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Brewster County, Texas

Elm Grove Cemetery

I wish to thank Mary Bell Lockhart and the Elm Grove Cemetery Association for this updated list of interments for Block 1-A.  Their hard work is appreciated.  Thanks so much to Mary Bell Lockhart for the pictures of the headstones and the information she furnished for the individuals of Elm Grove Cemetery.  Historic Alpine has a new project to identify the Brewster County Pioneers--people who were here as adults before 1920.  A column has been added "Historic Alpine" to identify these people.  Updated October 2009

Supplemental information provided from: TD-Texas Death Index, TDC-Texas Death Certificate, TB-Texas Birth Index, SS-Social Security Death Index, WWI Draft-Registration Records, Obit-Obituary, Cen-US Census, Fam-Family Records  Information is provided as a guide , not a replacement for official source records.   Note from Peggy Allen, the notes in dark orchid were obtained from the death certificate.  If you would like to view the death certificate go to, Texas Death Certificates 1890-1976    Information in Dark Green furnished by Tommy Woodward, October 2009

 Cemetery Map 

Block 1, Lots 1-2

Lot & Space


Birth Date 

Death Date



Historic Alpine

Inscriptions & Notes

1, 2

Babcock, Bird Edmondson TDC

09 Oct 1912 TDC

09 Oct 1976 TDC




Mrs. Jean Babcock, S/O Frank Omar Babcock & Birdie E. Woodward TDC

1, 3

Babcock, Jean M.

No Date

No Date





1, 4

Babcock, Charles Edmondson TDC


17 Mar 1980 TDC


WW ?



1, 4

Woodward, Jr., John Frank

28 Oct 1928

8 July 2008


US Air Force


S/O John Frank Woodward & Mary Frances

1, 5

Ray, Evens Claude







1, 6

Ray, Tressa Marie







1, 7

Kring, Marshall Gwin







1, 8

Kring, Gwin

15 Apr 1918
1928 TDC

20 Dec 1968 TDC




S/O Jessie Kring Sr. & Effie Powell TDC

1, 9

Shultz, Carl D. SS

23 Apr 1923 SS

02 June 2002 SS





1, 12

Woodward, Patricia "Pattie" Marie Ray

09 Feb 1927

28 July 1978




W/O John F. Woodward, Jr., D/O Evans Claude Ray & Theressa Marie Swanson
Note: Parents were cremated and are buried on top of Pattie's grave

2, 2

Johnson, Birdie Eloise TDC

08 Aug 1893 TDC

28 Mar 1936 TDC




W/O Ralph E. Johnson, D/O Samuel Franklin Woodward & Nancy Walker TDC

2, 3

Woodward, Theodore Grant TDC

25 Aug 1900 TDC

24 May 1965 TDC




S/O Samuel Franklin Woodward & Nancy Walker TDC

2, 4

Woodward, Ann Tevis

27 Feb 1907 TDC

10 Oct 1934 TDC




D/O Jack Tevis & Beatrice McClusky TDC

2, 5

Woodward, Nancy 'Nannie' Walker TDC

10 May 1875 TDC

10 May 1945 TDC




D/O John Dodd Walker, Sr. & America Roundtree Robinson

2, 6

Woodward, Samuel Franklin TDC

08 July 1870 TDC

26 May 1937 TDC




S/O W.H. Woodward & Lizzie Reynolds TDC

2, 7

Babcock, Baby







2, 9

Woodward, John Frank

28 Dec 1903

16 Dec 1975




S/O Samuel Franklin Woodward & Nancy Walker

2, 10

Woodward, Mary Frances

25 Oct 1906

28 May 1980

 See Photo Above



D/O Charles William Livingston & Fannie Farmer

2, 11

Woodward, Rube Lee Baby TDC

19 Jan 1908 TDC

02 Feb 1908 TDC




S/O John Woodward & Clara Winston TDC

2, 12

Woodward, Raymond







43, 3

Walker, America Robinson

28 Aug 1837

28 Mar 1914




Note: America's parents came over the Cumberland Pass with Daniel Boone while settling Kentucky.


 Brewster County

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