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Early Members of
Burnet Volunteer Fire Department

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 1938, and info from Darrell Debo
Abstracted by JoAnn Myers, Feb 2011

1932 Charter Members

1938 Members
Bill Chamberlain -- Burnet Bulletin
William Orgain Chamberlain, son of Louis Chamberlain and Mary Alma Orgain.  Born 17 April 1908; died 9 Nov 1977.  Married Laura (Lollie) Frazer.  Editor of Burnet Bulletin.

Lee Clark -- Burnet Mercantile Company

Ed Craddock -- Bookkeeper

Fred Craddock -- Banker

W. C. Galloway -- First State Bank
Born in Alabama in 1856; died Dec 1936.  Married Mary Beaugard Clark in 1885; three children.  Served as Mayor of Burnet.  Photo and more information.

Leandreth Antha (Bunk) Gibbs -- Feed Store
Third son of Thomas Winchester Gibbs and Mary Elizabeth King.  Born 22 Feb 1884; died 2 July 1974.  Married Mary Hazel Hearn.  Operated Feed Store on northeast corner of the square.

Clarence Hullum -- Mechanic

Melvin Kincheloe -- County Clerk, Postmaster
Born February  24, 1909; died March 1979.  Graduated from Burnet High School in 1928; attended an electrical school in Oklahoma City.  Married Lois Fry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fry.  Photo of Melvin Kincheloe.

Clement Kincheloe -- Worked for John Olney
Son of John and Mable Cotton Kincheloe.  Moved to Clifton, Texas.  Married Dorothy __.

Clarence Box Marx -- Mechanic, electrician
Son of Max Marx and Marie Bond.  Born 27 June 1892 in Burnet; died 2 April 1956 in Burnet.

John Olney -- Dry Cleaner

Oliver A. Riggs -- Barber
Born 1 Feb 1876 in Tennessee; died 6 Feb 1961.  Married Olivia Mae (Ollie) Corker; Mrs. Cora Fry.  Operated Riggs Barber Shop on west side of square.

Reagan Russell --

Leon Schilling -- Carpenter
Leonidas Lucius Shilling, fourth son of Christopher C. Schilling and Martha A. Elkin(s).  Born 25 April 1879; died 16 July 1955.  Never married.

Herman Schnabel -- Bakery
Third son of Michael George Schnabel and Emma Groos.  Born 27 Sept 1889 in Burnet; died 29 Aug 1969.  Married Laura Bell Jones. Continued operation of the Schnabel Bakery on South Main Street after the death of his father.

J. W. Scott -- Street work

Robert Simmons -- Piggly Wiggly

Jim Tarver -- Dry Cleaner
Wm. James (Jim) Tarver - son of Wm. J. and Bessie Tarver.  Born 19 Aug 1905; died 18 Apr 1997.  Married Lillian Addison.

C. C.  Yonnie -- Laborer

George Belsey

Mac Bradley

Bill Chamberlain - see 1932

Gene Clements - Funeral Director
Second son of Jacob H. (Jake) Clements and Sarah Eula Pangle
Born 8 Oct 1916; married Mary Alice Rucker.  Graduated Burnet High School 1934.  See WWII photo and information.

Bunk Gibbs - see 1932

Stanley Winston Glimp
Son of Martin Zadok Glimp and Martha Rosanna Clements.  Born 1 March 1911; died 13 Feb 1966.  Married Marie Frazer.

E. W. Greele

J. E. Hester

Asa Wm. Richard Howell
Son of Theodore Freelan Howell and Nancy Elizabeth Sellers.  Born 12 Nov 1872; died 19 May 1958 in Uvalde, Texas.  Married Mary Jane Elizabeth (Mollie) Warner.  Physician.  Moved to Uvalde in late-1930s.

Clarence Hullum

Ross Johnson
Son of Robert Eastland Johnson and M. Lewis Williams.  Born 8 Nov 1896; died 10 May 1956.  Married Louise Chamberlain.  Post office worker.

Clement Kincheloe - see 1932

John Kroeger

Bill Kroeger

Joe Kroeger

Boxie Marx

Don McFarland
Son of Samuel A. McFarland and Pearl Teagle.  Born 1 July 1907; died 1974.  Married Lora Ponton.

M. D. Mowrey

Frank Nichols -- Post office
Son of Oscar Nichols and Maggie Kinkead.  Born 3 Jan 1904; died 25 Nov 1986.  Post Office employee in later years.  See oral history of Frank Nichols where he talks about early days of BVFD.

Lorenzo Hampton (Ren) Nichols
Son of Oscar D. Nichols and Maggie Kinkead.  Born 1911; died 26 July 1999.  Married Vivian ___, who lives (2011) at Oaks Nursing Home.

Karl Piehl -- Salesman
Born 13 Oct 1910; died 21 Sept 2002.  Married Faye Chamberlain

B. Pogue
Willis Ben (B.) Pogue - son of Wm. Benjamin Pogue and Minnie Ferguson.  Born 16 Aug 1912; died 28 Sept 1997.  Married Mertice Humphries.  US Navy in WWII.  Grocer and late County Judge.

O. A. Riggs

A. B. Sample

Herman Schnabel - see 1932

Leon Shilling

John Sparlin

Jim Tarver - see 1932

Rufus Tucker
Son of Samuel (Soley) Tucker and Emma ___.  Born 1900; died 1955.  Married Sylvia Elvira Shilling.

J. K. Williamson

Oldest son of Carl O. Wingren and Mollie Kniseley.  Born 30 April 1882, the day the first train came into Burnet; died 29 March 1951.  World War I veteran.  Never married. 

Winnie Zimmerman -- Highway Dept
Winifred Lee Zimmerman, oldest son of Matt and Emma Bodenhamer-Zimmerman; b. 18 March 1916 in Naruna; d. 19 Jan 1969; buried in Post Mountain Cemetery.  Married Iris Higgins.  Graduated from High School, 1933.  His uncle was Oscar B. Zimmerman, who served as Burnet County Sheriff, County Judge and School Superintendent.  Entered Army July 1941;
Wounded in action.  See WWII page for more info about his war service and photo.

F. Zoeller

F. W. (Turkey) Zoeller - born 25 Nov 1918; died 13 Nov 1998.  Married Pauline Gibbs.  Lived in Austin in later years, but was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Burnet.

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