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Minutes of the Burnet Volunteer Fire Department

Source:  Original Minute Books of the BVFD
Abstracted by JoAnn Myers, January 2011

Chairman: Bunk Gibbs
President: Ross Johnson
Secretary: O. A. Riggs

9 January

  • 15 members present
  • Bills ordered paid
    • Roy Fry - $1.35
    • T. P. & L Co. balance on picture show power - $10.84
    • Hall lights – 30 cents
  •  Bob Marks, Clarence Hullum and J. S. Berry appointed to committee to put a crank on Buick truck
  •  Secretary collected $1.20 dues

23 January

  •  15 members present
  •  Renting building next door for recreation hall
  •  Herman Schnabel, Chair; Lee Clark, R. W. Frazier and O. A. Riggs appointed to committee to see city commissioners and others about helping to finance recreation project – as much as $5 per month

6 February

  •  14 members present
  •  Applications for C. W. Craddock, Joe Bowmer, C. J. Hilburn, Roy Fry and Hubert Dickens accepted and elected into membership.
  •  Frank Nichols had a blueprint of the proposed hall improvement for all to see.  Committee charged to devise ways and means to do the work – either by contract or volunteer labor.
  •  75 cents dues collected; $1 initiation fee paid by C. W. Craddock

13 February

  •  10 members present
  •  Buick Truck committee reported the truck had been completely overhauled
  •  W. H. Smith applied and voted into membership
  •  Bills ordered paid
    • Burnet Furniture Co. - $1.20
    • David Kleen Hardware Store - .75 cents
    • Dickens Motor Co. - $1.98
  •  All members in favor of erecting a hall above the one now using as soon as financing is available – Chief Schnabel estimates work can be done for approx $100.

13 March

  •  20 members present
  •  Building committee reported on contract for improvement to Mark Nolen for $220 – he to furnish all material and labor and to have the building ready by next meeting.
  •  Mr. White, the picture show man, offered the department 2 shows.  Committee of J. I. McDaniel, Bunk Gibbs, H. Schnabel, Ross Johnson, and O. A. Riggs to select show and dates thave them.
  •  Collected $11 in fees and dues
  •  Clarence Hullum allowed $1 labor on truck – same to be applied this dues.
  •  Application of Lee Yarborough voted on and elected to membership.

28 March

  •  15 members present
  •  Picture Show committee selected picture for March 11 & 12th, Title “Midnight”
  •  Advertising Committee – H. A. Barnet to post Marble Falls; J. I. McDaniel – Bertram; Bill Chamberlain, Box Marx, Frank Nichols, and Ed Craddock to take Burnet.
  •  Discussion on first aid school – Frank Nichols and J. I. McDaniel instructors, without pay.
  •  W. H. Smith and C. W. Craddock, new members, each gave an inspiring talk expressing their appreciation of the department.

10 April

  •  14 members present
  •  Bills ordered paid:
    • Yarborough Store - $.94
    • D. B. Kleen - $1.60
    • Roy Fry Drug Store - $1.00
  •  Frank Nichols instructed on the many questions that come up on fire equipment and fire fighting

24 April

  •  15 members present
  •  Tom White, the picture show man, made an honorary member
  •  Discussion on ways to interest members – motion made and carried to work up some side degrees
  •  Committee appointed to put up degrees:
    • Bunk Gibbs, Ren Nichols, Buster Craddock, A. D. Williams, A. B. Sample, Rufus Tucker.
  •  Finance Committee:
    • B. Gibbs, Lee Clark, H. Schnabel, R. Johnson, Bill Chamberlain, R. D. Williams, R. Tucker, Frank Nichols.

8 May

  •  15 members present
  •  Bills ordered paid:
    • Dave Kleen - .50 cents for oils
    • Cary Lumber C– lumber $5.15
  •  Buster Craddock suggested the department put on a dance.  He was appointed make arrangements.
  •  $3.25 dues collected

22 May

  •  Dance Committee – no report.
  •  Old opera chairs at Marble Falls in bad condition. No action taken.
  •  Frank Nichols submitted resignation as Assistant Chief.
  •  Ed Craddock nominated as Assistant Chief.

12 June

  •  25 members present
  •  Visitors present: Mayor W. C. Galloway, Judge Thaxton, T. J. White, L. C. Chamberlain, Doc Manwell, H. T. Yoe, Ben King, John Dotson
  •  Judge Thaxton made an instructive speech
  •  Mayor Galloway assured that the city and all the town was cooperating with the dept.
  •  John Dotson applied for membership.
  •  Donations to the general fund: 
    • Doc Maxwell - $1, Mrs. Henry Hester, $1, Elmer Duck Craddock, $1, W. C. Galloway, .25 cents
  •  Athletic Committee:  Bill Chamberlain, Bunk Gibbs, Lamar Parks, Leon Shilling, Rufus Tucker, C. C. Yonnie
  •  Dance Committee:  A. B. Sample, Leon Shilling, Buster Craddock.
  •  Dept. invited Taylor for 4th of July celebration
  •  Ice cream and cake served after the meeting.

26 June

  •  11 members present
  •  Dance Committee reported they made $5.60 from dance
  •  C. W. Craddock donated $1 to the general fund
  •  Ed. Craddock elected Asst. Chief

10 July

  •  Boxing match to be held Sat, July 28th on courthouse lawn with other carnival features added
  •  Ren Nichols made motion that any active member who was absent 2 consecutive meetings would be subjects for any side degree.  Motion carried.

24 July

  •  20 members present
  •  Carnival committee reported everything ready for shows and other attractions
  •  Loman Kuykendall application referred to committee.
  •  Motion for cake sale at carnival.
  •  William Garrett membership reinstated.

14 Aug

  •  12 members present
  •  Bill Chamberlain, Carnival committee chairman, reported $41.20 cleared at carnival.
  •  Motion to pay H. F. Yoe $50 on note.  Motion carried
  •  Loman Kuykendall voted a member of BFD.
  •  Side degree committee ready to do the work at next meeting.

28 Aug

  •  9 members present
  •  1 visitor: Little Bubba McDaniel
  •  $12.50 dues collected during past week
  •  Ways and Means discussed in regard to water for trucks – the Lee Clark well has failed.
  •  Committee appointed to find water and report next meeting:  Bunk Gibbs, Loman Kuykendall and Ed Craddock.

11 Sep

  •  12 members present
  •  Water supply committee asked for more time to study out ways to get water
  •  Bills ordered paid:
    • Burnet Mercantile - .65 cents
    • Cary Lumber Co., lumber - $2.55

25 Sep

  •  11 members present
  •  Water Committee reported arrangements with Mercantile to fill tank from McFarland well for fire purposes and McFarland furnishing water to fill first tank free.
  •  Mayor Galloway asked to address the meeting – asked the boys help to inspect town during fire prevention week, 7 – 13 Oct.

9 Oct

  •  9 members present
  •  Fire Prevention Week Committee reported on inspections for fire hazards in town.
  •  Robt Wagner sent word that he would furnish 5 gal cream for next or any meeting free.
  •  Ren Nichols motioned to buy lock and hasp for gas tanks on trucks. Carried.

27 Nov

  •  7 members present
  •  no committee reports
  •  Chief Schnabel talked about State Fire Insurance Regulations for fire departments.
  •  Voted thave 1st regular meeting each month as business meeting and 2nd meeting to be for fire drill practice.

11 Dec

  •  7 members present
  •  Motion thave fire alarm switch in telephone office moved to a more convenient place for the operator. 
  •  Committee of H. Schnabel, R. D. Williams, and Ross Johnson to draw up resolutions in regard to distress signal and emergency calls for doctors.

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