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Descendants of
Addison Barker Conner and Mary Marina Coggin
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ADDISON BARKER CONNER, b. 28 Sept1823 in Edgefield Co. SC to Catlett CONNER and Margaret ROBINSON; d. 1 June 1896 in Lone Grove, Llano County, Texas. He married Mary Marina COGGIN 22 May 1855 in Burnet, Texas, daughter of James COGGIN and Margaret TATE. She was b. 25 December 1833 in Georgia; d. 22 June1895 in Lone Grove, Llano County, Texas. Addison's father, Catlett, was a South Carolina state senator at the time of his death in 1832. Marina's family was living in Alabama in 1838 but by 1850 was in Kaufman County, TX. Both are buried in Board Branch Cemetery in Llano Co., TX


1. George William (or Washington) CONNER, born 28 Feb1856 in Texas; d. 27 Jan1884 in Llano, TX.
....+Mary Elizabeth HARRIS 3 Oct1875 in Burnet, Texas, daughter of George W. Harris and Joice Acuff. She was b. about 1859 in Dallas Co., Missouri; d. Unknown in Texas. George is buried in Board Branch Cemetery, Llano Co., TX

Children of George and Mary (Harris) Conner are:

1-1 Rene Conner.

1-2 Washington B. Conner, b. October 1877 in Llano, Texas. He married ADDIE 1897.

1-3 Ollie Jane Conner, b. Abt. 1878 in Texas. She married George William Davis 1897.

1-4 John Alfred Conner, b. December 1879, Texas; d. 1971.

1-5 Emily Pearl Conner, b. 6 May1882 in Bertram, Burnet Co., TX; d. 22 May1960 in Austin, TX.
......+Harry Lazarus Jackson on 3 May1900, son of Hugh Lawson Jackson and Cynthia Jane Blankenship. He was b. 6 Oct1881 in Corn Hill, Williamson Co., TX; d. 27 March1961 in Austin, TX.

1-6 George William Conner, Jr., b. February 1884, Texas.

2. John A. Conner, b. 15 April1858 in Texas; d. January 01, 1904.
....+Gertrude L. Parmley

Child of John and Gertrude (Parmley) Coner is:

2-1 James R. Conner

3. James Addison Conner, b. 3 Oct1860 in McCullough County, Texas; d. 3 Feb1936 in Paducah, Cottle Co., Texas.
....+(1) Amanda Samantha Clark on 21 Feb1878 in Llano, TX. She was b. 1 Nov1861 in TX; d. 15 Nov1894 in TX.
....+(2) Elizabeth Alice Swift Abt. 1902.
....+(3) Emma Mae Talley on 27 Oct1908 in Llano, TX. She was b. 17 Feb1880; d. 22 Aug1962.

Children of James and Amanda (Clark) Conner are:

3-1 Violet Marinda Conner, b. 10 Feb1879, McCullogh, TX; d. 10 Feb1953, Paducah, Texas
.....+ Sidney McClay Cate, 17 Dec1902, Lone Grove, Llano, TX.

3-2 Alice Elizabeth Conner, b. 21 Nov 1880; d. 8 April1969, Kyle, TX
.....+Charles Bales

3-3 Lillie Valoria Conner, b. 19 Oct 1882; d. Richland Springs, San Saba, TX
.....+ J. Sud Locklear, 5 Dec1900.

3-4 Ames Addison Lee Conner, b. 31 Jan 1885; d. Amarillo, TX
.....+Allie Ratliff

3-5 Charles Isaiah Conner, b. 11 Jan 1887; d. 29 July 1953
.....+Alethia Price; d. 18 Dec1967.

3-6 Ernest A. Conner, b. 12 Aug 1890; d. in Cherokee Co., TX
.....+Ada Ratliff

Children of James and Emma (Talley) Conner are:

3-7 Jewell Ione Conner, b. 30 June1909.

3-8 James Sullivan Conner, b. 10 Aug 1910.

3-9 Nolan Wilburn Conner, b. 18 Dec 1911, Llano County, TX; d. April 1987, Amarillo, TX.

3-10 Selma Elizabeth Conner, b. 28 March 1914.

3-11 Raymond Tally Conner, b. 18 June 1916, Llano County, TX; d. 11 Jan 1981.

3-12 Alvin Douglas Conner, b. 9 July 1919.

3-13 Pauline Mildred Conner, b. 3 June1922; d. 10 Nov 1972, Amarillo, TX.

4. Rebecca Conner, b. 1863, Texas.

5. Lee J. Conner, b. 1865 in Texas. He married Sally Nail. She was b. February 1874.

Children of Lee and Sally (Nail) Conner are:

5-1 John A. Conner, b. July 1892.

5-2 Amanda Conner, b. January 1894.

5-3 Lottie E. Conner b. June 1895.

5-4 Susie M. Conner, b. March 1897.

5-5William Cordis Conner, b. 4 Nov 1899; d. Seminole, TX.

6. William Hardy Conner, b. 1867, Texas.

7. Mary Elizabeth Conner, b. 1871, Texas; m. Mr. Virdell

8. Edward Barker Conner, b. 24 May1873 in Llano, Texas; d. 19 March 1965 in Childress, TX
...+Mabel Lee Boatright 2Dec1898 in Llano , Texas. She was b. 7June1882 in Llano, Texas; d. 15 Nov1955 in Childress, TX.

Children of Edward and Mabel (Boatright) Conner are:


8-2 Clemie Mae Conner, b. 11Oct 1903; d. 21 Jan 1987, San Saba, TX.

8-3 Wilma Jessie Conner, b. 27 July 1906, Lampasas, TX; d. January 1984, Plainview, TX.

8-4 Edward B. Conner, b. 5 Dec 1908, Texas; d. 29 Aug 1992, Childress, TX.

8-5 Wilford Conner, b. 25 Nov 1911; d. 17 Jan 1917.

8-6 Basil Leon Conner, b. 27 May 1919, Childress, TX; d. November 1982, California.



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