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Descendants of

William Conrad Franklin and

Mary Crawford

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William Conrad Franklin b: 11 Sep 1838 in Mercer County, KY
Crawford b: 14 Mar 1837 in IN

Children of William Conrad Franklin and Mary Crawford:

1 Frances Ann Franklin b: 9 Dec 1858 in Sullivan County, MO
...+Thomas "Tom"
Dennison b: 29 Jan 1859

Children of Frances Ann Franklin and Thomas Dennison:

1-1 Eugene Dennison b: 17 Jan 1881 in Burnet County TX

1-2 Lloyd Dennison b: 16 Jan 1883 in Burnet County, TX

1-3 Viola Dennison b: 12 Feb 1885 in Burnet County, TX
...+Theodore Benjamin
Wall b: 11 Jun 1881 in Bastrop County, TX

1-4 Nora Elizabeth Dennison b: 16 Oct 1886 in Burnet County, TX
...+William Herman
Wall b: 31 Oct 1879 in Bastrop County, TX

1-5 Lillie Mae Dennison b: 21 May 1888 in Burnet County, TX
...+William C.
Williamson b: 8 Sep 1877 in San Saba County, TX

1-6 Pearl Dennison b: 12 Mar 1890 in Burnet County, TX

1-7 Ruth Emily Dennison b: 27 Mar 1894 in Burnet County, TX
...+Clarence Elmer
Lewis b: 8 Sep 1877 in San Saba County, TX

1-8 Robert Lee "Rob" Dennison b: 9 Mar 1896 in Burnet County, TX
...+ (1st) Myrtle Ina
...+ (2nd) Ella

1-9 Claud Nolan Dennison b: 18 Jan 1900 in Burnet County, TX
...+Vertie Belle

2 James Levi "Jim" Franklin b: 15 Oct 1861 in TX
...+Ida Bell
Malone, b: Jun 1866 in MO

Children of James Franklin and Ida Bell Malone:

2-1 Eva Mae Franklin, b: Dec 1886 in Blanco County, TX
...+Will P.

2-2 William Luther Franklin, b: Sep 1888 in Blanco County, TX

2-3 Lula Franklin, b: 1890 in Blanco County, TX

2-4 James Leslie Franklin, b: Jun 1892 in Blanco County, TX

2-5 Lydia Bell Franklin, b: 11 Feb 1896 in Burnet Co TX
...+Bee Edwards "Charlie"
Corrigan, b: 11 Aug 1893

2-6 Leonard Earl Franklin, b: Feb 1898 in Mason County, TX

2-7 Grace Alice Franklin, b: Sep 1900 in Mason County, TX
...+W. Bruce

3 Mallory Emmett Franklin, b: 9 Dec 1863 in Burnet County, TX
...+Anna Elizabeth
Kennedy, b: 25 Nov 1865 in Boise, Ada County, Idaho Territory

Children of Mallory Emmett Franklin and Anna Elizabeth Kennedy:

3-1 Minna Mae Franklin, b: 19 Aug 1884 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
Lovett, b: 7 Jan 1879 in Travis County, TX

3-2 Orrin Conrad Mathew "Ira" "Orey" Franklin, b: 24 Feb 1886 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
... +Eliza

3-3 Dezania Myrtle Franklin, b: 23 Mar 1889 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
...+Albert Frank

3-4 Thomas Emmett Franklin, b: 8 Oct 1890 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
...+Fannie Evelyn

3-5 Ethel Inez Franklin, b: 22 Feb 1897 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
...+Clarence James
McBride, Sr. b: 20 Aug 1906 in Kopperl, Bosque County, TX

3-6 Mallory Clarence Franklin, b: 9 Feb 1899 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
Johnson, b: 22 Apr 1902

3-7 Winifred Gertrude"Winnie" Franklin, b: 2 Aug 1901 in Cypress Mills, Blanco County, TX
...+Ernest Julian
Sloan, Jr.

4 John Ivory Franklin, b: 6 Apr 1864 in Burnet County, TX
...+Lou Alta
Danner, b: 14 Mar 1873 in TX

Children of John Ivory Franklin and Lou Alta Danner:

4-1 Andrew Franklin,

4-2 Clella Franklin,

4-3 Lonnie Austin Franklin, b: in Burnet/Blanco Co TX

4-4 Mallory "Pat" Franklin,

4-5 George Edward "Ed" Franklin, b: 11 Mar 1894 in Runge TX
Emsely, Mae b: 19 Jul 1897

4-6 John Raymond Franklin, b: 31 Jan 1896 in Blanco Co TX
...+Mary Edna
Warren, b: in Markett, AR

4-7 Annie Annette Franklin,
...+Bartemas, ?

5 Cora Lee Franklin, b: 11 Jun 1871 in Burnet County, TX
...+[1] Jessie Walker "Jess"
Cuzzort, b: 21 Mar 1865 in TN

Children of Cora Lee Franklin and Jessie Cuzzort

5-1 Amy Emeline Cuzzort, b: Unknown

5-2 Jennie Lee Cuzzort, b: Abt. 1888 in TX

5-3 Harvey Emmett Cuzzort, b: 15 Nov 1889 in Burnet Co TX

5-4 Maggie Ellen Cuzzort, b: Mar 1892 in Travis County, TX
Sells, b: in "Of Dallas, TX"

5-5 Bessie Alvarado Cuzzort, b: Aug 1896 in Travis County, Tx

5-6 Howard Eldrec Cuzzort, b: 9 Jan 1898 in Travis County, TX

6 Sadie E. Franklin, b: 14 Jul 1873 in Burnet County, TX
...+W. F.

7 Mattie May Franklin, b: Mar 1877 in Burnet County, TX
...+[1] Jessie Walker "Jess"
Cuzzort,b: 21 Mar 1865 in TN

Children of Mattie May Franklin and Jessie Cuzzort:

7-1 William Manley "Shorty" Cuzzort, b: 16 Jul 1900 in Travis Co TX
Sells, b: in "of Dallas, TX"

7-2 Lillie Elnora Cuzzort, b: 27 Feb 1903 in Travis Co. TX

7-3 Walter Warren "Dutch" Cuzzort, b: 12 Sep 1905 in Williamson Co TX
...+Gladys Belle
Rose, b: 28 Aug 1910 in Epps, West Carroll Parish, LA

7-4 Lucy Lucille "Ceal" Cuzzort, b: 21 Mar 1913 in Williamson Co. TX
Perry, b: 26 Sep 1899

8 William Edmond "Ed" Franklin, b: 16 Feb 1881 in Burnet County, TX
Hays, b: 27 Feb 1883

Children of William Edmond Franklin and Ella Hays:

8-1 William Carter Franklin, b: 3 Oct 1906 in Burnet County, TX
...+Verna Mae
Daniels, b: 2 Nov 1907 in Williamson County, TX

8-2 James Ernest Franklin, b: 6 Apr 1908 in Blanco County, TX
...+ (1st) Estella
...+ (2nd) Mattie B.

8-3 Diddie Leora Franklin, b: 2 Dec 1909 in Blanco County, TX
...+Carl Witten
Dickerson, b: 24 Aug 1901 in KY

8-4 Mary Hatrick Franklin, b: 1 Sep 1911
...+Walter David
Caddell, b: 18 Oct 1903 in Seguin, TX

8-5 Charlie Allen Franklin, b: 24 Jan 1916
...+Vernell Jessie

8-6 Lillian Otis Franklin, b: 6 Sep 1919 in Williamson County, TX
...+ (1st) James Arthur
True, b: 23 Nov 1914 in Burnet County, TX
...+ (3nd) Samuel David
Ratliff, b: 8 Jul 1914 in Llano County, TX


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