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BVFD Minutes of Meetings

Source:  Original written minutes, in possession of BVFD
Abstracted by JoAnn Myers, February 2011

Organizational Meeting Wednesday night, Jan 27th 1932

  •  Mass meeting to organize a volunteer fire department.
  • Called to order by Lee Clark, Chairman
  • Present at first meeting:

Bunk Gibbs
Herman Schnabel
O. A. Riggs
John Olney
John Tarver
Jim Tarver
Robt Simmons
Box Marx
C. C. Yonnie
Leon Shillings
Lee Clark
Reagan Russell
Melvin Kincheloe
C. Kincheloe
Ed Craddock
Bill Chamberlain
Clarence Hullum
J. W. Scott
W. C. Galloway
Fred Craddock
  • Officers Elected:
    • J. H. Olney, President
    • Lee Clark, Vice President
    • O. A. Riggs, Secretary
    • Robt Simmons, Treasurer
    • Herman Schnabel, Chief
  • Committee to draft bylaws:  Lee Clark, Herman Schnabel and Bill Chamberlain
  • Talked about building a suitable house for fire truck
  • Mayor Galloway made a good talk and suggested we try to build a City Hall in connection with the fire truck hall and pledged the city's financial support as far as possible.
  • Another Committee appointed to draw up plans for building hall and also ways and means for financing the building;  Lee Clark, Bunk Gibbs and H. Schnabel.
  • The same committee is to work with the City Commissioners.
  • Set Wednesday of each week as their regular meeting night.
  • The siren was to sing at 7:15 and the meeting in the hall at 7:30.

3 Feb 1932

  • Meeting called to order by J. H. Olney, President
  • 16 members present
  • Bylaws and building committee reports not ready; asked for more time
  • Voted to accept invitation to a banquet from the Lampasas Fire Department on Thursday night
  • Herman Schnabel offered to give Monday and Tuesday night shows for benefit of this organization.
  • J. W. Scott, Bill Chamberlain, Melvin Kincheloe, Ed Craddock, Glen Cox, Bunk Gibbs, Jim Tarver appointed to sell tickets.
10 Feb 1932
  • 13 members present.
  • Bylaws committee read from Lampasas Fire Department bylaws; afterward were instructed to make changes as needed and report at next meeting.
  • Application from Frank Nichols for membership read and referred.
  • Picture show committee did not have their ticket sales tabulated; did not know how much money was realized from the shows.
  • Chief Schnabel made some good suggestions in regard to drills and the danger of water and high voltage wires.
17 Feb 1932
  • 13 members present.
  • Bylaws Committee read their report and same was adopted as read.
  • Voted that the initiation fee would be  $1 and monthly dues  25 cents.
  • By special dispensation, Chas Kroeger was elected to membership.
  • Motion by Lee Clark and voted that the secretary buy needed supplies.
  • Committee reported picture shows netted $20.
  • Voted to have monthly dues begin on 24 Feb 1932.
  • Companies appointed by Chief Schnabel: 

Hose Company #1
Hose Company #2
Hose Company #3
Bill Chamberlain
Clarence Hullum
Lee Clark (LM)
Melvin Kincheloe
Box Mark (Sml H)
Jim Tarver
Frank Nichols
Bob Simmons (LH)
Jno Tarver
Chas Kroeger
Ed Craddock (HC)
Clement Kincheloe
Reagan Russell (Suc.H)
Hansford Stapp

March 2, 1932

  • 13 members present
  • Applications of Ren Nichols and J. O. McDaniel had been recommended and both were elected.
  • Bill from Burnet Motor Company for $1.15 for labor and grease on truck voted to be paid.
March 16, 1932
  • Meeting called to order by President Jno H. Olney
  • Members present:  J. H. Olney, Lee Clark, H. Schnabel, Bill Chamberlain, J. H. Stapp, Frank Nichols, Ren Nichols, C. C. Yonnie, Reagan Russell, bunk Gibbs, Robt Simmons, Clement Kincheloe, Ed Craddock, Clarence Hullum, and Leon Shillings.
  • Committee on initiations asked for further time; granted.
  • Meeting adjourned for practice drills.
April 6, 1932
  • 17 members answered roll call by Chairman J. H. Olney.
  • Standing committees had nothing to report.
  • Bill for $1.90 for repair on siren read and voted to be paid.
  • Secretary ordered to buy file box
  • $2.50 dues collected and receipts issued.
4 May, 1932
  • Called to order by J. H. Olney, President
  • Members present:  J. H. Olney, H. Schnabel, Ren Nichols, Frank Nichols, C. Hullum, Leon Shilling, H. Stapp, Chas Kroeger, O. A. Riggs.
  • Bill from Burnet Service Station for gas - $1.80 ordered to be paid.
  • Motion made to serve ice cream at our next regular meeting 18 May.  Motion  carried.
  • Ice cream to be paid for by Voluntary contributions; if  sufficient funds not collected, the balance was to come out of the treasury.
May 18, 1932
  • Meeting called to order by J. H. Olney, President.
  • Members present:  J. H. Olney, H. Schnabel, Ed Craddock, Clem Kincheloe, H. Stapp, Bill Chamberlain, Clarence Hullum, Frank Nichols, C. C. Yonnie, Leon Shilling, Box Marx, Chas Kroeger, O. A. Riggs.  Mayor Galloway  and street commissioner J. W. Scott were visitors.
  • Mayor Galloway made a talk on cooperation and obeying orders of chief, all of which was enjoyed and appreciated by members.
  • After this talk, everyone was ready for the ice cream and cake, which was ready and waiting in the recreation room.  We all walked in, in an orderly manner and everyone seemed to enjoy the cream and social companionship.
  • All were properly stuffed and adjourned.
June 1, 1932
  • Meeting called to order by J. H. Olney, Chairman.
  • Members present:  Ren Nichols, Frank NIchols, Clement Kincheloe, Lee Clark, Bunk Gibbs, Clarence Hullum, J. H. Stapp Jr., Leon Shilling, Herman Schnabel, O. A. Riggs.
  • Committee of Hansford Stapp, Lee Clark and H. Schnabel appointed to confer with City Commissioners in regard to making some sort of a deal for fire hall.
  • Bill from Smith Lloyd Motor Co., for repairs on truck - $1.72
  • Bill for ice cream for $4.60
  • Motion made and carried for this volunteer fire company to join the State Fire Department Association
  • Herman Schnabel elected as delegate to go to the convention at Austin on June 14th - 16th.
  • On May 19th the Department was called out to a fire at Geo Morris house, which was soon put out by the boys of Company #1.
June 15, 1932
  • Chief Herman Schnabel, Chairman.
  • Members present:  Ed Craddock, Clement Kincheloe, Bob Marx, C. C. Yonnie, Clarence Hullum, Frank Nichols, Ren Nichols, Chas Kroeger, Bunk Gibbs, Herman Schnabel, O. A. Riggs.
  • Some talk about a new fire hall, but no action taken.
  • Chief Schnabel and others made short talks for the good of the order.
  • Applications of M. C. Bradley and Upton Frazier accepted for membership.
  • $2 dues collected.
July 6, 1932
  • Jno H. Olney, Chairman
  • Members Present:  Leon Shilling, C. C. Yonnie, Ren Nichols, Frank Nichols, Clarence Hullum, H. Schnabel, J. H. Olney, Ed Craddock, O. A. Riggs.
  • Voted not to accept applications of boys under age 21 for membership.
  • Application of W. A. Kroeger accepted.
  • Bill from Burnet Service Station for 7 gallons of gas - $1.26 was paid.
July 20, 1932
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 13 members present
  • Application of Wilborn Garrett read and accepted by vote.
  • Frank Nichols and Ed Craddock appointed to committee to collect delinquent dues.
  • H. Schnabel made a motion to allow Ren Nichols $1.50 for helping with show and another  to allow C. C. Yonnie  his dues for services.  Both motions carried.
August 10, 1932
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 14 members present
  • Bill for $1.25 for hose connection paid
  • Motion made by Lee Clark to send one representative to A & M College for a 4 day training course.
  • Ren Nichols elected to take the course; cost for 4 days was $9.50; Lee Clark donated $5 toward the expense.
  • Some talk about fire hall, but no action taken.
  • Receipt to C. C. Yonnie for his dues to August 1st.
  • Order was issued by Chief Schnabel to have the siren sounded at 7:30 o'clock on regular meeting nights.
August 17, 1932
  • President J. H. Olney, in the chair
  • 13 members present
  • Frank Nichols, who substituted for Ren Nichols at A&M Course 8-11 Aug, 1932, reported actual cost: Registration $9.50; Transportation $3.15; Room & meals at Georgetown on return trip $2.50; Incidentals $1.20:  Total $16.00.
  • Amount given Frank for expenses:  $15, Registration $9.50:  Total $24.50.  Amount returned to Chief Schnabel:  $8.15.
  • Every fireman present was greatly benefited by so plain and clear report in every detail and he also made it very plain that we have to study and cooperate with him in order to get the three cents reduction on our key rate.
  • This department appreciates the donation of two spotlights by the Dickens Motor Company.
  • Collected 75 cents dues.
  • Application of Herbert Norris for membership approved.
September 7, 1932
  • 14 members present
  • Some talk of ways and means to raise money to finance the building of a suitable fire station or hall.
  • Suggestion made to put on an old time dance; committee of Bunk Gibbs, Leon Shilling and Clement Kincheloe to look into that.
  • After meeting adjourned, the different companies had their fire drills on the street in front of the hall.
September 21, 1932
  • 14 members present
  • Application of Cecil Humphries for membership approved.
  • Committee on entertainment reported they were working on the old time dance.
October 5, 1932
  • 13 Members present
  • Dance Committee reported the dance will be held on Thursday, October 13.
  • Chief Schnabel reported that he had about $70 in donations for fire station.
  • Estimated cost for building will be about $140 or $150.
  • Bill from Lloyd Motor Company for $2.50 for repairs on truck and pick ordered paid.
October 19, 1932
  • First meeting in new hall; furniture borrowed from H. Schnabel, Burnet Mercantile Co., and Clem Shilling.
  • 13 members present; 2 visitors, guests of J. I. McDaniel
  • Ice cream donated by Mr. Robt Wagner was enjoyed and the boys appreciated his generosity.
  • Dance Committee reported they cleared $18.00 on the dance.
  • Melvin Kincheloe reinstated at this meeting and was allowed 50 cents on his dues for one ledger bought by secretary.
  • R. J. Knox, Burton Debo, and Robt. Wagner applications for membership approved.
  • 25 cents dues collected.
November 2, 1932
  • J. H. Olney, President
  • 14 members present
  • Bills paid:  Burnet Lumber Co. $108.35; Yarbrough Store $3.61; Churchill $2.75; Hansford Stapp $27.71; Roy Fry 45 cents; LaForge $7.40
  • J. T. Carpender application approved
  • Dance committee instructed to put on a dance whenever they saw fit.
November 16, 1932
  • Chairman Bunk Gibbs
  • Members present:  Bunk Gibbs, C. Hullum, Jim Tarver, Chas Kroeger, Robt Wagner, J. C. Bradley, Ed Craddock, B. Chamberlain, B. Debo, Clem Kincheloe, Ren Nichols, Frank NIchols, Leon Shillings, H. Schnabel, O. A. Riggs.
  • Application of Forest Chamberlain approvedapplication of Wallace Scott rejected - he received 2 black votes.
  • Bill from Burnet Bulletin for $4 ordered paid
  • Chamber of Commerce appointed a finance committee to work with the Fire Company committees to raise funds to finish paying on Fire Hall.  Chamber committee:  T. C. Ferguson, O. B. Zimmerman, and Ross Johnson.
  • Chief Schnabel read several interesting articles from The Southern City Record", a magazine devoted wholly to Fire Departments and fires.
  • Motion made to subscribe to the magazine for $2.
December 20, 1932
  • No roll call because of absence of secretary.
  • Bylaws read to members present.
  • Leon Shilling presented bill for $15 for work; ordered paid.
  • Motion made and carried to pay Frank Nichols $10 for work on fire hall.
  • Another dance to be held on Dec. 21; F. Chamberlain, Clem Kincheloe appointed floor managers, and Clarence Hullum ticket man.  The above dance netted $10.
  • Chief Schnabel lectured on entering buildings and what and how to proceed after entrance to  a burning building.



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