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Jesse B. BURNHAM and Sarah J. FOWLER


Source:  Vertical File, Herman Brown Free Library.
Transcribed by JoAnn Myers from three typewritten sheets 
No date is on the typed sheets.

Beginning transcriptio

Copied from the "HOLY BIBLE" in possession of W.A. Quebedeaux, Sr.

This Bible has "Jesse B. Burnham" in gold leaf on the front and "Sarah J. Fowler" in gold leaf on the back cover.

In between the two testaments there is a wedding certificate which reads:

....."This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Josiah Fowler of Cooke Co., E. Tenn. and Rebecca McCamey Yett of Cooke Co. E. Tenn. on Oct. 17th 1833 at Residence of bride's Parents by Rev. Joe Monning. Witness William Yett Witness Mary Yett"

Note by Mrs. W.A. Quebedeaux ----This date is 1833, but on one of the front pages is "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by J.R. Jones, In the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, District of Columbia." So it seems this certificate must have been entered at a much later date than the wedding date of 1833.

The above Bible was given to Emma Evelyn Burnham (Quebedeaux) by her mother Sarah J. Fowler (Burnham). Mrs. Quebedeaux gave it to her son W.A. Quebedeaux, Sr. In the family portrait section near the back are many family portraits, some of them daguerreotypes, a number of obituaries are pasted in the back leaves.

end of typed portion of first page.

Handwritten at end of first page is

This Bible now in possession of:

1. Carol Quebedeaux (Watts), Mrs. Harmon Watts, 4611 Valerie, Bellaire, Texas given by her to

2. James Harmon Watts on his wedding day 106 Griffith Court, New Castle, Del.

page two of typed transcript:

Copies of records whose originals are in the Burnham Family Bible in possession of W.A. Quebedeaux, Sr. Now in possession of Carol Quebedeaux Watts (Mrs Harmon Watts), [previous name lined through and the name James H. Watts, son, handwritten in.]



Jesse B. Burnham and Sarah J. Fowler were married Nov. 20, 1855 at "Marble Hill", Burnet Co., Texas

William G. OBrien and Sarah J. Burnham were married Nov. 20th, 1866 at "Marble Hill", Burnet Co., Texas. (Another marriage was evidently recorded here and erased. It very probably was the record of the third marriage of Sarah J. Fowler.)

James Walter Quebedeaux and Emma E. Burnham were married June 23rd, 1885 at Rock Vale Church, Burnet Co., texas.

Walter Arnim Quebedeaux and Madge Cooper were married Oct. 12th, 1909 at Georgetown, Texas.

Walter Arnim Quebedeaux and Mabel Taylor were married May 21st, 1913 at Georgetown, Texas.


W.A. Quebedeaux, Jr born in Georgetown, Texas April 1st, 1915.

Chloe Lee Quebedeaux born in Georgetown, Texas, Oct. 21st, 1916.

Carol Quebedeaux born in Austin, Texas, april 1st, 1919.

Capt. Jesse B. Burnham was born March 13th, 1831 in Fayette Co., Texas

Sarah J. Burnham was born Sept. 16th 1834 in Cooke Co., Tenn.

Bill Lee Burnham was born Aug. 17th, 1856 - Tx.

Emma E. Burnham was born Aug. 27th, 1860-Tx.

Josiah Bennett Burnham was born Feb. 25th, 1862-Tx.

Capt. William G. O Brian was born May 22nd 1829 in Tenn.

James Walter Quebedeaux was born Aug. 29th, 1859 at Ranch, Gonzales Co., Texas

Walter Arnim Quebedeaux was born at Flatonia, Tex. Sept. 8th, 1887.

Madge Cooper Quebedeaux was born in Georgetown, Texas, Oct. 14th, 1888

Madge Cooper Quebedeaux, Jr. was born in Georgetown, Texas Oct 9th 1910.

Mabel Taylor Quebedeaux was born Aug. 7th, 1888 in Georgetown, Texas

end of second typed page

beginning third typed page



Capt. Jesse B. Burnham died on the 9th of October 1862 of pneumonia in Des Arc, Ark.

Josiah Bennett Burnham died on Sunday night, October 2nd, 1870 of concussion of the brain.

Capt. William G. O Brien died on July 1st, 1868 in Burnet Co., Texas of cancer.

Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of Josiah and Rebecca Fowler died June 9th 1879 at Salado, Bell Co., Texas of Typhoid Fever.

Madge Cooper Quebedeaux died July 9th, 1911 at Houston, Texas of acute Bright's Disease.

Emma E. Burnham Quebedeaux died August 4th, 1915 in Georgetown, Texas from a tropical disease.

James Walter Quebedeaux died July 4th, 1918 in Austin, Texas from the effects of sun stroke.

Walter Arnim Quebedeaux died August 9th, 1947 at his Ranch Home on Lake Travis, 27 miles NW of Austin, Texas (Travis Co.) of a sun stroke.



Captain Jesse Burnham married Temperance Baker Sept. 6th 1812

Emeraux Quebedeaux born St. Landres Parish, La. 1830-June 1st. Died - Austin, Texas Nov. 8th, 1909.

Mary Jane Nations Quebedeaux

(Note----by Mrs. W.A. Quebedeaux. The entry of the name--"Mary Jane Nations Quebedeaux" is written in the writing of Walter Quebedeauz. This states her name was Mary Jane but---her daughter-Mrs. Woodley-says her name was Mary Evelyn Nations. Mr. Quebedeaux may have confused her middle name with the middle name of his mother-in-law, Sarah Jane Burnham.)

Should the name John Walter Quebedeaux appear anywhere in these records, it should be James and not John.

end of third typed page

Description of contents -- Burnham vertical file



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