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Bosque County, Texas
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Head of Family
ADKISON, Charles Lewis 1866--1943 Jim CULVER
ADKISON, Hampton Peter 1817--1895 Jim CULVER
ADKISON, Roy Lee 1895--1982 Jim CULVER
ALLEN, Bluford Turner, Jr. 1849--1936 Rebecca Allen SMALL
AMUNDSON, Axel Julius--see Photo 1886--1955 Lloyd Axel AMUNDSON
BELDING, Miller Case 1887--1967 Ben HOOKS
BENNETT, Daniel Berry 1825--1905 Billie Nichols-BENNETT
BIFFLE, James Monroe 1837--1912 Janet ROSEEN
BIFFLE, Wilson McColister (wife #1) 1852--1924 Margaret McCLESKEY
BIFFLE, Wilson McColister (wife #2) 1852--1924 Margaret McCLESKEY
BLODGETT, Andrew Jackson "Jack" 1879--1937 Cleone PORTER
BOONE, John C. 1848--1946 Holli Boone KEES
BOONE, Peter Stephen 1833--1951 Holli Boone KEES
BRAKE, Robert  "Bob" 1854--?? Marjorie JOHNSON
BRIDGER, George Washington 1855?--1941 Bunny S. FREEMAN
BROWN, James 1882--1944 Deborah PELFREY
BUCHANAN, Montgomery Campbell 1855--1933 Cathy
BURDETTE, Benjamin Apling 1835--1921 Gayle Hennington VAN HORN
BURDETTE, Elizabeth "Bettie" 1822--?? Milly
BURGAN, Kinsey 1834--1919 Deanne McKinney
BUTLER, William C. 1837--1904 Teresa K. PARRISH
BUTLER, William Lafayette 1877--1953 Connie PETERS
BUTLER, William M. 1837--1904 Connie PETERS
CALDWELL, William Newton abt 1842--?? Judy Colwell WOMACK
CHAMBLEE, George Washington 1894--1974 James A. HUTCHINS
COFFMAN, George Franklin 1832--1898 Nancy Adams
COOK, William Austin 1832--1889 Patsy SEAY
COX, James Henry 1848--1927 R.C. COX
CRADDOCK, John David 1847--1922 Barbara Craddock PIKE
CRANFILL, Charlie Newton 1874--1941 Lisa Miller
CUPPS, John Lewis &
Margaret Ellen GILLSON
1824--1905 Donna IRBY
DANNER, Ander 1844--1933 Jeffrey M. DANNER
DAY, Jefferson Allen 1840--1912 C.A. HUDSON, Jr.
DAY, Thomas Clemeth 1862--1932 Linda LYON
DEATHERAGE, Edmund 1832--?? Janet Koeppen
DENNIS, Robert Baylor 1896--1945 Beckey WORLEY
DOTSON, Milo S. (wife #1)
Wife #2; Wife #3; Wife #4
1837--1920 Fran BETHEA
ECHOLS, Fred H. 1912--?? Joan TAYLOR
ECHOLS, Gordon 1912--?? Joan TAYLOR
ELLINGTON, William R. 1798--1893 Ray & Mary Whittington ANDERSON
FAGGARD, James Washington 1844--1899 Susan REEDY
GALLAWAY,  Robert Vincent (wife#1) 1844-1911 Dave JOHNSTON
GALLAWAY,  Robert Vincent (wife#2) 1844-1911 Dave JOHNSTON
GALLAWAY, William Henry 'Billy' 1841--1875 Dave JOHNSTON
GARY, Isaac C. 1816--1897 Bettie WOOD
GILPIN, John Wesley 1844--1905 Linda BAKER
GLASS, William 1851--1926 Joan TAYLOR
GORDON, Charles Alexander/A.E. HEFLIN 1845--1929 Margaret McCLESKEY
GORDON, Charles Alexander/Lucy GILL 1845--1929 Margaret McCLESKEY
GORDON, George Alexander/M. GRAY 1822--1884 Margaret McCLESKEY
GORDON, George Alexander/R. MORRIS 1822--1884 Margaret McCLESKEY
GOYNE, Jefferson Davis 1852--1935 Sherry STRINGER
GREENWADE, Alphius Marlin "Buck" 1895--1989 Carole SCHREIBER
GREENWADE, Jeffrey Pete "Pete" 1854--1935 Carole SCHREIBER
GREENWADE, Lou Lee 1899--1982 Beckey WORLEY
GRIFFIN, Elias D. "Eli" 1807--1877 Roy E. MALONE
GRIFFIN, William B. 1858--1941 Roy E. MALONE
GRIMLAND, Kittel Gunstenson 1811--1883 Wanda MOBLEY
GRIMM, Charles Fred 1869--1951 Edward L. WILLIAMS
GRIMM. Lewis William (Ludwig Wilhelm) 1906--1986 Edward L. WILLIAMS
Head of Family
HARDY, Cornelius Marion 1833--1928 Deanne McKinney
HARVICK, King 1822--1873 Rose DENSON
HOLLEY, Giles T. 1846--1928 Sybil Wood
HOLMES, William K. 1826--1907/1910 Janelle HOLMES
HOOKS, Thomas Arthur 1910--1991 Ben HOOKS
HUDSON, George Washington 1851--1938 C.A. HUDSON, Jr.
HUGHES, William Moses 1842--1930 Phillip R. GRAHAM
HUTCHINS, Jonathan Wiley 1879--1946 James A. HUTCHINS
ISENSEE, Heinrich "Henry" 1843--1914 Carolyn Ender
JACKSON, William Randolph ??--1917 Connie HOFFMAN
JENKINS, Reuben A. 1866--1935 Barbara Craddock PIKE
JOHNSON, William M. 1815--1901 Sherrell EVANS
JUSTICE, Jackson Marion 1858--1891 Sybil Wood
JUSTICE, James Dawson 1865--1896 Sybil Wood
JUSTICE, Levi Henderson 1830--1922 Sybil Wood
JUSTICE, William Beauregard 1861--1943 Sybil Wood
LAFON, Fredric 1822--1881 Joan TAYLOR
LAFON, William 1787--?? Joan TAYLOR
LAFON, William Lycurgus "Lester" 1846--?? Linda Cowan BAKER
LITTLE, Dr Hiram Lucius 1721--1876 Kathy
LOADER, Thomas Fletcher 1844--1920 Suzy MARTINEZ
LOADER, Thomas Turl 1813--1894 Suzy MARTINEZ
LOONEY, Moses, Jr. 1818--1870 Larry W. JOHNSON
LUECK, August 1834--1908 Charles LECK
McADOO, James Emsley Douglas abt 1817--1895 Milly
McCARTY, Charles Bruce 1870--1942 Dorv McCARTY
McKISICK, John Wilson 1807--1883 Brownie MACKIE
MINGUS, Robert L. 1854--1937 Linda C. OLSON
MITCHELL, Daniel Loil 1848--1910 Jean Conley HUBBARD
NEW, Edward Spencer& look here 1830--1922 Linda BAKER
NEWTON, Wheatly est 1849/1869--1889/1988 Carole VAUGHT
NIVIN, A.C. 1900--1988 Deanna M. CORBEIL
NUNLEY, Mark Berry 1852--1940 Jon Anderson COOKSTON
OSBORN, James Franklin 1863--1953 Linda OSBORN
PARKER, Peyton Graves/Eveline Jane 1840--1919 Barbara Craddock PIKE
PARKER, Peyton Graves/Nancy Ann 1840--1919 Barbara Craddock PIKE
PARKS, James Hamilton 1834--1893 Vivian Boyd Goodman
PARKS, James Pinkney 1853--1933 Vivian Boyd Goodman
PATTERSON, Artis Otto 1883--1943 Edward L. WILLIAMS
PAUL, George William 1827--1894 Eric C. PAUL
PORTER, Marvin 1898--1992 Wanda SNOW
POSTON, John Jefferson 1853--1931 George DYSINGER
POWELL, George Washington 1863--1936 C.A. HUDSON, Jr.
RAINBOLT, Hiram 1816--1890 Barbara Craddock PIKE
RICE, William M. 1867--1942
Head of Family
SAUNDERS, William Henry 1862--1923 Debbie McCOY
SHEPPARD, John Sessions 1805--1880 Ann Groom Lenz
SHEPPARD, William Ellis 1866--1937 Ann Groom Lenz
SIMPSON, John Ezekial 1830--1903 Sterling PARKER
SMITH, Henry D. 1889--1961 Connie N. COURTNEY
SULLIVAN, Jesse Earl 1889--1953 Carole SCHREIBER
SWARTOUT, Arvey Lynn -- Deanna M. CORBEIL
TETER, Louis Curtis 1893--1918 Sybil Wood
TIMMS, James 1846--1932 Virginia FINLEY
TIMMS. Walter 1847--1934 Virginia FINLEY
TINNIN, Azariah 1816--1869 Dorothy BOYNTON
TURNER, Aaron (wife#1) 1814--1918 C.A. HUDSON, Jr.
TURNER, Aaron (wife #2) 1814--1918 C.A. HUDSON, Jr.
WEEKS, Asbury Evans 1840--1920 Margaret McCLESKEY
WHITE, Johnson Butler 1856--1946 Sherrell EVANS
WHITLEY, Lewis/Louis 1824--aft 1900 Milly
WILBANKS, Calvin 1834--1908 David WILBANKS
WILLIAMS, John Harvey 1861--1917 Roy E. MALONE
WINBURN, Charles Lewis abt 1841/1845--1934 Lillian LILES
WOMBLE, Thomas Newton 1860--1881 Margaret McCLESKEY
WOOD, Charles Foster 1847--1922 Barbara Craddock PIKE
WOOD, Sarah/Sallie Ann 1873--1939 Barbara Craddock PIKE
WORRELL, Stephen Wade 1859--1941 Rose DENSON
WORRELL, William Byston 1884--1987 Rose DENSON
YOUREE, John Hart 1870--1951 Sterling PARKER

In case I get duplicate group sheets, I'll add it to the "duplicate" group sheet for comparison,
& then add the researcher's names alphabetically, under Contributor
*See LOADER, Thomas Turl*
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