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Roy Adkison was born 24 September 1895 on a farm between Iredell and Hico, TX.  Roy  was not given a middle name at birth, but he noticed that his other siblings had one.  So, he gave himself Lee as a middle name.  He later registered for the draft, for social security, and used the name when he got married.  Thereafter, he was known as Roy Lee Adkison.

SSDI Record : Roy Akdison
Born-24 Sept 1895, Died Feb 1982, Iredell, Bosque, TX
Social Security No.  XXX-XX-XXXX

Roy L. Adkison Registered for the WWI draft at Hico, Bosque, TX as a white male
born 24 Sept 1895.

Roy was a farmer and laborer who served in World War I.

His family lived in Bosque County, near Hico, Texas.  In 1917 he married Cleo
Hazel Murphey of Coleman.  His first three children were born near Hico (from 1918-1924).  They later moved to Lamesa and their twins Fay and Ray were born
there in 1926. Then they moved from Lamesa to Fort Worth, Texas in 1927 on Panola Street.  In 1930 the family moved from Panola Street in Fort Worth to 804 Perkins in the same city.  Their last child, Ellie Lewis was born in Fort Worth in 1932.  They lived at the Perkins Street house during WWII and until Roy's retirement in the mid-50's from the U.S. Postal Service.

His son Roy Lee, Jr.  was killed in World War II in 1942.  He was aboard the USS
Enterprise, after which he joined the Seabees and served until the war's end.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Father Signs Up to Avenge Son Killed in Battle R.L. Adkison Jr., seaman second class was killed in action in the Solomon Islands August 24th.  Since that time his whole family at 804 Perkins has been getting fighting mad.

This week, R.L. Sr., whose age isn't far from the Navy's top limit of 50 years, did something about it.  He quit the mail carrier's job he's held for 15 years and enlisted in the Navy.

He's been sworn in the Seebees as a seaman first class and will begin active duty when called.  Meanwhile he's anxious for his two sons, 15 and 10, to get old enough for the Navy.  R.L. Jr, he says, needs avenging.

Roy's wife Cleo Hazel (Murphey) Adkison died in 1952.  After his retirement from
the US Postal Service, he married Lola Mae Lasswell  of Iredell, TX and they moved back to Iredell, Texas where he and Lola lived until their deaths in 1982.  They lived in a red brick home that was next to the church and caddy corner across the street form the Riverside Cemetery.

Roy died in February of 1982 with services held in Iredell.  He was buried with is first wife in Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, TX.  Lola died a few months later in July of 1982.  She is buried with her first husband, Peter Thomas Lasswell, in Riverside Cemetery.

Jim Culver
Austin, TX