I am the county coordinator of Adair County, Kentucky and I came across this article while
abstracting for Adair. Please feel free to use it if you choose!
Suzanne Shephard <syshephard@charter.net>

Adair County (Ky.) News, March 13, 1901, page 1.

Like Fiction.

The dime novelist may now go out of business. Here are the facts:

Elaine Sinclain [sic], born in a log cabin, in Blanco county, Texas. Farm boys fought about her before she was 15.
Trashy books gave her a longing for fine garments.  She put her brother's clothes, took a gun and waylaid the
stage which had passed by her house every day since her birth. No suspicion as to Elaine.

Several months after, she returned home "dressed to kill." Her old mother said Elaine had been visiting her rich aunt, who died and left her money.

Son of a rich banker in the country--Slocum was his name--married the girl. Honeymoon in New Orleans.
Bride wanted to go abroad. Groom said no. Bride taken ill.
Groom's father, rich old banker, comes to see what's the matter. Few days later son sent home; old man lingers;
hypnotized by his daughter-in-law. They elope to Europe.
One day daughter-in-law disappears with handsome man. Old man Slocum, nearly penniless, works his way home on a tramp steamer.
Amount alleged to have been spent by Slocum: $50,000.

Six months later, Elaine returned to Blanco, Tex., her old home, radiant in ribbons, dazzling with diamonds.

A few months later, in New Orleans again. Cage Horn, pilot of Creole, and also a high roller as a gambler, meets her. Hypnotized.
They travel up and down the river.

One night she proposes a scheme to Cage Horn. Steal the boat and take it into high waters. He does it. Boat slips her cables and gets away.
Reaches the Rio Grande and is repainted and floated under the name of Elaine. For weeks and weeks the voyages were like that which
Cleopatra is said to have made on the Nile when she wove the meshes about Antony.

Weeks later. Alva Lugo, Mexican gambler, on board. Big game between him and Cage Horn. Latter looses [sic].
Finally puts up the boat and loses the craft.  Horn shoots himself and dies in Elaine's lap.

Elaine in Guadalajara. Married to [a] rich old Don. Lives in a palace. Still beautiful, still youthful, still a dream!

Enter [the] rich Don's son. Hypnotized. Elaine elopes with him. Old Don in hot pursuit. Overtakes elopers as they are about to set sail for
South America. Elaine defiant. In chains; then in jail, in Guadalajara. Son escapes.

Here the facts run out.

(end of article.)