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The Memories of Will Conine: 1860's to 1890's  Collected and Compiled by
Sharon Whitney. Hardback, 6"x 9", 152 pages. Indexed. Published by Texian
Publishing Company, Waco, Texas 1999.

        Will Conine was an early settler in Bosque County.  In the late 1920's, Will Conine
wrote of his youth and young adulthood on nine tablets sharing a personal glimpse into the
county's early history, especially that of the late 1860's and 1870's. His writings conclude
with his residency in Bosque County, Texas and begin briefly with his origins in Mississippi.
        Will Conine was born, 1854, in Scott County, Mississippi and was a young boy in Rankin County during the Civil War.  His family moved to Texas in 1866.  They first settled in Bosque County; moved to Duffau and Stephenville in Erath County.  Following a brief move to Kansas the family returned to Texas.  The family at last settled in Bosque County.  In addition to these locations, Conine writes of Indians, outlaws, and cattle drives, trips to Waco and numerous other subjects.  He writes of Coon Creek in Bosque County as a rendezvous for outlaws.  In fact, for about a year, Jim and Belle Reed, were the Conine's neighbors.  Belle Reed, after leaving Bosque County and following the death of her husband, married Sam Starr.  She is bes known
today as "Belle Starr".
        The majority of events in his writings took place in the late 1860's  and 1870's, which
include the early days of Bosque Counties.  The county was thinly settled. Meridian was just a small town.  There were only a few infrequently traveled trails or roads; most travel was by horseback and oxen, mule or horse drawn wagons.  There were no fences and no railroad in the area at the time.  Renegade Indians occasionally raided. Racing horses was a pastime.  Outlaws, especially cattle and horse thieves were prevalent.

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