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Calvert Family Bible


Source:  Patricia Cornett, <Pat_Cornett @ baylor . edu>, Nov, 2008

Transcription of records from the Calvert family Bible:


John Wordlow Calvert was born 17th of September 1848

Mary Jane Caruth wife of John W. Calvert was born November 21st 1849

Hugh Hutson Calvert was born March (unreadable) 1868

Carrie Calvert was born May 14th 1869

William Wordlow Calvert was born August eleventh 1871

Geo. Carson Calvert was born the 9th of March 1874

Harrison McFarland Born April 17, 1878

Jeffe McFarland Born April 11th, 1879

Fred McFarland was born April 28th 1885

Jack Eichelberger (unable to read)

Mary Ruth (Sweetie) May 23, 1906


John W. Calvert and Mary Jane Caruth were married January the seventeenth 1866

G.J. McFarland and Mary Jane Calvert were married August the 19th 1877

Geo. C. Calvert to Flora Cates June 28, 1900


Harrison McFarland departed this life April 28, 1878

Jeffe McFarland departed this life March the 27, 1887

G.J. McFarland departed this life May 3rd 1895

Hugh Hutson Calvert May 12, 1938

Carrie Calvert Mayes died Jan. 16, 1967

William Wordlow Calvert departed this life December the 3 1884

John Wordlow Calvert departed this life February 16, 1876

Mother, M.J. McFarland, Departed this life November 25, 1928 at Yerington, Nevada

Jack Eichelberger Jan. 2, 1924

Flora Cates Calvert Feb. 6, 1936

Mary Ruth (Sweetie) June 18, 1915

Geo. Carson Calvert departed this life May 4, 1960



This Bible was bought Jan. 20th 1874

G.J. McFarland was born February 1st 1828

Flora Cates Calvert Born Sep. 11, 1877

Irene Calvert Sept. 22, 1901

Carolyn Calvert June 22, 1916

Irene Eichelberger Dec. 25, 1924

Jack Eichelberger June 25, 1922



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