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  ADKISON, Roy--donated by:  Jim CULVER
  CHRISTENSON, Peter Legind--submitted by by:  Edward L. WILLIAMS
  COOKE, Henry Clay--donated by:  Jack BRUNDRETT
  CUPPS, John Lewis--donated by:  Suzy MARTINEZ
CURETON, Jack--donated by:  Don STRINGER
DAVIS, H.--donated by:  Bernie ALSUP
  GORDEN Men--donated by:  Margaret McCLESKEY
  GREER, Stephen Decatur--donated by:  William GREER
  GRIMM, Cpl. Furman--submitted by by:  Edward L. WILLIAMS
  HANNA, John Sevier--donated by:  Roy E. MALONE
  HUNT, Thomas W.--donated by:  Sally DAVIS
  HUTCHINS, John Joel--donated by:  Scott JAMES
  JONES, William L.--donated by:  Frances PATTERSON
  ROYAL, William Ransom--donated by:  Jerome TEW
  STEPHENSON, Harriet--donated by:  Betty Owens
  TIMMS, Walter--donated by:  Virginia FINLEY
  WHITE, O.D. "Dudley--donated by:  Betty JOHNSTON
  WILSON, Louise Jane "Lou"--donated by:  Carolyn Sosebee
  WORRELL, ARTHUR--donated by:  Rose DENSON


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