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Burnet Volunteer Fire Department
Minutes of Meeting

Source: Original handwritten minutes in possession of BVFD
Abstracted by JoAnn Myers, March 2011

 4 Jan 1933

  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 16 members present
  • Bills ordered paid:
    • Louis Wilson Lumber - $3.76
    • T.P. & L Co., Lights - $1.80
    • Burnet Lumber Co. - $2.00
    • Earnest Craddock - gas & oil - $2.66
    • Smith Lloyds Co. - carburetor, gas & oil - $6.80
    • Burnet Bulletin - printing - $1.25
    • Ren Nichols - Music - $1.00
    • J. I. McDaniel - Music - $1.00
  • Motion made and carried to put a dance on the 12th and 26th of January and also on 14 and 22 of February
  • J. I. McDaniel and Forest Chamberlain appointed to dance committee for Jan & Feb
  • Forest Chamberlain and Ren Nichols appointed to committee about getting up a play
  • Motion made and carried to discard domino games in hall, except at regular and special meetings.
18 Jan 1933
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • Members present:  Ross Johnson, Bunk Gibbs, C. C. Yonnie, Leon Shilling, Forest Chamberlain, J. I. McDaniel, Box Marx, Burt Debo, Clen Kincheloe, Ed Craddox, Clarence Hullum, Ren Nichols, H. Schnabel, J. H. Olney, O. A. Riggs.
  • Herman Schnabel turned in $11 collected from pledges from different ones; quite a number paid balance of their 1932 dues.
  • Motion made and carried to pay Burnet Lumber Co. $25.00
1 Feb 1933
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 15 members present - not named
  • Application of Dr. W. H. Buchanan  approved.
  • Bills ordered paid:
    • Burnet Lumber Co. - $10
    • Hansford Stapp - $7.30
    • Churchill Store - .30 cents
    • Burnet Bulletin - printing - $3.25
    • Seth Yonnie - wood - $1.00
  • Net proceeds of the 26 Jan dance was $14.40
  • Voted to have a masquerade ball on Feb. 14th
  • Election of officers; all of the old officers were re-elected to their present places.
  • Herman Schnabel was allowed .60 cents to reimburse him for postage.
1 March 1933
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 17 members present - not named
  • Net proceeds of the last two dances is as follows:
    • Valentine dance - $32.30
    • Geo. Washington Dance 22 Feb - $21.28
  • Bills ordered paid:
    • Yarbrough's Store - merchandise - $2.55
    • Burnet Furniture Co. - Desk - $4.00; Chairs - $3.00; total - $7.00
    • Burnet Lumber Co. - $18.20
    • Herman Schnabel reimbursed for expenses to Austin - $1.60; stamps .50; total $2.10
  • Suggestion that secretary keep a record of all fires and damages done by fire.
  • Fire calls for Jan. 1933
    • Jan 10th - Robt Wagner - flue fire - no damages
    • Jan 13th - call from Mrs. Chap Fowler - flue fire, 7:15 am - no damages
    • Jan 24th - King's Cedar Yard - alarm turned in 12:20 am; fire truck was at fire at about 12:30.  The boys did good work and soon had fire under control.  Not much damage.
    • Jan 25th - alarm call to the old light plant building; just a man without work or money lodging for the night; no fire, just smoke.
15 Mar 1933
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 17 members present - not named
  • Application for Joe Chamberlain, H. H. Galloway and Bill Foster approved.
  • Bills ordered paid:
    • C. Hullum - $7.00 to reimburse him for paying C.O.D. parts out of P.O.
    • Churchill's Store - $2.02
    • Burnet Bulletin - $6.40 less $3.00.  The $3.00 deducted was to apply on and Ross Johnson and Bill Chamberlain's dues.
    • W. E. Marx - 2 pieces iron - $1.00
    • Smith Lloyd Motor Co. - gas and oil - $2.82
    • Herman Schnabel and Robt Wagner appointed to committee to buy engine
5 April 1933
  • Bunk Gibbs, Chairman
  • 16 members present - not named
  • Dance committee reported they had a dance billed for 6 April.
  • Committee to buy engine for truck reported they bought the 6 cylinder truck engine at Llano and Herman Schnabel has been busy supting the installation of same.
  • Box Marx deserves much praise for his untiring efforts in assembling the many extra parts in making changes.  He was ably assisted by Frank Nichols and others.
  • Application of R. U. Frazier approved.
  • Dues collected at this meeting: $2.75
19 April 1933
  • Bunk Gibbs, Chairman
  • 16 members present - not named
  • Dance of 6th April netted $8.14 less tax
  • 27  April Dance net $11.05 paid on note
  • An entertainment committee appointed:  Clem Kincheloe, H. H. Galloway,  and  Burton Debo.
  • Applications for Hugh Barnet, Mud Gibbs,  and Buster Craddock approved.
  • Bills allowed:
    • Box Marx - work on truck - $7.50
    • Chas Kroeger - 80 cents - gas - to apply on his dues
    • Lee Yarbrough - bill for $1.25 - donated
  • The President and chief urged everyone to keep dues paid and especially for the different company boys to be at every meeting, if possible
  • After adjournment, all who wished went out with the truck and their practice drills, which was enjoyed by the secretary and others who had never been out with the trucks on these drills.
3 May 1933
  • J. H. Olney, President
  • 14 members present - not named
  • April 25 - fire dept. called out about 2:30 to Mrs. Landrum's - house on fire and under good headway.  It seemed the blaze had gone up between ceilings and walls and our boys could never get in direct contact with fire.  It was another case of shortage of water.  The boys put up a heroic fight and deserve much praise for their efforts.
  • Bills:
    • Lumber Company - read - tabled
    • Smith Loyd Motor Co. - referred to City for payment
  • Dues collected:  M. C. Bradley - $1.00;  R. Wagner - 25 cents
17 May 1933
  • J. H. Olney, Chairman
  • 16 members present - not named
  • Dance Committee reported on last dance May 11th - $9.33; the net proceeds was $6.13 less amusement tax
  • The water system from Mercantile's Company tank for filling truck tanks is a great improvement and trucks' tanks can now be filled in five minutes time.
  • Chief Schnabel deserves much credit for getting this system installed at very little cost.
7 June 1933
  • no name for president; no number cited for members present
  • Fire calls 6 June: 
    • First one in afternoon was Dump Norred's house which was saved by the prompt work of the boys.
    • At about 9:30 pm called to Hubert Dickens' garage at his house and again the fire was extinguished with very little damage.
  • Applications for Chip Sampler, Rufus Jackson, H. E. Johnson and Dad Dickens approved.
  • Dad Dickens praised the department for services rendered in their good work in saving Hubert Dickens'  home garage.
  • Dance of June 17th netted $5.65 less tax.
  • Chief Schnabel mentioned the idea of renting the picture show.  The idea met with approval of all members present.  Chief Schnabel instructed to inquire further and report results at next meeting.
  • Duck Craddock donated $1.00 to the general fund.
  • Dues paid at this meeting:  Dad Dickens - 50 cents; Robt Wagner -  25 cents.
21 June 1933
  • Herman Schnabel, Chairman
  • 11 members present
  • Picture show proposition was discussed and was postponed for future actions.
  • Ed Craddock, Buster Craddock and Ren Nichols appointed to help F. Chamberlain with dance.
  • Motion made and carried to have any member of the department to pay 10 cents entrance for all future dances.
  • F. Chamberlain was given the contract to install street sprinkler on truck - total cost - everything furnished by Chamberlain - $3.00.
19 July 1933
  • Lee Clark, Chairman
  • 23 members present
  • Applications for Sam McFarland, Ramon Parks,  and Doran Cornelius approved
  • <>Took up donations among volunteers of $10 to pay for the flowers ordered for our departed president John H. Olney, who died July 14, 1933.  List of all who donated attached to minutes.
  • President, Lee Clark appointed O. A. Riggs, Herman Schnabel, and Cecil Humphries to a committee to draw up a Resolution of Respect for John Olney.  A copy is to be sent to the Burnet Bulletin and one to Mrs. Olney and a copy put on file with the Fire Department.
  • Vice President Lee Clark declined to take over the unexpired term of President on account that he could not meet regular with us; that he was so often out of town on meeting night and he requested that we elect a president for the remainder of this term.
  • Several were put in nominations and Ross Johnson was elected president.
  • President Ross Johnson took the chair and thanked the organization for the honor bestowed upon him and said that he would do the very best he could to carry on the good work.  He urged all members to pay their dues each month.

2 Aug 1933

  • Ross Johnson, President
  • 15 members present.
  • Chief Schnabel committee on picture show reported the first shows Friday and Saturday nights, Aug 4 & 5.  Ross Johnson and Ed Craddock to have charge of tickets first night and A. B. Sample and Leon Shillings will sell and collect the tickets Saturday night.
  • Ren Nichols and Buster Craddock was appointed advertising committee.
  • Mrs. Landrum donated $5.00 to the department.
  • Motion carried to have secretary offer Olly Cole  $2.50 on contract for last dance.
  • Adjourned to have fire drills.
16 Aug 1933
  • Ross Johnson, President
  • 12 members present.
  • Application of Eddy Loveless approved.
  • Friday and Saturday night shows cleared $15.40 less lights.  Herman Schnabel, chairman of show committee reported on several good shows held for future use.
  • Buster Craddock, Ren Nichols, Ross Johnson,  and Bunk Gibbs  appointed ticket takers.
6 Sept 1933
  • Ross Johnson, President
  • 12 members present.
  • Herman Schnabel, chairman of show committee reported the gross receipts of the show of Sept 1 and 2 was $36.40.  The next shows billed for Fri and Sat nights, Sept 15 and 16.  O. A. Riggs, Clement Kincheloe, Prof. Williams, and Ross Johnson appointed ticket sellers.
  • Bills ordered paid:
    • W. F. LaForge - balance on account - $4.15
    • Jess Humphries  and Grady Stapp  - $5.35 for 4th July dance
    • David Clen - $1.00 for rubber packing.
20 Sept 1933
  • Ross Johnson, President
  • 14 members present.
  • Chief Schnabel, chairman of show committee reported shows billed for 29 and 30th Sept.  Ed Craddock, C. Hullum, A. B. Sample, Ross Johnson, Leon Shilling, Bunk Gibbs appointed as ticket takers or workers.
  • Chief Schnabel made trade with Shaw for theater.  Shaw and burnet Fire Dept to share equally in all expenses and net proceeds of all shows.
  • The disbanded Civic Club donated to Fire Dept the balance in their treasury - $3.82
  • several paid dues and cash on old battery sold by our Chief - $2.00
5 Oct 1933
  • Bunk Gibbs, Chairman
  • Roll call - no numbers noted.
  • Net proceeds from the shows Sept 29 and 30 was $34.00.
  • Application of Rufus Tucker approved
  • Purchasing committee appointed:  Herman Schnabel, Bill Chamberlain and J. I. McDaniel.
  • Dues collected: $1.50
  • Bills read and ordered paid:
    • Churchill - 30 cents
    • Fry Drug Store - $1.20
    • Hansford Stapp - $9.70
18 Oct 1933
  • Bunk Gibbs, Chairman
  • 14 members present.
  • Motion made and carried to have secretary to pay our note at State Bank.
  • The shows of 13 and 14 Oct - receipts for 2 nights $39.10.
  • Officers for the Friday night Show Oct 27 are O. A. Riggs, Clarence Hullum  and Burt Debo.  Saturday night show, Oct 28 - J. I. McDaniel, H. C. Johnson,  and Prof. Williams.
  • Motion made and carried to change the meeting nights to the 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights in each month.
  • Next meeting 14 Nov 1933
14 Nov 1933
  • Ross Johnson, Chairman
  • 14 members present.
  • O. A. Riggs, secretary, reported he had paid the note of $48.95 held by First State Bank.
  • Chief Schnabel had a prepared report on the picture shows from the first shows to and including Oct 28th, 1933.  His report shows that the net results was $122.92.
  • Voted to have shows on 17th and 18th and also 24th and 25th of November
  • H. A. Barnet and Clarence was to have charge of show on Friday the 17th and R. D. Williams, J. I. McDaniel, Leon Shilling to have charge on Sat night 18th and on 24th  O. A. Riggs and Ross Johnson has charge of show Saturday night 25th; Ren Nichols, Burt Debo and A. B. Sample will have charge of show.
  • Application of J. S. Berry approved.
  • Question of a supper brought up and after much discussion the department voted to have an oyster supper on Tuesday night, Nov 28.  Each member entitled to bring one female with him if he so desired.
  • Supper committee:  R. D. Williams, Bunk Gibbs, C. Hullum, Leon Shilling, McBradley, Ed Craddock, A. B. Sample and H. A. Barnet.
  • Entertainment committee:  Ren Nichols, buster Craddock, Cecil Humphries and J. I. McDaniel.
  • Invitation Committee:  Ross Johnson, O. A. Riggs, Lee Clark, Bunk Gibbs, H. Schnabel.
  • Fire Calls:
    • Morning of 19 Oct -  H. F. Yoe's Barn on fire.  The boys were quick in getting to the fire.  Although the fire was under good headway when the truck got on the ground, but the boys soon had it under control and saved the barn and contents.  Mr. Yoe showed his appreciation by sending the department $10.00.
    • 24 Oct - Pilgrim's Farm - 7 miles out on Mormon Mill Road - flue fire inside ceiling - a little water through a hole in the roof put it out.
28 Nov 1933
  • Ross Johnson, President
  • 15 members present.
  • Oyster Supper Committee reported that an act of several members that could not come and several out of town, to postpone said banquet.  Voted to have banquet Thursday night, Dec 7.
  • Chief Schnabel reported that the receipts of our last shows was $30.55.
  • Dues collected $3.50.
12 Dec 1933
  • Ross Johnson, Chairman
  • No notes for members present.
  • No committee reports.
  • Voted to charge $1 initiation fee for all new members.
  • Much discussion about making out of town calls and upon motion it was voted to answer all calls within one mile of city limits, and calls over one mile and up to five miles there would be a charge of $1 per mile; calls over five miles, a charge of $25 was to be paid by ones making the call.  Further instructions are to answer calls only of responsible parties.
  • Motion  made and carried to have our Chief to see the city in regard to buying extra wheels and tires for truck.
  • Accident insurance for firemen was discussed and any one interested in same to see the Chief, who has rates and benefits literature.
  • Magazine rates for firemen magazine was read - 50 cents per year where as many as twenty subscriptions was sent in.  Frank Nichols put on committee to get subscriptions.
26 Dec 1933
  • Ross Johnson, Chairman
  • 12 members present.
  • Department voted to charge $1 entrance fee.
  • Officers elected for 1934:
    • President - Ross Johnson
    • 1st Vice President - Bunk Gibbs
    • 2nd Vice President - Lee Clark
    • Chief - Herman Schnabel
    • Assistant Chief - Frank Nichols
    • Secretary/Treasurer - O. A. Riggs
  • Chief Schnabel brought in a box of cigars and passed these around to the boys after which the meeting adjourned.


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