, Haynie, Moncure

IM005997 continued. Carson, Haynie, Moncure

IM005998 3/1/1902 Haynie, Mosby, Jones, Whitworth, Hotchkiss, Martin, Jenkins, Byers, Garrett, Dupre, Maynard, Haslep, Maynard, Brooks, Reynolds, Wertzner, Haynie, John W. Williams dead

IM005999 continued. Haynie, Joiner, Jones, Caldwell, Luckett, Dupre, Maynard, Stevenson, Holt, Clark, John W. Williams dead continued. Young's Church Graveyard

IM006000 continued. Clark, Williams, Philips, Poor Farm, Walker died, Johns, Byer, Gest, Moncure announcement card.

IM006001 continued. Philips, Walker died, Johns, Buchanan, Maynard, Moncure, Elzner

IM006002 3/8/1902 Zieten, Oulaw, Robinson, Jung, Buchanan, Smith, Miley, Wilson, Webb, Chase, Highsmith, Bowen, Thurman, Hackbarth, Wertzner, Higgins, Gilbert, Clopton

IM006003 continued. Gilbert, Bastian, Bishop, Curtis, Heiligbrodt, Schutze, Orgain, Morris, LeMaster, Swick, Palmer, Buchanan, Hill, Bird, Smith, Anderson, Higgins, Hendrix, Roe, Osborn

IM006004 continued. Smith, Price, Hil, McCord, Eilers, Chambliss, Watterson, Carson, Elzner, Templeton, Fowler, Maynard, Roe, Osborn, Grimes, Perkins, Haynie, Orgain, Alberti, Dewey

IM006005 continued. McCord, Eilers, chambliss, Watterson, Carson, Elzner, Templeton, Fowler, Maynard, Cleveland, Alberti, Holt

IM006006 3/15/1902 Haynie, Young, Wood, Schaefer, Clark, Jones, Jenkins, Johnson, Byer, Eilers, Wood, Miley, Grimes, Kennedy, Andrews, Beaty, Wood, Wallace, Batts, McDowall, Orgain

IM006007 continued. Turner, Caldwell, McDowall, Orgain, Winfrey, Litton, Alexander, Sullivan, Eilers, Wilson, Haynie, Bell, Cain, Bishop, Eagleston, Buchanan, Heslap

IM006008 continued. Lutz, Hoppe, Parks, Clopton, Carson, Jung, Starcke, Price, Haynie, Bell, Wilson, Cain, Lindner, Olive

IM006009 continued. Clopton, Carson, Jung, Starcke, Lindner, Olive, Beaty

IM006010 3/15/1902 Wedding of August Eilers, William Alexander Young Obituary, Trigg

IM006011 continued. Eilers, Cato, Young, Adams

IM006012 continued. Brieger broke leg, Luckett, Miley, Lindner, Adams, Trigg, Richards, Moncure, Eilers, McCord, Maynard, Elzner

IM006013 continued. Luckett, Miley, Lindner, Richards, Moncure, Eilers, McCord, Maynard, Elzner, Roschke, Price, Eagleston

IM006014 3/22/1902 Craft, Southers, Combs, Gilbert, Anderson, Taylor

IM006015 continued. Haynie, Wilbarger, Higgins, Anderson, Taylor, Holt, Zieten, Reynolds, Hannay

IM006016 continued. Craft, Higgins, Osborn, Anderson, Moore, Black, Ellis, Grimes, Haynie, Perkins, Claiborne, Trigg, Long, Hotchkiss, Kesselus

IM006017 continued. Olive, Fowler, Robinson, Jones, Townsend, Kesselus, Fowler

IM006018 3/22/1902 Doerr, Elzner, McIntosch, Gardner, Halm, Page, Brown, Moore, Rector, Davis, Sanders, Haynie, Moore, Forbes, Jenkins, Kennedy, Grimes, Rowe, Batts, Hotchkiss, Webb died, Combs

IM006019 continued. Elzner, Theresa Kassner lunacy, Price, Davis, Bell, Combs, Baese, Zieten, Bishop, Haynie, Wilson, Parks, Staples, Cain, Capron, Klockmann, Taylor

IM006020 continued. Davis, Bell, Young, Doerr, Friche died, Bishop, Haynie, Curtis, Taylor, Holt, Jung, Olive, Maynard, Buchanan

IM006021 continued. Doerr, Bishop, Haynie, Curtis, Olive, Maynard, Hesler, Buchanan

IM006022 3/29/1902 Haynie, Whitehead, Jones, Orgain, Highsmith, Chalmers, Anderson, Webb, Kennedy, Green, Gill, Kellum, Orgain, Powell, Grimes, Fowler, Steiner, Zieten, Knowles.

IM006023 continued. Kennedy, O'Rourke, Walker, Grimes, Orgain, Green, Jones, Knowles, Heslep, Hotchkiss, Mazur, Lockart, O'Connor, Gentry, Townsend, Jones, Page, Haynie, Wilson, Webb

IM006024 continued. Jones, Reynolds, Turner, Kesselus, White

IM006025 continued. Reynolds, Turner, Kesselus, White, Gibson

IM006026 10/23/1886 Ed Rousseau killed. Smith, Morris

IM006027 Rousseau continued

IM006028 Rousseau continued. Smith, Morris 

IM006029 Orgain Address U.D.C. Meeting, Allen, Jones, Nicholson, Gillespie, Ferg, Reding, McDowall, Terry's Texas Rangers

IM006030 Red Rock Lodge, Anderson death, Halliburton, Bradley

IM006031 Ollie Brannon, Lizzie Rice married, Jenkins

IM006032 1/1902 J. W. R. Duran died. Red Rock Graveyard

IM006033 Olan Elvin Sorrells dead, Lentz, Wolford

IM006034 Hendrix, Callawsy, Starcke, Behring, Fowler, Erhard, Hasler, Ball Knobs

IM006035 Sam Houston, Perley's Reminiscences, Jackson, Nickerson

IM006036 Sam Houston continued, Jackson, Nickerson

IM006037 1886 Remains of Man found, Carter, Lee, George, Wenzell, Kohler

IM006038 1886 Reminences of Texas History by E. H. J., Grady, Cooper, Lubbock, Gaines, Sayers, Lane

IM006039 Reminences continued. Bryant

IM006040 continued.

IM006041 continued. Vanham, Grady, Wheat, Wells

IM006042 continued. Wells, Duty, Pace, McCulloch, Cannon

IM006043 continued. Johnson, Grady, Torwig, chambers, Wilbarger, Olive

IM006044 1886 Old Coat of Gray

IM006045 continued

IM006046 continued

IM006047 8/14/1886 Two Men Killed. King, Scott, Carmichael, Hudgins

IM006048 continued, Scott, King, Carmichael, Fitzgerald

IM006049 Dr. David Sayers died. Pete

IM006050 continued, Pete, Rector, Sayers, Scott

IM006051 continued, Sayers, Scott

IM006052 continued.

IM006053 continued. Sayers

IM006054 continued. Sayers, Jones

IM006055 10/1889 Naney L Bradshaw died. Baty, Lipstrom

IM006056 continued. Bradshaw

IM006057 continued. Bradshaw, Red Rock 10/22/1889.

IM006058 7/20/1889 Examing Trial. Wicks, Wilson, Williams, Olive, Gordon, Rose, Jones, Cleveland, Priestly, Nobles, Moore, Lemuels, Craft, Thompson, Johnston, Craft

IM006059 6/18/1889 Nancy B. Burleson died, Blakey, Montgomery, Thompson, San Jacinto

IM006060 7/1889 Erhard, J. R. Burleson Killed, Fultz

IM006061 6/29/1889 Elzner, Olive, Lewis, Givens, Hoppe, Millett, Burleson, Goodman, Highsmith, Kesselus

IM006062 Services held for Peter Meuth. Hoffman, Meuth, Alexander, Matjeka, Kadura, Beck, Rockne

IM006063 1884 Widow of Santa Anna living in Mexico

IM006064 1963 Marker to be placed on courthouse lawn honors Gov. Joseph Sayers. Sheppard, Maynard, Sayers,

IM006065 article continued. Sayers, He's buried at Fairview Cemetery

IM006066 article continued. Sayers.

IM006067 Personal Reminiscences of TExas History, relating to Bastrop County, from 1828 to 1817. Jenkins,

IM006068 article continued. Ross, Mina,

IM006069 article continued. Tumblestone, Wood, Barton's Creek, Buffalo Hump

IM006070 article continued. Wood, Burton

IM006071 article continued. Cleveland, Hendricks, Curtis, Beecher

IM006072 article continued. Woods, Cook

IM006073 3/1884 Sketch of the Career of Major Ben Thompson.

IM006074 article continued. Johnson, Sadler, Thompson, Bell, Allen, DeGress

IM006075 article continued. Sadler, Thompson, Combs, Bralil, Rapp, Ford, Willis, DeGress, Wilson, Harris

IM006076 Keep nothing from Mother. 4th part of Major Ben Thompson article.

IM006077 1/10/1884-3/20/1884 Marriage licenses, Bassist, Blumenthal, Ricks, Yoast, Mayer, Leake, Jung, Lister, Swaysey, Grahsm, Brooks, Smith, Savage, Stewart, Allen, Edwards, Huff, McKinney, Shocklee, Anderson, Peitschelle, Lehman, Stanley, Williams, Hodge, Bell, Jackson, Duty, Cartwright, Perkins, Johnson, Hawkins, Matthews, Anderson, Holland, Taylor, Meek, Roberts, Johnson, Haynie, Grady, Rector. IN MEMORIAM of Sarah W. Coats.

IM006078 Sarah W Coats memoriam continued, Porter

IM006079 3/1884 Father and sons die away from home. Davis

IM006080 4/1884 Taylor, Lewis, Jones died, Alum Creek, Miley, Sayers

IM006081 5/1884 IM MEMORIAM Annie Watts Winston

IM006082 Winston death continued

IM006083 Winston death continued, Albreicht

IM006084 3/1887 F. W. Hoppe advertisement

IM006085 28 years ago, Steamer General Rusk, Shark, McLeod, Nichols, Smith, Ford, Davis, Dowling, White

IM006086 1963 Picture of the A. A. Erhard House, Home of R. H. Brieger

IM006087 Medallion to A. A. Erhard House. Brieger, sumners, Sebesta, Webb, Guerra, Kunkel

IM006088 articles continued, Oppenheim, Moncure, Frantz, Guerra, Webb

IM006089 article continued, Fondren, Baron de Bastrop, Austin

IM006090 article continued, Alexander, Maynard, Erhard, Mina, Butler

IM006091 article continued, Alexander, Butler, Gotier Trace, Erhard, Crocheron

IM006092 article continued. Erhard, Santa Fe Expedition, Mier Expedition, Murchison, Brieger

IM006093 article continued. Erhard, Murchison, Brieger, Sumners

IM006094 article continued. Brieger, Hughes, Maynard, Waugh, Erhard, Ireland

IM006095 article continued. Maynard, Waugh, Erhard, Ireland, Claiborne, Wood

IM006096 7/1889 Letter from Thomas Mays, Petty, Hancock, Jones, McDonald, Finney, Kirby, Miley

IM006097 article continued. Kirby, Terry, Johnson, Milliken Bend, Petty

IM006098 article continued. Mansfield

IM006099 article continued. Petty, Barret, Gouch, Pleasant Hill, JOnes

IM006100 article continued. Beavers, Ogden, Shipp, Jones, Petty, Fairview Cemetery, Mays

IM006101 Stories of Shiloh. Grant, Beauregard, Buell

IM006102 article continued, Kemp, Waterloo, Grant, Wallace, Lee

IM006103 article continued, Lee, Shiloh

IM006104 article continued, Beauregard, Grant, Sherman

IM006105 article continued. Grant, Pettsburg Landing, Cherry, Smith

IM006106 article continued. Grant, Shiloh, Barleycorn

IM006107 article continued. Barleycorn

IM006108 article continued. Lee, Sherman

IM006109 8/31/1880 Brotherton, Trigg, Neill, Mina, Bell, Erhard, Jones

IM006110 1969 Woman Dies at 110, Honored by State, Georgia Veal Smith, Herring, Craft

IM006111 article continued. Smith, Hopewell Primitive, Jones, Benford

IM006112 article continued. Smith, Barnes, Schnabel, Schaefer, Schilling, Morell, Griggin, Freeland, Amthor

IM006113 1/16/1969 Pat Burns Dies, Services for Mrs. Cole, Elgin Cemetery, Tarver, Nawry, Holecamp, Day, Moore, Cooper Chapel, Young, Fairview Cemetery, Queen, Bryant, Logan, Elzner

IM006114 1969 Mrs Richards buried. Townsend, Richards, Cooper Chapel, Deason, Trigg, Kauffman, Ash, Maynard, Jenkins, Fairview Cemetery, Richards, Roby, Haberlein, Loomis, Breihan

IM006115 1969 Claiborne Holds Reunion, Black, Gage, Goodwin

IM006116 Claiborne article continued. Black, Gage, Gray, McArthur, Dancer, Thompson, Morris, Rector, Goodwin, Claiborne

IM006117 article continued. Claiborne, Black, Edwards

IM006118 article continued. Blankenship, Claiborne, Taylor, Williams, McArthur, Green, Ewing, Edwards, Watson, Spencer, Ewing, Walker, Watson, Zimmerhanzel

IM006119 article continued. Claiborne, Hendrix, Griffith, Edwards, Perkins, Royston, Black Claiborne Cemetery

IM006120 8/7/1969 article continued. Paving of Fairview Cemetery streets gift of Perkins, Sims, Eagleston. Muzny, Cochrum, Wilkins

IM006121 Paving article continued. Perkins, Craft, Eagleston, Mina, Bell, Wilkins, Cochrum, cooper, Yamanashi, doyle

IM006122 11/7/1983 Purcell descendants gather at High Grove, Cemetery, Lewis, Anderson, Conner, Moore, Primrose, Hanna, Olgevie, MacAlexander, Vandiver, Roberts, Powell, Belvin, Williamson, Kaatz, Dewbre, Callendar, Corbel, Harris, Sharp, Kresge, Timmons, Simmons, Wilhelm, Purcell

IM006123 article continued. Corbel, Harris, Sharp, Kresge, Timmons, Simmons, Wilhelm, Purcell, Barr, Ingram, Grumbles, Ross

IM006124 Irene Hemphill dies at Brady nursing home. Voight, Hemphill, Lohn Cemetery, Powell rites held, Gradington, Quinn, Hill, Fairview Cemetery, Doyal, Swofford, Harris

IM006125 8/4/1983 Four Bastropians defend Alamo, Williams, Ballentine, Norcross, Northcross, Smith, Warnell, Burleson

IM006126 8/4/1983 Animal fat, rinds used in 1860 washday, Leonard

IM006127 Bastrop remembers prominent past. Maynard, Elgin, Gill, Batts, Garwood, Baker, Orgain, McDonald, Strickland, Noland, Sayers, Jones, Higgins, Morgan, Gillespie, Buchanan, Hasler, Moore, Holt

IM006128 8/4/1983 Carrie Smith dies. Tiner Kelley, Wilcoxen, Fairview Cemetery, Young, Terry, Hollis, Reynolds, Sandlin

IM006129 Union Hall, Lyle, Wagner, Parvin

IM006130 Union Hall

IM006131 Union Hall

IM006132 Macedonia church dates to 1875, Lake, Atchinson, Mathews, White, Holmes, Ward, Jones, Robinson, Williams, Carter, Humphrey, Craft, Wright, Jones, Devaughn, Pendergraph, Lofton, Gilmore, Johnson, Southern, Washington, Floyd, Johnson, James, Phillip, Brown, Green, Clark, Hemphill, Tabor, Roberts, Carrington, Williams, Owens, Barniscale, Gish, Griffith, Daniels, Dix, Maynard

IM006133 1950s Airplane view of Bastrop

IM006134 Military School started in 1851, Leonard, Allen, JOnes, James, Dinwiddie

IM006135 article continued. Kesselus, Brieger, James, Laake, Elzner

IM006136 Colonist highway. Gotier Trace, San Felipe De Austin, Rabb, Pin Oak

IM006137 article continued. Gotier, Rabb, Pin Oak, Spaulding

IM006138 Sayers early subdivison. Trepagnier, McAuley, Sayers, Taylor, Elliott, Owen, Big Sandy, Walker, Emmerson, Bell, Price, JOnes, Scruggs, Garwood, Buchanan, Green, Jenkins, Bishop

IM006139 article continued with map. Owen, Big Sandy, Emmerson, Elliott, Highsmith, Bell, Walker, Jenkins, Morris, Jones, Fowler

IM006140 article continued. Jenkins, Elliott, Walker, Deary

IM006141 article continued. Elliott, Walker, Bishop, Madison, Bell, Jones, Gest, Milton, Hewett, Heartfield, Clark, JOnes, Person, Milton, Sayers, Wilbarger, Bell

IM006142 River regulation, Leonard, La Baca, Ferry, McGehee, Grasmeyer, Dewees, Bratton

IM006143 article continued. Ferry, League, Jennings

IM006144 article continued. Ferry, Jennings

IM006145 article continued. Ferry, McGehee, Grasmeyer, Dewees, Bratton

IM006146 article continued. Ferry, Crockett, Flying Jenny, Water Mockasin, Reynolds, Kate Ward, Colorado, Betty Powell

IM006147 article continued. Horse thief got quick justice, Karling, McGehee, Barret, Trigg, Price, Watson, Craft

IM006148 Old calaboose now at ball park, Leonard

IM006149 8/4/1983 Vigilantes cleaned up McDade, Wynn, Knobbs

IM006150 article continued. Wynn, Knobbs

IM006151 article continued. McDade, Blue, Wynn

IM006152 article continued. McDade, Blue, Wynn, Jenkins

IM006153 Hard work marked early days. Jones, Johnson, Blue, Wynn, Jekins

IM006154 article continued. Bastrop mayors lasted, Rogers, Bryson, Ash, Griesenbeck, Sims, Jenkins, Maynard, Waugh, Hasler, Schaefer, Sanders, Loveless, Simpson, Edwards

IM006155 At Pleasant Chapel AME pioneer stores to be told. Haywood, McGhee, Franklin

IM006156 Walnut Creek picture of church

IM006157 Pleasant Hill church picture, Trepagnier

IM006158 Walnut Creek area settled by ex slaves. Pleasant chapel, Franklin, Haywood, Hubbard, Hill, McGee, McGhee, Trigg, McDonald, shelton, Wolf, Smith, Eskew, Watterson, Moncure, Wright

IM006159 article continued. Hubbard, Hill, McGhee, Trigg, Haywood, Frnaklin, Grimes, Canadas, Allen, Shelton, Powell, Gradington, Tyler, Davis, King, Grimes, Williams, Franklin, Hornsby, Hodges, Jackson, Waites, Bunton, Limuel, Sample

IM006160 article continued. Sample, Haywood, Shannon, Morgan, Penny, Wolf, Grimes, Gage, Craney, Taylor, Jackson, Jett, Scott, Thorne, Montgomery, Taylor, Warren

IM006161 article continued. shelton, Haywood, Franklin, Wolf, Smith, Eskew, Watterson, Moncure, Wright, Powell, Ben Haywood Cemetery, Weaver, Higgins

IM006162 article continued. Franklin, McGhee, Haywood, Higgins

IM006163 article continued. picture. Haywood, Gradington

IM006164 Gonzalez challenged. Camino Real spanish road

IM006165 article continued.

IM006166 article continued with map of El Camino Real.

IM006167 Mt. Olive Cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery, Franklin, Williams, Green, Clark, McDonald, Lytton, Clark, McGhee, Thompson, Frank, Franklin, Yancey, Taylor, Hodge, Benford, JOnes, Smith, Hornsby

IM006168 article continued. Evergreen Cemetery, Lytton, McDonald, Franklin, Burch, Blakey, McDonald, Thorne, Green, Brown, White, Clark, Hornsby, Hodge, Winston, Anderson, Priestly, Williams, Moore, Stanifer, Wilkins

IM006169 article continued. McGhee, Thompmson, Frank, Franklin, Yancey, Taylor, Moore, Washington, Winston, Smith, Simmons, Johnson, Sampson, Aldridge, Green, Clemons, Brooks, Jones, Brocker, Benford, Clayton, Morgan, Brooks

IM006170 article continued. Hodge, Benford, Jones, Smith, Winston, Anderson, Priestly, Moore, Clayton, Hutchens, Haywood, Hosman, Thorne, White, Polk, Hutchens

IM006171 article continued. picture of McDonald family.

IM006172 Franklin scouting black cemeteries. Mt. Olive Cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery, Franklin, Burche

IM006173 article continued. Franklin, Jackson, Craft, Thompson

IM006174 Sports legend and Trigg ancestor honored. James Jones, Trigg, connally, Neff, Hogg, McClendon, Jones

IM006175 article continued with pictues.

IM006176 Search for freedom brought Wends here. Holm, Blasig, Foust, Rabb, Bell

IM006177 Railroad lured Maynard farm. Bryson, Salmon, Burleson, Sayers, Fowler, Morgan, Clements, Orgain, Baker, Barnes

IM006178 article continued. Maynard, Larremore

IM006179 article continued. Maynard, Johnson, Rabensburg

IM006180 article continued. Maynard, Lockett, Orgain, Webb, Fairview Cemetery, Rivers, Heard

IM006181 article continued. Maynard, Clements, Wilson

IM006182 McDade Museum. Wainscott

IM006183 article continued. Wainscott

IM006184 article continued. Wainscott, McDade, Page, Stagner

IM006185 article continued. Wainscott, Hudler, Wilson, Mundine, Williams, Maness, Cayton, Rutherford, Carson

IM006186 SV homes tour. Smithville, Buescher, Frederick, Burleson, Bennett, Nees, Skelley, Hill, Cockrell, Smith, Burleson, Wilkins, Smither

IM006187 article continued. Skelley, Hill, cockrell, Smith, Burleson, Wilkins, Smither, cox, Hyson

IM006188 Historic Young School House Cemetery, Upton, Young, Lee, Patterson, Schubert, Pape

IM006189 article continued. Rickard, Potter, Scallorn, Rister, Schock, Porter

IM006190 article continued. Upton, Porter, Young School House Cemetery

IM006191 article continued picture

IM006192 1883 Martin, Morten, Young, Death of Veteran Andy Sowell, Dale, San Jacinto

IM006193 1/22/1970 Eight Hemphill sisters. Hillman, Swartz, Price, Berry, Watson, Burleson, Brannon, Jenkins picture

IM006194 article continued. Hemphill, Burleson, Austin, Adams, Swartz, Berry

IM006195 article continued. Hemphill, Bryant, Snoddy, Swartz, Berry, Brannon, Nash, Craft

IM006196 article continued. Hemphill, Duval, Higgins, Miller, Bryant, Goodman, Perkins, Hart, Woods, Burleson

IM006197 article continued. Burleson, Hillman, Price, Watson, Jenkins

IM006198 article continued. Orgain, Bryant, Avery, Hemphill

IM006199 article continued. Brannon, Berry, Hillman, Price, Watson, Swartz, Andrews

IM006200 article continued. Burleson, Smith, Barton

IM006201 article continued. Jenkins, Craft, Baker, Burleson, Kimbrough, Hemphill, Burleson, Grimes

IM006202 article continued. Burleson, Osborn

IM006203 article continued

IM006204 article continued. Dorn, Burleson, Hemphill, Shaw

IM006205 1895 The War Closed, Date fixed. Reynolds, Chase, Freeborn, Bell

IM006206 article continued.

IM006207 article continued. McKee, Rains, Anderson, McElrath, Miley

IM006208 Ex Confederate Meeting. Price, Purcell, Lehman, Moncure, Kelly, Coulson, Murchison, Hill, Young, Kelley, Buchanan, Templeton, Highsmith, Wolfenbarger

IM006209 article continued. Murchison, Price, Standifer, Price, Kelley, Simmons, Highsmith, Cain, Reinhard, Powell

IM006210 6/1/1895 Houston Reunion. Boone, Lombard, Boone, Green, Morgan, Herron

IM006211 article continued. Green, Fosdouche, Boone

IM006212 article continued. Boone

IM006213 5/25/1895 Flag Presentation. Garwood

IM006214 article continued. Hood, Walker, Terry, Green, Scurry, McCulloch, Green, Stuart, Jackson, Davis, Lee

IM006215 article continued. Price

IM006216 article continued.

IM006217 article continued.

IM006218 article continued. Gill, Price, Kohler, McDonald, Shelp, Jenkins, Davis, Higgins

IM006219 article continued. Sayers, Pfeiffer, Starcke

IM006220 article continued. Brodnax, Haynes, Hopkins, King, CKlassey, Mayfield, Pierce, Burleson, Campbell, Gillaspie, Zannessen, Brawner, Kelley, Patty, Sherrell, Wilkins, Sayers

IM006221 article continued. Aman, Decherd, Duce, Eagleston, Harrison, Kesselus, Lee, Shipp, Tiffney, Franklin, Harald, Hill, Moore, McDonald, Price, Sanford, Shultz, Shearn, Young, Cox, Sayers, Connor, Stone

IM006222 Ex Confederates. Plummer, Sayers, Aman, Brodnax, Class, Grey, Harold, Hill, Hughes, Kelley,

IM006223 article continued. Aman, Brodnax, Cogdill, Decherd, Duce, Eagleston, Hill, Hall, Harrison, Haynes, Hopkins, Jannessen, Kesseuls, King, Lee, Massey, Mayfield, Miller, Nash, Pierce, Plummer, Priest, Renick, Sawyer, Shipp, Smith, Spears, Talley, Tiffany, tyner, Kelley, Lentz, Miller, Moore, Morgan, Moore, McDonald, Owens, Powell, Patty, Price, Randel, Reid, Reinhardt, Renolds, Rutherford, Scalons, Scarbrough, Scott, Sims, Simpson, Smith, Sowell, Stone, Sanford, Shultz, Shearn, Sharrell, Walker, Watson, Wells, Wilborn, Wilson, Wilkins

IM006224 article continued. Talley, Tiffany, Tyner, Pierce, Sawyer, Plummer, Tally, Renick, Nash, Bordnax, Duce, Hopkins, King, Decherd, McNeil, Anderson, Arbuckle, Avery, Bradshaw, Brawder, Buckner, Burleson, Cain, Wilson, Wilkins, Wolfenbarger, Wroe, Young, Plummer, Buchanan

IM006225 article continued. McNeil, Sayers, Anderson, Arbuckle, Avery, Bradshaw, Brawder, buckner, Burleson, Cain, Campbell, Claiborne, Clemens, Colston, Connor, Cox, Duran, Eastland, foxel, Franklin, French, Gallaspie, Gill, Sayers, Buchanan

IM006226 7/23/1898 J. M. Nunn died. Thompson

IM006227 article continued. Nunn

IM006228 article continued. Nunn

IM006229 Lieutenant generals of confederate armies, Lee, Longstreet, Buckner, Wheeler, Stewart, Hampton, Gordon, Polk, Hood, Smith, Ewell, Jackson, Hill, Pemberton, Stuart, Holmes, Hardee, Hill, Forrest, Taylor

IM006230 1888 Austin Goddess of Liberty. Henry, Moore

IM006231 Andy Sowell dead. Dale, Martin, Morten, Young, Jones, Robertson

IM006232 2/1888 The Bee - J. L. Osborne died.

IM006233 1/1888 Levi Moore died. Garwood, Moore,

IM006234 Samuel Stone was Builder of First Colorado Ferry. Stone, Martindale, Purcell, Freeman, Thubert, McCleskey

IM006235 article continued. Stone, Chun, Boyce

IM006236 article continued. Stone

IM006237 article continued. James Freeman. Owen, Doyle, Trigg

IM006238 article continued. Stone, Purcell, Thubert, McCleskey

IM006239 William Simpson Wallace, McDonald, O'Connell

IM006240 article continued. O'Connell, Wallace, cooper, Lamar, Flores, James

IM006241 article continued. Flores, Wallace, James, Wallace, Bauerfeind

IM006242 article continued. Yo Juan, Tonkaway, Camino Real, Wolfenbarger, Rabb

IM006243 article continued. Wolfenbarger, Rabb, Mina

IM006244 article continued. Austin, Borden, Wilbarger

IM006245 article continued. Borden, Wilbarger, Bryant

IM006246 article continued. Allen, Hancock

IM006247 McKay's School. McKay, Barker, Petiray, Warren, Ballard, Lyman, Wilbarger, Hemphill, Hill

IM006248 article continued. Baron De Bastrop

IM006249 article continued. Austin, Felipe Henrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop

IM006250 Death of Judge Batts, Goldsmith, Allred, Batts, Rice, Fiquet,


IM006251 A Light That Never Failed, Hill, LeSueur, Karling, Decherd,

Holmes, Eight Live Oaks, Jenkins

IM006252 article continued. Hill, Jenkins, Terry

IM006253 article continued. Jenkins, Hills Prairie, Eight Live Oaks, Hill,

Powell, Watson, McCord

IM006254 article continued. Litton, Nolan, Shuff, Jenkins, Casino

IM006255 article continued. LaFevere, Jenkins, Holmes, Idlewild

IM006256 article continued. Jenkins, Holmes, Idlewild, Decherd

IM006257 article continued. Jenkins

IM006258 Development of the County and City Since its Founding. Jenkins,

Decherd, Hills Prairie, Holmes, Zuber, Foster, Cain

IM006259 article continued. Zuber, Jenkins, Northcross, Burleson,

Billingsley, Highsmith, Crow, Kershner, Decherd, Rogers, Chambliss, Davis

IM006260 article continued. Jenkins, Slaughter, Ford, Lee, Jones, Rogers,

Chambliss, Davis, Van Dyke, Ransome, Griesenbeck, Haines

IM006261 William Edward Kelly died. Wheeless, Glass, Nolan, Jessie,


IM006262 Victims of Death Lottery Rest on Monument Hill, Fayette Co, Woll, Fisher, Lane, Cook Pork

IM006263 article continue. Fisher, Huston, Ampudia, Mier, Black Bean

IM006264 1935, Batts, Our Heritage

IM006265 article continued. Batts, El Camino Real

IM006266 article continued. Wilbarger, Hornsby, Burleson, Jenkins, Hill, Billingsley, Grimes, Highsmith, Andrews, Parker, Manlove, Sims, Mays, Cottle, Cottingham, McGehee, Craft, Halderman, Standifer, Eagleston

IM006267 article continued. Redding, Barnett, Bowie, Alamo, San Jacinto

IM006268 article continued. Alamo, San Jacinto, Trigg, Moore, Young, Nicholson, Duval, Wilkins, Garwood, Jones, Higgins, Rice, Morgan, Fawcett, Wright, White, Rector, Taylor, Haynie, McGinnis, Petty, Johnson, Miller, Gill, Bell, Orgain, Moncure, Staroke, Kleinert, Schaeffer, Gloeckner, Kyle, Pfeiffer, Woehl, Rabensburg, Prokop, Miller, Knittel, Schilling, Degan, Orts, Hoffman, Kesselus

IM006269 Whipple, Allen, Hubert, Smith, Hancock, Allens, Houston, Lane, Sayers, Caldwells, Hill, Texas Rangers, Caldwell, Hill, Berger, Nicholson, Green, Hancock, Sneed, Shelley, Burns, Jones, Byrd

IM006270 Caldwell, Nicholson, Petty, Rice, Garwood, Ward, Treadwell, Gammel, Jones

IM006271 West Point Pioneer laid to rest last week in Woods Prairie Cemetery. Haynie, Cornwallis, Washington, Johnson, Carlson, Roitsch

IM006272 Nichols died. Hill Cemetery, Van Drooge, Wilkes, Harris, Orgain, Bochert, Bergstrom, Maney, Powell, Saunders, Taylor, Gilbert, Renick, Malcone, Harde, Zilss, Smith, Winfry, Cockrill, Steinheimer, Jones, Summers, Ford, Brunson, Finch, Simpson, May, Grube, Stephens, Bunte, Janus, Konvicks, Polansky, Dezelle, Smith, foote, Beauchamp

IM006273 A. J. Knittle died. Lutz, Schiege, Cartwright, Morris, Thomas, Giesecke, George, Jones, Ballenger, Lock, Von Zimmer, Ranton, Elzner

IM006274 8/5/1954 Name of Park changed to La Bahia Crossing, Maynard, Smith, Woehl, Barton, Waugh, Watkins, Pfeiffer, Price, Brieger, McKnight, Fowler, booth

IM006275 article continued, exstudents, Kunschick Zahara, Hanson, Sumerlin, Redding

IM006276 Final Tributes to Dr. J. R. Nichols. Vance, Watt, Pickle, Young, Davis, JOnes, Ashford, Garth, Orgain, Wilson, Fry, Simpson, Phinney, Edwards, Jenkins, Linenberger, Farris, Simpson, Smith, Ash, Craft, Maynard, Chalmers, Watson, Bohanon, Pfeiffer, Hoskins, Bluestein, dodson, Bryson, Elzner, Gurwitz, Sorantin, Kingfather, Castleberry

IM006277 1954 Nichols continued. Bluestein, Dodson, Ash, Elzner, Bryson, Osborne, Kunkel, Morris, Eskew, Karcher, Buckner, Hollins, McNulta, Justice, Handeman, Reese, Majors, Richards, Smith, Price, Coy, Clark, Wright, Phinney, Simpson, Haskin, Nichols, Garth, Orgain, Wilson, Young

IM006278 3/25/1954 Mrs. Osborn announces for County Treasurer, Funeral Services for W. N. Necessary, Osborn, Hemphill, May, Gray, Nolen, Fowler, Dock, Sorrells, Bergstrom, Lawler, Hickman, Ragland, Kimberly

IM006279 Bastrop Pioneer Passes Away Here April 6 (Bettie Price), Sumerlin, Rainer, Craft, Trigg, Jenkins, Brannon, Eskew, Fairview Cemetery, Swartz, Hillman, Watson, Arbuckle, Davenport, Morris, Canada, Halliburton, Young, Pockman, Trechman, Pearcy, Hares, Schulze, Paine, Farris

IM006280 6/10/1954 Rites are Held for Father of Mrs. Steve McFaull, Frank, Frels, Machen, Reese, Spivey, Neger, Seaholm, Bogarth, McCreary, Crawford, Sharp, Knox, Duran, Schuelke, Osborne, Bohannon, Bennight, Spooner, Woehl, Maybury, Rathman, Hefner, Starling, Crysup, Clardy, Bailey, Hampton, Local Guardsman Training

IM006281 Pioneer Citizen is Buried Here Sunday, Martha Erhard, Schulze, Sumerlin, Fairview Cemetery, Waugh, Smith, Pearcy, Allen, Sharp, Price, Higgins, Prokop, Gage, Peterson, Arbuckle, Tarkington, Jaeggli, Flemming, Moredoch, Davenport, Franke, Pfeiffer, Rice, Canser, Carter, Sowell, Dalton, Lind, Hubbard, Rivers, Lewis, Rankin, Webb, Tracy, Horn, Tolleson, Clardy, Pfeiffer, Moncure, Hefner, Price, Martin, Ott, Scott, Schaefer, LeSueur, Gore, Duran, Reese, compton, Dodson, Roberts, McDade, Creel, Jones, Hunter, Parker, Kastner, Evans, Harvey, Mundine, Schultz, Hefner

IM006282 1/21/1954 T. R. Nunn Dies, Stedman, McLeod, Nixon, Oak Hill Cemetery, Nunn, Wesson, Johnson, Minton, Speight, Dickey, Stalmach, Hefner, Smith, Moncure, Terry, Morgan, Ott, Pfeiffer, Linenberger, Scott, Duran, Martin, Froelich, Crosby, Price, Anschutz, Schaefer, Lee, Wright, Gore, Susen, Smith, Nesselbeck, Ebner, Huebel, Tatum, Fowler, Orts, Klaus, Goertz, Rhodes, Erhard, Karling, Wagner, Hampton, Waugh, Ragsdale, Bell, Maynard, Davis, Fitzpatrick, Utterback

IM006283 1/28/1954 David Karling, Hasler, Fairmont Cemetery, Hill, Lundell, Bergstrom, Booth, Dechard, Davis, Booth, Hill, Sellstrom, Westbrook, Ceder, Johnson, Lundell, Simpson, Gibbs, Osborn, Lehman, Smith, Grimes, Perkins, Dunham, Griesenbeck, Long, Sharp, Allen, Elzner, Hasler, Sanders, Farris

IM006284 10/7/1954 Last rites Held for Mrs. S. D. Reynolds, Hasler, Schulze, Fairview Cemetery, Erard, Craft, Martin, Lacy, Carlson, Trigg, Reynolds, Butler

IM006285 Reynolds continued. same names as above, West, Carlson, Taylor, showalter, Neuenschwander

IM006286 11/4/1954 Funeral for Mrs. Ada Hemphill, Ash, Craft, Townsend, Perkins, DeGlandon, Osborne, Perkins, Sumerlin, Ransome, Copeland, Long, Erhard, Hardt, Bell, Eskew, Blandy, Kesselus, Wolf, Whipple, McDade, Lee

IM006287 W. B. Dawson died folling lingering illness, Funeral services for G. H. P. Showalter, Davis, Hill, Shilling, Taylor, Copeland, Price, McPhaul, claiborne, Miller, Sanders, Laake, Schaefer, Wolf, Fairview Cemetery, Hoffman, Pearcy, Perkins, Murchison, Jenkins, Brannon, Leath, Kunschick, Rabensburg, Langley, Webb, Branton, LeSueur, Sanders, Spooner, Pierce, Dawson, Wilbarger, Dawson, Jones, Bryant, Avery, Houston, San Jacinto, Kohler, Baumgardner, Dippel, Bell, Davis, Hardt, Maynard

IM006288 article continued, Waggoner, Olson, Brown, Raum, Davis, Higgins, Barton, Haynie, Keil, Chalmers, Anderson

IM006289 2/3/1955 Mrs. T. C. Osborn died, Reynolds, Haynie, Laake, Hoffman, Bell, Higgins, Bryant, Fairview Cemetery, Smithwick, Cartwright, Mitchell, Claiborne, Creel, Hope, Dungan, Constantine, Burleson, Perkins, Salik, McNeill, Keil, Denison, Whitworth, Kunkel, Goertz, Brooks, Perkins, Kreitz, Kennedy, Roberts, Hartzell, Long, Ireland, Roberts, Simpson, Christie, Perkins, Wright, Spivey, Urbans, Frosch, Herter, Treadwell, Lindeman, Mitschke, Symmank, Marburger, Reese.  ARTICLE IS BLURRY

IM006290  Osborn continued. Perkins, Kreitz, Kennedy, Roberts, Hartzell, Long, Ireland, Roberts, Simpson, Christie, Perkins, Wright, Creel, Hope, Dungan, Constantine, Burleson, Perkins, Salik, McNeill, Denison, Whitworth, Kunkel, Goertz, Brooks, Beck, Green, McCombs, McMullin, Hanke, Smithwick, Cartwright, Mitchell, Claiborne, Osborn, Turner, Gore, Glover

IM006291 Bastrop History (Bastrop Historical Society), Bryson, Mina, Gazeley, Smith, Shipp, Gawcett, Hill, Wolfenbarger, Brewer, Carter, O'Connor, Rosanky, Hoppe, Balzer, Keil, Baron, Gloeckner, Duve, Hanke, Fehr, Bauhoff, Wever, Schuelke, Prause, Schaefer, Laake, Lange, Hoffman, Gruesondorf, Cocheron, Redding, Crott, Hill, Andrews, Austin, Bangs, Barker, Barton, Beales

IM006292 11/2/1895 J. C. Higgins died. Louis Eilers Sr died, Railroad time table, Wilson, Miley, Jenkins, Bryers, Montgomery, Shook, Toole, Holland, Sayers, Fairview cemetery, Jung, Orts, Erhard, Batts, Claiborne, Gill, Burger, Jenkins, Luckett, Johnson, Crow, McKuan, Massey, Eilers, Duncan, Hamilton, Billingsley, Keele, Renfro, Graves, Aguine, Regas, Carr, Oliver, Preston, Roberson, Kellum, Nelwing, Young, Jones, Delap, Skinner, Wormley, Jefferson, Smith, Woods, Montgomery, Walter, Miller, Smith, Allen, McCullam, Beckin, Griffin, Miller, Creasry, Flecher, Griffin, Halty, Randeler, Lee, Reynolds, Trigg, Craft,, Starcke, Green, Bell, Powell, Anderson, Claiborne, Holland, Sears, Loch

IM006293 10/19/1895 Fatal Accident, Virgie Deal Maynard. Reynolds, Craft, Perkins, Meyer, cunningham, Higgins, Erhard, Spettigue, Gill, Miller, Chesney, Reynolds, JOnes, Luter, Robbins, Spettigue, McDowall, Gill, Green HARD TO READ

IM006294 6/15/1895 Judge, Siddall Dies, Ooley, Erhard, Hasler, Bell, Boone, Wallace, Foster, Jones, Sayers, Smith, Sayers, Orgain, Cain, Jones, Luckett, Higgins, Wilkins, Russell, Glover, House, Todd, McDowall, Burns, Sears, Sayers, Lester, Maynard, Erhard, Green, Miller, Griesenbeck, Schuetze, Boone

IM006295 3/2/1895 Death of Mrs. C. K. Hall. Small print lots of names, hard to read

IM006296 6/9/1894 Farmer Murdered. Parks, Evans, Chestnutt, Locke, Everidge, Garner, Pierce, Herbert, , Carlisle denied, Sherman, Hill. HARD TO READ SMALL PRINT

IM006297 6/24/1893 To Hang Aleck Brown who murdered Jane Wilkins. Utley, Hemphill, Riller, Washington, Eiley, Kennedy, Showers, Golden, Orgain, Miles, Perry, Moers, Sears, Plummer, Woods, Russell, Hines, Hill, Katy flyer, Haggerty, Farnsworth, Sayers, Dent, Ainsworth, Covert, Loftus, Booth, Grossman, Bispham, Benedict, Jones

IM006298 6/17/1893 Died in Jail, S. C. Garrett, Morris, Griesenbeck, Lee, Elzner, Reynolds, Green, Nash, Williams, Luckett, Jones, Thompson, Rogers, Burleson, Reynolds, Mansfield, Wallace, Erhard, Batts, Eilers, Garwood, McKinney, Moore, Griesenbeck, Sears, Fawcett, Jung, Wolff, Fowler, Glover, Terrell, Buchanan, Straus, Goerlitz, Hamilton, Jones, Craft, Carr, Claiborne, Dunk, Hill, Smith, Wells, Head, Templeton, Sawher, Trigg, Bailey, Maroski, Bassist, Davis, Meuth, McDuff, Hill, Lowden, Randle, Feglander, Winston, Voight, Ninck, Standifer, Geminert, Wood, McCright, Kattner, Cattingham, Atchison, Shelf, Schdle, Bevil, Snowden, Nichols, Reibeck, Saunders, Holman, Meeks, Morris, McGuire, Whitehead, Hudgins, Starcke, Miller, Hoffman, Morris, Wanseeburger, Price, Sowell, Baylor, Smith, Ehlers, Rabensberg, Litton, Pate, Marberger, Bragg, Rutherford, Perkins, Tinnin, Olive, Stanfield, Cocherel, Glover, Thodes, Gray, Pettijohn, Thompson, Chambliss, Braughton, Tyner, Wright, Sanders, Clark, Elzner, Jourdon, Lee, Bishop, Turner, Siddall, Jenkins, Sayers, Davis, Bell, Berryman, Fraser, Vogt, Green, Harrison, Oliver, Kennedy, Smith, Glasscock, Townsend, McDuff, Scroggins, Bishop, Green, Brooks, Miley

IM006299 6/10/1897 Mosby, Gamble Lodge, Haynie, Price, Goodman, McCord, Jenkins, Batts, Cain, Green, Erhard, Kirk, Williams, Ranson, Sayers, Luckett, Jung, Dillard, Orgain, Garwood, Bishop, Rice, Jones, White, Highsmith, Cain, Chambliss, King, Brieger, House, Rogers, Bell, Moore, Jenkins, Finney, Grimes, Death calls Fitzwilliam, Red Rock another Killing, Wilson, Nyegard, McClure, Harris, Miles, Jones

IM006300 articles continued. Price, Goodman, McCord, Jenkins, Batts, Green, Erhard, Mosby, Kirk, Wilson, Kerr, Brieger, Whitlock, Bell, Moore, Jenkins, Finney, Highsmith, Grimes, Haynie, Fitzwilliam, Price, Rogers, Eicke, Wilson, Harris, McClure, Wertzner, Reynolds, Jenkins, Dillard

IM006301 5/25/1893 David Davis dies, Miley, Starcke, Siddall, Craft, Fowler, Meyer, Richey, Williams, Marooska, Phelps, Maynard, Cain, Jones, Bishop, Milton, Moore, Summers, Thompson, Lane, McLavy, Miller, Elzner, Fitzwilliams, Morris, Price, Higgins, Trigg, Kennedy, Chambers, White, Erhard, Peterson, Buchanan, Nancy PcPhaul dies, Davis, Thomas, Wilbarger, Green, JOnes, Madden, Varner, Richards, Fatting, Stevens, Seawell

IM006302 Tobe Cook To Die, Gootman, Batts, Siddall, Griesenbeck, Sayers, Highsmith, Price, Rutherford, Jones, Craft, Jenkins, Hayie, Pierce, Davis, Wilson, Grimes, Thompson, Williams, Wilbarger, McDuff, Holt, Doyle, Fitzwilliams, Ledley, Goodman, Green, Munson, Burgess, Reynolds, Hendricks, Clark, Casky, Jones, Burnett, Harman, Phelps, Hendrix, Wolfenbarger, Watterson, Teichmueller, Davis, Ida Belle Moore, Siddall, Bellamy, Maynard, Fowler

IM006303 article continued. Rutherford, Jones, Craft, Jenkins, Haynie, Pierce, Davis, Wilson, Grimes, Thompson, Morris, Wamel, Goodman, Cain, Young, Phelps, Hendrix, Wolfenbarger, Watterson, Teichmueller, Young, Eilers, White, Davis, Cook, Gamble Lodge, Siddall, Batts, Moore, Davis, Price, Fowler, Maynard,

IM006304 Obit for Addison Smith, Hess, Erhard, Hasler, Hutchinson, Hill, Roland, Death of N. W. Eastland, Sitton, Libby Prison, Davis, Lee, Grant, Oldham, Terry Ranger, Wilbarger, Hasler

IM006305 Eloquent Pioneer, Harrison, English, Raines, Roberts, Ford, Bonner, Robinson, Field, Belled Buzzard

IM006306 Harrison, Raines, Henry, Baker, Jackson, Valentine, Field

IM006307 Church column, Sanders, Wooten, Gregg, Rogers, Hovis, Gray, Green, Boone, Rankin, Obit for Glover, Johnson, Luckett, Miley, Hester, Reid, McDowell, Orgain, Wilkes, MK&T railroad, Nicholson, Erhard

IM006308 Obit, John Jenkins, Foster, Mesler, Millard, Construction of bridge, Duval, Elzner, Young, Higgins, Buchanan, Duval, Hasler, Elzner, Bastian, Kleinert, Moncure, Young, Cain, Osborne, Batts, Drake, Powell, Eilers, Hasler, Duval, Powell, Albrecht, McDowall, Nicholson, Claiborne, Billingsley, Claiborne, Kirk, Pickle, Wooten, Wilson, Richmond, Nickols, Mueller, Dokes, Johnson, Rowland, Vaughn, Highsmith, Maynard

IM006309 11/29/1890 A Destructive Blaze, Kennedy, Reynolds, Green, Wheeler, Schill, Wheeler, Johnson, Chambers, Siddall, Doaks, Batts, McCormick, Watson, Lea, Green, Miley, Highsmith, Garwood, Cartwright, Jenkins, Starcke, Okelby, Clopton, Erhard, Burton, Highsmith, Bonner

IM006310 article continued. Bonner, Drennan, Rabensburg Killed by a boy, Cooper, Seale, Fonts, Thomas McGehee dead, Hill, Johnson, Chambers, Batts, Head, Clark, Green, Foster, Garwood, Burch, Reynolds, Eilers, Claiborne, Haynie, Siddall, Garwood, Erhard, Clopton, Sanders, Wyett, Green, Claiborne obit

IM006311 9/16/1890 Hogg, Pensleton, Culberson, McCall, Wortham, McGauhey, Pritchett, Sayers, Garwood, Noyes, Thompson, Reynolds, Vote on tariff, Sayers, Moore, McKinney, Lee, Jackson, Grant, Hancksk, MK&T, Wilbarger, Moore, McDade, Hovis, Spencer

IM006312 3/22/1890 Obit for Annie Gilbert nee Wilbarger, Vining, MK&T, Bower, Williams, Devine, Wortham, McCulloch, Morris, Saddler, Lovelady, Swearingen, Gibson, Davis, Garwood

IM006313 3/1/1890 Hasler, Ingersoll, Red Rock, Chambliss, Young, Craft, Jenkins, Watson, Aill, Orgain, Shrout, Veterans still living, Austin, Allen, Buster, Baker, Berry, Balch, Caruthers, Childress, Craddock, Cleveland, Crouch, Cooper, Chatham, Clapper, Chalk, Dean, Dalrimple, Erath, Eastland, Jones, Kokernot, King, Robertson, Matthews, Moody, McGhee, Moore, Nelson, Ogsbury, Patrick, Ramsey, Read, Shepard, Smith, Stout, Sparks, Stoterville, Simpson, Taylor, Tool, Webb, Whittaker, Wells, Woollan, Whiteside, Whitlock, Wells, Menard

IM006314 Veterans still living continued. Jones, Kokernot, King, Lee, Livergood, Lawrence, Mahar, McIntyre, Moon, Morrow, Freeman, Ford, Gaines, Gossett, Gentry, Hopson, Harbour, Henry, Hunter, Harding, Hyland, Herron, Price, Parker, Pennington, Petty, Patton, Pleasants, Pitts, Ingersoll

IM006315 2/22/1890 Battle of Val Verde, Cushing, Stafford, Reily, Pyrom, Green, Wood, Lockridge, Scurry, Lang, Jordan, McGowen, Pridgeon, Kellough, McNeil, Sutton, Lockridge, McRae, Teel, Sayers, Sheppard, Blarney Stone, Honey as Food, Petrified Man with Shiskers found, Sweshenger

IM006316 article continued. Never Take a Lady's Arm, Hottest Spot on Earth

IM006317 Sanders, Callaway, Wooten, Reunion of Greens' Brigade, Powell, Burger, Grady, Eilers, Jenkins, Erhard, Bell, Myers, Highsmith, Osborn, Gill, Griesenbeck, Green, Cain, Garwood, Moore, Rankin, Wyatt, Bell, Dawson, Smith, Barbee, Green, Scarborough, Eggleston, McLavy, Luckett, Wilson, DeBardeleben, duncan

IM006318 7/1908 LeSueur, Abram, Mosby, Jennings, Hill, Olson

IM006319 article continued. Crane, Miles

IM006320 7/25/1908 Guse, Dubal, Griesenbeck, Ewell, Injured in Runaway, Griesenbeck, duval, Callaway, Moore

IM006321 11/1909 Callaway, Hoskins, Craft, Tiner, Adams, Jenkins, LeSueur, Hill, Taylor, Cunningham, Johnson, Watson, Jenkins, Price, Hasler

IM006322 In memoriam W. J. Weber, Pelzer, Behring, Nichols, Moncure, Loving Tribute to Thomas McDuff

IM006323 3/21/1879 Jenkins, Orgain, Gamble Lodge, Page, Elzner, Holt, Kennedy, Kraus, Morgan, Allen, chambers, Hooper, Davis, Wolfenbarger, Yoast, Runk, Orgain, Page, Ransome, McCord, Maynard, Hill

IM006324 4/4/1908 Elzner, Craft, Longano, Hubbard, Tuttle, LeSueur, Jordan, Moore, Long, Taylor, Hill, Mosby, Hemphill, roe, McDuff, Orts, Mobley, Bell, Morris, Kennedy, Cannon, Miley, Allen, Walker, Harris

IM006325 Events in Bastrop 28 years ago, 1/27/1883, Winters, Lewis, Wamel, Maynard, Beavers, Nash, Moore, Sheasby, Green, Kesselus, Buchanan, Erhard, Bastian, Lister, McDowall, Brieger, Goodman, Martin, Felsenburg, Higgins, Garwood, Wiseman, Olive, Rabensburg, Page, Anderson, Jenkins, Lindner, Wilbarger, Lacker, Wood, Miller, Goertz

IM006326 Events in Bastrop 28 years ago 2/3/1883 Drisdale, Olive, Goodman, Johnson, Smith, Ruffini, Haynie, Gregg, Smith, Schutze, Higgins, Lone Star Mills, Grimes, Miller, Jenkins

IM006327 Events in Bastrop 2/10/1883 Jenkins, Foster, Taylor, Elzner, Eilers, Powell, Green, Orgain, Chambers, Stewart, Stafford, Barone, Powell, Moncure, Green, Duval, Higgins, Webb, Vaughan, Maynard, Moore, Grimes, Jenkins, Burleson, Hannay, Hearn, Vaughan, Miller, Preuss, Mullen, Black, Billingsley, Baird, Riley, Joyner, Leveret, Jones, Coulson, Head, Farmer, Bell, Nunn, Eppler, Leverett, Scruggs, Bowen, Sowell, Townsend, Grimes, Eilers, Gill

IM006328 Events in Bastrop 2/17/1883 Jenkins, Grimes, Cain, Smith, Preston, Moore, Jones, Powell, McCord, Powell, Duncan, Perry, Sayers, Hill, Garwood, Elzner

IM006329  Events 2/24/1883 Claiborne, Preston, Green, Wright, Green, claiborne, Eilers, Glover, Jones, Trigg, Erhard, Starcke, rutherford, Scott

IM006330 21911 T. C. Cain dies, Erhard, Reid

IM006331 Cain continued, Morris, Orgain, Coulson, :rice, Mexican W. O. W. Lodge, Olive, Salinas, Hernandez, Fraire, Banuelo, Rodriquez, Garcia, Lopez, Espenosa, Saldana, Guerrero, Combs, Taylor, Lundell, Fairview Cemetery

IM006332 Events in Bastrop 3/3/1883, Bryant, Baird, Higgins, Garwood, Burch, Preston, Luckett, Haynie, Morris, Ransom died, Oak Hill graveyard, Jung, Cain, Armington, Gamble

IM006333 Morris, Ransom, Jung, Gill, Sayers, Moore, Prouse, Cain

IM006334 Events in Bastrop 3/10/1883, Jung, Gloeckner, Lewis, Erhard, Bastian, Gill, McCay, Petty, Morgan, Lea, Jenkins, Sanders, Combs, Randle, Maynard, Anderson, Lewis, Schwietzer died, Hall, Miller, Stalle, Ziegenhals, Smith

IM006335 Events in Bastrop 3/17/1883 McDonald, McKinny, Baird, Jones, Morgan, Burleson, Kincaid, Jones, Wilson, Hubbard, Tuttle, Bunting, Cain, Elzner, Ploeger, Moore, Smith, Cleveland, Burch, Perkins, Wadsworth, Bacon, Pate, Lee, Jones, Fawcett, Hancock, Allen, Rabon, Bradshaw, Elzner, Ploeger, Hubbard, Tuttle, Pflug, Ehlo, Schneider, Schulz, Pearl Moore died, Kednedy, Preuss, Trigg, Highsmith, Moss, Kessler, Moss, Chandler

IM006336 Events in Bastrop 3/24/1883 Davis, Gonzales, Erhard, Clopton, Reynolds, Baird, Hartson, Corey, Erhard, Trigg died, Trigg cemetery, Heilig, Orgain, Finney, Ward, Powell, Goldthorn, Wamel, Jones, Whipple, Biggs, Hill, Kennedy, Ward, Orgain, Billingsley died, Ploeger, Yellowly, Heise, Batts, Higgins, Eilers, Lewis, Haynie, Miley, Sayers, Reynolds, McLavy, Pearcy

IM006337  Events in Bastrop 3/31/1883 Gillespie, Smith, Sayers, Orgain, Morris, Graham, Moore, Duncan, Russel, Coulson, Pflug, Ehlo, Nash, Britner, McDonald, Jenner, Billingsley, Spaight, Perkins, Fairview Cemetery, Griesenbeck, LeGear

IM006338 Morris, Graham, Moore, Duncan, Russel, Coulson, Pflug, Ehlo, Nash, Britner, McDonald, Turner shot wife, Riles, Grimes, Orgain, Erhard, Perkins, Griesenbeck, Davis

IM006339 Events in Bastrop 4/7/1883 Erhard, Prikop, Kesselus, Lewis, Epstein, Lawrence died, Carter died, Fowler, Reynolds, Garwood, Hopping, Goodman, Grimes, Nash, Britner, Standifer, Campbell, Register, Duvall, Erhard, Morris, Heiligbrodt, Williams, Lehman, Thompton, Muth, Hopkins, Smith, Wilkins, Alexander, Bellamy, Hoppe, Bevill, Hill, Burleson, Awalt, Yoast, Buchanan, Reid, Sadowski

IM006340 Lewis, Epstein, Lawrence, Carter, Fowler, Reynolds, Garwood, Hopping, Goodman, Nash, Britner, Standifer, Campbell, Register, Cohen, Hill, Feiler, Hartson, Corey, Clopton, Reynolds, Johnson, Ralston, Moore, Russel, Batt, Morris, Heiligbrodt, Williams, Lehman, Thompson, Muth, Hopkins, Smith, Wilkins, Alexander, Bellamy, Hoppe, Bevill, Hill, Burleson, Awalt, Yoast, Buchanan, Reid, French, Bletch, Duty, Moore, Cook, Haynes, Dawson, Gray, Holligan, McDonald, Pierce, Caffy, Erwin, Galloway, Franklin, Kelly, Joyner, Jackson, Cottle, Jung, Caldwell, Lemaster

IM006341 Events in Bastrop 6/2/1883 Potts, Erhard, McDonald, Anderson, Hearn, Yellowly, Patton, Jenner, Holly, McCaskill, Wade, Chandler, Orgain, Gibson, Young, JOnes died, Edwards, Garwood, Orgain, Pearcy, Morris, Burns, Grimes, Leecraft, Eastland, Meuth, Townsend, Moore

IM006342 Events in Bastrop 6/9/1883 Goodman, Hasler, Ooley, Eilers, Maynard, Fowler, McCay, JOnes, Jackson, Burris, Baird, Ransom, Kennedy, Schueltze, Lutz, Craft, Kohler, Guse, Hoppe, Brieger, Johnson, Hillman, Guse, Staeck, Eilers, Orgain, Pearcy, Scroggins, Fromme, Rivers, Keeble, Enders, Auler, McClellan, Carter, Owens

IM006343 Events in Bastrop 6/9/1883 Gamble Lodge, Allen, Jones, Sayers, Moore, Allen, Nash, Starcke, Wilbarger, Eilers, Cockrill, McCord, Gloeckner, Allen, Carmichael, Green, Taylor, Miley, Bahn, Erhard, Gatlin, Carter, Martin, boethe

IM006344 Events in Bastrop 6/23/1883 Luckett, Sayers, Orgain, Erhard, Reynolds, Petty, JOnes, Craft, Claiborne, Reding, Early, Cassel, McKean, Jones, Moore, Allen, Hemphill, Jones, Fowler, Rodgers, Blackshear, Wormely died, Voss, Folger

IM006345 Events in Bastrop 6/30, 1883 Nash, Cartwright, Orgain, Ray, Gaines, Osborne, Staples, Craft, McGary, Jones, Moore, Walling, Hubbard, Williams, Ramsey, LeMaster, Gresham, Bergston, Burleson, Young, Ransome, Tiffany, Reynolds, Perkins, Williams, Clark, Preistley, Turner, Morris, Baron, Davis, Kelly, wilson, Miller, cockran, Stark, Campos, Harris, Ligos, Barton, Mitchell, Powell, Webb, Fishbeck, Murchison, Barton

IM006346 Events in Bastrop 7/7/1883 James, Wickens, Petty, Moore, Orgain, Glover, Sayers, Buchanan, Maynard, Wilson, Erhard, Goodman, Nicholson, Morris, Burger, Erwin, Black, Wiseman, Maynard, Powell, Cain, Burger, Hasler, Burleson, Erhard, Fitzwilliams, Wiseman, Nicholson, Batts, Powell, Grimes, Whitworth

IM006347 Death of Mrs. M. E. Petty, Jackson, Fairview Cemetery, Cardwell, Probst, Turner, Wofford, Brown, Vanhorn, Ellis

IM006348 Death of W. E. Moore, Wilbarger, Moore, Rector, Morris, Wrren, Breihan, Elzner, Wright, Phelps infant died, Delhi Cemetery, Probst, Wilkerson

IM006349 Events in Bastrop 8/25/1883. Roberts Griesenbeck, Green, Erhard, Grimes, Olive, Jones, Nicholson, Starcke, Garwood, Grigg, Lister, Hagerman, Hill, Fowler, Moore

IM006350 Mrs. F. B. Garwood died. Moore, Jackson, Fairview Cemetery, Garwood, Page, Elzner, Maynard, Duval, Orgain, Pearcy, Jenkins, Andrews, Pearcy, Booth, Olive, Chalmers, Wilbarger, Gill, Gest, Hasler, Clark, Holt, Warren, Pfeiffer, Guse, Cain, Griesenbeck, Rabb, McCollum, Morris, Kennedy, Hasler, Jones, Andrews, Moore, Neill, Garwood, Moore, Russell, Thomas, Jung, Page, Craft, Miller, Hemphill, Erhard, Andrews, Warren, Higgins, Maynard, Fowler, Reynolds, Hill

IM006351 Events in Bastrop 9/15/1883 Jenner, Orgain, Thompson, Mellette, Bowen, Nicholson, Hess, Griesenbeck, Coulson, Higgins, Claiborne, Sayers, Turner, Young, Garrett, Duval, Hawkins, Morgan, Osborn, Nash, Reid, Petty, Gill, Baird, Scott, Lane

IM006352 article continued. Breihan, Kennedy, Fowler, Trigg, Olive, Duval, Turner, Brooks

IM006353 Townsend, Marriage Licenses, Alexander, McDonald, Butler, JOnes, Hamilton, Shelton, Barnett, Mareno, Ramoe, Perez, Flores, Gailagas, Jarcia, Jerry, Hams, Gonzales, Alala, Wesson, Sharp, Perdergrass, Johnson, Penn, Washington, Gardner, Bassist, Rabel, Speckles, Lundy, Schaefer, Wunneberger, Nunn, Rosendez, Jurado, Garcia, Armandez, Washington, Taylor, Shiller, Dusek, Dennis, Costa, Johnson, Phillips, Kertchka, Walker, Scott, Nolden, Cockrell, Thomas, Sanis, Darnes, Hilbig, Stall, French, Watterson, Griffith, Brooks, Roberts, Moore, Rehak, Muzzel, Ott, Warneck, Jurado, Valverde, Pearcy, Booth, Miley

IM006354 Events in Bastrop 9/22/1883 Schuelke, Dixon, Hill, Gibson, Gregg, Sayers, Gregg, Steiner, Garwood, Petty, Parks

IM006355 Events in Bastrop 10/5/1883 Maynard, Morgan, Sayers, Haynie, Decherd, Taylor, Black, Conner, Byrum, Davis, Renaw, Miley, Allen, Townsend, Powell, Wallace, Fowler, Sanches, Barbour, Blalock, Cox, Morgan, Childs, Batts, Coulson, Cartwright, Hancock, Dixon, McKinney, Taylor, Finch, Powell, Murchison, Milton, Price, Stone, Jackson, Ivey, Reid, Kennedy, Whitlock, Bassist, Calloway, Clark, Straus, Wilson, Wofenbarger, Hubbard, Erhard, Owens, Banks, Olive, Hemphill, Decherd, Craft, Hill, Jenkins, Miller, Browden, Vaughan, Black, Turner, Garrett, Baird, Schaefer died, Leonartz, Fairview Cemetery

IM006356 Events in Bastrop 11/11/1883 Taylor, Claiborne, Bell, Slack, Harrison, Davis, Adkins, Cole, Lee, Hemff, Jurgens, Beaseley, Craddock, Turner, Hutson, Ebeling, Plavin, Eilers, Duncan, Bertsch, Rathman, Lehman, Spire, Bagget, Linder, Horn, Short, Carter, Shesby, Allen, Rivers, Gresham, Davis, Lawhon, Straus, Wiseman, Willenburg, Grimes, McKinley, Jenkins, Orts, Bledsoe, Monteith

IM006357 Events in Bastrop, Eggleston, Hubbard, Jenkins, Lewis, Finklestein, Sayers, Wilson, Burleson, Foster, Farmer, Halmark, Kleinert, Zinnert, Gill, Page, Crysup

IM006358 article continued. Sayers, Wilson, Burleson, Foster, Farmer, Halmark, Kleinert, Zinnert, Finklestein, Garwood, Page, Crysup, Combs, Wilbarger, Kesselus, Alexander, Kellum died, Reid, Taylor Cemetery

IM006359 Events in Bastrop 1/12/1884 Young, Johnson, cunningham, Oliver, Westbrook, Cook, Buchanan, Joyner, Caldwell, Goodman, Sayers, Foster, Osborn, Cartwright, Carter, Oliver, Hemphill, collins, Glover, Schuelke, Buchanan, Wilson, Erhard, Morgan, Eilers, Hasler, Erhard, Olive, Fiekel, Hall, Miller, Byers, Trigg, Hargrove, Herms, Petty, Elzner, Grimes, Bailey

IM006360 article continued. Goodman, Sayers, Foster, Osborn, Cartwright, Griesenbeck, McGinnis, Jones, Tolbert, Kelton, Rochur, Buescher, Cartwright, Garner, Grueschel, Holcomb, Ebner, Hill, Harris, Alexander, Jenkins, Snider, MK&T, Underwood, Jones, Thompson, Elzner, Grimes, Caldwell, Holligan, Stration, Smith, Franke, Miller, Ingram, Waddell, Murchison, Farris, Long, Cottle, Hendrix, Wright, Haskins, Parks, Kincaid, Short, Hayden, Desha, Rivetta, Gray, Jones, Jundson, Birnard, Fleming, Scott, Burgdorf, Linder, Bailey

IM006361 Events in Bastrop 1/19/1884 Wilenburg, Albrecht, Kohler, Willenburg, Burleson, Garrett, Dixon, Rodgers, Petty, Lister, Jung, Eggleston, Griesenbeck, Haynie, Eilers, Smith, Erhard, Luckett, Haynie, Lea, Chambers, Wilbarger, Reynolds, Eilers, Bremond, Smith, Garwood, Erhard, Bell, Wilbarger, Lewis, Fitzwilliam, Winston, Reynolds, Taylor, Paris, Sayers, Erhard, Wilson, Foster, Taylor, Hill, Jones, Krause, McDonald, Yellowley, Hutchinson, Bell, Goodman, Highsmith, Stewart, Miley, Olive

IM006362 article continued. Gober, MorrisSinks, Smith, Elzner

IM006363 Events in Bastrop 3/8/1884 Haynie, Duval, Baird, Wertzner, Kennedy, Milton, Gibson, Petty, Smith, Brooks, Smoot, Harrison, Metcalf, Garrett, Allen, Taylor, Henley, Smith, Harvey, Brooks, Powell

IM006364 In memoriam T. J. Trigg, Camp, Weber, Wolfenbarger, Flynn, Nung, Wilson, Alexander, Murchison, Corbell, Smith, McDaniel, Jenkins

IM006365 Trigg continued, Ziegenhals

IM006366 Titanic Went Down With Band Playing, Davis

IM006367 article continued.

IM006368 5/3/1912 Events in Bastrop 4/19/1884, Haynie, Jenkins, Haynie, Anderson, Cartwright, Nash, Jenkins, Powell, Miller, Hanney, Lewis, Duval, McCord, Green, Callaway, Craft, Anderson, Haynie, Jenkins, Nash, Miller, Powell, Jenkins, Duval, Cartwright, Lewis, Hannay, Erhard, Higgins, Garwood, Burleson, Jones died, Orgain, Elzner, Freeman, Starcke

IM006369 In Memoriam W. H. Grimes, Clark, Morris, Fairview Cemetery, Griesenbeck, Burke, Highsmith, Natale, Martin, Booth, Jenkins, Johnson, Martin, Orgain, Murchison, Trigg, Wertzner, Morris

IM006370 article continued. Martin, Orgain, Jones, Olive, Murchison, Trigg, Wertzner, Morris, Erhard, Cain, Haralson, Mobley, Wertzner, Page, Luckett, Grimes, Zurborg, Schilling, Craft, McCollum, Rabb, Grimes, Clark, Morris, Davis, Barker, Fowler, Erhard, Davis, Haynie, Hasler, Griesenbeck

IM006371 Events in Bastrop 6/14/1884, Eilers, Sayers, Olive, Johnson, Orgain, Osborn, Jenkins, Holland, Davey, Morgan, Hood, Cregg, Lea died, Nichols, Wilkes, Johnson, Ziegenhals, Rabb, McCollum

IM006372 1912 Winning Baseball team picture

IM006373 1912 Bastball team article, Winston, Roach, Wetzel, Jones, Jenkins, Guse, Craft, Hasler, Clements, Hodges, Robinson, Haynie, Morris, Schulke, Hasler, Turner, Banks, Ellis, Fischer, Black, Berkeloe, Von Rosenburg, Schuinger, Turner, Jung, Cardwell, McAllister, Williams, Harris, Dale, Shine, Cutcher, Trigg, Turner, Bryson

IM006374 Events in Bastrop 8/23/1884 Brooks, Nix, Renick, Thompson, Wilson, Petty, Vaughan, Moore, Highsmith, Grimes, Hannay, Jenkins, Olive, Bell, Morris, Kennedy, Watterson, Peace, Finney, Fitzwilliam, Clark, Grimes, Smithwick, Wilkins, Hickman, Powell, Nixon, Fawcett, Burleson, Morris, Gloeckner, Hubbard, Moncure, Price, Cain, Hill, Jackson, Alexander, Moore, Powell, Kennedy, Joynes, Nash, Burger, Luckett, Sayers, Allen, Griesenbeck, Roe, Reynolds, Goodman, Miller, Batts, Wilson, Wilbarger, Miller, Hoffman died, Erhard, Miley, Wamel, Watts, Taylor, Hayward, Higgins, Garwood, House, Robinson, Morgan, Sayers, Hood, Brooks, Fickel, Highsmith, Jones, Orgain, Perkins

IM006375 1899 Smithville Market Reports

IM006376 Jennings, Ryan, Eddy, Ramsey, Scurry

IM006377 1899 Shooting at Rosanky, Groman, Haley, Bridewell, Cooper, Jones, Wilson, Winston, churchill, Oliver, Hill, Simon, Morehead, Harris, Buchanon, Wilson, Thompson, Burleson, Oliver, Fordtran, Moore, Cobb, McFarland

IM006378 Big Foot Wallace died. Heilbron, Holloway

IM006379 8/1896 Cynthia Laurence died. Hubbard, Hill, Pope, Lawrence

IM006380 article continued. Hubbard

IM006381 article continued. Andrews

IM006382 8/8/1896 Fire, Olive, Orgain

IM006383 1/4/1890 Buchanan, McLavy, Petty, Pnner, Childress, JOnes

IM006384 1/1885 A. W. Hill died

IM006385 article continued. Hill

IM006386 article continued. San Jacinto, Hubbard, Hill

IM006387 article continued, Hill

IM006388 article continued. Hill

IM006389 article continued. Hill, Death of Mrs. R. W. Morgan

IM006390 7/6/1889 Nancy Burleson died, Montgomery, Thompson

IM006391 article continued. Burleson

IM006392 article continued. Burleson, Blakey, San Jacinto, Brady Cemetery

IM006393 6/1889 Letter from Jeddo, Price, Hopkins, Hallmark, Priest, Thompson, Chappell

IM006394 11/23/1889 John Mayes died. Mier,

IM006395 2/22/1896 Miley, Hopson, San Jacinto, Hardeman, Darden, Hill, Lubbock, Jobe, Duval, Fannin, Goliad, Thurmond

IM006396 1/18/1896 Smithville Fire. Holmes, Kebela, Gentry

IM006397 article continued. Kebela, Mitchell, Bishop, Hoppe, Wise

IM006398 1/11/1896 Smith, Huddler, McCollough, Hackworth, Turner, Kuykendall, Knobbs

IM006399 11/2/1895 Death of Higgins, Death of Eilers. Garwood, Gamble, Keener, Duval, Higgins, Yellowly, Toole, Holland, Gamble, Jones, Sayers, Erhard, Jung, Orts, Batts, Claiborne, Gill, Burger, Fairview Cemetery, Johnson, Crow, McKean, Massey

IM006400 10/26/1895 Billingsley, Eastland, Mudd, Morgan, Standifer, Scott, Potter

IM006401 Charged with fence burning. McMillan, Smith, Baird, Maynard, Sayers, Orgain,

M006402 article continued. Orts, Smith

IM006403 article continued. Orts, Wilkinson

IM006404 article continued. Eggleston, Orts, Cramer, Miller, Wilkinson, Highsmith

IM006405 article continued. McMahon, Ward, Orts, Smith, Eckles, Orts, Walker, McGinnis, Cunningham, Burleson, Martin, Hannay

IM006406 article continued. Smith, Orts, Hannay, Sweasy, McPherson, Evans

IM006407 article continued. Holden, Eckler, Smith, Orts

IM006408 article continued. Eckler, Smith, Orts, Cunningham, McMillan

IM006409 5/31/1902 Moore, Hanson, Ziegenhals, Gamble

IM006410 Terry,

IM006411 article continued. Winfield, Terry, Smith, Reagan

IM006412 article continued. Terry, Smith, Reagan, Gardener, Leakey Cemetery

IM006413 3/15/1902 William Young obit, Trigg, Anderson

IM006414 article continued.

IM006415 article continued. Adams, Trigg Cemetery

IM006416 article continued. Adams, Trigg, Jenkins, Richards, Moncure

IM006417 6/21/1902 Kelly, Cunningham, Black, McPhaul, Martin

IM006418 John Williams dead, Rangers, Wallace

IM006419 article continued. Young's Church Graveyard, Wooten

IM006420 article continued. Wooten

IM006421 10/22/1936 Hills Prairie. Jenkins, Robinson, Jones, Johnson

IM006422 article continued. Owens, McDonald

IM006423 article continued. Black, Hubbard, Ridge, Black, Moore, Watson

IM006424 article continued. Ridge, Black, Moore, Watson

IM006425 Jackson, Karling, Gray, Hanks, Lowden, Crittendon, Perkins, Parker, Layton, Lemon, Price, Smith, Parker, McDonald

IM006426 6/28/1902 Fire, Elzner, Keil

IM006427 article continued. Elzner, Amthor

IM006428 3/30/1934 Freeman died. Schubert, Darnell, Carwin

IM006429 9/28/1939 Funeral for W. H. Petty. Harris, Nite, Creppon, Lay, Thorn, Tidwell, King, Smith, Wofford, Tiner, Martin

IM006430 1917 Edward Burleson died. Wynne, Kellum, Montgomery, Thompson, Hemphill, Lee

IM006431 1917 Munn, Elzner, Morris, Hanson, Alexander, Rice, Spooner, Brown, Anderson, Sapp, Burleson, Montgomery, Parsons, Blakey, Jenkins, Tabor, Allen, Banks

IM006432 Alexander, hanson, Rice, Spooner, Anderson, Sapp, Ingram, Williams, Litton, Voss, Blakey, Burleson, Montgomery, Thompson, Hemphill

IM006433 Coulson death, Bell, Morrison, Bell, Roberts, Racke, Burleson, Alexander, Rice, Norment, Williams, Ross, Randle, Schreiber, Krager

IM006434 Death of Ingram, Glissman, McLeod, Landa

IM006435 Batts takes oath, Brooks, Woodward, Hart, Harrell, Gregory, Green, Stores agree to close, Holt, Perkins, Booth, Elzner, Seicensang, Taylor, Hsler, Olive, Prokop, Cohen, Kesselus, Raymon, Knittel, Griesenbeck, Guse, Gill, Wood, Wilbarger, Martin, Orts, Hoffman, Chalmers, Davis, Lee, Woehl, Cole, Rabensburg, Eilers

IM006436 1975 Champion, Hollan, Alexander, Hemphill, Murchison, Barker, Fowler, Billingsley, Hamilton, Litton, Wilson, Maynard, Wicks, Prause, Green, Reynolds

IM006437 1882 Forlitson, Ridley, Marks, Starr

IM006438 9/30/1882 Jones, Rose, Barnett

IM006439 article continued. Rose, Barnett, Jones

IM006440 7/25/1882 Live Oaks, Lentz, Wheelock, Little, Williams, Hill

IM006441 article continued. Hill, Weaver

IM006442 article continued. Hill, Voigt, Moore

IM006443 3/20/1884 Gibson, Young, Highsmith, Gibson, Perkins, Snake Prairie changed to Eagle Branch

IM006444 3/1884 Goliad, Fannin, Trueheart, Mims, Johnson, Peason

IM006445 article continued. Cogby, McKinney, Fannin

IM006446 1/1884 McGehee, Highsmith, Moore, Smith

IM006447 12/1883 B. C. clark died.Cain, Fairview Cemetery, Grant, Glover, Zimmerman, Hopkins, Preston, Powell, Beil, Young, Scott, Casper

IM006448 Ben Thompson.

IM006449 article continued. Thompson

IM006450 McCabe, Pearson, costley, Maxwell, Rosenburg

IM006451 3/1883 Memorial B. F. Davis, Nash, Cartwright

IM006452 article continued. Davis, McDade Buchanan, speagle, Wilson, Haynie, Cole, Hemphill, Hill, Price, Jung, Eilers, Billingsley, Bellimy

IM006453 article continued. Davis

IM006454 article continued. Jenkins, Davis, Fowler

IM006455 article continued. Fowler, Davis, Attempted Rape at Elgin, New Comet discovered, Swift

IM006456 article continued. Bucnanan, Casino Hall

IM006457 article continued. Davis, Goodman, Zimpleman, Bergen

IM006458 4/1884 Petty, Vaughan, Williams, Caldwell, Sayers, Rector, Teichmueller, Hubbard, Highsmith, Moore, Maynard, Moore, Grimes, Nannay, Olive, Jenkins, Morris, Burleson, Vaughan, Renick, Bell, Jones, Habert, Scruggs, Robinson, Kerr, Petty, JOnes, Hearne, Watterson, Nixon, Head, Meredity, Bowen, Grimes, Schultz, Stolle, Sanders, Taylor, Hill, Sneed, Pearson, Lee, Eppler, JOnes, Hancock, Spell, Allison, Fundy, McFarland, Moore, Corbell, Hamphill, Bellamy, Moore, McPhaul, Roe, Holland, Davy, Luna, Martinez, Finklea, Glover, Zimmerman, Frierich, Parker, Stagner, Sisco, Walker, Pate, Bird, Pierce, Smith, Scott, Craddock, Holubie, Novak, Kelly, Reader, Collins, Taylor, Condron, Sowell, Horn, Basey, Cook, Hudgins, Nichols, Oldfield, Callaway, Randle, Petty, MCCuiation, Wallace, Walker, Ramsey, fowler, Harrel, McGinnis, Baggett, Lewis, Mobley, Ronas, Fieris, Young, Potts, Cocreham, Taylor, Grohman, Smith, Foster, Farmer, Voigt, Wood, Copeland, Elwood, Hicks, Dodd, Voigt, Corbell, Brahm, Baker, Paris, Reynolds, Jones, Dunn, Williams, Stephens, Berry, Grisby, Jackson, Wilson, Headspeth, Hemphill, Johnson, Williams, chambers, Cockrill, Payne Duval, Culberson, Lockhart, Johnson, Hodge, Curry, Jones, Lee, Jackson, Reece, Clark, Hosman, Cleveland, Bird, Lee, Williams, Hutchins, Irvin, Cook, Person, Craft, Hutchins, Tally, culberson

IM006459 4/7/1883 Cain, cone, Stone, Dicky, Hall, Wilson, Farley, Cooper, Waldo, Jeff Wheeler shot, Camp, Brooks, Tinnin, Miles, Whitefort, Smith, Russell, Chapman, Durant, Hill, many names, Nash, Ireland, Ellis, Morrow

IM006460 6/2/1883 Thompson, Moore, Swords, A War Relic, Tapley, Gillespie, Grant

IM006461 article continued, Bright

IM006462 Cedar Creek pioneer woman's grave marked, Winans Billingsley, Whittaker, Williams, Billingsley, San jacinto, Morgan, Gordon, Smith, Beckham, Hatter, Travis, Hollis, Lunday, Painter, Ellis, Wolf, Selby, Lunday, Fuchs, Moats, Callahan, Stapper, Johnson, McMillian, Baker, Shade, Ferguson, Wolfe, Laird, Wilhelm, Maynard

IM006463 3/8/1984 Thermopolae had messenger, The Alamo by Lillian Waugh, Alamo, Santa Anna, Cox, Crockett, Mina, Bowie. Crawfprd. Dau,pm. Evams. Kemmomgs. Kpjmspm. Kpmes. Lemmeu. Mprtjcrpss. S,otj. Tjp,as. Warme;;. Wo;spm

IM006464 article continued. Alamo, Certificate of Donation land Jennings

IM006465 3/29/1984 March 1836 bitter month, Waugh, Goliad, Fannin, Willis, Burleson, Houston, Ward, King, Refugio

IM006466 article continued. Urrea, Fannin, Goliad, Goliad, Calhoun

IM006467 article continued. Map of troop movement, Goliad

IM006468 Baron's likeness finally in files of Bastrop Museum, Austin, Martin, count de la Baum, Williams, Bariess

IM006469 article continued, murel of Baron

IM006470 4/5/1984  Courthouse opened 100 years ago, Waugh, Mina, Hanna, Mays, Hill, Garrett, Poage, Wallace, Gazley

IM006471 Courthouse article continued. Mina, Hanna, Brookshire, Nutt, Mays, Garrett, Poage,

IM006472 article continued.

IM006473 3/31/1984 Oak Hill community Cemetery Association, McDade, Williams, Smith, Pannell, Walker, Burleson, dunbar, Baker, Tanner, Ransome, Coulson, Barbee, Jarrell

IM006474 article continued. Barbee, Jarrell, Williams, Owen, Trepagnier, Smith

IM006475 5/31/1984 88 years ago. Fraser, Gill, Erhard, Meyer, Austin, Smithville Class of 1934, Hyson, Tolbert, Harrell, Rodgers, Kimbrough, Logue, Bell, Harrell, Schultz, Milton, Oakley, Morgan, Schlortt, Reader, Starns, Franks, Burkhead, Hale, Bishop, Green

IM006476 article continued. Fraser, Cain, Katy, byrd, Hoppe, Casino, Powell, Griesenbeck, Nash, Jung, Watson

IM006477 10/7/1976 Wilbarger House, Young, thompson, Brooks, Austin, Luton, Hawkins, Pfeiffer, Matejowsky, Griesenbeck, Herndon, Cottle, Maynard, Cox, Sharp

IM006478 8/28/1975 Eilers home moved to Smithville. Reasonover, Pennington, Jerry Lewis Telethon on KTVV-36

IM006479 8/14/1975 Nicholson home demolished because of Church. Dokupil, Deason, Chalmers, Treadwell, Croom, Osborn, Beck, Rathmann, Hewgley, Cox

IM006480 Emporium picture, Johnson, Shepard, Sanders, Marshall, Croom

IM006481 Newspaper notice Estate Thomas Moore and Calvin Barker, Dunbar, Nicholson

IM006482 Additional Historical Sketches, Chalmers, Clark, Watterson, Mabry, Tittle, Cope, Smith, Bernard, Lee, Harper, Lee, Wallace, Gray, Blakey, Burleson, Tabor, Allen, Parsons, Dorn, Price, Griffith, Claiborne, Smith, Bryson, Roper, Decherd, Ransome, Booth, Griesenbeck, Karling, Tracy, fiser, Boaz, Neblett, Hill

IM006483 Smith, Bryson, roper, Decherd, Ransome, Booth, Griesenbeck, Tracy, Karling, Fiser, Boaz, Neblett, Hill, Fullilove, Reynolds, Fisher, Davis, McDonald, Chapman, Kubicek, Raven, Martin, Wilke, chambers, Watkins, Pfeiffer, Kesselus, Williamson, Orgain, Wallace, Blakey, Burleson, Davis, Eskew, Richie, Green, Alexander, Haralson, Fisher, Lloyd, Ziller, Young, Johnson, Fitzwilliam, Price, Griffith, Claiborne, Spence, Hall, Griesenbeck, Smith, Woehl, Hall, Morris, Pipkin, Hanks, Layton, Spence, McGinnis, Schultz, Briggs, Rhodes, DeLoach, Carmichial, Layton

IM006484 Citizen's State Bank 1918. Kesselus, Eskew, Craft, Jenkins, chumley, Clark, Miller, Lee, Jones, Weicensang, haines, Bean, McLavy, Cain, Haralson, Benson, Murchison, Martin, Craft, chalmers, Jenkins, Fowler, Marshall, Osborn, Combs, Jones, Page, Jenkins, Brannon, Chalmers, Pearcy, Powell, Jung, Clark, Fowler, Combs, Martin, Talbot

IM006485  1950 Camp Swift, Advertisers listed in 1900 and 1950, Meyer, Elzner, Price, Bell, Fitzwilliam, Hasler, Martin, Miller, Miley, Osborn, Eilers, Thielemann, Bastian, Brieger, Powell, Morris, Orgain, Maynard, Page, Brown, Lane, Garwood, Jenkins, Jones, Highsmith, Price, Luckett, Combs, Flwler, Luckett, Perkins, Cope, Starcke, Chambers, Davis, Lister, Lutz, hasler, Erhard, Starcke, Turner, Guse, Stevenson, Holt, Hoppe, Fowler, Allbright, Hilton, Rabensburg, Sharp, Langley, Hartzell, Ash, Price, Elzner, Denison, Ransome, Miller, Eskew, Long, Crayton, Elkins, Long, Griesenbeck, Bartsch, Bell, Jones, Cartwright, Hoskins, Simmons, Sughrue, Layton, Gahan, Fox, Wood, Edward, Haynie, Sanders, Ramsey, Long, Garwood, Green, Hasler, Hodges, Wolf, Hoffman, Sapp, Stubbs, Sikors, Griffith, Talbot, Orgain, Hasler, Cabbell

IM006486 1950 Bastrop School, Bridge, Schiller, Mina,

IM006487 1950 Reading Circle organized 1897. Karling, Orgain, JOnes, Jones, Possum and Tater Club, Schaefer

IM006488 1950 Main Street 1924, sughrue, Jenkins, Young, Trigg, Nash, Barton, Utley, Jenkins, Starkey, Morgan, Erhard, Brannon

IM006489 1950 Main Street, Palmer, Heiligbrodt, Bode

IM006490 1950 congressional record. Thornberry, Hinga, Bryson, Wilkins, Carpenter, Eskew, Griesenbeck, Elliott, Schaefer, Ash, Bryson, Talbot

IM006491 1950 Bastrop Depot 1908, Kennedy, Kimbro

IM006492 article continued.

IM006493 8/17/1950 article continued. Elliott, Schaefer, Ash, Bryson, Talbot, Mina, Austin, Cocheron, Wilbarger, Sayers

IM006494 10/27/1949 President Says he will ask for more Taxes, J. S. Cottle celebrates Birthday, Truman, Hardin, Austin, Katy, Prather, Field, Sanders, Huff, Gamble Lodge, Hood, May

IM006495 1/15/1950 Mrs. L. L. Rector buried, Orgain, Nolting, Griffin, Fairview Cemetery, Moore, Heartfield, Jenkins, Hasler, Chalmers, Rosanky, Rabensburg, Beale, Leath, Young, Hefner, Ransome, Powell, Bailey, Higgins, Craft, Evans, Blackwell, Elzner, Stovinoha, Royston, Steiner, Denison, Bryson, Smith, Garner, Nichols, Welsh, buxkholtz, Shelton, Cannon, Kendall, Deal, Clapp, Welborn, Pate, Marshall, Mathews, Silverman, McCawer, Deteau, Adams, Moehle, Eskew, Townsend, Stephens, Zapalac, Creel, Hunt, Crosby, Simpson, Ingram, Jerrell, Schuelke

IM006496 4/27/1950 Services held for Lt. Price, Groff

IM006497 Lumber Industry ranked high, Edwards Mill oldest, Alamo

IM006498 Hero of Texas, Baron, Austin, Martinez

IM006499 article continued. Austin, Martinez

IM006500 8/10/1950 Rex Anderson Killed in Car Wreck, Hamilton, Hemphill, Woods

IM006501 Calvary Episcopal Church, Holland, Blasingame, Higgins, Gregg, Crocheron, Nicholson, Toole, Fairbanks, Fleming, Dinwiddie, Wickens

IM006502 article continued

IM006503 Edwards Mill continued.

IM006504 Edwards Mill sontinued. First Methodist Church picture, New church, McCord

IM006505 Flood on Colorado, Baron De Bastrop, Long

IM006506 article continued Calvary church. Higgins, Wickens, Fairbanks, Douglas, Bell, House, Murphy, Fitzwilliam, Holland, Elzner, Hasler, Yellowley, Patten, Haines, Quin

IM006507 Lincoln Letter, found In Texas, Hits Slavery. Stephens, Morgan, Jaymes, Bartsch, Hoffman, Klingle, Beck, Boer, Wolf, Boniface, Goertz

IM006508 1930 Street Markers to be Installed, Toby, Dollens, Allbright, Allen, Allphin, Aldridge, Andrews, Ash, Bailey, Barnhill, Bartsch, Bennight, Biggs, Birmingham, Boatman, Bradford, Brannon, Brewer, Brieger, Browning, Bryson, Buniva, Burdine, Barnette, Callahan, Cartwright, Cassel, Chalmers, Claiborne, Clark, Colvin, Combs, corson, Craft, Carter, Davis, Dawson, DeGlandon, Dodson, Duke, Duran, Edwards, Elkins, Elzner, Erhard, Eskew, Ealey, Fair, Fisher, Fitzwilliam, Franklin, Frieda, Froelich, Galvan, Gillet, Goddard, Gore, Green, Griesenbeck, Griffith, Grimes, Gurwitz, Goge, Hartzell, Haskew, Hasler, Haynie, Hall, Jyder, Herndon, Hefner, Hodges, Hoffman, Holland, Hood, Hopkins, Horaic, Humphrey, Hunter, Hyder, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kellum, Kelly, Kennedy, Kesselus, Ketha, Kunschick, Langley, Lemuel, Linenberger, Long, Loveless, Lutz, Mack, Mason, Maynard, May, McCord, McMillian, McLeod, McPhaul, Miller, Myers, Odom, page, Peebles, Pearcy, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Pfeiffer, Powell, Pressley, Price, Rabensburg, Ramsey, Ransome, Ribbeck, Richmond, Roberts, Robinson

IM006509 article continued. Rosanky, Rile, Sanders, Sapp, Schaefer, Schuelke, Schuyler, Schewe, Sharp, Simms, Simmons, Simpson, Sikors, Smith, Spooner, Standifer, Starcke, Staple, Taylor, Thompson, Trigg, Walker, Warren, Watson, Waugh, Wayne, Whitten, Wickman, Wilkins, Wolf, Wood, Woehl, Wright, White, Williams, Yarbrough, Young, Zegub

IM006510 Receives Letter from Former Resident, Whitworth, Powell, Goodman, Kleinert, Sims, Schanhals, Duval, Wilkes, Mounger, Watterson, Hargroves, Turners, Palmer, Heiligbrodt, bode, Main Street

IM006511 7/20/1950 Bennight/Moore married, Stedman, Worley, Mize, Sewell, Bennight, Brosch, Moellenbrendt, Sullivan, elliott, Ingram, Turner, Kirkpatrick, Townsend, Moellenbrendt, Moore, Vick, Barron, Standifer, Leath, Hemphill, Campbell, Hibbs, Justice, Perkins, Parker, Hugo, Marek, Fohn, Smith, Purcell, Cox, Hendrix, Wilhelm, Hefner

IM006512 8/17/1950 Bastrop Story, Pearcy, Waugh, Erhard, Standifer, JOnes, Bryson, Orgain, Wakefield, Sacred Heart Church, Faust, Woodall

IM006513 Stagecoach, McDade, Nash, Miller, Calvary Church, Kesselus, Higgins picture, Yellowby, Mrs. Robert Gill picture, Telfair, Toole, Cheshire, Blount, Gregg, Wickens

IM006514 article continued on Calvary Church, Barr, Gill, Davis, Higgins, Fairbanks, Jones, Yellowby

IM006515 Cedar Creek trouble, Alexander, Whipple, Taylor, Owen, Haynie, Prause, Green, Schuelke, Gloeckner, Elzner, Jung, Miller, Knittle, Sayers, Swift, Palmer, Jones, Kirk, Smith, Jones, Brieger, Eskew, Herndon, Maynard, Murchison, Hoffman, Sanders, Percy, Morton, Griesenbeck, Weiting, Farris, Campbell, Townsend, Jenkins, McLeod, McBride, Wuneburger

IM006516 This week in history, Onstead, McGuire, Lee, Sitting Bull

IM006517 our Past, Maynard, Bastrop Historical Society, Miller, Powell, Maynard, Young, Gryson, Barnhill, Denman, Long, Eskew, Sturges, Waugh, JOnes, Brieger, Perkins, Smith, Miley, Erhard, Higgins, Maynard, Sharp, Herndon, Simmons, Barton, Orgain, Ash, Anderson, Moncure, Curtis.  ARTICLE BLURRED.

IM006518 article continued, Orgain, Page, Barton, Townsend, Wilbarger, Crysup, Kesselus, Combs, Wilhelm, Probst

IM006519 This week in history.

IM006520 7/3/1975 Our past. Ransome, Denman, Fairview Cemetery, Areiniega, Allen, Morris, Phillips, Crocheron, Gillespie, Burch, Johnson, Wallace, Poage, Moore, Wood, Taylor, Phillips, Wales, Murphy, Keil, Meyer, Friske, Teichman, Gloeckner, Townsend, Hasler, Schaefer, Michels, Kreitz, Michels, Hoppe, Kirk, Woodson, Taylor, Burleson, Waterloo,

IM006521 article continued. Boyce, Green, Tannay, Fairview Cemetery, Jones, Harris, Craft, Poage, Moore, Wood, Taylor, Phillips, Crocheron, Wales, Allen, rutherford, Kirk

IM006522 7/3/1975 Roy Alexander Short as Uncle Sam, Wilson, Anderson

IM006523 San Marcos Heritage, cock, Burleson, Johnson, Senz, Hutchison, Horcasitas, Candelaria

IM006524 article continued. Yarbrough, Hays Co created from Travis Co. McGehee, Hays, Texas Rangers, Pierce

IM006525 article continued.

IM006526 Caldwell Co named after Indian Fighter, Wolf

IM006527 7/10/1975 Our Past, Fairview Cemetery, Thompson, Orgain, Ransome, Crocheron, Garwood, Morgan, Sayers, Batts, Luckett, Walters, Hoppe, Walkins, Erhard, Starke, Hearne, Bastian, Kesselus, Griesenbeck, Brown, Peteway, Nicholson, Powell, Perkins, Damanda, Goodman, Praus, Olive, Sharp, McDowell, McDade, San Jacinto, Billingsley, Gilleland, House, Goldstein, Rockne, Goertz, Tucker

IM006528 article continued. Elzner, Erhard, Taylor, McDowell, Thompson, Nicholson, Watterson, This week in history

IM006529 Our Past, Denman, Fairview Cemetery, Jenkins, Wells, Duty, Pace, Rooks, McDowell, Goliad, Dunbar, Meir, San Jacinto, Ragsdale, Erhard, Grady, Grimes, Holderman, Jenkins, Taylor, Wallace, Bissell, Nicholson and their military services, Nicholson, Hasler, Perkins, Jones, Lee, Dawson, Murchison, Buniva, Petty, Voight, Anderson, Buckner, Red Rock Cemetery

IM006530 article continued. Reding, Pfeiffer, Kesselus

IM006531 7/31/1975 Three Erhard Letters Describe Early Years for Family. Ritz, Armstrong, Nicholson, Frazier, Klopton, Merriman, Burleson, Lamar, McLeod, Kendall, Hancock, Merriman, Banks, Houston, Carr, Brown, Tarbox, cody, Hays, Smith, Reynolds, Hopkins, Bunton

IM006532 article continued. Erhard

IM006533 7/31/1975 The Republic that almost Was. Hickman, Santa Anna, Canales

IM006534 article continued. Ross

IM006535 article continued. Ross, Jordan, Zapata, Houston, Lamar

IM006536 article continued. Jordan, Canales, Alamo, Lamar, Burleson, Vasquez, Taylor

IM006537 article continued.

IM006538 8/7/1975 Our Past, Denman, Fairview Cemetery, Bell, Erhard, Fischer, Bryson, Pfeifer, Munchen, Miley, Jones, Houston, Cederholm, Schanhals, Saucedo, Griffith, Hoffman, Potter, Goertz, Campbell, Sanders, Merino

IM006539 9/30/1971 Brannon, Hill, Patterson, McCord, Turner

IM006540 article continued.

IM006541 article continued

IM006542 8/21/1975 Our Past.Brannon, Drinkard, Orgain, McDade, Elgin, Garrett, Jones, Bryson, Simmons, Ross, King, Spearman, Moncure, Wamel, Welch, Nuse, Livengood, Wilkinson, Moore, Wilkinson, Moore, Nichols 

IM006543 article continued. Tuck, Garrett, JOnes, Bryson, Grimes, Price, Brannon, Wolfenberger, Brookshire

IM006544 Our Past. Bridge, Hasler, Powell, Batts, Duval, Young, Elzner, Higgins, Buchanan, Hasler, Elzner, Bastian, Kleinert, Moncure, Young, Cain, Osborne, Drake, Powell, Pfeiffer, Taylor, White, Pope, Prokop, Gloeckner, Linke, Hoppe, Kleinert, Michels, Kreitz, Willenberg, Brinkman, Gied, Boese, Schaefer, Hoffman, Keil, Theileman, Goodman, Wertzner, Jung, Hasler, Laake, Griesenbeck, Pfeiffer, Elzner, Bauhoff, Hanke, Baron, Rabensburg, Prause, Kesselus, Orts, Bastian, Heiligbrodt, Eilers, Erhard, Brieger, Schilling, Gest, Miller, Reid, Dawson, Bryant, Johnson, Glover, Nicholson, Schweitzer, Garwood

IM006545 article continued. Grube, Lang, Griesenbeck, Nichols, Meyer, White, Griesenbeck, Kovar, Lang, Grube, Ross, Henderson, Parker, Raley, Nichols, Taylor, Meyer

IM006546 Our past 12/1920 Mina, Austin, Standifer, Buescher, Watterson, Redding

IM006547 100 Years With Services. Mt. Olive, Clark, Thorne, Winn, Slaughter, Winn, Handly

IM006548 Our Past 1/28/1937, Sam Petty, Turner, Stone, dodd, Probst, Pester, bowen, Pannel, Harris, Duran, bowen, Wilbarger, Gill, Jung, Osborn, Bowen, pester, Runk, Williams, Hendrix, Talley, Lentz, Mobley, Black, Hilbig, Ingram, Alexander, Turner, Smith, Buckner, Harris, Wright, James, Hasler, Jones, Meyers, Rogers, Turner, Perkins, Green, Rector, Wallace

IM006549 article continued. This week in our history, Kink, Haliburton, Pannel, Harris, Turner, Lentz, Black, Williams, Pogue, Harper, Ridge, Mobley, Runk

IM006550 9/18/1975 Historical Sites Viewed. Goertz, Bartsch, Garza, Brune, Lane, Dawson, Rockne Cemetery, Lehman

IM006551 9/25/1975 Our Past 1935 McDade Lynchings, Billingsley, Webb, Bell, Mann, Knobbs, Erhart, Jenkins, Bell, Turner, Layton, Hannah, Duran, Williams, Harris, Standifer

IM006552 article continued. McDade, Gregg, Lowes, biggers, bowes, Curtis, Croom, Gregg, Kunkel, Marshall, Maynard, Montgomery, Millington, Sanders, Sandifer, Denison, Lawrence, Wynn, Tuck, Griesenbeck

IM006553 Our Past 1935 part II, Billingsley, Webb, Bell, Simms, Murphy, Milton, Jenkins, Griffin, Black, Bassist

IM006554 article continued. Hurst, Waugh, Long, Chalmers

IM006555 10/2/1975 Our Past, article continued McDade, Griffin, Black, Billingsley, McNeeley

IM006556 5/1/1975 Railroad was First Love. Copeland, Thompson, Reardon, Blades, Emans, McDurfee, MK&T

IM006557 article continued.

IM006558 Pioneer Texas Mother Spends Cold Winter Alone. Hickman, Wilkinson, Long, Lafitte, Milan, Austin, Travis, Lamar

IM006559 article continued. Long, Goliad, Culp

IM006560 10/14/1976  Smithville Times. Watterson Farm's History marked. Hunt, Sanders, Eight Live Oaks, White

IM006561 article continued. Watterson school building picture

IM006562 Old Smithville Bridge before 1949 demolition.

IM006563 Lillian Hyson Home.

IM006564 Veterans of WWI list. Many names

IM006565 WWI names continued.

IM006566 8/12/1976 WWI names continued. Kershaw, Bussa

IM006567 WWI names continued. Green, Bartsch, Lloyd, Bell, Reese, Dawson, Schanhals

IM006568 8/5/1976 Woehls Came to Bastrop from Austria 1854. Smith, Wahl, Wolf, Wolf, Carter

IM006569 article continued. chalmers, Sowell, Woehl, Wolf, Long, Mathison, Hancock, Goddard, Hibbs, Beggs, Kelly, Lentz, Ingram, Landrum

IM006570 Nink Family History Traced. Pin Oak, Brieger

IM006571 Parishioners of Bastrop Christian Church 1905 picture, Gents and Ladies picture

IM006572 Elgin Street Scene 1910, Elgin Fire Dept

IM006573 Our Past 1955 Bastrop During 1880s. Menn, McDade, Blaylock, Black, Butler, Taylor, San Jacinto, buel, Nicholson, Morgan, Johnson, Green, Napp, Zumwatt, Taylor, Jones, McCord, Powell, Casino, Burleson, Erhard, Bahn, Moore, Voigt, Powell, Anderson, Jenkins, Luckett, Nash, Jones, Hannay, Moore, Haynie, Higgins, Batts, Hill, Orgain, House, Young, Quinn, Cox, Cordier, Anderson, Tadlock, Poole, Morin, Miller, Hagebusch, Raley, Pfeiffer

IM006574 7/29/1976 Our Past 3/1955 cultural Org of Early Bastrop. Austin, Hardeman, Jones, Moore, Cain, Erhard, Wiseman, Gamble Lodge, Nichols, Orgain, Camp, Lane, Warden, Higgins, Warden, Sayers, Luckett, Haynie, Rosanky, Pfeiffer, Cox, Lester

IM006575 article continued. Haynie, Rosanky, McCord, Cain, Erhard, Nixon, Hood, Korges, Jones, Anderson

IM006576 article continued. Fowler, Green, Moore, Jenkins, Eight Live Oaks, Erhard, Moore, Miller, Jones, Richards, Erhard, Moore, Goodman, McDowell, Orgain, Reynolds, McCord, Batts, Hood, Highsmith, Hunter, Olive, Orden, Grimes, Rice, Rogers, Creel, Wichmann, Carver, Lowe, Kastner, Nelson, Lannen, Mayfield, Horn, Albright, Clampit, Johnson, Brockwell, Morgan, Mitchell, Reedy, Burns, Bartsch, Swearingen, Simpson, Gilbert, Warner, Mouser, Wright, Frieda, DeBaun, Bendell, Bennight, Morris, Jordan, Wyles, Grohman

IM006577 Mrs. Bobby Waugh dies. Willis, Chidsey, Rawlings, Lawson, Cox, Johnson

IM006578 9/30/1976 Courthouse. Griesenbeck, Pfeiffer, Reed, Byrd, Hanna, Arnig, Jones, Wright

IM006579 Census Returns, count 1850

IM006580 census continued.

IM006581 census continued. Rogers, Henke

IM006582 Page, Amsden, Bell, Houston

IM006583 Census returns of Bexar Co 1850 Judd

IM006584 Census of Harrison Co, Johnson 1850

IM006585 Census of Galveston City

IM006586 8/7/1975 Bus Tour Covers Bastrop's Interesting Historical Points. Zinn, Hawkins, Waugh, McGinnis, Tanner, Dunn, Zively, Cauhundra, Scottie Davis Home, Burleson, Jackson, Sayers, Baron, Mina, Erhard, Webber, Sayers, Johnson, Jones, Elzner

IM006587 article continued. Desha, Kelley, Cain, Smith, Standifer, Geisler, Tumlinson, Burleson, Mina, Water Moccasin, Kate Ward, Orgain, chalmer, Patton, Davis, Wolf

IM006588 article continued. Gazley, Ruffini, Terry, Wilcoxen, Falan

IM006589 8/14/1975 Many Enjoy Pilgrimage, Davis, Bell, Namkin, Zinn, Bell, Herndon, Schaefer, Higgins, Herndon, Crider, Gore, McLeod, Allbright, Young, Gregg, Trigg, Peschka, Eskew, Higgins, Huston, Wiley, Brieger, Ingram, Bartsch, Lloyd, Prokop, Rathman, Smith, Spain, Osborn, Kershaw, Elzner, Kipling, DuBois, Sayers, Nicholson, Luckett, Higgins, Goodman, Summers, Higgins, Haynie, Gregg, Crocheron, Telfair, Higgins, Nicholson, Wilkins, Erhard, Beavers, Cain, Galbraith, Bell, Allen, Terry, Cates, French, Shea

IM006590 article continued. Gregg, Orgain, Craft, hanna, Herndon, Alexander, Mina, Christian, butler, Morris, christian, Dechamnes, Jones, Sayers, Smith, Maynard, Jones, Herndon, Dechamnes, Alexander, Bell, Chambers, Eskew, Evans, Farris, Glenn, Gould, Griesenbeck, Grumke, Harris, Haynie, Hausmann, Kesselus, Latham, Long, Moncure, Owens, Richter, Saegert, Schaefer, Sanders, Sharp, Simpson, Turnipseed, Whetsell, Wiess, Wright, Yoast, Zinn

IM006591 article continued. JOnes, Osborn, Herndon, Beck, Pfluger, Trigg, Wilcoxen

IM006592 8/14/1975 Waugh, Elzner, Jenkins, Chambers, Wilbarger, Sayers, Crocheron, McDowall, Nicholson, McDowall, Fowler, Nicholson, Barr, Erhard, Brieger, Cain, Orgain, Bryson, Higgins, Bell, Allen, Orgain, Jenkins, Wilbarger, Brooks, Hubbard, Trigg, Fairview Cemetery

IM006593 article continued. Fowler, Nicholson, Higgins, Erhard, Sayers, Fairview Cemetery, Old Casino, Pohl, Gotier

IM006594 8/14/1975 Class of 1954, Wright, Hanna, Wusterhousen, Wilson, Keshey, Clinger, Price, White, Rathmann, Feibrich, Peterson, Lowden, Hoffman, Jefner, Wusterhausen, Alana, Robinson, Jones, Haralson House, Jung, pearcy House

IM006595 article continued. Haralson, Jung, Pearcy, Starcke, Rabensburg

IM006596 135 Year Old Bastrop Building holds charm of yesterday. Tavern, Hawkins, Lyle, Johnson, Shepard

IM006597 Advertisers plus 1873, many names

IM006598 Advertisers plus 1873, many names

IM006599 Advertisers plus 1873, many names

IM006600 Advertisers plus 1873, many names

IM006601 Advertisers plus 1873, many names