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Captain Jack J. Cureton
My gg uncle
Don Stringer
Sketch of James Jackson Cureton.

Captain Jack Cureton was b in AR 1826.  At the age of 20 he went with
Governor Yale to the Mexican War in 1846.  Colonel Yale was killed at the
Battle Of Buena Vista.  Captain J.J. Cureton married Eliza Price in 1847 at
Ozark, AR.  They moved to Tx in the winter of 1854.  In 1855 settled in
Keechie  Palo Pinto, Co. and built one of the first log cabins in the then
unorganized country.  He was a Captain of the Texas Rangers and helped
organize th country in 1857.  He commaned the 95th volunteer Texans in Dec
1860, on the Pease River when Peta Nocoma, Quanta Parker's farher and chief
of the Comanches was killed and took Cynthia Ann Parker and a baby girl
from the Comanches and took her back to her people. He took oath to support the
Southern Confederacy Mar 15, 1861 and served during the Civil War with the
Frontier Regiment whose headquarters were at old Fort Belknap.  He fought
with the Texans in the Baylor War that ran the Indians out of Texas to Fort
Sill just before the Civil War.  Drove cattle herds from Bosque Co. Tx. to
Camp Cade Ca. through hostile territory in 1852 and 1870.  He died on his farm
in Bosque Co. May 12, 1881 after serving Bosque Co. for four years as sheriff.
He left a widow who died in 1906 and six children.  He was buried on the family ranch.
The Flat Top Ranch, Walnut Springs, Bosque Co. Tx.