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Mauldin - Cheatham Family Photos
provided by Patti Mauldin,

This is a picture of William Edward Mauldin - (2nd wife) Laura Jane Emfinger Mauldin married in Brown County 2/25/1890 - Marshall M - dob 3/30/1892 (standing by dog); Sidney - dob-1/18/1894 (pigeon toed); Roy Hubert (Hub) dob 3/2/1896 (smallest boy) and Mattie Lenora (Nonie) dob-5/27/1898. All children were born at Grosvenor. This house was on HWY 279 approx 1.5 to 2 miles this side of the Grosvenor cutoff. They were in Brown County by 1886 - he had a daughter born in Brown County then by his first wife Mary Ellen Terry.

This is a picture of the Cheatham boys at Clear Creek, Brown County, Texas. Hop (Hopson Twinney Cheatham), Jim (James Albert), Rack (Daniel Short Cheatham),Will (William Bryant).

The picture in the top left is Irvin Cheatham - a school teacher (in Monahans most of his life). The woman walking is Hattie Cheatham Boenicke - walking downtown in Brownwood. The oval picture is Josiah Cheatham - he finally moved to Amarillo. The man with the chicken is Rack (Danie Short Cheatham). He is also the one with the train - he was an engineer for the rail road.

This is the picture of James ALfred Cheatham that was in the Brownwood Bulletin whenever he died in November 1926.

This is of Hop (Hopson Twinney Cheatham) beside the barn in Clear Creek, Brown Co, Texas.

This if of Hop when he was working (not sure where) but was in Texas.

This is Hop when he was older, taken here in Brown County.

This is James Alfred Cheatham on his wedding day - he married Nancy Josephine Short- Here in Brown County in 1879- he was a Texas Ranger here, stationed out of Camp Colorado but there was a Camp on Clear Creek for a while also.

This is a picture of his wife Nancy Joseph Short.

This is a picture of them and most of their children on their front porch in Clear Creek.

These are the same kids only older.

Jim (James Albert) in his WWI uniform.

This is Jim Cheatham and niece Annetta Mauldin at the Cheatham farm in Clear Creek, Brown County.

This is William Edward Mauldin b-1851 and 2nd wife Laura Jane Emfinger b-1861 with Marshall b-1892, Sidney b-1894, Roy Hubert (Hub) b-1896. Mattie Lenora (Nonie) b-1898. Their place was approx 1 to 1 1/2 miles towards Brownwood from the Grosvenor cutoff on HWY 279. They had a Grosvenor address and are both buried in the cemetery there.

This is Rupert Mauldin and Marion Mauldin (older brother) buzzing around Brooksmith in the goat cart. Rupert was crying because his brother would not let him drive the goat with the reins.

This is the Brownwood crew of the Southwestern States Telephone men before it became GTE.

This is the Brooksmith football team in 1936 - Rupert Mauldin is tallest boy on back row.

This is wedding picture of Sidney Mauldin and Emily Groggins Cheatham in 1915 at Grosvenor.

This is also Brooksmith school when Rupert was younger so it was before 1936.


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