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Callahan, James


I am researching the African American family of London CITY.
I have found them in Blanco, Kendall, Williamson, Bastrop and Travis
Counties by way of Louisiana. Primary are:

London b. 1820 GA
Hiram  b. 1838 LA
Murray b. 1840 LA
Rob(b)in b. 1840 LA
(Murray & Rob(b)in were probably twins
and along with Hiram they were all

probably sons of London.)

Albert, Sr. b.1880, TX was the son of Hiram and may have been
the most
prominent of them all. Any information would be
greatly appreciated. Posting
to the web page is ok with me too.

Vanessa Schatz <>
Working for God on earth does not pay much,
but His Retirement plan is out of this world.



My primary research is on Criders and affiliated families.
Descendants of Daniel Crider, Jr.
Bill Crider <>
1  Daniel Crider, Jr. b: 27 Feb 1804 Cabarrus County, NC
d: 28 Jan 1885 Sandy, Blanco County, TX
.. +Elizabeth Reed b: 23 Aug 1812 m: 24 Aug 1826 Gasconade
Cty, MO d: Bef. Aug 1850 Gasconade Cty, MO
.. 2  Solomon Crider b: 01 Jul 1827
.. 2  Isabell Crider b: 12 Aug 1830
.. 2  Daniel Crider b: 04 Jan 1833
.. 2  Frederick Barbarick Crider b: 02 Dec 1834 Cleavesville,
Gasconade Cty, MO d: 22 Sep 1904 Blanco County, TX
...... +Catherine Williams b: 23 Jul 1839 m: 30 Aug 1855
Gasconade Cty, MO d: 18 Apr 1929 Blanco County, TX
...... 3  Henry Crider b: 22 Dec 1865 Osage County, MO d:
01 May 1945 Blanco County, TX
.......... +Sally Talula Causey b: 28 Dec 1877 Blanco
County, TX m: 21 Dec 1892 Blanco County, TX d: 30 Aug 1958
Johnson City, Blanco, TX
...... 3  Augustus Crider b: 12 Sep 1867 Osage Co, MO d:
05 Nov 1957 Blanco Co, TX
.......... +Maud Causey b: 30 Mar 1883 Blanco Co, TX m:
16 Dec 1903 Blanco Co, TX d: 07 Jan 1958 Blanco Co, TX
.. 2  Elizabeth Crider b: 10 Feb 1837
.. 2  Sarah Crider b: 22 Jun 1839
.. 2  Joseph Peter Crider b: 04 Dec 1841
.. 2  William Crider b: 02 Apr 1844
.. 2  Martin Calvin Van Buren Crider b: 03 Aug 1847
*2nd Wife of Daniel Crider, Jr.:
.. +Sarah Watson b: 18 Jan 1826 m: 29 Aug 1850 Osage County,
MO d: 11 Feb 1905 Blanco County, TX


My Watson’s came to what was then Gilllespie county in the early 1850’s. 
This part of the county later became Blanco County
They came from Missouri as did the Crider’s.
 Daniel Crider married Sarah Watson and that’s
how the two families came to be together. 

Some Criders are buried in the Sandy Cemetary
and most of the Watsons that I know of are buried in Driftwood Cemetary
in Hays County.
Cheryl Fair <>


Harvey B. Davidson and Sarah Elizabeth McCarty


HOLMES - BLASSINGAME:  Blanco and Hays County
SCHWOPE, STEPHAN:  Kendall County
Janelle Holmes <>
Posted to the mailing list



I am researching James Polk Johnson (born Aug 24, 1845 in Greene Co, 
and died Oct 20, 1885 Johnson City., Texas) and
Julia Ann Moore (born  Oct
18, 1848 in DeWitt Co., Texas
and died Jan 29, 1896 in Johnson City,  Texas).  I

think I have been in touch with all of my relatives in the  Johnson line,
continue to look for descendants of the Moore line.  
Julia's father was
George E. Moore and her mother was Elizabeth
but  her maiden name has been
reported as Hughes and Dorsey. 
I have  not been able to locate her and clarify that

detail.  Julia had several  brothers who lived in Blanco Co. 
They were Tom
Moore who married Fannie  Bass. 
Tom and Fannie lived in Blanco until their
Tom and  Fannie had six children.   Julia's baby brother was Charles

Moore who  lived in Blanco Co until about 1900
when he moved to Prescott, Arizona.

 He  and his wife, Ann Gray owned Moore Mercantile in Prescott
until about
1910 when  they moved back to Texas. 
They both died in El Paso and are buried 
Gayle  Clemons Newkirk


Joseph McCrocklin “Mack” Kercheville

sent by
Larry W. Luckett  <>


Need to know the location of grave of  Susan Lassiter Kidder
Creel.  Mother of Edward E. Kidder.
Doris Christian <>



William Henry LEDBETTER, b 12/5/1843 Pulaski, Giles Co, TN,
d 1/22/1918 San
Saba, San Saba Co, TX  6/29/1918,
a/k/a W. H. Ledbetter (lived in or near

San Saba, TX until he died 10/10/1866 in San Saba,  where he married
Jennettie Frances BOMAR 10//31/1866. 
I have not determined who his parents
are and there are no records
concerning him in Giles Co, TN. Wm H came to
TX in 1857
per his statement in documentation, but do not know where he

lived between 1843-1857.
Married only once, to Jennettie Frances BOMAR  b 5/25/1850 in Lebanon,
Wilson Co, TN, d 8/17/1935 in Richland Springs, San Saba Co, TX, father
James Rila BOMAR. She could have resided in Bexar Co, TX
between 1918-1935.

Daughter of Wm H & Jennettie:
 went by
Zenith, also born in San Saba Co, TX, on 8/11/1873,
no date of death,
married 7/26/1906 in Mason, TX,
to Robert Wiley GIBBONS, b ?, d Mar ?,

1947, buried Rose Lawn Cemetery, San Antonio, TX,  and
they were residing
in  Bexar Co, TX in 1935. 
One child John Gibbons, b 12/21/1912, d 5/19/1984

in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX.
Jackie Midkiff <>

Luersen - Dyer - Wegner - Schmidt - Schiender -
Vickery - Barber - Jenkins
Joan Jones <>


1. George Washington Nichols b.1795 SC       
& Mary Ann Walker b.abt.1795 GA
..... 2. James Wilson Nichols b.1820 TN
& Mary Ann Daniell b.1825 MS
                                 .............a. George Wilson Nichols b.1844 Guadalupe Co.,TX
                     & Sarah E. Day b.1855 TX       
                                     ............ b. Solomon Grundy Nichols b.1846 Guadalupe Co., TX
                                                 & Samantha Serena Mellinine Harrison b.1840 AL
                                ............ c. Alexander Green Nichols b.1848 Blanco Co., TX
                     & Caroline Jane Day b.1852 TX
                                  ............ d. James Marion Nichols b.1851 Guadalupe Co., TX
                   & Mary Marshall b.1854 TX    
                          ............ e. John Daniell Nichols b.1853 Blanco Co., TX
                   & Eliza Musgrove b.1862 FL   
                              ............ f. William Roland Nichols b.1855 Blanco Co.,TX
                                & Maria Ann "Meeky" Day b.1856 TX
                                     ............ g. Mariah Olive (Ollie) Nichols b.1857 Blanco Co.,TX
                   & Henry W. Kelly                   
                           ............ h. Samuel Houston Nichols b.1859 Blanco, TX
                         ............ i. Joseph Franklin Nichols b.1862 Blanco, TX
                    & (1)Mary Caldonia Riech     
                    (2)Julia Frances Rector   
                    (3)Emma Viola Polk       
                           ............. j. Eustace Benton Nichols b.1864 Blanco, TX
                             & Alice Mae Fessenden b.1867 TX
                                        ............. k. Sebron Monroe (Sebe) Nichols b.1866 Blanco, TX
                                                            & (1)Savanah "Sarah" Smith                                   
                           (2) Mary Elizabeth Bisho 

                          ............. l. Mary Sylvanie Nichols b.1868 Blanco, TX
                          & William James McDoniel     

Billie Nichols Bennett <> 
My Nichols website:



I am researching the Cicero Rufus PERRY family of Blanco County. 
I am also interested in the direct line of related
families who married into this PERRY family:


I have much info. on this family but am always
searching for something new~

Lisa Bass <>


Daniel Roberts


Rosa Belle Rogers b-abt 1871 married etheridge/etheredge
William Franklin Rogers B- 1874
Mattie Catherine Rogers-B-21 June 1878 (my gr-grandmother)
Married Robert Early Etheridge/Etheredge

Looking for information on parents....
William Franklin Rogers died and is buried in Blanco TX.

Donna Johnson <>


Alvin Smith


Thomas Watson


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