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Memory Journal of

Georgia Gladys Hahn Everett

original dated 15 Feb 1931

Source: Shelley Everett Musgrove, April 2004

Transcribed by: Shelley Dawn Everett Musgrove on 7-1-1999

The following is a transcription of a short journal of memories my great grandmother, known to the grandchildren as "Nanny," wrote to leave to her sons, Alton Gilbert and Allan Alexander. It contains some family history as well as some cute stories. Some of the handwriting is a bit difficult to make out, but the copy should be reasonably accurate. Spelling/grammatical errors have been left in to maintain the integrity of her writing. The journal, as I have it, ends abruptly. I imagine the other pages have been lost. - Shelley Everett Musgrove

Journal of Georgia Gladys Hahn Everett:

Feby-15th 1931-

About one year ago, I resolved in my mind, to jot down down a few memories, to pass on to the boys- Gilbert and Allan.

To start with. Grandfather Everett (Jordan Everett) was born at Dawson Ga.

He married Miss Mary Stedham. Five children were born to them. Dolly, Tom, Emma, Jim and Mamie. The mother died where Mamie was about 5 yrs. old. Grandfather Everett married again. Miss Jennie Kirksey-who along with these other 5 children, raised 7 of their own- Jordan, Owen, Henry, Lizzie, Annie, Leonard and Cecil.

After moving from Ga. in 1885 Grandfather Everett settled in Colorado Co., later moving to Burnet Co. where they lived until his death in 1923. So much for that.

Of all those children we are interested in is "Jim"- as he happens to be "Grandad."

On Jan. 1st 1887 he married Mary Elizabeth Glimp, whose parents were Tom and Ardelia Glimp;the following children being members of that family, Mary Jane; (Uncle Gusses wife) Susan and Wiley (twins) Martin Ardelia, Caroline, Tom, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Norman, Bertha Dave and Andy . My recollection of this family is that they lived in a log house. (Where Myron now lives) What an interesting talker Grandma Glimp was, also that she chewed tobacco and smoked a pipe.

After Jim and Lizzie married they lived on what was then known as the Cole place. (Maurice Glimp moving the house away recently) Warren and Blanche were born there, then the most wonderful event of all took place.

"Audley Antone" was born May 8th 1892. Soon after this the family moved to Burnet. Walter, Curtis, Delia, Edith, Flora and Mamie completed the family. They lived in Burnet utnil May 8, 1904 they moved to Sage--which was a very fitting celebration for your daddys' 12th birthday.

There are lost of amusing incidents that happened in his younger days. Like most kids he had his ups and down--friends and enemies. One of his worst dreads was going to the meat market before daylight. As he was just a kid we can sympathize with him in being afraid of the dark -- can't we Allan?

From all accounts it seems that he had more fights with Feilding Hammond (now our district attorney) than any other boy. His especial school chum was Willie Conker -- who died while he lived in Burnet.

He also spent many pleasant days visiting his Grand mother Glimp. After moving to the country, the real fun of living started.

In connection with the farm Grandad had charge of the gin. Thus you pa grew up -- attending school at Bethel until he completed the 9th grade at the age of 16 years.


To begin with, my knowledge of my family tree is very scant indeed.

My daddy, Charles Henry Hahn was born in Hanover Germany Europe -- Jan. 9th 1833 -- an died April 15th 1901. He had two brothers (Guss and Bill) - August Hahn and well Uncle Bill is all I know.) And a sister Caroline.

My grand mother on my mothers side was Mary Harvey and my grand father John Clements. I do not know the date of their marriage or how many children they had. But I know that my mother Mary Caroline Clements was born September 16th 1849 -- died July 6th 1919. In Wayne Co. Tennessee. I knew only one brother of hers -- Uncle Warren Clements-his family consisted of his wife-Aunt Rachel -- Mary (now dead) John, Belle (dead) Jeff-Virgie-Wash-Jake-Martha (Glimp) May and Allie.

Mothers parents died when she was a small child. That is, her mother died. Her daddy married Miss Martha Pope some years later.

Mother came to DeWitt Co. Texas and lived with her uncle. There she and my daddy were married on April 9th 1867. The following children were born.

August Burnett - Amanda Caroline Mary Jane - Louisa - Thomas Christopher (dead) Tobe -

Emanuel Jfferson (Mack) Charles Brady - Myrtle Ardelia Lodie Audrey. Mattie Martha Georgia Gladys - (March 21st 1891)

My daddy died April 16th 1901 - I don't rem. very much about him -- Only he always brought me something good when he went to town and didn't scold me very much.

I rem. one incident distinctly - Mama and Dad went to Brownwood to visit Amanda - and they left me at home - I was at school the day they left and was playing "jump the rope," right by the side of the road. At noon recess when the stage passed (a large 3 seated white topped hack) The stage line was the same road we travel now, from Burnet to Lampasas, by Surry Lane. It seems I can just close my eyes and see how Mama and Dad looked as they sat on the back seat of the stage hack that day. My, how I dreaded to go home from school that afternoon. However I reckon I lived over it. I'm still here.

They tell some terrible things on me when I was little - Being the youngest of 12 children is the reason - I suppose.

When I was about 2 or 3 yrs. old a Mr. Bainbridge (who taught school at Bethel) boarded at our house and was a great pal of mine. Mama had a bunch of geese and they had worn a little trail under the yard fence. It was no trouble at all for me to go under the fence the same way the geese did. I would try to get him to crawl under with us. And they tell on me that I give way all the family secrets absolutely.

One of the things that made life miserable for me was running chickens -- mailing letters on the stage and going to Aunt Marys'. The reason I didn't like to go to Aunt Marys was on account of their dogs. Oh, but I was afraid of those dogs. Old Shilo and Watch were their names. Shilo bit Mattie one time.

All this time changes were taking place. The old stage route was discontinued and we had a post office at Sage. Which continued until we got the mail route out of Burnet.

Our big family was scattered some marrying and leaving home until there were only Mama, Mack and I left. About 1907 or 8 Mack went to Baylor College, which left only Mother and I. Ed Cox stayed with us and worked the place. On my 18th birthday Mama was taken ill very suddenly - also very seriously. She never regained the use of her right hand again. She had a stroke of paralasys. We kept a nurse with her for over a month - In fact two nurses - Miss Finch at first. She only stayed about 10 days then Miss Yeager came and stayed about a month. Mack came home from school. After Mama got better she and I went to Austin and stayed with Brady and Cora for a month or two. In July we were back home together again.

They were rather trying times. Because I knew very little about managing and cooking. But we got along fine because Mama was allways patient with me. And Mack never one time complained of any thing I did. So I had lots of encouragement and every thing went Ok.

Mama and I spent 3 weeks at Marlin one spring. She taking the baths - also we spent several weeks in Austin having her eyes treated. But we were always glad to get back home.


On December 21st 1913 the important event occurred. Miss Gladys Hahn and Mr. Audley Everett were married - Rev. Arthur Caron officiating - It took place at 2:30 o'clock - Only the immediate families present. Ira and Blanche walked into the west room of the "White House"  -  where the fatol words were spoken - delicious fruit salad and cake was served shortly after. We lived with Mother and Mack. The following Sept. Mack entered the Seminary at Ft. Worth.

On October 15th 1914, just about sundown a fine 6 lb. boy arrived to make his home with us. "Alton Gilbert" was the name decided upon. And as such he is known today.

There was just one other baby ever born that was as pretty and sweet as Gilbert and that was Allan.
had big brown eyes and dark hair. And was fat as a pig. Was hardly ever sick a day in his young life. He was very much the center of attraction. As he was the first grand child on the Everett side. When he was eight months old he had two teeth and could sit alone and crawl some. He had a little touch of hard luck when he was ten months old. His daddy and I had a siege of typhoid fever. Of course he missed his daddies attention. And on his mothers side - he was "cut off from his clabber". But all his kinfolks came to his rescue and learned him to eat. (He would never touch milk) and he got along finely. He stayed about a month with his Grand mother Everett. We were a proud and happy family however, when we were able to have him at home again. I forgot to say a while back that Aunt Emma Kenan was our nurse when Gilbert was born. And she took mighty good care of him.

I whish I could write the word and make it sound like Gilbert said it when he said "Gaug-gau" for Grandma Hahn. They had great time together. And my, how "Gaug gau" would laugh when Gilbert would take his "coonjigger" in her room (east room) and make it dance on the hearth for her. There was scarcely a night he would miss taking his coonjigger in and kissing her good night.

There are so many funny incidents happened when he was little but one of the funniest was when he got a gallon bucket hung over his head. Mama and I thought it very serious for a while and Audley and Clade had one more race down the lane to cut the bucket off - but it all turned out fine, with out leaving even a scratch on Gilberts head - then we saw how funny it all had been.

Gilbert knocked the sugar bowl off the dining table one day when he went in for a bite of sugar. And I found him way back under the floor crying like 60 and saying -  "I didn't intended too"  -  I didn't know at first what he meant but he finally showed me. It was a mighty pretty sugar bowl and it belonged to Mama - but we didn't even scold him for that caper. However he got a switching once in a while - Not very often.

Allan Alexander Everett was born March 23rd 1919. Weighed 7lbs. Had blue eyes - and light hair and was just as pretty and sweet as could be. The event occurred in the west room (same as Gilbert) at about 9 o'clock p.m. on Sunday night. Grand mother Stoekman nursed him when he was little - and Allan, like Gilbert was always healthy - and grew like "nobodies business."

When he was 3 months old, his grand mother Hahn died. July 6th '19. She was never very well after along during March, but she would hold Allan up close to her in bed. Allan and Gilbert had great times together playing and fussing. Enjoying one just about as much as the other.

One night we had fried chicken for supper - We asked Allan what piece he wanted and he said sop-sop - (flop-flop) meaning wing.

He had great times with the Misses Rowney  -  first Leonona then Virginia who boarded at our house and taught the Bethel school. Miss Leonona gave him a little "Frog Book." Allan memorized it and this is the way he said it.


"Twenty soggies went to school,
Down beside a wishy pool
Twenty little coats of green,
Twenty vests all white and clean.
We must be on time said they,
First we study, then we play,
That is how we keep the rule
When we soggies go to school
Master soggie gave and stern
Called the classes in their turn.
Taught them how to nobly strive
Likewise how to leap and dive
From his seat upon the log
Showed them how to say ker-chog
Also how to dodge the blows
From the sticks that bad boys throw.
Twenty soggies grew up fast
Big sogs they became at last
Not one dunce among the lot
Not one lesson they forgot
Polished to a high degree
As each soggie ought to be
Now they sit on other logs
Teaching other little sogs.


Gilbert started to school when he was six years old. His teachers were Elizabeth Ruble - Ira Witcher Myrtle Price - mabel Roper - Thelma Loveless - Mrs. Chambliss - Dora Touksley - Grace Beal -
Mr. Fox - Mr. Williams

Allan started to school when he was seven  -  in the second grade. His teachers so far are Grace Beal - Ava Young - Grace Beal - Sue Bowmer 2yrs - Mr. Fox

He went this last year to L.V. and made the highest average in school - made straight a's no a-.

We have always took the boys to Sunday school  -  and church. Gilbert was converted and joined the church when he was 10 years old. Rev. Ellis Cook was our pastor. Bro. Wester was holding the meeting. Allan was converted at Tow Valley camp meeting  -  while Mack was pastor there- and Bro. John Rice holding the meeting. He later joined at Lake Victor during the meeting held by Bro. Hornburg. Bro. Miller was our pastor. So Bro. Cook baptized Gilbert and Bro. Miller  -  Allan.

There are preachers from both the Hahn and Everett families. Mack was ordained to preach in 1920  -  I believe  -  was pastor of the L.V. Baptist church for a short while. Then at Naruna and Tow Valley.

Walter started preaching several years ago  -  The Church of Christ as they now call it.

Well, Gilbert graduated from L.V. High school May 24th 1932. He made the highest grade of any in his class  -  But by Mr. Foxes bad management he was salutatorian instead of valedictorian. The class was composed of: Camile Jones - James Brown - Gilbert Everett - David Spradling - James Robbins.

To start with they had a mighty cute senior play- "Jimmy be Careful"  -  Gilbert - Dave - James and James


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