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Greenleaf Fisk, Judge

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Husband:      Greenleaf Fisk Judge

Birth:      19 May 1807
Place:     Albany, Ny
Death:      26 Jan 1888
Place:      Brownwood, Texas
Burial:     Place:   Greenleaf Cemetery, Brownwood TX
Occupation: Judge, Lawyer, Teacher, County Clerk, Surveyor
Education:    Lane's Theological Seminary, Hanover College Hanover Indiana
Religion:    Presbyterian
Father:      Nathan Fisk - (1774-1829)
Mother:   Rebecca Canfield - (1781-1853)
Father's Other Spouses:      Margaret Jane Manlove Lane and Mary Hawkins

Marriage:    About 1834
Place:      Bastrop,Tx

Wife: Mary A. Manlove

Father:    Bartholomew Manlove (1776-)
Mother:     Avrilla Perkins (1785-)


1. M Child:      William Augustus Fisk
Birth:      16 Apr 1836
Death:      7 Mar 1867  Place:      Brown County Texas Brownwood Texas
Spouse:      Mary Naomi Bryson
Marriage:      16 Apr 1865 

2. M Child:      James Bartholomew Fisk
Birth:      16 Jul 1838
Death:      6 Mar 1882
Spouse:      M.E. Carothers
Marriage:      26 Nov 1861

3. F Child:      Ann Elizabeth Fisk
Birth:      1 Dec 1840
Spouse:      Thomas Cashion
Marriage:      30 Jul 1857 
Place:      Williamson Co.

4. F Child:      Margaret Jane Fisk
Birth:      16 Oct 1846

5. F Child:      Sarah Ann Fisk
Birth:      25 Dec 1848

6. F Child:      Mary Elmira Fisk
Birth:      11 Apr 1851
Burial:           Place:      1 Mile East of Star,Tx
Spouse:      W.D. Wood
Marriage:      20 Jan 1870  Place:      Williamson Co.

7. M Child:      Josiah Fisk
Birth:      16 Oct 1842
Spouse:      Roena J. Johnson
Marriage:      2 Dec 1864
Place:      Williamson Co. Tx

3nd Wife:      Mary Hawkins
Birth:      25 Feb 1830
Death:      11 May 1905


1. M Child:      Greenleaf Jr Fisk
Birth:      14 Feb 1858
Death:      11 Dec 1939
Burial:           Place:Greenleaf Cemetery, Brownwood TX
Spouse:      Nancy Grogan
Marriage:      10 Jan 1879

2. M Child:      Cisero Fisk (twin)
Birth:      3 Feb 1861
Death:      13 Nov 1891

3. F Child:      Emma Fisk (twin)
Birth:      3 Feb 1861
Death:      12 Jul 1952
Burial:           Place:      Greenleaf Cemetery, Brownwood TX
Spouse:      R. B. Wilson
Marriage:      7 Jun 1877

4. M Child:      Hosea Fisk
Birth:      18 Mar 1864
Death:      17 Mar 1949
Burial:           Place:      Greenleaf Cementery, Brownwood TX

5. F Child:      Naoma Fisk
Birth:      1865
Place:      Tx
Spouse:      Marion Mullins
Marriage:      4 Nov 1884 
Place:      Brown County Tx

6. F Child:      Mattie Fisk
Birth:      24 Jul 1867
Spouse:      William Hood
Marriage:      4 Aug 1886 
Place:      Brown County

7. F Child:      Phoebe Fisk
Birth:      9 Oct 1868
Spouse:      George Miller
Marriage:      17 Nov 1890

8. M Child:      Milton Fisk
Birth:      25 Feb 1874
Spouse:      Willie May Godwin
Marriage:      15 Sep 1895


Husband's Notes


Greenleaf began earning his own living at 12 years old by working on a dairy farm in New Jersey. He did how ever receive a good general education and later attended Lanes Theological Seminary in Ohio. He later attended Hanover College in Hanover Indiana and was a Law Graduate of the class of 1832.

He later moved to Texas in 1834 and settled near Mina(Bastrop) Where he meet and married Mary A. Manlove the daughter of Bartholomew Manlove. A young lady of sterling qualities. He soon joined the Mina Volunteers and served in the Battle Of San Jacinto under Capt. Jessie Billingsly. He and Jonathan Burleson were detailed to guard the baggage at Harrisburg during the battle.

After the war he retuned to Bastrop to find his wife and her family had to flee the country because of Mexican threats. He found her after sometime, and his first son William Augustas Fisk. They returned to Bastrop where he was elected a member of the Senate. He served as Mayor from Nov.1839-April 1840, Chief Justice 1840-1844.

Mary A. bore him 7 children before her death. After which Greenleaf moved the family to Williams County, where he married Mary Hawkins, who bore him 8 children.

In 1860 he moved the family to Brown County, portions of which he had surveyed in 1846. He had been granted title to 1,280 acres of land called the Marcus Helen survey, in Brown County on Dec.8, 1846, by J.Pinckey Henderson for his service to the Republic of Texas. In Brown County he served as county judge, justice of the peace, county surveyor, district clerk, and county treasurer. Because of service in these offices he was known as "Judge Fisk".

His first home was a log house on a slough east of the present site of downtown Brownwood. He later built a two-story home and a stone gristmill, doing the masonry work himself.

Greenleaf also taught the first school in Brown County, and a school that existed a late as 1876 was named for him. When drought left the main settlement without water and a problem with the title of an alternate town site developed. He donated 60 acres and an additional 100 acres for county use. He was afterwards known as " The Father of Brownwood" He sold T.D. Harris 800 acres of land adjoining the town site at a good price, on the condition that Harris move his family to the new town. In 1877 Brownwood was incorporated.

At Greenleaf's death on Jan. 26,1888, the entire town closed in the honor of it's founder, his funeral was conducted in the old First Presbyterian Church. He was buried in Greenleaf Cemetery, for which he had earlier donated the land.

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