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Frazier Homes
Where were they located?

Source:  Justin Haynes, <justin @ justinhaynes . com>, March 2009

Frazier Home #1
My grandmother (Kathryn Athleen Haynes, nee Frazier) grew up in these two houses. 
She was born in 1910, and must be around a year old in the picture of the first house where her father, Leonard Frazier, is holding her on the front porch.  I understand this house to be near Burnet.


Frazier home #2

The first picture of the second house is from the front.
 My father, who is Athleen Haynes' son, remembers seeing visiting this house
and says it was on the road into Burnet from Austin, but I don't know if that would be the same road as it is today.


The second picture of the second house is from the side.  Athleen's brother, Altman is with Benton Estepp.



The submitter needs help to find the location of the homes pictured on the left. 

He supplied the following to identify the family:

"I don't know anything else about the houses, but I can say a bit about the family -

My great-grandmother,  Alice Frazier nee Altmann married a pharmacist with the last name Warner, thought I forget his first name, but he passed away.  She remarried Leonard Frazier who had a brother named Jack Frazier.  Together they had my grandmother, Athleen, and her brother Altmann.

Leonard Frazier died when my grandmother was about 16, after he had an accident in the field and got run over or into by his plow.  He died of an infection probably in or around 1927.

If you can help locate where in Burnet County these homes were, or may still be,

please contact

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