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Do to the fact that my computer again crashed and I lost everything in the one program with Queries I have decided to post queries this way from now on.  The search engine will find the names that are posted here.

Name: Connie Catron   
Date: October 19, 2007
Who you are Researching:   (In Caps) LOU ZELAH HUSBANDS
Query: I am looking for information on Lou Zelah Husbands, who is my great-grandmother. I was told she was born in Johnson City, TX on December 28, 1871. Her parents are Samuel and Nancy Husbands. Would there be any records anywhere?
I found a record of Lou Zelah's brother, Phineas Benjamin Husbands, born in Johnson City on Sept. 19, 1873, on International Genealogy Index, but it was just a list showing his name, birthdate, and place of birth. I'm interested in verifying Lou Zelah's birthplace and perhaps obtaining a birth record or finding more information about her parents.
Any information you can provide would be so much appreciated. Even if there is no information to be obtained, thank you so much for your time.
Thank you,
Connie Catron


Name:  Robert Taylor
Date:  June 6, 2007
Who you are Researching:   CHARLES REGINALD JOHNSON
Query:  I am attempting to locate living relatives of Charles Reginald Johnson, a resident of Johnson City who died on October 29, 2003.  He lived at 109 Spring View Drive in Johnson City.  He was originally from Del Rio, Val Verde County.  Please contact me if you know of a living relative or can acquire an obituary which would list survivors. 
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Robert Taylor
Boise, Idaho

Name:  Ernst Fischer
Date: 5-25-2007
Who you are Researching:   (In Caps)  ERNST FISCHER
Query:   My great great grandfather Ernst Fischer (according to his death certificate) was born in Blanco County Texas on Sep 9, 1860  his father was H.L. Fischer and his mother's maiden name was Nolte.  Do you have any birth records or record on mother/father  or grandparents?
-Richard Autry

Name: Charlie Buchner (Buechner)
Date: 18-Nov-2006
Researching:  Henry HABERMANN

This is a lateral research…
I am looking for genealogy information on Henry HABERMANN of Blanco County, Texas.
He was married to great-aunt Mathilda Rochau of Blanco County.
Marriage Date & Location is unknown..
There were no children from this marriage.
In the 1870 Blanco County Census, prct. #5, Mathilda Rochau is 10 years old and living with her parents.
In the 1880 Blanco County Census, prct. #4, Mathilda Rochau is not listed with her parents. She is now 20 years old.
In the 1900 Blanco County Census, prct. #5, Mathilda Rochau is 40 years old and living with her parents.
In the 1910 and 1920 Blanco County Census, I could not find a listing for Henry Habermann or Mathilda Rochau.
Henry HABERMANN was Born in 1859 – place unknown (maybe Dresden, Germany ??)
Died: 30-Dec-1922 while under a doctor’s care in San Antonio, Texas
Buried at Twin Sisters Cemetery, Blanco County, Texas
Lived in Blanco County, Texas on his ranch. (Probably in prct. #4 or #5)
His “Last Will” was written August 1922 in Phoenix, Arizona and filed in Blanco County, Texas. It said, he is a citizen of Blanco County and has a brother named Arthur and two sisters named Camilla Noack and Martha Goetze and that all three siblings were living in Dresden Germany. (I presume he was in Phoenix due to health problems.)
Any information on Henry HABERMANN of Blanco County is appreciated.
Thank You,
Charlie Buchner (Buechner) 

I am trying to find my Great Aunt, Lizzie Mayes WATSON. When her Sister,Laura Alice Mayes Aaron, died in Feb. of 1954 Lizzie was living
in Blanco Co. or Blanco, Tx.  I am not sure but think she was married to a W.O.WATSON. The W. could be for William.  It seems to me that my Mom
called them Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Bill.     Mildred Wagnon <>

Guten Tag, Wanda !
I am a family researcher from Germany.
One of my direct ancestors is Johann Nicolaus ULLRICH from Lindenau / Meiningen born ab.1810
According to the fact that Lindenau was quite small village with approx. 150 inhabitants at that time it looks quite probable that he is direct relative (brother) to your George ULLRICH born 1813
I did not start to research on Johann Nicolaus ULRRICH yet. He was NOT married to Marthe Jacobine MAHR - but they had child Karl Friedrich MAHR born 1838, my greatgrandfather. Maybe this fact looks quite unbelievable.
But in fact my greatgrandfather was born 115 years before my birth :-)
I will start to research on Johann Nicolaus ULLRICH maybe in October and I would be glad to send to you any results if I would have success in it.
Best regards
Viktor Steinfeldt
Neuss / Germany
Viktor Steinfeldt <>


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