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Bosque County Texas Queries


Surnames: WALLACE
Submitted by: Julie Coley   -   Email address:
20 JUL 2004

Query: Seeking any information on James Edwin (J.E.) Wallace who was
said to have been the Superintendant of Schools in Meridian in 1895. Any
little tidbit that someone might come up with would be greatly
appreciated. I can find no proof he lived in Bosque Co. In 1900 he was
in Montague Co. and was an editor. Any help to show that he did live and
work in Meridian would be greatly appreciated! I did find a reference in
Belton that says:
Milam Co., TX. - Newspaper: Cameron Herald 1895 Newspaper, Aug 1895
Cameron, Texas Vol. 14, No. 5 (Whole No. 680) --- Thursday, August 1,

The Record, published at Temple has been transferred to Belton by Prof.
J. E. Wallace and J. H. Linebaugh.
H. B. Savage and D. F. Savage sold the Belton Daily and Weekly News to
J. E. Wallace, Henry Lyon and H. S. Laird who will continue publication
under the name, Belton News Co.

So I don't know if he was in Meridian or Belton. "The Street Genealogy"
by Mary Street 1895, places him living in Meridian.

Please e mail me at if you come up with ANYTHING.

Submitted by: Barb Huff   -   Email address:
19 FEB 2004

Query: Searching for information on Robert H. & Effie (Chambers) Walton,
who were living in Bosque county, Walnut Springs, from 1900 thru 1920.
Robert died August 11, 1907 and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.  I
would like to know when and where Effie Walton died and is buried. Also
would there be an obituary for her?  I am having trouble finding her
siblings. Did they have any children?  Also would there be an obituary
for Susan Chambers who died in 1899 and is also buried in the Oak Grove
Cemetery?  Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: WATKINS
Submitter: Susie Watkins, Moses (
Date: 22 Jul 2001

Searching for ancesters or decendants of Henry Monroe Watkins (born 1843 in Alabama
according to the 1900 Liberty County,TX Census) and his wife Nancy Caroline. They had
seven (7) children: Julia A. - Tennessee (Tennie) - William John - Amanda - Mary J. - Ed
(Eddie) - and Delia. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: WEBB
Submitted by: Gary A. Webb   --   Email address:
05 FEB 2005

Query: I am searching for information on Milton W. Webb who was in
Bosque County, Texas in 1900.

Surnames: WEEKES
Submitted by: Jeff Clark   --   Email address:
03 JUL 2006

Query: Looking for information on WEEKES relatives.  Benjamin Franklin
WEEKES, Sr. died 1863 in Bosque County.  Buried in Old Valley Mills
Cemetery.  Bought 500 acres from John McLennan's original grant, site of
Old Valley Mills.  His son, Benjamin Frankin WEEKES, Jr., born 1831,
died 1869.  Sheriff of Bosque County 1865.  Married Mary Ann Rawls
(buried Old Valley Mills Cemetery in 1876. She supposedly remarried a
(?) Wilce Lattimer who returned to Bosque County late 1800s.

Submitter: Barbara Chedester (
Date: 21 Aug 2001
URL: none

I am looking for the parents of James D and Fannie COOPER WHALEY. Their son, William
Everett WHALEY "Slim"b Morgan 1900. I would like any info about James and Fannie. thanx

Surnames: WHITE
Submitted by: Pat Kinsey   --   Email address:
31 JAN 2006

Query: I am trying to find the parents of Leeford L. White (b.1892) in
Walnut Springs,Bosque County, TX.  I am hoping he is the son of Leeford
Ambrose White who was the son of James R. White and Mary Elizabeth
Haile.  Do you, by chance, have any information on him or his parents?

Submitter: Jane K. (
Date: 05 Dec 2001

Am at a brickwall on greatgrandparents, Joseph Benjamin Whitehead and Ola Adams. Have been
searching in Dodge County for about a year and discovered some notes I jotted down 30 years
ago that states they were from Winder, Ga.  I live near Canada and am doing all my research on
the internet. Joseph and Ola were married about 1902-3, I have a copy of their wedding photo, and
they look to be in their early 20's, so I am guessing their births in the late 1870-early "80's.
I believe Joseph was a Junior, and it is either him or his father that the Joseph B.Whitehead
Boy's Club in the Lakewood section of Atlanta is named in honor of. There seems to be family
lore that one of them has a formal portrait in Crawford Long Hospital. Has anyone acess to
the early Walton County marriage records, or census reports for 1880 that might list them in
their family homes? I would be most grateful for any assistance. One last thing, in the mid
1970's I was contacted by a woman who was doing! a genealogical report for her family and
mine was an extention, or "branch" leading off a common ancestor. She wanted to publish the
report and was inquiring the interest in the family to purchase copies, as she had to commit to a
set number to have it printed and bound. I never heard anymore from her, but would me
most interested if the following information would ring a bell in anyone's memory. She was
researching my Whitehead/Adams line, and I got the impression she was of the Adams side. I
do remember her saying we had an ancestor, Hartwell Jackson, that the family descended from.
She was a lovely lady, as most genealogists are, and quite willing to share her findings.
If anyone has family descending from Hartwell Jackson, I am sure the Adams family will be
in it also, as she said the family was quite old in the reigon. Again many thanks, Jane K.

Submitter: Dede Henning (
Date: 04 Apr 2002

Whitlock, Luck, James, Hollingsworth, Chafin in Bosque County and Kimbell Bend. My GG
Grandparents were Lorenzo Whitlock and May Luck. I am having trouble locating anything about
the Luck family. I think Lorenzo was born in Missouri, but then I pick him up marrying May
Luck in Hill County. My GGG Grandparents were Johnny James and Ariadne Bateman. They
married in Bosque county. I can't find where the James came from before that. I know
they came to Texas in the late 1850's because of the obituary I have for Johnny James. Also,
they had a son Fred James. He was married to Emma Hollingsworth and they both died young
and left 5 children. I can't find record of either of them. The Chafin's are tough too. Rose Warnick
married Tom Chafin. Her parents her buried in Rio Vista.  Tom and Rose lived in Kimbell Bend,
Walnut Springs, Bryson, Mexia, Geraldine, etc. Found their graves in Cottonwood Cemetary in
Jack County, but nothing else on them. They are also my GG Grandparents.Any assista!
nce would be great.Thanks.

Submitter: Dede Henning (
Date: 05 Apr 2002

I posted yesterday about Whitlock, Luck, James, Bateman, Chafin and Hollingsworth in Bosque Co.
I forgot dates. Lorenzo Whitlock and May Luck were married in the late 1880's in Hill Co. They
had a farm in Bosque County. My GGrandfather always talked about Blum as his home. He was
Jack C. Whitlock and he was born October 22, 1896. My GGrandmother was a James and her
grandparents were Johnny James and Ariadne Bateman. They married in the late 1860's and their
son Fred James was her Father and her Mother was Emma Hollingsworth. Both died in the late 1900's
or early 1910's. My GGrandmother's name was Stella May James and her birthdate was 9/9/1900/1901.
She always talked about Kimbell Bend and Bosque County. My GGrandfather was Alvin Thomas
(Tom) Chafin. He and Rosa Jane (Rosa on the internet)Warnick were married in the early 1910's.
The always lived around Walnut Springs, Rio Vista, Mexia, Gerladine, Bryson, Cleburne and
Witchita Falls. My Grandfather, their oldest son was born 9/! 1/1915 and his name was Louie
(Lou, Luey, L.E.) Estell (Estel, Estelle) Chafin.Tom,Rose and their little Girl Bonnie Sue are buried
in Cottonwood Cemetary in Jack County. I am looking for information about these people and
their kin before them. The Chafins, I don't know where they were born, married or where they came
from. I know about Rose's parents Theodore P. and Mina Lou Warnick. They are buried in Rio Vista.
I can't find anything about the Lucks or the James prior to their marriages. I know that John James
fought (CSA) in the Civil War and that he was born in Missouri and came to Texas in the late 1850's.
Anyway, I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Surnames: WHITT
Submitter: Cynthia Finister (

I am searching for information regarding the Whitt family who lived in Iredell for more than 37 years.
Their names were: Reuben Jasper Whitt (b: 1838, NC; d: 1916, Iredell, Bosque Co., Tx)
married to Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth Pope"(b: 1857, Catawba, NC; d: 1923, Iredell,
Bosque Co., TX).

Note:  Reuben was a Civil War Veteran (Pension #28129 and #32780).

Children (11):
1).  Mary Bell Whitt (b: 9/8/1884, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: 12/8/1960, Stockton, San Joaquin Co, CA)
2). John Calvin Whitt (b: 6/26/1876, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d:12/21/1892,  Iredell, Bosque Co., Tx
3).  Harriet R. (Whitt) Pruitt/Prewitt (b: 1880, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; Beft. 1900)
4).  Albert Sidney Johnson Whitt (b: 6/9/1882, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: 09/22/1942)
5).  Essula Providence Whitt (Sula/Sulla) (b: Abt. 1894, Iredell. Bosque Co., TX; d: Aft. 1930 (Sula McKinney)
6).  Jessero J. or Jess Whitt (b: 10/1889, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: ?)
7).  Benjamin Franklin Whitt (b: 11/1891, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: 12/23/1918, probably a WWI casualty)
8).  Susannnah  Jane Margaret Whitt (b: 12/1893, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: 1953)
9).  Serro Easter (Sallie/Sally) (b:4/6/1896, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX; d: 2/1986, Olustee, Jackson Co., OK)
10). Reuben Jack Whitt (b: 04/1900, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX)
11). Infante Whitt (b: Abt. 1876, Chester County, SC; d: 1876, Chester Co., SC)

John Calvin Whitt (1803, NC; d: Aft. 1880, Iredell, Bosque Co.,TX) and Harriet R. Lancaster
(b: 1814, SC; d: Aft. 1880, Iredell, Bosque Co., TX) and; Silas Pope(b: Abt. 1822, Lincoln Co.,
NC; d: 1895/1897, Van Wyck, Lancaster Co., SC) and Anna Deal ( Abt. 1823, Lincoln Co, NC;
d: Bet. 1864/1870, Catawba Co, NC)

I am told they may be buried in Riverside Cemetery or in a cemetery in Hamilton County.
Need help in finding their graves. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Surnames: WOMACK
Submitter: Darrel and Judy Womack (
Date: 15 Aug 2002

Dose anyone know when the Masonic Lodge meets in Meridian, Bosque Co. We would like to
visit when they are having a meeting. My Husbands G & GG grandfathers (Abner C. Womack
& Abner P. Womack) were Masons in that lodge. Darrel Womack will be Master of his lodge in
Nov.30,2002. We were hoping to visit in the spring of 2003, during his term.

Submitter: Randall W. Connell (
Date: 22 May 2003

Seeking death information and burial site for Hattie Lee Connell WOMACK who died October 3,
1911 in Comanche County Texas, but was a resident of Bosque County.  Her husband was Phillip
Samuel Womack who is buried in Alvin Texas along with his second wife.  Hattie Womack is
believed to have been buried in Morgan, but I don't know which cemetery.  Would very much
like to see her obituary.  Any help appreciated.

Submitted by: Vic   Email address:
03 JUL 2004

Query: George W. Wood married Lydia Glass in 1893, in Bosque Co.  Does
anyone know the children of this union?  My ggrandmother is Stella Wood,
whose father was George and mother was Lydia.  I don't know if this is
the right line, but hoping.  Any help will be appreciated.