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Private J. H. Frasier

Source: Merrell Davis, <>, March 2003



Marine private J.H. Frasier (right) met by his uncle Lt. Oran W. Davis upon returning by ship from Japan to San Francisco. J.H. had been a Japanese P.O.W. for 3 years, 4 months. He was preparing to take out a Japanese tank when his Sgt. called him back, announcing the American and ally troops were surrendering.

They were making a last stand as the Japanese over-ran the island of Corregidor. J.H. and his cousin Vernon T. Williamson both became P.O.W.s of the Japanese there.

J.H.'s ordeal dropped his weight to 85 pounds. He developed Beri Beri caused by malnutrition and vitamin B deficiency resulting in blindness for one year and severe burning pain in the feet; making it very difficult to walk. Frostbite took part of his toes which developed gangrene. He was never given as much as an aspirin.The cruel treatment by captors resulted in daily deaths of American and allied troops.


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Photo of Vernon T. Williamson and letter of condolence

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