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McDadeArea, Bastrop Co., Texas

Very limitied information from funeral records


Appel, Infant none unkn Infant of Pastor & Mrs Appel

Behrend, Arthur A 10/28/1892 10/1/1967 Hus of Ida Chrislin Kowierschke)

Behrend, Carl L 10/11/1852 10/11/1931 Husb of Louise

Behrend, Charlie Ludwig 2/26/1883 4/2/1964 Son of Carl & Louise

Behrend, Gustav 10/19/1846 2/22/1911 Hus of Louise nee Jaeger

Behrend, Ida C 6/2/1895 11/11/1982 Nee Kowierschke. Wife of Arthur

Behrend, Infant 11/29/1920 11/29/1920 Son of A. F.

Behrend, Infant none none Son of Bertha & August

Behrend, Johanna 7/14/1887 7/1/1925 Sis to Arthur A

Behrend, Louise 4/15/1862 9/26/1925 Nee Wolf. Wife of Carl.

Behrend, Louise 10/18/1862 4/8/1930 Unmarked. Wife of Gustav

Behrend, Magdalena 10/11/1881 8/5/1956 Sister to Arthur A

Behrend, Selma 1/16/1891 2/10/1891 Infant of Carl & Louise

Behrend, Willie C 6/24/1900 7/11/1934 Hus of Irene nee Baker.

Beyer, Rafena H 2/13/1917 7/8/1918 Dau of Herman & Frieda Klemm Beyer

Braun, Amalie 11/8/1845 3/7/1931 Nee Oehm. Mother. Wife of Lebrecht

Braun, Lebrecht Gottlieb 9/28/1843 11/15/1919 Hus of Amalie A

Brown, Annie C 10/3/1887 5/17/1982 Nee Rother. Wife of Herman

Brown, Herman Emil 9/24/1883 11/4/1978 Hus of Anie C. Rother. Son of Amalie & Lebrecht G. Braun

Dube, Infant none none unmarked. Son of John & Anna nee wolf

Dube, Infant Walter none none unmarked. Son of John & Anna nee wolf

Dube, Twin infants 1889 1889 unmarked. Sons of John and Anna Urban Dube

Ehlo, Carl 7/9/1832 4/2/1890 Hus of Wilhelmine

Ehlo, Lucy 12/9/1875 3/11/1895 Nee Eschberger. Faru of Otto. 19y 5m 2d

Ehlo, Wilhelmine 9/22/1840 11/8/1924 Wife of Carl. Nee Schieter

Eschberger, Samuel Kenneth 6/12/1950 4/1/1979 son of Adeline & Alvin

Grosse, Alma L 5/21/1881 1/7/1973 Nee Rother. Wife of August F

Grosse, August F 3/8/1889 1/29/1933 Hus of Alma L. Father

Grosse, August H 3/15/1911 4/20/1978 Hus of Myrtle L nee Devinish. Son of Alma L & August F.CPL USA WW II

Grosse, August Sr 3/5/1860 4/29/1930 Hus of Emma. Buried at Paint Creek. Son of August Grosse and Louise

Grosse, Myrtle L 3/19/1910 none Wife of August H

Kastner, Alma Brown 3/30/1901 none Dau of Robert & Hildegard Rother Brown

Kunkel, Gertrude 12/4/1907 none nee Grosse. Wife of Harry C. Dau of Alma & August F

Kunkel, Harry C 10/24/1911 6/3/1981 Hus of Gertrude. Wed 11/14/1936.

Kunkel, Infant Girl 12 1938 none Dau of Harry C & Gertrude

McPhaul, Forrest Milton 11/21/1926 7/17/1981 USA WW II. Hus of Charlotte. Son of Willie Mae Barker and Arthur Milton McPhaul

Mille, Charley "Carl" 12/1/1840 8/25/1904 Hus of Mary

Mille, Mary 2/10/1838 10/20/1924 Nee Behrend. Mother. Wife of Charley

Mille, Son none none Son of Charley & Mary

Mueller, Herman F 6/6/1822 12/3/1909 William Ferdinand Herman Miller.

Nesslbeck, James R 7/28/1955 12/23/1979 Son of Frances Weisner & Otto Nesslbeck

Nesslbeck, Otto 4/7/1894 3/30/1980 PVT USA WW I. Hus of Tena Rother. Wed 2/26/1922

Nesslbeck, Tena 6/24/1900 none Nee Rother. Wife of Otto. Dau of Oscar & Tena L Wolf Rother

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Amanda Helena 11/5/1883 11/5/1883 Dau of Gustav & Juliana

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Bertha Frieda 7/12/1888 none Dau of Gustav & Juliana

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Frieda Agnes 6/21/1886 none Dau of Gustav & Juliana

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Gustav Adolf none none Father. Hus of Juliana Willhelmina. This family died of TB

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Gustav Edwin none none Son of Gustav & Juliana

Nitsche (Nitzsche), Juliana Wilhelmina none none Nee Schafer. Wife of Gustav. Mother

Rother, August Sr 12/29/1845 7/2/1919 Hus of Constance Miller Rother.

Rother, Constance 2/3/1860 1/5/1932 Nee Miller. Wife of August Sr. Dau of Wm Ferd. Herman & Rosana Miller

Rother, Erwin A 3/31/1934 3/4/1935 Son of Albert & Frieda Zander Rother

Rother, Hulda 11/12/1891 10/1/1919 Nee Voigt. Wife of Walter Rother.

Rother, Oscar A 5/9/1926 2/6/1933 Hus of Tena L. WOW. Son of Aug Sr & Constance

Rother, Tena L 12/26/1880 8/13/1970 Wife of Oscar

Schluter, Mrs unkn unkn unmarked

Schmidt, Hedwig 10/30/1878 7/17/1928

Schmidt, Henry 6/29/1878 1/21/1933 Father

Schmidt, Hermann H 4/11/1912 9/29/1917

Urban, Infant unkn unkn unmarked

Williamson, Bertha Braun 9/4/1885 4/25/1924 Dau of Lebrecht & Amalie Braun

Wolf, August 10/4/1819 6/13/1903 Gottlieb August (CSA). Hus of Henrietta

Wolf, August 12/19/1863 2/2/1957 Hus of Maria. Son of G. Aug & Henrietta

Wolf, Bertha 3/14/1901 1/18/1982 Nee Jenke. Wife of Henry.

Wolf, David 9/26/1940 11/30/1969 son of Rev Walter & Hattie Zander Wolf

Wolf, Franklin A 8/25/1874 2/7/1958 Son of Franz & F

Wolf, Franz 6/12/1827 7/17/1900 Hus of Fredericka A (Union Army)

Wolf, Frederichs unkn 5/27/1929

Wolf, Fredericka A 3/5/1844 5/27/1929 Wife of Franz. Dau of Christian & Augusta Sturm

Wolf, Gottfried Arnold 8/27/1901 6/4/1906 Son of F. F. & Anna

Wolf, Hattie 6/6/1897 7/31/1983 Nee Zander. Wife of Rev Walter.

Wolf, Henriette Heinze 3/31/1881 4/19/1903 Wife of Gottlieb August

Wolf, Henry 4/24/1902 12/10/1984 Hus of Bertha Jenke. Son of August * Maria

Wolf, Katherine D 3/15/1923 none Nee Kastner. Wife of Theodore M

Wolf, Louis 1/24/1865 5/17/1883 Son of Ludwig & Maria Eschberger Wolf

Wolf, Maria 10/18/1865 1933 nee Ihlo. Wife of August. Dau of Carl & Wilhelmine Ehlo

Wolf, Martha 8/18/1891 none Nee Zander. Wife of Martin.

Wolf, Martin 10/25/1892 7/6/1977 (Ludwig). Hus of Martha. Son of August & Maria

Wolf, Otto Reinhold 1/12/1911 2/26/1912 Son of FF & Fau

Wolf, Theodore M 4/9/1924 4/30/1975 SI USN WW II. Hus of Katherine D. Son of Martin & Martha

Wolf, Walter Otto Rev 7/29/1894 1/28/1982 Hus of Hattie. Son of August & Maria

Wolf, Wilhelm 9/12/1871 2/20/1943 Son of Franz & F

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