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This file contains images from articles gleaned from area newspapers for various years..  All from the Bastrop Advertiser unless otherwise noted.  These are scanned images of copies from the microfilmed pages of various newspapers.

Within these pages are the building of Bastrop County and other Texas related news items.   While other records have been lost we are fortunate that the Bastrop Advertiser and other papers survived, for the most part, and that the lives, loves and losses of Texas Pioneers are forever captured on their pages.  These pages are true "time capsuals" waiting for you to open the page and be transported back in time.

Special thanks to Howard New who provided the many copies of the newspapers for use on this site.


contributed by Tammy Owen, 10/2003

Page 1 3/22/1926 W. S Watson Sr Obituary. Watson, Moore, McDade

Page 2 page 2, Watson, Chaplain, Brannon, Jenkins, Barnes, Hemphill, Walker, Smith, McElroy, Jackson

Page 3 4/15/1926 Elizabeth Kennedy Obit. Taylor, Kennedy,

Page 4 page 2. Kennedy, Highsmith, Foster, Curl, Taylor

Page 5 page 3. Kennedy

Page 6 page 4. Kennedy

Page 7 page 5. Kennedy

Page 8 1/21/1926 T. B. Lane Dead. McDade

Page 9 3/18/1926. Bastrop Pine Forest History. Kings Highway. Hill's Prairie.

Page 10 continued. Mina, Williams, Bracken, Chapman

Page 11 6/16/1894 Como Locals, Young, Brown, Gray

Page 12 continued. Bellamy, UPton, Young

Page 13 continued.

Page 14 continued. Young, Gray

Page 15 continued. Gray, Gazley

Page 16 4/21/1894 Como Locals. Young, Garrett, Upton

Page 17 continued.

Page 18 continued.

Page 19 3/31/1994 Como Locals, Highsmith, Corbett, Upton, Snake Prairie, Shook, Wright, Calloway, Bellamy, Moore

Page 20 continued. Wright, Brooks, Upton, Spear, Scallion, Clayton, Royston, Williams

Page 21 1873. Many business ads.

Page 22 continued.

Page 23 1872 many business ads

Page 24 1874 many business ads

Page 25 4/18/1874 FAnnin, Goliad, WArd, Kirk, Elgin, Giddings, Bryce, Lyman, Goodman, many names, coal

Page 26 continued. Stage Robbery, Coal

Page 27 1910 Smithville Times, Upton, Payton, Stolle, Lee, McArthur, Rosanky, Williams, Bryers, Middleton, Calahan, O'Rourke, McCollum, Eagleston, Newton, Carmichael, Beuschler

Page 28 3/1910 Harkins, Red Rock, Upton, HIggins, Stubbs, Rosanky, Machann, Thompson, Murphy,Tiner, Farris, O'Bar, McDaniel, Moore

Page 29 1/8/1899 Smithville Times. Annother Hero Gone, Mabry, Maney, Reinhart, Dunaway, Yerger, Hill

Page 30 3/11/1899 Smithville Times. Iron Bridge in Bastrop

Page 31 Card of Thanks, Rodes (Rhodes), Walker, Smith, Long, Gerrard, Woffard, Bennett, DAvisson, McDowald, Yerger, Sayers

Page 32 Cobb, Miller, Hood, Harris, Thomas, Whipple, Maxey, Rogers, Robinson

Page 33 Will Return Flag of Terry's Rangers. Graber, Cleveland, King, Weiler,

Page 34 continued. Binkley, Mount

Page 35 continued. Weiler, Wilder, Miller, Graver, Littlefield, Christian

Page 36 continued. Robbins

Page 37 Gov Sayers is a comrade. Green, Sayers, Sibley, Hardeman, Huffman, Kimbrough, Howell

Page 38 continued. Hardeman, Rankin, Corwin, Shepard, Sayers, Phillips, McCormick, Elgin

Page 39 continued. McNutt, Sibley, Green, Hardeman, Whiteley, HOux, Bradley, Sayers

Page 40 10/8/1936 Smithville Times. Went Obit. Ramsey, Blackwood, Williams, Schoultz, Hill, Bain, Quinney, Insall, Gunter, Johnson, Buescher, Smith, Tohert, Stamach, Haynie, Loughridge, Ingram, Barrow, Painter

Page 41 3/1934 H C Smith Obit, Bell, Derrick, Voes, Champion, McRell, Harris, Maney, Cartwright, Cooper, Wilson, Grizzard, Hall, Crockett

Page 42 6/30/1935 Mattie Jenkins obit. Snow, Willford, Dooly, Payne, Wallace, Goff, Reid, Fritz, Taylor, Hickman, Wallace, Sawyer, Burleson, Davis, Hunt, Pierson, Lewis, Hurtz, Armes

Page 43 1934 Alvis Tiner, Taylor, Kelly, Lake, Hill

Page 44 3/1953 Hugh Sorrells dies, Brewer dead near San Marcos, Sorrells, Wofford, Woodall, Bunte, Hardee, Heatley, Polk, Campbell, Patton, Stall

Page 45 9/1899 Letter from Hill's Prairie. Trigg, Payton, Hill, Moore, Payne, Goggan, Kimbrough, Starkey, Tredeman, Coleman, Cognetti, Crosby

Page 46 2/15/1934 Red Rock news, Breeding, Pearson, Black, Alexander, Corbell, Vineyard, Petty, Voigt, Buckner, Turner, Mobley, Etzel, Smith, Wolf, Lentz, Harris, Ingram, James, Booth, Culpepper, Prewitt, Harrison, Hotelling, Hoerster, Orts, Steymann, Millington

Page 47 2/1934 Red Rock News. Buckner, Hoerster, Wolf, Turner, Alexander, Fisher, Petty, Breeding, Booth, Culpepper, Fisher, Harris, James, Smith, Voigt, Haynie

Page 48 9/20/1912 Smithville Times, Conson, Purcell, JOnes, Thurman, Moore, Haynie, Jenkins, McCollum, Allen, Perkins, Warshawski, Wolff, Hoppe, McGowan, Humphrey, Campbell, Shearin, Brewer, Briggs, Oliver, Scallorn, Cobb, Smith, Foxel, Jones, Slaughter

Page 49 9/20/1912 Smithville Times, Humphrey, Campbell, Shearin, Scallorn, Upton, Nichols, Thompson, Guthrie, Falkenberg, Martin, Smith, Foxel, Jones, Slaughter, Wrede, Wilson

Page 50 5/16/1913 Williams and Cockrill marry. Turney, Stolle, Davis

Page 51 5/16/1913 McDole died.

Page 52 5/161913 Turney, Abbey, Mitchell, Byrne, Middleton, Burleson, Woupka, Cook, Wilkes, Tansey, Hill, Bell, Saunders, Curtis, Oliver, Davis, Stolle, Marburger, Harless, Lane, Shipp

Page 53 5/23/1913 Mathis, Don Petty died, Higgins, Eskew, Marshall

Page 54 5/23/1913 McCollum, Sumner, McDade, Turney, Peeples, Hill, Lynn, Steffens, Stutzman, Haynie, Johnson, Delaney, Brooks, Stevens, Patts, Moore, Kennedy, Richey, Lawrence, Churchill, Atkins, Murphy, Sawyer, Mortimer, Willford, Cogdill, Tlzman, Sullivan, Waltrip

Page 55 5/23/1913 Crescendo Club, Temple Craft Obit. Winston, Williams, Taber, Dain, Turney, Hill, Winston, Griggs, Hill, Wite, Liles

Page 56 6/20/1913 District Court, First National Bank, Wilkes, Staples, Moore, Byrne, Mohler, Edwards, Eagleston, Fennen, Warfield, Dary, Hamilton, Rowe, Burleson, Simmons, McDavid, Bodunger, Collingsworth, Lundin, Walker, Harper, Sauve, Alexander, Culp, Ransome, Weneberger, Puckett, Hendrix, Hill, Zimmerhansel, Miller, Templeton, Spence, McFaul, Miller, Burke, Anderson, McDuff, Martin, Cook, Steinback, Brieger, Sinks, Jenkins, Olive, Townsend, Tirey, Rogers, Jenkins, Matthis, Huff, Chalmers, Maddox, Rector, Winston, Powell, Moore, Hasler

Page 57 6/26/1913 Ragsdale, Tippen, Searcy, Vickers, Grimes, Walker, Bain, Bigbee, Tally, Curtis, Moore, Utzman, Myrick, Marburger, Valenta, Freytag, Leshikar, Baker, Marburger, Roe, Went, Miller. J. W. Corn dead, Falls

Page 58 6/20/1913 Yerger, Hill, Tansey, Turney, Burleson, Giveler, Hill, Freytag, Bashaw, Black, Plummer, Nichols, Williams, Andrews, Rabb, Young, Upton, Boehm, Wade, Moore, Marrs, Jones, Black, Curham, Saunders, Hickey, Carleton, Cottle, Hewatt, Slack, Edwards, Eagleston, Hulsey, Williams, Clayton, Parks, Higgins, Middleton, Valenta, Nickel, Warshawski, Wolff, McCaul, Watson, Sullivan, Roensch, Stewart, Young, Maney, Moore, Middleton, Higgins, Childress, Tippen, Richardson, Voelkel, Tansey, Donovan, Praetorius, Thurman, Powell, Shanks, Powell, Anderson, Swartz, Smith, Trousdale, Hopp, Sullivan, Utzman, Nickel, Roensch, Allen, Tippen, Vickers, Kennedy, Rolsten, Cobb, Witcher, Redfield

Page 59 6/27/1913 Psencik, Comstock, Peeples, Powell, Dain, Johnson, Leath, Utzman, Hewatt, Wolff, Martin, Winn, Hill, Valek, Wilson, Wilkins, Jones, Brewer, Vickers, Rogers, Hood, Burt, Rowe, JOhnson, Ford, Steele, Williams, Martin, Anderson, Black, Wroe, Parker, McDonald, Witcher, Gibson, Tate, Yelton, Warshawski, Wolff, Bigbee, Douthitt, Searcy, Comley, Homuth, Yelton, Turney, Wynne, Tippen, Ballard, Young, Valenta, Loughridge, Dinock, Trousdale, Chapman, Givler, Karling, Lundell, Booth, Steiner, Watson, Moore, LeSeur, Oldfield, Craft, Longino, Mathis, Carmichael, Behrens, Hyson, Fletcher, Castile

Page 60 Karling, Lundell, Booth, Watson, Moore, LeSeur, Oldfield, Craft, Longino, Oldfield, Hill, Carmichael, Davis, Brewer, Jones, Humphrey, Williams, Jones, Flint, Walker, Hayden, Delaney, Behrens

Page 61 6/27/1913 King, Collins, Darling, Harrell, Strawn, RAbb, Keilberg, Fruedenberg, Krueger, Witt, Urner, Keilberg, Kuehn, Bradshaw, Briggs, Threadgill, Ortiz, Lark, Combs, Wood, Orgain, Jenkins, Brannon, Rutland, Cunningham, Jenkins, LeSueur, Hill, Watson, Beck, Sparks, Bowen, Vesmirosky, Winston, Stiteler, Colgrove, Whitworth, Beakes, Davis, Nichols, Ves, Winston, Craft, Jenkins, Bridges, Washington, Gray, Miller, Garner, Wilson, Hilliard, House, Manson

Page 62 Picture of Saxon "Six" touring car

Page 63 Picture of Pullman car, Combs, Morris

Page 64 Pioneer Homes gain recognition thru local writer, Jones, Cocheron, Jenkins, Taylor, Wilkes, Higgins, Moore, Jones, Sayers, Perkins, Osborn, Jones

Page 65 4/5/1934 Barrow rumored to have passed through Bastrop. Bonnie and Clyde, Raymond Hamilton, McDonald, Kullenburg

Page 66 H F Jordan dies. Moore, Norvell, Lipscombe, Wilbarger, Byrd, Jordan, Walter, Brannies, Keller, Eskew, Mogeford, Walter

Page 67 continued. Norvell, Eskew, Neal, Carter, Simmons, Elzner, Hackworth, Waugh, Murchison, Lee, Watterson, Smith, Dinges

Page 68 continued. Busby, Ellzey, Wilson, Sandlin, Bolton

Page 69 continued.

Page 70 Norvel article continued.

Page 71 Norvel article continued.

Page 72 Norvel article continued.

Page 73 Norvel article continued.

Page 74 1865 Story of the war. Bragg, Bailey

Page 75 article continued. Pensacola,

Page 76 continued. McClellan

Page 77 continued.

Page 78 5/1884 Gov. Sam Houston

Page 79 continued.

Page 80 continued.

Page 81 continued.

Page 82 continued.

Page 83 continued.

Page 84 Origin of the Lone Star

Page 85 1885 Forty years ago, Templin

Page 86 continued. Anderson, Young, Rector

Page 87 8/20/1885 Eagle Branch. Scott

Page 88 continued. Shook, Moore, Hoppe

Page 89 continued. Hoppe

Page 90 11/14/1885 Williams, Pearson, Stovall, Lewis, Stephens

Page 91 Heard them counted. Eggs

Page 92 continued

Page 93 continued. McLester, Bamble, Jenkins, Bell notice,

Page 94 3/19/1964 Davy Crockett jailed here on way to Alamo.

Page 95 continued, Atkins, Turner

Page 96 1964 W H Buck Reid died, Smith, Kelly, McCann, Marrs, Burns

Page 97 Picture of Ida Beth Kelly

Page 98 Picture of Ida Beth Kelly

Page 99 7/16/1964 Ida Beth Kelly died. Baldwin, Beck, Darling, Clardy

Page 100 continued. Smith, Young, Terry, Tiner, Hayslip, Kelley

Page 101 continued. Baron, Young, Screws, Breeding, Tiner, Cowan

Page 102 Assassinations offer Parables by Culpepper, Kennedy, Johnson, Lincoln, Booth, Oswald, Standifer

Page 103 1964 Annie Thompson obit, Marrs, Young, UPton, Thompson, Collier, Bates, Cox, Deavers, Michulka, Petty

Page 104 Bastrop men in Alamo, Williams, Northcross

Page 105 continued. Smith, WArnell, Burleson

Page 106 8/26/1964 Hubbard-Trigg house awarded medallion. Sheppard, Birmingham

Page 107 continued. Hubbard, Standifer, Turner, Wolf, Landrum

Page 108 Campbell Taylor House gets medallion. Mina, San Jacinto, Craft, Reed, Denman, Fitzwilliam, Webb

Page 109 1964 Descendants of Civil War sought by historical group. Maynard, Highsmith, Miller, Petty, Sayers, Green, Waul, Randal, Scurry, Polignac, DeBray

Page 110 continued. Green, Hendrix, Williams, Oaks, Alexander, Rucker, Long, Odiorne, Whetsell, Bagby, Parson, Nettle, McMahan, HOskins

Page 111 4/2/1964 Visitors to Red River battlefield. Hawn, Houston, Gould

Page 112 continued. Villarreal, Wilhelm, Justice

Page 113 4/2/1964 Grave of Mendoza B Maynard marked with civil war monument. Denison, Hood, Ballard, Davis, Sumerlin

Page 114 continued. Denison, Hood, Maynard, Crawford

Page 115 4/9/1964 John Heard honored as Confederate soldier, with new grave marker. Maynard, Routan, Thompson, Berwich, Stine, Coburn, McDonald, Bryan

Page 116 continued.

Page 117 4/16/1964 Civil WAr marker placed at grave of J. J. Moncure.

Page 118 continued. Simmons, Watts, McMillian, Moncure

Page 119 1/17/1885 Pearson killed, Darnell, Moore, Duncan, Moorscheldt

Page 120 3/21/1885 Penn. Stovall shot, Pearson

Page 121 1885 Stovall, Gagnan, Pearson

Page 122 continued. Pearson

Page 123 1885 Dr. Stovall seriously wounded, Pearson

Page 124 5/2/1885 Pearson's Punishment.

Page 125 continued.

Page 126 continued. Stovall, Pearson

Page 127 continued. Stovall, Pearson

Page 128 1895 Tally, Bell, Heard, Mrs. P A Townsend buried in Weimer, Jung

Page 129 11/2/1895 Marriage licenses. Duncan, Hamilton, Billingsly, Keele, Renfro, Graves, Aguine, Regas, Carr, Oliver, Preston, Roberton, Kellum, Nelwing, Young, Jones, Delap, Skinner, Wormley, Jefferson, Smith, Woods, Montgomery, Walter, Miller, Smith, Bryers, Montgomery, Winston, Moore, Doherty, Wilson, Harris, Culpepper, Culberson, Gray, Roberts, Caruthers, Humbles, Macklin, Nolan, Powell, Enrites, Estrada, Dancer, Morman, Beck, Hilbig, Oppett, Schneider

Page 130 10/26/1895 Drawing pensions. Billingsly, Eastland, Mudd, Morgan, Standifer, Scott, Potter

Page 131 4/25/1929 Sixty years ago. Orgain, Batt

Page 132 continued. Talley, Johnson, Batt, Jones, Buchanan, Burch, Claiborne, Elzner, Reynolds, Gillispie, Morgan, Garwood, Wertzner, Green, Cain, Nicholson

Page 133 continued. Taylor, Chambers, Reynolds, Higgins, Powell, Garwood, Morgan, Gillespie, Duval, Buchanan, Ortz, Batts, Starcke, Jung, Eilers, Glover, Reading, Gibson, Smith, Thompson, Maynard, Cocheron, Sayers

Page 134 4/18/1929 Chester Erhard dead

Page 135 4/18/1929 Death Takes Distinguished Bastrop Citizen, Erhard, Trigg, Bell, Jenkins, Brannon, Griesenbeck, Pearcy, McDaniel, Bryson, Hasler, Moore, Denison, Maynard, Haynie, Wilkes, Perkins, Townsend, Hainey, Young, Schewe, Smith, Sayers, Andrews, Griesenbeck, Meusebach, Price, Craft, Osborn, Perkins, Wilbarger, Ransome, Hemphill, Holland, Taylor, Fowler, Rabensburg, Combs, Elzner

Page 136 continued.

Page 137 4/12/1929 Morgan, Davidson, Young, Jenkins, Orgain, Hubbard, Sayers

Page 138 continued. Nelms, Wilbarger, Billingsley, Claiborn, Stafford, Gardner, Nash

Page 139 3/21/1929 Eastland birthday, Saunders, Taylor, Denison, Nell, Metcalf, Brooks, Ash, Waugh

Page 140 continued. McGuire, Eastland, Luke, Houston, Rederick, Helmcamp, Audella, Ship, Waugh, Perkins, Tribble

Page 141 3/14/1929 Hasler died 1909, jWilliams, Maynard, Page, Powell, Webb, Kirk, McLavy, Walton died, Alexander died, Moncure, Simmons, Boothe

Page 142 continued. Nicholson, Duball, Hasler, Jenkins, Claiborne, Stafford, McDade, Walter, Carmer

Page 143 3/14/1924 Deaths. Laura Pledger, Loyless, Yelvington, Cookenboo, Holt, Schaefer

Page 144 3/7/1924 21 years ago. Goodman, Schanhals, Bryant, Andrews, LeMaster, Kelton, Taylor, Harvey, Watson, Williams, Orts, Bryan, Moehle, Orgain, Morris, Batts killed by lightning 50 years ago

Page 145 continued. Batts, Erhard, Hill, Taylor, Yerger

Page 146 3/7/1929 deaths. Emma Mertz. Adams, Rabb, Laake, Guse, Dibrell, Cannon died

Page 147 continued. Canon, Dora Ann Washington Glass died. Haynie Chapple, Buck, Hilliard, Glass

Page 148 continued. Glass, Wilson, Fite, Turner, Randle, Reid, Priest, McKinley, Crow, Whitworth, Lutherell, Sheerer, Death of T J Smith, Aldridge, Gamble Lodge, Dibrell, Smith, Banks, Hemphill, Adcock, Moore, McDaniel, Erhard, Jenkins, Booth, Miller, Orgain, Adams, Rabb, Guse, Schultze

Page 149 continued. Smith

Page 150 2/21/1929 Starcke, Griffith, Claiborne, Winston, Chapman, Powell, Mayo, Brown, Taylor, Gaugh, Bryant, Parks, Miley, Morris, Allen, Walker

Page 151 continued. Bryant, Parks, Miley, Morris, Allen, Walker, Havekost, Yerger, Hill, Turner, Nash, McDade, Jones, Sayers

Page 153 continued. Nash, Jones, Sayers, Wertzner, Morris, Goodman, Grimes, Haynie, Lucket, Bastian, Wooten, Burger, Batts, Redding, Moore, Luckett

Page 154 2/21/1929 Death of E. G. Guse. Gaffrey, Placke, Lake, Steymann

Page 155 continued. Placke, Lake, Buse, Steymann, Gues, Callahan guardianship

Page 156 2/21/1929 Gulley, Edwards, Comer, McDade, Williams, Sheppard, Griesenbeck, Erhard, Guse, Beasley, McDonald, Jones, Watson, Hans, Lane, Anderson

Page 157 many years ago 2/15/1908. Orgain, Scott, Comer, McDade, Brannon, Probst, Cardwell, Laake, Mochel, Mertz, Schuetz, Jung, Smith, Duwall, Schneider

Page 158 2/22/1879 Gloeckner, Mitchell, Allen, Young, Kursh, Sayers, Walton, Roberts, Kennedy, Coulson, LeMaster, Allen, Roe, Ware, Jones, Erhard

Page 159 2/7/1929 Deawth of Mr. J. L. Dawson. Morgan, Rosenberg, Waggoner, Pierce, Combs

Page 160 1/31/1929 picture of Mrs. Orgain

Page 161 article on Mrs. Orgain, Allen, Jones, Nicholson, Terry, Reding, Sayers, McDowall

Page 162 continued. Jones, Gillespie, Allen, DAvis, Lee, Jackson, Johnston

Page 163 continued. Perkins

Page 164 continued. Perkins, Lake

Page 165 1/22/1929 Death of Mary Emma Martin, McNeil, Harvel, Oatman, Martin, Murchison, White, Schmidt

Page 166 1/22/1898 Rutherford, McDade, Wynn, Kuykendall, Prause, McDuff, Glover, Sayers

Page 167 1/17/1929 Mary E Logan died. Gibson, Orgain, Dibrell, Gibson, Knight, Watterson, Hendrix, Nite, Rucker

Page 168 1/15/1898 Nash, Bell, Miller, McGinnis, Erhard

Page 169 4/12/1902 MK&T special rates. Logan, Thomas J Hill died. Truss, Baylor

Page 170 3/29/1902 Palmer, Robertson, Roberts, Cardwell, Gamillion, Sanders

Page 171 3/29/1902 Hutchins, Hunnington, Thompson died, Rogers

Page 172 3/22/1902 Cratock, Marks

Page 173 3/1902 Jett, Harp, Caldwell, Luckett, Erhard, Jones, Caleb, Webberville, Robinson, Page, Bell, Murchison

Page 174 2/201902 Johnson Miller killed, Aldridge, Watson died

Page 175 Attempted assissination of Charley Jenkins

Page 176 continued. Upton, Bellamy, Belle Moore, Gentry

Page 177 continued. Gentry, murder of Belle Moore (see Toby Cook articles)

Page 178 continued.

Page 179 5/30/1891 Letter from E H J to pupils.

Page 180 continued. many childrens' names

Page 181 continued. many names

Page 182 2/15/1902 Boone, Mier, Bailey

Page 183 2/1/1902 Wilson, McCarty

Page 184 Hotchkiss, Clark, McDade, Young, Lawhon, Dunbar, Hemphill, Elzner, Jones, Guse

Page 185 1/18/1902 Lytton Springs Terrorised. Palmer

Page 186 continued. Carpenter, Hopkins

Page 187 1/1902 Baker, Kelly, Caffee

Page 188 old war veterans. Aman, Brodnax, Cogdill, Decherd, Duce, Eagleston, Hill

Page 189 continued. Hill, Hall, Harrison, Haynes, Hopkins, Jannessen, Kesseuls, King, Lee, Massey, Mayfield, Miller, Nash, Pierce, Plummer, Priest, Renick, Sawyer

Page 190 continued. Renick, Sawyer, Shipp, Smith, Spears, Talley, Tiffany, Tyner (Tiner), Hopkins, Pierce, Sawyer, Duce, Hopkins, King, Decherd

Page 191 continued. Anderson, Arbuckle, Avery, Bradshaw, Brawder, Buckner, Burleson, Cain, Campbell

Page 192 continued. Cain, Campbell, Claiborne, Clemens, Colston, Connor, Cox, Duran, Eastland, Foxel, Franklin, French, Gallaspie, Gill

Page 193 continued. Glass, Grey, Harold, Hill, Hughes, Kelley, Lentz, Miller, Moore, Morgan, McDonald, Owens, Powell, Patty, Price, Randel, Reid, Reinhardt

Page 194 continued. Reinhardt, Reynolds, Rutherford, Scallons, Scarbrough, Scott, Sims, Simpson, Smith, Sowell, Stone, Sanford, Shultz, Shearn, Sharrell, Walker, Watson, Wells, Wilborn, Wilson, Wilkins

Page 195 continued. Wilson, Wilkins, Wolfenbarger, Wroe, Young, Sayers

Page 196 continued. Plummer, Sayers, Buchanan

Page 197 continued, Buchanan

Page 198 continued. Sayers, Decherd, Duce, Eagleston, Harrison, Kesselus, Lee, Shipp, Tiffney, Franklin, Harald, Moore, McDonald, Price, Sanford, Shultz, Shearn, Young, Cox

Page 199 continued. Sayers, Brodnax, Haynes, Hopkins, King, Glassey, Mayfield, Pierce, Burleson

Page 200 continued. Pierce, Burleson, Campbell, Gillaspie, Zannessen, Brawner, Kelley, Patty, Sherrell, Wilkins, Sayers

Page 201 Henry Gonsolvo Woods' Narrative 9/18/1842. Dawson, Wool,

Page 202 continued. Woods, Dawson

Page 203 continued. Woods, Dawson, Miller

Page 204 continued. Trimble, Woods, Church

Page 205 continued. Woods

Page 206 continued. Woods

Page 207 continued. Dawson

Page 208 continued.

Page 209 continued. Wood, Smith, Etherton, King, Moore

Page 210 continued. King, McClure, Woods, Braches

Page 211 continued. Woods, Gentry, Herring, Loggins

Page 212 Col. Benjamin R. Milam. Long

Page 213 continued. Milam, Collinsworth, Moore

Page 214 continued. Milam

Page 215 Mier Expedition. Smith, Dawson, Ryan, Dusenberry, Hughes, Glasscock, Clopton

Page 216 continued.

Page 217 continued. Smith

Page 218 continued. Jones, Ogden, Cash, Maher, Whaling, Dunham, Rowan, Cocke, Harris, Torrey, Thompson, Roberts, Turnbull, Esta, Eastland, Wing, Shepherd, Russell, Ewing

Page 219 Wilson Vandyke died.

Page 220 Rosanky's among early Texas settlers.

Page 221 continued. Rosanky

Page 222 A light that never failed. LeSueur, Karling, Decherd. Holmes, Jenkins

Page 223 continued. Jenkins, Hill

Page 224 continued. Jenkins, Powell, Hill, LeSueur, Dawson, Karling

Page 225 continued.

Page 226 continued. Jenkins,

Page 227 continued. Holmes, Jenkins, Decherd, Holmes, Stewart, Olgilvy, Northcross

Page 228 continued. Jenkins

Page 229 Cedar Creek Uprising Just after Civil War Recounted by one of old Settlers. Billingsley. Hamilton, Litton, Wilson, Murchison

Page 230 continued. Billingsley, Litton, Wilson, Murchison

Page 231 continued. Wicks, Nolan, Shuff, LaFevere, Jenkins

Page 232 continued. Strotner

Page 233 continued. Thompson, Clark, Bell, Smith

Page 234 continued. Thompton, Clark, Bell, Smith, Wilson, Wicks

Page 235 Norvell Old Camino Real road

Page 236 continued. Will Rogers. Jenkins, Townsend

Page 237 continued. Murchison, Alexander, Powell

Page 238 continued. Black, Akins, Alexander, Murchison, Schaefer, Powell, Jackson, Jones, Schaefer

Page 239 Struggles of EArly Texans for Freedom, First shot at Gonzales.

Page 240 continued.

Page 241 continued.

Page 242 continued.

Page 243 Men of the Alamo and who died there

Page 244 continued.

Page 245 J. C. Wise died. Millett, Prokop, Joyner, Wise, Brannon

Page 246 4/3/1917 Edward Blakey Burleson died. Wynne, Kellum, Montgomery, Thompson

Page 247 continued. Hemphill, Lee

Page 248 continued. Munn, Elzner, Morris, Burleson, Montgomery, Parson, Blakey

Page 249 continued. Burleson, Allen, Tabor, Dorn, Alexander, Rice, Spooner, Brown, Anderson, Sapp, Ingram, Williams, Litton, Voss

Page 250 Norman Lunday trial. Mobley, Hoskins, Powell

Page 251 Death of Andy Townsend. Matthews, Wood, Leath, Williams, Storm, Elzner, Lee

Page 252 3/15/1915 Death of Mr. James Townsend. Kennedy, Stephens, Powell

Page 253 11/1914 Captain Robert E Lee died. Rosanky, Finney, Costley

Page 254 Maria L Hearn died. Gamble, Higgins

Page 255 continued. Orgain, Ellis, HIggins