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Patricia Althaus has said she will forward all lookups she does.  I will post them here so she won't have to duplicate her work.   Wanda


ChrisHolly Stevenson wrote:

It may be helpful to know that the McCarty Family was settled in Johnson City.
 I am interested in some information about my great great grandfather.  I think you may be able to find some information in Heritage of Blanco County, Texas.  My gg grandfather was Charles C. Renfroe.  He married Cornelia (Corrie) Glenn McCarty in Blanco, TX  on March 26, 1885.  We do not know a lot about him since he left his wife shortly after their wedding.  We know he was from Louisiana (most likely Shreveport).  He had a sister in Louisiana named Lucy Renfroe Dickson.  Charles Renfroe was related to the Speer family in Blanco.  We believe he was visiting when he met Corrie McCarty.  Corrie McCarty died a little over a year after they were married from typhoid.  They had an infant daughter Corrie May Renfroe McCarty.  The courts gave her to her grandparents, William and Emmaline McCarty after her mother died.  I think one of the Speer wives was a Renfroe from Louisiana--possibly a cousin to Charles Renfroe.  Corrie May went on to marry Harvey Crofts.  Any information about Charles Renfroe or the Speers' connection to the Renfroes would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.  Holly Stevenson

Holly:  The info in the Blanco County Heritage book  says:
"Joseph Sutton Crofts came to Cypress Mill area in 1875.  He was born January 15, 1835 in England.  At the age of 25 he went to New Zealand to live.  He married Katherine Aelia Herndall November 28, 1872  (I assume they were married in New Zealand--it doesn't say) Katherine was born in England September 18, 1850.
Josseph died August 3, 1929/Katherine died  January 13, 1887.
Corrie May Renfro aboarn March 9, 1886.  Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. McCarty.  on Occtober 10, 1905.  She married Harvey Dennis Crofts, parents of Joe and George Crofts.  Harvey died October 4, 1958.  Corrie May died September 7, 1971.
Not a lot of McCarty/Renfro info.
The Speer letter apparently mentions (unknown to me) persons involved in the Methodist Church.  Mr. Speer was elected 1st Supt. of the Methodist Sunday School.
I will check the Speer letter and if there is anything of interest there I will send the info.
I have the Blanco County Heritage book and Speer's letter at my office.  When you come to town next time, contact me and you can look at these articles, if you would like.  I work or Tues and Thirs (phone at office in the Courthouse is 830-868-2584 and home phone is
Sorry I can't help more
Pat Althaus
Blanco County Historical Commission

Hi Pat,

Wanda QUALLS stated that you still did lookups in the Blanco Co. Courthouse. I wish I could do that myself. Dorothy LINDIG UECKER (I suppose that she is still the County Clerk) has been most helpful every time I have gone there. The last time I was there, her assistant was the sister of Morris WAXLER, and old college friend. Dorothy's husband, Buddy UECKER is a distant relative through my Grandmother RIBA. Her mother was an UECKER. I should have gone through the marriage books the last time I was there but that would have taken quite a bit of time since there was no index. If you have the time and there certainly is no hurry, I would like the marriage dates and if possible some clue as to who and where the marriages were performed for the following individuals. All three are my Grandfather, John RIBA's brothers. All three lived by the Blanco River close to where the Luckenbach and Stonewall roads intersect. I don't even know what the local people call this area! Both my Grandmother RIBA and my father attended the Lindendale School just down the Luckenbach Road.
1. Otto RIBA and Lucille ELBEL book 3 page 189.
2. Willie RIBA and Emilie LIESMANN book 3 page 179.
3. Charlie RIBA and Annie WEINSTROM book 2 page 214.
I am in absolutely no hurry for this information. Genealogy is a lifetime hobby!
Jonathan RIBA

Hi:  Sorry for the delay--I only work on Tues & Thursday and have to wait until then to look up things.

Otto Riba married Miss Lucille Elbel on 22 December 1917. They were married by Rev. V/ Dreasel. Albert Riba and Lillie Elbel, witnesses Marriaage Book 3 page 187

Willie Riba married Miss Emmie Liesmann on 9 April 1917, Rev. V. Doussel, Cath. Priest
Marriage book 3 page 179. No witnesses listed.

Charlie Riba married Miss Annie Weinstrom on 14 November 1903 by Rev. Vigilius Draessel Catholic Priest, Twin Sisters (Blanco County, TX.) Witnesses: John Riba and Anna Riba. Twin Sisters is located south of the city of Blanco and the church there is St. Mary's Catholic Church.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Pat Althaus
Blanco County Historical Commission
101 Pitchfork
Johnson City, TX 78636


From the Blanco County Heritage book, pge 350: F24:
Maurine, twin sister of Maurice Stobaugh born Ocotber 11, 1918.  She was the 2nd daughter of John and Sarah Trainer Stobaugh.  Born in Blanco Tx and moved to Winters TX,  Miles Tx, Oak Hill Tx, Austin.  Maurine and Maurice's sister was Lorene Stobaugh Greebon who married Martin Banes "Red" Banks.  His father Frank was the Methodist Preacher
at Blanco TX. P 493  F 312:  Lorene Stobaugh Greebon parents were John and Bessie Trauber Stobaugh.
She is the granddaughter of David J. Trainer and Sarah Hane Page Trainer. P 721  F 742:  John William and Sarah Elizabeth Trainer Stobaugh.  John born 1879.  His father was
F. M. Stobaugh P 56 T60   F. M. Stobaugh lived in  the Amenthal house prior to 1918.  (Amenthal is the name of the house and it is still called that today.  I don't know anything
about it.) The above is about all the info  pretaining to John.  The book is written by the later generations and mainly about their own families rather than the past.
Contact Niki Lockwood at and since she lives at Blanco she may have access to other info than what I have.

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