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John Waller Fry and Mary Carlysle

Source: "The Colliers" <>, June 2002


John Waller Fry was born in Kentucky January 31, 1816. His parents were Valentine F. Fry and Margaret Fulton. He married Mary Carlysle August 15, 1834.

Mary Carlysle was born April 27, 1816 in Kentucky. Her parents were John Carlysle and Sarah Harding.

John Waller Fry and Mary Carlysle had the following children:

  • Valentine (Tine), Sept. 15, 1836;
  • Sarah Jane, November 15, 1938;
  • Mary Elizabeth, April 15, 1841;
  • Thomas, July 13, 1843;
  • John Jr., Sept. 11, 1846;
  • Matilda C., Feb. 11, 1849;
  • James Edward (Ed), Sept. 19, 1851;
  • Margaret E., January 16, 1853;
  • Aaron Carlysle, March 11, 1854;
  • William Peter (Uncle Bill), March 11, 1857.

John spent his boyhood in Kentucky. After his father's death, his mother moved the family to Illinois where, for a few years, John had the care of the family, his older brother being away in the Black Hawk War. After marrying Mary they settled in the Quincy and Warsaw area, Illinois. There all of their children were born except the youngest.

They moved to Burnet County, Texas in 1854 from Illinois, after John's doctor told him he needed a change of climate. John was a wheelwright by trade (building wagons), and he settled in the Council Creek area. He later purchased ranch property on Council Creek in western Burnet County, but kept his family in Burnet near the old fort for a number of years in order that they might be protected from depredations from the Indians. The Indians made periodical raids in the area, killing settlers and stealing horses.

After Mary's death March 4, 1871, John Waller married August 24, 1871 to Eliza Jane Weatherford. Mary was buried in the Council Creek cemetery as was Eliza after her death May 20, 1899 and John Waller, November 14, 1905.

John Waller Fry

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