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Claimant Name Number Husband Number

Abney, George P. 32647    
Acton, F. E. 22335    
Adams, William M. rej    
Ahlbrecht, Margarett 41319 Ahlbrecht, William (Wilhelm)  
Arnold, Peter Hawkins 12287
Arnold, S. E. (Mrs) 33310 Arnold, Peter Hawkins  
Boatner, Ezekiel G. 23329    
Booth, E. T. (Mrs.) 5164 Booth, W. R.  
Booth, Sarah E. 46263 Booth, William  
Brazelton, Hannah Margaret 34037 Brazelton, Richard Oliver 26701
Brazelton, Richard Oliver 26701    
Brockenbrough, S. F. (Mrs) 21586 Brockenbrough, Marias Carter  
Brown, James G. 10597    
Bruner, J. H. 498    
Bryan, Polycarp L. 23184    
Callihan, Annie 39951 Callihan, William Clark 497
Callihan, William Clark 497    
Cannan, E. B. 49152    
Cardwell, William Mankin (Mrs) 38615 Cardwell, William Mankin 22641
Carter, Alfred 5148    
Chandler, P. H. 23559    
Clement, Joseph, Sr. 31578    
Corn, Kate Roff 36478 Roff, Nighram Burnett  
Corrigan, Thomas rej    
Cox, John W. 13242    
Crouch, W. F. 30961    
Darcy, S. A. (Mrs) rej Darcy, Jos  
Davis, Addie 41128 Davis, Cornelius  
Dearcy, L. A. (Mrs) rej    
Delaney, Mary 49246 Delaney, Edward  
Dougherty, Annie 40780 Dougherty, Clandin  
Duke, Mollie 35873 Duke, Monroe Jackson 25574
Durham, Jennie 27770 Durham, John Lafayette  
Edwards, Alfred 22532    
Edwards, Carrie V. 31654 Edwards, Alfred 22532
Edwards, Y. M. 30703    
Evans, Charles Henry 5162    
Foster, Amanda Lydia 26652 Foster, Robert Savage  
Foster, Mary B. 47625 Foster, Thomas Benton  
Gayle, Jennie 42425 Gayle, George Washington  
Gibson, J. A. (Mrs) 36991 Gibson, Toliver Roberson  
Glasscock, Jessie R. (Mrs) 40601 Glasscock, William Oscar 31580
Glasscock, Mary 42399 Glasscock, James Knox  
Glasscock, William Oscar 31580    
Goode, R. P. 39851    
Graham, C. D. S. 26696    
Graham, S. H. 503    
Graves, Fannie Foote 37471 Graves, Joseph  
Greenlee, James S. 501    
Greer, Sarah Emma 42377 Greer, Joseph Abner Wayne  
Greve, Cladia rej Greve, Henry  
Hagemeir, Mary 37217 Hagemeir, Henry  
Hairgrove, Eliza Francis 26356 Hairgrove, Jesse Albert Lewis  
Hanson, Laura E. 38782 Hanson, William B. 37802
Hanson, William B. 37802    
Hardeman, Sarah Randall 8233 Hardeman, John B.  
Hart, William 7765    
Harvin, R. A. rej    
Hawks, John W. 25891    
Hicklin, A. W. 25708    
Hicks, John Hamilton 37335    
Higginbotham, Ada W. 52094 Higginbotham, Boliver Taylor  
Hobbs, Jesse 25084    
Hooker, M. L. 502    
Hudgins, O. A. (Mrs) 20311 Hudgins, Theophilas  
Jackson, Elizabeth Jane 21841 Jackson, John Harrison  
Johnson, Martha E. 38907 Johnson, George Alexander Paret  
Keen, Robert 500    
Kennedy, Walter 39227    
Kerr, William James 23650    
Kidd, Addie Matilda 45581 Kidd, Washington Lafayette 29843
Kidd, Washington Lafayette 29843    
King, Annie Bowie 49565 King, Hiram B. 19424
King, Hiram B. 19424    
Kreid, J. G. 23885    
Leared, Perlinia 14140 Leared, Patrick B.  
Long, J. W. 21875    
Longnecker, Mary Nannie 34039 Longnecker, Daniel Richard  
Martin, Mary Amelia rej Martin, Thomas D.  
McCaffety, Sarah Elizabeth 43517 McCaffety, John Jefferson  
McIntire, Charles M. 13241    
McLeod, H. A. 8816    
Mercer, Curtis H. 38786    
Metcalfe, Josie 50761 Metcalfe, Anthony  
Miller, Martha Ann 36272 Miller, Benjamin Franklin  
Moore, Robert 7766    
Murphy, Thomas L. 36519    
Narbon, Emma 41321 Narbon, Frank 17372
Narbon, Frank 17372    
Palmer, Isom 8166    
Parker, Bettie Jane 27977 Parker, Huling Madison  
Parker, Eustace D. 7767    
Parker, William Henry 13243    
Perkins, Lominda 40041 Perkins, Stephen Edward  
Perry, N. J. (Mrs) 496 Perry, J. W.  
Preston, Abel 7150    
Ragland, Tennessee Margaret 41080 Ragland, Francis Marion  
Reeves, Fannie E. 17374 Reeves, James K. Polk  
Reeves, T. B. 12286    
Riffe, Dora rej Riffe, Chris  
Rippe, Dora 17373 Rippe, Christain  
Roark, J. W. 24699    
Runyon, J. B. 8232    
Saxon, S. M. 499    
Scruggs, D. D. rej    
Scruggs, Drury Dobbins 37730    
Sedwick, Charles Zadok 34433    
Sedwick, Mary M. 38525 Sedwick, Charles Zadok 34433
Seibel, Mary E. 39229 Seibel, Jacob  
Sessum, John Green (Sessums) 507    
Shanks, T. T. 28354    
Shannon, Ellen A. 5165 Shannon, James T.  
Sims, Pat B. 24211    
Sloan, John R. 5163    
Smith, John 8231    
Smith, Lucretia 36780 Smith, Samuel Love 26409
Smith, Samuel Love 26409    
Squyres, Harmon Van 20987    
Squyres, Mary Elizabeth 33088 Squyres, Harmon Van 20987
Stanger, Richard Henessey 47972    
Stanger, Zuleika Weems 49603 Stanger, Richard Henessey 47972
Stirman, Thomas Jefferson 10568    
Stirman, Thomas Jefferson (Mrs) 30868 Stirman, Thomas Jefferson 10568
Taylor, James Peyton 41726    
Taylor, James Peyton (Mrs) 45094 Taylor, James Peyton 41726
Thomas, Mollie 36395 Thomas, Elijah B.  
Tiner, J. M. rej    
Tinsley, J. M. rej    
Tinsley, Mahala Ellen rej Tinsley, Samuel Preston  
Todd, Martha A. 29220 Todd, William Hamilton 27424
Todd, William Hamilton 27424    
Troup, Flournoy 12746    
Tull, Alla 22625 Tull, Isaac Wetherton  
Walter, W. T. 38757    
Ward, Edwin Graham 29772    
Ward, Mildred 45789 Ward, Edwin Graham 29772
Waters, W. B. 26486    
Weems, J. M. 24213    
Whitson, John Terrell 27345    
Whitson, Mary Louisa McKnight 35176 Whitson, John Terrell 27345
Womack, Eudora F. 29648 Womack, Thomas A.  

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